Instagram is Quickly Becoming a Staple for Social Media Marketers

Every brand is on Facebook. And while there’s nothing wrong with having a Facebook presence – it’s a wise decision, in fact – don’t you want to expand your social media marketing to include more progressive platforms? Thousands of other marketers are – and they’re overwhelmingly choosing Instagram.

Five Reasons to Leverage Instagram

Effective marketing is about reaching people in the right place, at the right time, using the right tools. Instagram allows most brands to accomplish all of these things. With that being said, here are some of the top reasons why leading brands are leveraging Instagram, and why you should be doing the same.

  1. Swift Growing Audience

While Facebook clearly has the largest audience of any social network, few are growing as swiftly as Instagram. There were just 90 million users at the beginning of 2013, but that number swelled to 300 million by the end of 2014. Now, in 2016, the total number of monthly active users totals more than 500 million. Projections suggest this is just a starting point and that there’s plenty of room for growth.

By adopting Instagram now, when it’s in the middle of substantial growth, you can build a strong audience and make the most of this influential network.

  1. Visual Appeal

Digital marketing is clearly moving away from text-based content and towards immersive visuals that engage customers. Your strategies should be following the same trajectory.

“Visual content is riding an upward trend in popularity, and Instagram is one of the best visual content platforms available,” says PeerBoost, an online automation tool designed to get more Instagram followers. “If a brand is planning to inject more images and videos into its content marketing campaigns, Instagram is a solid place to do it. The platform makes the visual production process much easier, which reduces the creative burden on brands.”

  1. Concentration of Millennials

Millennials have a love affair with Instagram – there’s no other way to put it. According to eMarketer, there will be an estimated 48.2 million millennial Instagram users in the U.S. this year alone. By 2019, it’s believed that two-thirds of all millennial smartphone users will have an Instagram account.

“Instagram has a lot of momentum with advertisers, and its revenue is increasing rapidly. For marketers that want to target mobile millennials, Instagram is an attractive option,” says Debra Aho Williamson of eMarketer.

  1. Marketer-Friendly Nature

Instagram is surprisingly easy to use. Even the most inexperienced marketer can hit the ground running with very little preparation. Thanks to a bevy of photo editing options, you don’t even need professional photography equipment.

If you’re looking to increase brand transparency and connect with customers in new ways, Instagram is ideal. It lets people see your world, and gives you the opportunity to humanize your brand in visual ways.

  1. Cool Factor

Finally, we would be remiss not to mention the inherent “cool factor” that Instagram has. It’s a fun, exciting, fresh, and hip social networking platform that automatically elevates the status of brands, simply as a result of participation.

Regardless of your brand’s marketing strategy, cool is something that never hurts. Couple that with the ability to penetrate the highly-profitable and growing millennial consumer segment, and it’s clear that Instagram is a must.

Don’t Settle for the Status Quo

You can launch a Facebook page and share listicles and memes, but how much value are you actually extracting from doing this? Instead of spending your time doing exactly what every other marketer is doing, mix things up a bit and try your hand at Instagram. There are plenty of reasons to love what Instagram has to offer, and your marketing strategy will certainly benefit.