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    Zyncro 4.3.1: One step further towards accessing the knowledge in your Enterprise Social Network 

    Estimated reading time: 9 minutes

    A new version of Zyncro has arrived with various functionalities that will allow you to go one step further when accessing the user base knowledge of your Enterprise Social Network.

    1. New work group typology

    Until now, Zyncro work groups have been split into two types; open groups and private groups:

    1. Open group: Visible to organisation members at all times in the Files and Groups section.   In order to join this type of group, it is only necessary to click the “Join” button.  By joining the group in this way, the predefined permissions set by the owner are obtained (reader, editor, inviter etc).
    2. Private group: Visible only by its members in the Files and Groups list and accessible via invitation only.

    So, as we are so keen to offer a structure that best suits your access to the information storage and knowledge within your Enterprise Social Network, we have developed a distinction between private groups.  There will now be hidden private groups and visible private groups as well as open groups:

    1. Open group: remains the same
    2. Hidden private group: remains the same as its predecesor, the “private group”
    3. Visible private group: a type of private group that combines characteristics of both groups above.  It will only be possible to become a group member by invitation (a request to join may be sent by the user or owner, or any other user may do so if they have invite permissions.  And at the same time, the group will appear in the list of groups within the Files and Groups section and be available to any user wanting to join and be part of it.  As with hidden private groups, its content will only be accessible to its members and only along with the permission provided to them.

    This new option is available to groups as well as to sub-groups.  In addition, it is also possible to change the existing group typology and configure it to any of the other two available options.

    By introducing these the new work group typologies, Zyncro pushes information management models within the business forward, maintaining data security and privacy, and strengthening the controlled sharing of information.   We hope you will find this extremely useful!

    Groups Zyncro 4.3.1

    2. Broadening the scope of Trusted Relationships

    As well as the changes in groups, Zyncro 4.3.1 increases the “Trusted Relationships between organizations” function possibilities that we explained at the launch of Zyncro version 4.3.

    This option in particular, allows different organizations establish relationships with each other so that they can share any information they feel relevant among themselves in a simple, private, secure and fast manner.   It has evolved in order to offer improved visibility and configuration options for:

    • Members and followers in the Departments or Companies sections that will now be seen by users within other organizations if the administrator so desires
    • File attachments published from the Home section will have the possibility to be attached within any organization where the main message has been posted
    • Members of a group, owners can change the visibility and expel members of the group despite their being from a different organisation as long as the administrator has previously configured permission to do so
    • User profile,  to be able to define more precisely how to modify the visibility of a profile if its configuration has changed

    3. Participants finder in groups

    With Zyncro 4.3.1 we launch a new ZyncroApp available in the Marketplace which will allow you to search and find members of a group quickly and conveniently.

    When you enable this functionality, a search engine will appear in the Participants section of the group, which will display the list of members that matches your search.

    It has been specially designed for groups with a high number of participants, so that you can find specific people who are part of a group quickly and simply.

    4. All the applications you could possibly want for your Zyncro with push notifications

    We have also developed a functionality that will allow any organization to send push notifications to various applications connected to their Zyncro all at the same time.  This means for example, that if you wish to have various mobile applications for each different operating system (various apps for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry…) differing in functionalities or design, each one of them will be able to have its own notification system depending on its established configuration within Zyncro.

    5. Usability improvements in social functionalities, and more…

    We have improved the access to social functionalities for messages posted on the wall. From now on, the posted message will have a cleaner appearance, and only when a mouse is hovered over the message, you will have access to the “Like” or “Commentbuttons and the rest of the functionalities will be accesible in a new drop-down menu that will let you even create a task directly from a message.

    Zyncro 4.3.1: Mejoras de usabilidad en las funcionalidades sociales de los mensajes

    And also in this version, we have fixed various incidents and minor bugs as well as having made various improvements in the general productivity.  

    Zyncro 4.3.1 is one step further towards accessing the knowledge in your Enterprise Social Network. Are you ready for 4.3.1?

    Agustin Bosso, Product Manager at Zyncro. His relationship to the company goes back to its very beginnings. He worked as a developer on several projects for the group, but he specifically asked to be transferred to Zyncro when it started to go in the direction of his personal passion: social networks and how they can be used in practice. His personal objective in Zyncro is to be the link between the technical culture that is speeding up data transfer at a rate of knots and the business and corporate world. His motto is that one must never lose sight of what computing is: Automatic information.

    Want to see how can benefit your business?
    Request a demo and we’ll show you

    Request a demo

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    Increase interaction within your Enterprise Social Network by recommending users, groups, departments and companies 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    One of the most interesting benefits of an Enterprise Social Network is the access it provides to corporate knowledge and to the people you share interests, tasks and projects with. This amplifies shared knowledge improving the team management and productivity of groups and avoiding any duplication of work efforts.

    From today with this ZyncroApp you will be able to recommend users, groups, departments or the companies that you consider the most interesting to any of your contacts, thereby achieving greater interaction among all the members of your community, and thus getting more followers for the most relevant content.

    You can make a recommendation from different sections of the platform:

    • From your contact list, inside your profile section in Zyncro, you can also do it within the user’s profile that you want to recommend. For this, you must follow the user. Suggestionsfromusers1
    • From within the group, just for open groups in which you are a member.
    • From the list of companies or departments, or even from the very same page of the company or department, just if you are a member or a follower. Suggestionsfromusers2

    The recommendation will arrive through a private message to all the contacts you select.

    (More …)

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    Zyncro 4.3: Trusted relationships between organizations, multipoint posting, mentions of user groups and more 

    Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

    Today marks the launch of Zyncro 4.3, with functionality that increases the reach of your Enterprise Social Network, enhances synergies between organizations and improves user efficiency by allowing tasks to be performed in fewer steps. Specifically, the principal new features of this version are:

    1. Ability to exchange information privately and securely between different organizations: Trust Relationships
    2. Ability to simultaneously post messages in more than one group and/or organization : Multipoint Posting
    3. Ability to mention complete groups of users (groups, departments or personal lists) in a single step: ZyncroApp 2.0 Mention
    4. Ability to mention someone when you quote a message:  ZyncroApp 2.0 Quote
    5. Several performance enhancements

    (More …)

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    Drive unified communication in your company through Zyncro’s integration with Lync 

    Lync is Microsoft’s unified communications technology for enterprises. The system provides users with instant messaging and voice and video calls, all in one place, improving people’s connectivity and boosting productivity in organisations.

    Lync integration with Zyncro will make your teams communication more effective and cut costs.

    One of the core requirements of effective team collaboration is knowing which of your colleagues are working, connected and available. This is particularly essential for relocated organisations or companies with teams operating in different time zones.

    Following this integration, you will be able to see which people in your company are connected at all times—using both your Enterprise Social Network’s wall and your people directory—and start a conversation, a call or an online meeting with whoever you want from there.

    How does Zyncro’s integration with Lync work?

    To use this integration, you need to have Lync installed on the devices with which users access their corporate Zyncro. To set it up, the organisation’s administrator has to enable this ZyncroApp in the Admin Panel.

    Next, users have to configure it using their Zyncro corporate profile > Contact information. They can do this by entering their Lync username and selecting the “I have Lync client installed” checkbox.


    (More …)

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    Zyncro 4.2, your information better managed, organised and accessible 

    Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

    Editor’s note: Beginning Saturday, April 26, 2014, Zyncro 4.2 is available
    for all users in Europe and America!

    As companies make more use of their Enterprise Social Networks, their shared information multiplies exponentially from one day to the next. This calls for a suitable structure that gives users access to well organised data at all times so they can do their jobs more quickly and efficiently.

    That’s why we’ve been working hard on version 4.2 of our platform, which incorporates significant improvements to accessibility and information flow control.  

    Zyncro 4.2 gives more controlled, manageable and structured access to your organisation’s knowledge.

    For this new version, we’ve developed Group and Subgroup functionality, which allows network members to order the work spaces in which people, messages and documents are categorised so that everyone has access to the knowledge specific to their sphere of work.

    With version 4.2 of Zyncro, you can arrange your collaborators into specific work groups and personalise the access that each member has to certain conversations and documents, assigning them different security clearances in the associated subgroups.

    (More …)

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    Improve your organisation’s decision-making with a smart data analysis system brought to you by Zyncro and BiyCloud 

    Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

    Despite the vast volumes of data that organisations have, few are yet able to extract knowledge from this information. This creates the need for advanced business intelligence tools that will let them capitalise on the power of their data when taking decisions.

    That’s why we’ve been working to integrate with BiyCloud Social Smart technology. If you want to find out what it’s all about and how it works, keep reading and we’ll tell you 😉

    BiyCloud Social Smart: A flexible, adaptable and mobile social dashboard

    By integrating BiyCloud Social Smart technology (based on QlikView technology) into Zyncro you can analyse the key indicators of social interactions occurring within an Enterprise Social Network and transform them into knowledge your company can use. 

    You’ll find out who the most active people are, who brings content to the network, what type of information is the most significant, how your employees relate to each other, what they talk about and which departments and groups record the highest level of activity.

    Key benefits of BiyCloud Social Smart:

    1. Adaptability: This integration provides companies with a flexible dashboard that users can configure, customise and adapt to their specific analytical needs, without having to constantly depend on the IT department.
    2. Multi-organisational: You can look up the figures of more than one organisation at the same time, viewing all their data from a single site, so that your comparisons and analyses are more comprehensive.
    3. Mobility: In addition, all the data are accessible from any mobile device.

    (More …)

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    Zyncro 4.1: Welcome to Marketplace, improved task management, more options for your personal activity, improved security and the new ZyncroChat 3.0 

    Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

    After several months’ intense work by all our team, today we are proud to present Zyncro version 4.1. In this new version we have introduced major new developments that represent an evolution in our product and enable us to continue offering you the Enterprise Social Network that best adapts to your organization’s needs.

    Among the main changes in Zyncro version 4.1, we’d like to highlight the launch of our ZyncroApps Marketplace, improved task management, more options for your files and personal activity, greater security, greater personalization for administrators of your Enterprise Social Network, the new ZyncroChat 3.0, and two new languages for Zyncro users: Portuguese (Portugal) and Dutch.

    Want to find out more about all the new developments included in Zyncro 4.1? Continue reading and we’ll tell you all about them :)

    (More …)

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    DatKnoSys, a business intelligence system for your Enterprise Social Network 

    Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

    Each day more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of information are generated globally. Millions of those belong to your company. Have you ever though about what to do with all that information? With the Zyncro and DatKnoSys integration, you can analyze all that data and transform them into relevant knowledge for your organization.

    DatKnoSys analyzes the content generated within your Enterprise Social Network to convert it into knowledge for your company. With this integration, you can analyze data and generate reports to optimize its use, maximize the knowledge available in your organization, and make decisions based on solid figures and analysis.

    DatKnoSys is a business intelligence system that offers business solutions focused on data mining to obtain maximum knowledge about customers, marketing actions, or web positioning, among others. DatKnoSys has a specialized solution for analyzing 2.0 data in social networks DKS SocialSmart Inside, which now evolves towards analyzing Enterprise Social Networks thanks to its integration with Zyncro.

    With the Zyncro and DatKnoSys integration, you can assess what use each member of the organization makes of the Enterprise Social Network, who is the most active and who is an influencer, check out what interactions are made between people and departments, or view the topics discussed in the different groups.

    A snapshot of your Enterprise Social Network in your main dashboard.

    If you integrate Zyncro with DatKnoSys, you can see a clear snapshot of your Enterprise Social Network by simply accessing the application’s main dashboard. At a glance, you’ll have access to usage data from the last 30 days, such as:

    • Messages sent
    • Conversations started
    • Number of users
    • Active users
    • Uploaded files
    • Devices connected

    What’s more, there are several rankings of the users in your network, organized according to their level of activity, knowledge, and leadership, together with a bar that shows the general usage of your Enterprise Social Network.

    Data down to the tiniest detail

    The Zyncro integration with DatKnoSys offers in-depth details for analyzing your company’s data. Apart from the main dashboard, DKS SocialSmart provides detailed figures for different categories, such as:

    • Groups: analyze which groups have the most users and which groups are most active sharing messages, files or comments.
    • Users: get a general overview or a group-by-group view of which users in your network are most active sharing information, likes on messages, and which users have the greatest number of followers.
    • Messages: see an evolution of the messages and conversations in your Enterprise Social Network, extracting conclusions on which contents are the most interesting or that generate the greatest number of interactions.
    • Files: evaluate what type of files are created and shared, which ones are downloaded most, and which users create the most documents.

    How does this integration help you? Benefits

    When you get this business intelligence system to exploit the business data of Zyncro, you can benefit from:

    • Greater level of knowledge about relevant contributions generated by the people in the organization.
    • Detailed analysis of the contents shared, with the option to find topics of interest among users, problems, conflicts or key aspects of the organization that you wouldn’t have been able to detect otherwise.
    • Better knowledge of user behavior regarding access from mobile devices, providing interesting data for determining the mobility strategy the company needs to follow.
    • Detailed information on the access and sharing of documents, to determine in which areas or files the most relevant information of the company is found according to work groups, departments or employees.
    • Detection of natural leaders within the organization who can help you achieve the company’s strategic goals where necessary, providing support in the rolling out of new campaigns or reinforcing existing values.

    This presentation video shows you how this integration works, so you can view data and statistics on Zyncro use in your organization.

    If you want to start using DatKnoSys in your company, analyze all that data and transform them into relevant knowledge for your organization, contact our sales team sales (@) zyncro.com.

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    Zyncro Version 4.0: Improved social management of ideas, more personalization options and better security for your Enterprise Social Network 

    Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

    Welcome to Zyncro version 4.0, the result of the hard work from our whole team over the last few months. This new version includes an updated user interface, a message voting option, the source of each post, a new document viewing system, the ability to search tasks, new customization options for your Zyncro sections and a better security definition for accessing your Enterprise Social Network. A considerable evolution of the product, even greater than the version 3.0 update.

    What does version 4.0 of Zyncro include?

    1. Improvements to Usability

    1.1. New design: Zyncro Zen

    In this new version, a new design has been implemented, which is cleaner, with improved usability and which enhances the user experience on your Enterprise Social Network: Zyncro Zen.

    The new design will appear by default for the new organizations that register on Zyncro.

    For existing users, the change to Zyncro Zen is optional. They can continue with an improved version of the previous Zyncro, called Zyncro Classic, or update their organization to the Zyncro Zen design.

    This option can be found on the Administration Panel > Corporate Image.

    Both the Zen and the previous Classic designs include important improvements to the browsing feature; the tabs have been replaced with a single side menu bar. Browsing in Zyncro is now faster and easier, not only thanks to the new interface, but also to various performance improvements that have been implemented, above all on the wall: The core of your Enterprise Social Network.

    The Zyncro Classic design maintains the look and feel of the previous version but also includes the above-mentioned improvements to usability and performance.

    2. Improvements to Social Information Management

    2.1. Message voting

    From now on, messages can be voted for on the different walls: home, groups and departments/companies. This way, Zyncro also positions itself as a strong Ideas Manager, an ally for boosting Open Innovation within companies.

    When a user wants to publish a post to be voted on, he or she can activate the “Allow message voting” option.

    This option means that each message will include the “Agree” / “Disagree” buttons, so that other users can express their agreement or disagreement with the idea shared and evaluate the messages posted.

    The result of the votes appear to the right of the post, showing the total number of positive votes minus the number of negative votes, both displayed below in a smaller font.

    There is also the possibility of this option appearing by default for all the messages of a group. In the group’s configuration tab, the owner can activate the option: “Include message voting for all new group threads by default”. Similarly this option can be activated by department/company.

    This is a good way of creating specific groups oriented towards decision-making.

    2.2. View the source of a message

    Zyncro now includes the source of publications on all walls: home, groups and departments/companies. In other words, members of the organization can see if the user’s activity has been done via the internet, a smartphone, desktop or remote service.

    The source of messages is classified internally by: Smartphone, ZyncroApp, Integration, Core or Other; an additional option for generating information and later analyzing it using Business Intelligence systems.

    2.3. Search in Tasks

    Tasks and their contents are now indexed and recoverable using the general browser. Users will see a new tab when doing a search, called Tasks, where the coinciding content recovered by the browser will be displayed.

    The search results are sorted in chronological order by default. A date filter can be used to highlight tasks that have been created or have a deadline outside the established period.

    2.4. Integration with Crocodoc

    Zyncro now offers the Crocodoc service for viewing documents online. The new viewing system will offer users a better experience with each document and improved compatibility with the original format.

    To view documents, the administrator must first activate the ZyncroApp from the Administration Panel > Zyncroapps. Once enabled, the “View online with Crocodoc” option will appear in the dropdown menu for files. Formats supported include: pdf, doc, xls, ppt, docx, xlsx and pptx. Crocdoc is only available for Buisness accounts.

    3. Improvements to the Administration System

    3.1. Main menu configuration

    The new version of Zyncro aims to also improve the administration and customization of your Enterprise Social Network.

    Administrators can modify the main menu, add new sections, and reorganize and hide existing ones.

    There are two types of links for items created:

    • External: Links to a blog, CRM, etc. which open in a new tab
    • Internal: Links to websites which open in the Zyncro interface

    3.2. Configure home page features

    For private or on-premise environments, it is also possible to configure which items appear on the wall by default when:

    • The administrator includes the organization for the first time
    • Each time a new user joins the organization

    A Welcome to the organization group can be created, which new users are added to by default. It is also possible to configure which files are uploaded and which messages are left out.

    Therefore, the actions currently available by default can be modified:

    • CEO Welcome message to the administrator
    • Welcome message from the administrator to members of the organization
    • Welcome message from the administrator to other users
    • Activity start messages on personal user walls

    3.3. Administrators can delete messages

    As of this version, administrators can delete messages from any group or department/company they can see or access, even if they do not have the necessary permissions (within the group or department/company).

    3.4. IP whitelist

    Administrators of an organization can also define which IPs users will be able to connect to Zyncro from.

    This function makes Zyncro an Enterprise Social Network that can only be accessed from places defined by the administrator and the company.

    3.5. Add users to groups without an invitation

    It is now possible to include users in a group without going through the invitation process. This option is activated by the “Add to group without invitation” checkbox, which appears below the types of permissions that can be assigned to each new participant.

    This feature is available to administrators in the organization, and appears once the user to be included in the group has been selected.

    Note: This option is only possible for adding internal contacts.

    What are you waiting for? Try out the new features of Zyncro! And, of course, if you have any queries or questions, just contact us on support (@) zyncro.com

    Start enjoying an improved social management of ideas, more personalization options and better security for your Enterprise Social Network!

    In short, make the most of your Enterprise Social Network with the new features of Zyncro 4.0.


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    10 Social Business Trends for 2013 

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