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It is being a while that Zyncro is working on a set of new features with the aim to release them once the summer is gone. And of course, we hope to cause a stir :). We have got some months ahead before that happens,  nonetheless. To start warming up we are launching several new features that sure will be very useful to all of you. Let’s get started.

Notifications in Zyncro groups

Since version 4.3.3. group owners in Zyncro have the ability to not only set up group notifications by default  but also to reapply these settings to all group members at  any given time.  This new feature is specially useful for groups dealing with sensitive information or when it is important to guarantee that all  members are aware of  a particular piece of information and they get notified. To reapply  notifications in Zyncro groups you first need to access the desired group and then go to its configuration section.  You  need to pay attention that all notifications are well configured and click on  “Apply to all participants”. Bear in mind that you will only have access to the  configuration panel of the group if you  have owner rights.

aplicar notificaciones grupo 01


aplicar notificaciones grupo 02

Ads for groups

If you are already using  addZyngs it is very likely that our new ZyncroApp will be  familiar to you. In fact, ads for groups is a main part of the new addZyngs. As you might know,  addZyngs is a Zyncroapp that allows you adding messages, images, links and even inserting entire web pages in the main sections of your Zyncro’s corporate interface.

addZyngs as ZyncroApp

By using addZyngs you can create your own banners, corporate messages, official notifications, offers…and make them visible to all members of the organization.  What is more, with this new version you can also customize your work-groups. Thus Zyncro allows you to target ads and banners according to your needs so that you can choose where to make them visible (or hide them) resulting on more customized groups and in a more effective communication due to the possibility to impact a better defined audience.

Ads configuration in Zyncro groups

To start configuring, the Administrator of the organization needs to access the Administration Panel > ZyncroApps > addZyngs > Enable. Once the ZyncroApp has been enabled you will be able to see both configuration options: the configuration button for AddZyngs general and also the configuration panel  for ads inside the configuration tab of each particular group. Remember that this tab is only visible to the main owner of the group or to group members granted with owner permissions.

Group settings section

Group settings section

Once inside the group’s configuration tab, you need to scroll down to find the configuration section for ads, which is located just below the configuration section for notifications or, in case you have it enabled, the Wiki ZyncroApp.

group ads 01

Header settings

As you can see in the image above, there are two different panels. The first panel allows you to configure the group’s header section and the second one relates to the sidebar configuration panel. Even though both panels have to be configured in a separated way and act independently, the configuration steps are the same. To create an ad you have to make use of the web editor. The web editor has a battery of easy-to-use controls which allows you to set the layout of the ads as if you were working with a word processor. Do not underestimate its functionality, if you are a HTML savvy you can switch to “Source HTML” mode  and manipulate further the content you wish to publish. The last step, and the most important one, is to check the box “Activate and make it visible to the members”, this is the option that gives you control over the ad’s visibility.

How do you add external images?

group ads 02
If you wish to add an image, you only need to click on the image icon located inside the web editor. A pop-up window will open, and you will have to write the URL of the image you wish to add, then click OK. The image is automatically inserted at the desired location you are working on (either the sidebar or the header). If you choose to insert an image on the sidebar, please keep in mind that there is a space limitation of a maximum width of 230 pixels. Exceeding this size will result on a cut off image, therefore we strongly advice you to reduce its size or re-edit so that the end result looks nice.

How to embed a video or HTML?

As stated before, you can easily switch between visual edition and edition in HTML, just by clicking on “Source HTML”. Once the “Source HTML” tab is active, you can freely add HTML language and further customize the space. This functionality makes it very easy to embed a video hosted on YouTube, Vimeo or any other video sharing website, in addition you have the option to add it on both the header section of Zyncro or on a new section in Zyncro’s main menu. anuncios grupos 03

YouTube and Vimeo provide a piece of HTML code for their users to be able to embed videos on any given web page. All you have to do is copy the code and paste it in the HTML window editor, and lastly…it is paramount not to forget to save your changes! This is a very useful, effective and quick option if you wish to spread a corporate video or an urgent message to the entire organization.

…and also within Departments

As if all the above was not enough, if you have Zyncro department channels enabled in your organization, you will find both features (reapply configuration settings and activate targeted ads on groups) also available on that section. Thus, Zyncro provides you with a wider range of configuration options in terms of functionality and the look & feel of your organization but also to customize and target your content.

Be proactive and start using the latest functionality just made available by Zyncro! Be brave, modify your Zyncro, and add personalized content to your corporate network!

Find out more about ZyncroApps and make the most of your Corporate Network!

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