5 Tips for Successfully Reaching Niche Audiences on Social Media

Posting something on social media and trying to reach people is like yelling something into a crowd of 50,000 people and hoping that the right person hears you. Social media platforms have millions of users, which is good. However, the downside of such a large audience is that it’s challenging to identify and reach your target users.

Tips for Being Heard by Your Niche

Are you tired of hearing everyone else talk about the high returns they’re seeing from an investment in social media? Do you ever feel like you’re throwing time and money down the drain? You aren’t alone in your frustrations. Start doing what others have already discovered and hone in on a niche audience.

These tips and techniques will help you get started:

  1. Use Facebook Audience Targeting

Facebook has this really cool feature that allows businesses to produce advertisements for niche audiences. Using their audience segmenting features, you can narrow your audience based on location, gender, age, interests, purchasing habits, hobbies, etc. If you’ve yet to play around with this powerful interface, you’ll be amazed by what you’ve been missing out on.

  1. Share Localized Content

People like to associate with things. It’s why people introduce themselves as Republicans or Democrats, Yankees or Red Sox Fans, artists or accountants, etc. We identify with the things we do. But even more than identifying with the things we do, we identify with where we live.

As a business, you can capitalize on this human inclination to associate with geography by producing and sharing localized content on social media. This is something CreditRepair.my does really well, producing content like this that targets specific states (West Virginia in this example).

  1. Use Hashtags

It’s not always possible to target specific users. However, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms have given you the ability to pre-sort your posts for their millions of users in the form of hashtags.

Hashtags, while frequently misused, exist for the purpose of filtering. When you use the hashtag “#cooking,” this allows people to search for the hashtag and see your post. It’s a rudimentary way of telling people what your post is about.

  1. Use Your Audience’s Voice

People like others who are similar to them. If you’re trying to target a specific group of people, then you need to talk like them.

“Many niche groups use specific words, slang, or non-typical word expressions that differentiate them from others,” blogger Lesley Vos points out. “Whether you’re trying to connect with introverts, hipsters, or healthy lifestyle fans, it’s important to speak the same language they do.”

How do you know what language they speak? You can find out a lot by browsing their profiles, reading message boards, and immersing yourself in the websites they like.

  1. Stop Posting Generic Content

The final tip is to stop posting generic content. You can’t hone in on a niche audience if you’re simultaneously trying to appeal to a wider group. You’ll come across as inauthentic, cheap, and unfocused. While it takes more time to develop niche content, you’ll be rewarded for your investment. It’s better to engage 200 relevant readers than to engage 2,000 generic ones. Remember this and don’t sell out at the expense of convenience.

Focus on Reaching the Right People

Social media marketing isn’t about seeing how many likes and shares you can get. It’s about seeing how well you’re able to engage the people who matter. After all, what good is a share or a like if it comes from someone who won’t ever become a customer?

You need to be reaching users who are within your target market. Narrow your focus and you’ll see better results.