Social Media Strategy: 3 Ways To Boost Quality Content

As anyone who has ever managed a professional social media account knows, producing quality content, especially on a short timeline, is a challenge. Some days, there just isn’t much news, and trying to regularly engage on your accounts becomes a stretch.

Of course, the opposite side of this is the occasional appearance of high-quality content – maybe your company was featured in a major news article or profiled on an industry blog. When you have such great material on your hands, it can be hard to just post it and let it slip by. But is it permissible to share such content more than once?

Under the right circumstances, and with a little bit of added strategy, it’s absolutely acceptable to repost top quality content. Here’s what you should know before you hit post a second time.

Focus on the Best

If you’re going to repost content on your professional social media accounts, make sure you’re focused on top performing material – sometimes that means giving up on a post that you thought would break through, but just didn’t make it. Instead, push already popular material to the fore.

What does this look like? In late August, for example, Entrepreneur profiled consultant Sam Ovens’ for their site. Ovens posted the article to Twitter and then when it continued to trend on Entrepreneur for several days, he posted again about its success. This is an example of smart content recycling.

Check the Clock

Social media management is a 24/7 endeavor in today’s global marketplace, which is another good reason to repost site content. If you’re posting from Eastern Standard Time but have clients on the West Coast or even overseas, they may not see that post you made this morning, unless it gets caught in the new Twitter algorithm or another site’s popular post strategy. When you repost content, then, try to schedule it to go live at a time that those in other parts of the world are more likely to see.

Dig into the Archives

Sometimes when reposting social media content, you aren’t just boosting one of your most recent posts. Rather, it could be that you stumbled on a great article in your Facebook memories or think that a blog post you wrote months ago is relevant again. In this case, post away! You might also consider adding a comment about why you’re bringing back this item, to make it clear that you aren’t recycling posts by mistake.

Reposting old articles in this way is a great way to boost site traffic without a lot of added effort. For those experimenting with this strategy, it’s worth knowing that the number of shares associated with a repost is generally proportional to the number generated by the initial post. This just goes to show that quality content holds up to past performances.

Reposting content is well within the rules of social media management, but don’t overdo it. You want your followers to feel they’re getting consistent quality content. There’s room for repeats, but within the greater cultivation of your brand.