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    Life as we know it: A goodbye 2.0 from the Customer Success Manager at Zyncro 

    I don’t like goodbyes so for this reason and from this magnificent platform that is the Zyncro blog, I would like to thank all of the Zyncro community, both internal and external, for having provided me with the professional opportunity to grow in both the personal and the professional sense. So it is with this post that I’m announcing my next step towards a new professional challenge very soon.

    Looking back, I can still remember the first articles published in this blog and the initial and very skillful boost by Luis Font, having explained a lot about our technology and the sector, the environment 2.0 for corporate use that does not cease to surprise us with new suggestions everyday.  After all, the Zyncro blog generates ideas, topics… it actually does something.  I would like to highlight the success and popularity of our blog thanks to the high quality content from the collaborators and overall, the followers.

    This is a reflection on some of my experience at Zyncro. Prior to Zyncro, after my phase as sales executive within “classic and powerful” technology companies, I decided to make changes in my career towards newly created environments and new technological companies called start-ups but those with a strong impact within the 2.0 market and with a focus on the benefits of corporate use.

    I would like to list a few key points that have helped me as a professional at Zyncro and that I would like to share.

    With the aim of bringing Zyncro popularity among company executives within our environment, I can say that at Zyncro I have carried out various tasks and the completion of many of them would have been unimaginable before I took up the position.  For me, the following points are essential (especially for a professional in a 2.0 environment):

    • Knowing the business usage of a specific type of technology or product helps a lot when it comes to proposing it to a client.
    • Being clear on how your clients use your product, call them, talk to them!!!!
    • Being close to your clients and surprising them with a dynamic, approachable service.
    • Being constant and disciplined in order to meet or exceed objectives.
    • Laughing at work but “being serious when it comes to speaking with the client”; take the commitments you make to them seriously and complete them.
    • Being punctual when it comes to clients; this is very important to me.
    • For me, being part of a team means that the people within it help each other. It means individualism is less important in a collaborative 2.0 environment.
    • Believing in oneself and always thinking of overcoming difficulties and challenges.
    • Listening, listening, listening to clients and colleagues, speaking less about oneself.
    • Observing and keeping up to date with what is going on within your market and seeing things from a competitive viewpoint in order to identify how your product differentiates itself and which features your client will be thankful for on a functional as well as practical level.
    • Being aware of your strengths and weaknesses and improve weaknesses with study and learning.
    • Observing the current business and economical situation: reading business and economy press every day helps a lot.
    • Not giving up when faced with a “NO” from a client. If you have tried everything and supported your arguments, there are more than 1,000 clients hoping that your product will be beneficial to them.

    The truth is that for me, Zyncro has been like a practical and real masters degree: I have watched and participated in the rapid growth of a project within a brand new sector and I have learned how to apply 2.0 logic within a specifically corporate environment – sometimes reluctant to change but on the other hand unstoppable with the new communication 2.0 within a mobile environment that is constantly evolving.

    Now it is time to start again with renewed strengths and having developed further skills…  But as always within this inter-connected environment, we’ll bump into each other when we least expect it on: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook… or maybe even sometime soon in the cafe downstairs!

    Keep zyncronizing!!  Thanks everyone!!


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    From paper to the cloud. Increase your productivity! 

    – “Where are the signed contracts?”

    • “In that file on the top shelf.”
    • “So how can I ensure that all the members of the Administration Department have all 150 documents in digital format by tomorrow?  We’ve just closed month end and they need all of the signed contracts in order to generate the invoices and activate the clients’ services…  Our e-mail can’t handle sending that many documents!  And not to mention what they might do with those documents afterwards! What a nightmare!
    • “Simple: put them through our multifunction Konica Minolta, press the “Send to Zyncro button and send them directly to the work group called “Contracts 2011/06.
    • “Is that it?  That’s a 2 minute job…”
    • “Exactly, that’s why we work with these two tools, to optimize time and processes!  When the managers see the procedure you’ve followed, they will no doubt see the return on investment of these solutions.  It’s all good!”
    • “It’s amazing!… Remember when we used to send envelopes by post and courier?… How things change!
    • “Yes… in my opinion even faxing is obsolete now!  What more can you ask than to be able to keep the comfort of a paper format (let nobody take away my files or my books!) and combine it with a direct interaction with the cloud that can be accessed as and when needed or as per your Zyncro configuration?
    • “That the Board be happy with the sales results!”
    • “Has the Administration Department got all of the contracts now?”
    • “I’ve just uploaded the documents to the Zyncro group.  All done!”
    • “I’m sure they’ll be happy with 150 new registrations…  Good job!”

    Thanks to the integration project being carried out between Grupo VCS system, Konica Minolta and Zyncro you can send all of your scanned documents directly via your corporate intranet in the cloud.

    Still not sure about how to manage your paper documents more productively?

    Upload them to your Zyncro cloud!


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    Use Zyncro on your tablet! 

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

    Solutions like Zyncro, available not only via the web but also on your iPad or Android tablet allow you to check very important documentation needed in your day to day and allow you to follow the flow of information generated on a daily basis at work or within your network of contacts.  But above all, you can watch your back!

    I can still remember when I started out in the sale of mobile hardware solutions, in one of the leading chains around the year 2002 when Palm and Windows Pocket PC were at war over the PDA market, that in the end have been replaced by the smartphone era and the new Tablet support.

    Now I can see that the problem with the old PDA had been its limited connectivity and that they had been designed for use on internal networks.  This slow data connection as well as the very simplistic applications that had been thought of take the place of the computer were what caused their demand to decrease until the apparition of the new support mobiles called smartphones.

    Later with the improved data connectivity, more economical and better lead screens, components and smaller microprocessorsrobust and fastmore scalable and tested for fault operating systems and the good design brought about by Apple and later Android has led to a totally different scenario full of exciting opportunities.   

    We saw it in the last Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona where Zyncro was also present.  Now in the world of software in cloud, or not in cloud, not having an extension or a mobile version sounds strange to a lot of us.

    It is true that you need to find practical purposes to make the 500 or 600€ that most tablets cost pay off which is why I am going to explain a practical case study in order to help you redeem this cost.

    Why use Zyncro in your tablet?

    I think that the possibility of freeing yourself of papers and documents when you work with clients or even when you have a front line job, it is a good step forward for your organisation and overall for the wellbeing of your back; not having to drag around papers or the classic laptop.

    If you make an observation, there are more executive managers or sales departments with a tablet under their arm every day, in fact, they do not tear themselves away from their new iPad which accompanies them throughout the day and that allowed them to free themselves of the paperwork.  The device is also useful for them to read their speeches on so the documentation that they had been using up until now will soon get dusty.

    Regarding Zyncro, via its folder structure you can securely and in an organised manner upload those work documents needed for a meeting or presentation.

    Zyncro allows these executives take all the documentation under their arm with them, privately check documents online or show them on a projector thanks to the existing vga adaptors.

    For this, all you need is to:

    • Connect to a 3G network or wifi
    • Access the website http://my.zyncro.com
    • Introduce the access details (login and password)
    • Access the work groups to which you had previously uploaded the relevant documentation

    Some examples:

    • You can present very visual product with photographs, you can open Power Point files from your Zyncro space and show this directly on your screen
    • Or follow a meeting agenda with clients or previously defined tasks in Word

    So if from today onwards you would like to leave your paperwork in your briefcase, create an account in Zyncro and in addition to being able to share information via this Intranet 2.0 space with your colleagues, you will also be able to surprise your clients by efficiently presenting the information.


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    I want it all! 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    Happy Monday ZyncroBlog readers!

    Today we are going to talk about low-cost.  A concept that does not need to fall out with quality or good service and for which the Internet plays an immensely vital role.  In this online market, complete with its sense of urgency, we as consumers want it all: we look for the best price by means of comparison, we want to obtain the best products that meet out most demanding needs.

    But what about quality?  I think it is an important point.  The long tail we spoke of a few days ago in Zyncrocommunity and the various low cost offers available, demand that they become as automated as possible in order to be more profitable and mass producing their products at the same time requires that an emphasis on a fast, efficient and personalised customer service.  The consumer has become accustomed to ask for a lot in exchange for very little and this fact reins in most sectors.  The Business-to-business market is possibly the last area to demand this but everything comes around in the end.

    I outline a few good examples of low cost businesses below, that combine low cost with good quality in their product or service.


    MercadonaLidlDia or ALDI

    Mercadona in Spain triumphs with prices a little less tightned as opposed to Lidl or Dia but has a better quality image.  This is the format they adopt in all markets.  In Germany, ALDI is one of the most valued companies in the consumer eye.



    They have transformed the market with their savings policy, using secondary airports, the use of the e-ticket and by specialising in short routes.  That said, before purchasing, sometimes one needs to read the boarding conditions closely…


    This is one of the most buoyant sectors, a simple format based on direct online sales in order to eliminate office running that has also ended up transforming the market.  Clients receive offers via e-mail and on its platforms, users are able to search for the best prices. Nevertheless, the Americans foresee these virtual leisure intermediaries disappearing altogether seeing as both airlines and hotels and other leisure offers are gradually implementing e-commerce tools for direct sales to end consumers from their own web platforms.  We’ll see…

    Banking and insurance

    INGBalumbaDirect InsuranceDirect Line

    Again, the Internet channel implies a saving on office running costs and personnel which translates to the elimination of all types of commission at the bank and the best prices in insurance.  This is based on a price war and the channel is the web tool that provides a means for service comparison and a call center type customer service that is very well trained to manage thousands of demanding clients.



    Zara presents a high rotation and anticipation model with favorable pricing that is really raging the markets.  Nonetheless, competitors keep appearing which demonstrates that it is always possible to reduce price a little more.  Lastly Primark that competes with the Amancio Ortega fashion empire with even lower prices but without renouncing its fashion appeal.

    Electrical goods

    Media MarktPC City

    Purchase centres are able to employ agressive price offers for very specific products and can sometimes make the offering below prices offered by SME providers and well below small businesses.  They are the perfect magnet for bargain hunters.



    The same concept as in fashion (design for less) but in furniture.  Also with radical innovation applied known as self-service.  This format demands easily piled products using the pallet (can be dismantled) and self arranged transport which allows them to save upto 70% in transport and warehousing costs.


    Room MateChic&BasicTravelodgeSidorme

    The low-cost hotel revolution gives us ideas as to how to search for opportunities in the same market but with a different focus.  Basically, they get rid of superfluous services (gym, swimming pool, restaurant…) and they reduce room side by a few meters in order to cut down some of the space.


    Dacia Logan by Renault

    The car market without the trimmings, but without renouncing security and comfort.  It was initialed for sales in emerging countries but the model has stretched out to the middle classes of Europe, USA and Japan.

    So what about low-cost software?

    Low-cost applied to software for businesses is being reconsidered in the SaaS field which never ceases to grow and change.  We find ourselves facing a paradigm change at the very root of bandwidth growth and Internet access within companies.

    SaaS standards are becoming more popular all the time but the great disperse of solutions confuses the end client more each time.

    With the introduction of SaaS on the Internet, an opportunity to reduce costs to the maximum became available for the most highly priced technological products that most companies would buy using the classic in-house model, with high and difficult to update parameter costs and with consultancy included in the product (but at extra cost).

    Following the “dot-com bubble“, we are at a complete web based cloud software revolution.  More and more each time, solutions tend to move towards standardisation, integration and mass online usage, widely accepted mass products like FacebookSkype and Twitter.   In the business-to-business sector, SaaS products like SalesforceWebexGoogle AppsSuccessFactors,1&1 and LifeOffice open doors for low-cost corporate SaaS software that is demanding but simple like Zyncro.  Growth of this model is exponential which means price demands, a robust product, quality, service and ability to be highly productive are also becoming a factor.  As market needs become more diverse, all types of clients search for comfort, speed, good service and price.

    What does Zyncro offer the low-cost market?  A robust product, a genuine Social Intranet that is affordable, offers fast implementation, is a fast, client-orientated product that seeks to find its place in this new market.  Our value proposal is to offer businesses maximum software productivity combined with maximum ROI and competitivity that crushes the old non-SaaS model completely.

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    The Benefits of an Internal Enterprise Social Network 

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

    Due to the popularity of Social Networks in the last 5 years, the growth of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook is changing the business focus when it comes to social software platforms as well as for working environments.

    Diverse studies foresee strong growth and the implementation of solutions with functionalities similar to personal social networks but with better security and regulations, thought of for corporate use.

    Zyncro is an Internal Enterprise Social Network, ready to be used and configured via the Internet with the following advantages;

    1. Communication:  Thanks to the publication of Corporate News and comments from each user, information can flow between departments.

    2. Collaboration: The know-how or knowledge is held within your company.  The ability to obtain a fast response to questions and requests and to be able to collaborate among the various team members is fundamental in your day to day business.

    3. The ability to identify with the Company : How many times have we heard someone say, “Nobody ever listens to me!”,  when a comment is made, when an idea is shared for the improvement of some aspect of the organization – with Zyncro, this comment will reach the manager or, a position change can be made. The company benefits from this and the team feels like it has participated in the improvements made.

    4. Productivity: If we can access our important files and documents online it means we can also work comfortably online or even send heavy files or folders to clients whilst avoiding FTP or emails.

    5. Immediate implementation: As this Web application uses a SaaS License model, (Software as a Service), there are no installation costs, nor consultancy or adaptation costs.  All of the updates are free as is the technical support.  In addition, it is compatible for use on smartphones, Android, Blackberry and iPhone.

    To calculate costs per user and for space, visit our website http://www.zyncro.com.  Contact details for the Customer Service Department in case you need further information or wish to attend a 15 minute session of online training are as follows:


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    Would you keep your money under the mattress? 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    Nowadays this may seem like a good idea but, would you do the same with your documents and key business information?

    Thanks to progress and innovation, we are accustomed to using cards or digital devices to connect to our current accounts, withdraw and put away our money in a secure way. Now this seems a little mundane but when you think about it, it has been a giant step towards our complete freedom and operational capacity.

    The same thing is happening now with the cloud. If we just compare money with all of the information contained in the documentation and experience within your company, work groups, people… The question would be; where are you keeping your “money” right this moment?

    The answer could still be in many cases, “under the mattress”. It may be a very modern and robust mattress but it is still a mattress. And you keep your cash underneath that!?

    Continuing with the banking metaphor, Zyncro would be the bank and the automatic cash machine would be the secure web access to keep and manage your information. In Zyncro, the “money” is the knowledge and the objective is that you keep maintaining as well as increasing it.

    Generally, one always trusts their bank account with its login requirements and security. When faced with any problem, it is possible to report an incident or block access to an authorised person. At Zyncro we can offer you the same guarantees in security and efficiency as well as a personalised service from our team.

    If you imagine for a moment that you could give your employees an access “card” so they could easily work with documents and very valuable private information. Apps like Google Apps (Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, etc) are a great example of software in the cloud. But what if you could also offer a powerful 2.0 communication space for your company to be able to share and collaborate?

    The pendrive, the CD, the laptop or even the server all have limited capabilities. They could be lost or damaged and many of these are very expensive to maintain.

    Zyncro on the other hand, provides a robust, secure, encrypted, space that is within your reach and on its guard to external attack from 5 euros a month per user. Our solution meets the highest security standards for SaaS applications so that all of your information can be kept safe, organised, and easily accessible from any location. The Datacenters where Zyncro stores its infrastructure (its own as well as of Amazon), base themselves on strict physical security requirements, access control, component redundancies, monitoring and 24×7 availability.

    I would like to invite you to make your cloud dream a reality and test out the innovation that is; having all of your know-how within a virtual security-bank.

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    Case Study: Zyncro for sales strength 

    In recent days, we have been able to see that Zyncro is a robust solution for collaboration and productivity within a company.  Today we will discuss how to use Zyncro in order to improve sales and how to communicate the variety of products an organization has to its clients.

    When a company sets up Zyncro to coordinate and facilitate communication within a Sales Department, the ease of use makes this social network the sales team’s best ally.

    In addition, Zyncro reinforces the sales visit as it offers the client a collaboration space where they can manage and present information, making the transmission of differential values of products and services easier.

    Below we consider the main advantages of using Zyncro as a solution to strengthen sales:

    1) An image is worth more than a thousand words: With Zyncro you can organize sales material in folders, for example, an entire product campaign. This way, the Marketing Department can store all of the sales material (catalogue, logo, spots, etc) beforehand, organizing it in folders in such a way that the information is always available to the sales team.

    2) Zyncro and its presence: The sales team is used being on the move with client visits. By means of the Zyncro versions for  BlackberryiPadiPhone, and Android, you can check and send documents from any location, receive sales routes, update orders in real time, coordinate with the rest of the team and keep up to date with what goes on at the office while you are out.

    3) Online image environment: Does your sales team constantly need Access to videos, presentations and high quality photographs?  By uploading these files to Zyncro in high resolution, the team will be able to conduct sophisticated presentations at the client location with the latest in mobile handsets (like iPad 2 or Blackberry PlayBook Tablet).

    4) For sharing strategies and learning, receive messages and experiences from all of the sales team. Though you may be on a visit outside the office, you can continue to collaborate in a mobile environment receiving all news or corporate information at the time. Share comments and tips with the rest of the team, advice about how to make better sales, visit stories and valued experiences with the rest of the team.  You will be multiplying your learning so that your colleagues can also benefit and vice versa.  Collaboration is important!

    5) Depending on the type of account, it is also possible to send all of the promotional material and heavy files to the client via the powerful Zlink. This is a short link that sends documents to a Zyncro account (like videos or high resolution photos)  and it can be copied and sent to a client after a visit so they can receive the product details in the best quality.

    6) If you want to carry out a very good follow up with your VIP clients, create a “ Work group” in Zyncro exclusively for each one of them and invite the key contacts in that relationship. To tighten the bond in a secure and private environment, share comments, files and even tasks with them.

    7) Lastly, (and by no means less important), Zyncro allows you to increase the interaction between the different departments involved in the relationship with the client and the sales process. Sales are vital for your company but if you also strengthen communication amongst the sales team and the supporting teams (Support, Customer Care, Administration etc) in Zyncro, the results could be explosive. Do you dare try it?

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    How can I personalize Zyncro with my branding? 

    Let us suppose that you are introducing Zyncro into the company.  Whether it is because you are an expert in the Social Media department or because you are a fan of productivity applications, you want your corporate image incorporated into this new internal Social Network without the need for any extra effort, development or costs.

    The speed of implementation is one of Zyncro’s obsessions, which is why its adaptation to your work environment is so fast and easy that you can do it yourself.

    Customizing your Zyncro account with your company logo, colors and fonts will take you less than 3 minutes, freeing you from having to enter into programming or html.

    The only absolutely necessary requirement to adapt the corporate interface (the one that other collaborators will see) is that you must be the account administrator.

    Just after logging in via http://www.zyncro.com, you will see the Zyncro logo in the extreme left of the front page by defect.


    1) Go to the “Administration Panel” in your account.

    2) Select “Corporate Image” from the panel options.

    3) Prepare an image of your logo at the recommended size (it should be an acceptable quality in TIFF orJPG format).

    4) Select the file and upload the logo.  It will not appear until you have saved changes via “Save.”

    5) To personalize the Zyncro front page with your company colors, there is an editor that allows you to choose from a palette of colors.  If you know the exact Pantone in RGB, you can enter it directly.  It is also possible to change the text color in Zyncro.

    6) Once these changes have been made, go to the option “Save.”

    7) If you go into the tab called “My Zyncro account“, the logo and the Zyncro appearance will appear how other users will see it.

    8 ) If you are not sure about it, you can always change it.

    Now you can invite fellow collaborators to an environment with your company’s identity.  Zyncro will be a social network intranet with a friendly and recognizable appearance that work teams will take to easily .

    In later articles, we will explain how to personalize the account domain of your Zyncro account to your company name when you are not the administrator.

    As always, it has never been that easy! Right?

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    I have been invited to use Zyncro. How do I start? 

    Estimated reading time : 5 minutes

    Zyncro is a new 2.0 company, experience, a professional social network that brings 2.0 communications to the workplace.

    At Zyncro we have managed to verify that user experience helps us improve more every day, as a result, improves the experience of any company.  In other posts, we have spoken of how to start using Zyncro from the administrator profile.  This time, we will outline in 10 simple steps how you can start using Zyncro as an invited user.

    Bear in mind that Zyncro is a private web-based social company network, specifically designed for businesses.  Zyncro combines the power of social communication with information sharing, sharing of documents and work groups in a 2.0 environment.

    Its appearance may remind you of a personal social network you use every day.  But Zyncro and its different functions are thought of to benefit both the company and the work groups or the external contacts.

    These are my basic recommendations to start walking with Zyncro as an invited user:

    1. When you receive an invitation: Your company Zyncro account administrator will have sent you an invitation via e-mail.  You can access Zyncro directly from the link contained in this e-mail.
    2. Homepage: When you go to the link that you have received, the Zyncro homepage will automatically open and will ask you to enter your e-mail address as the login and will prompt you to choose a password.
    3. Accessing your Zyncro: Once you have entered your access information, you may begin to use Zyncro, either via the website http://www.zyncro.com, or via the personalised address (for example http://www.YOURCOMPANY.zyncro.com) that the Zyncro administrator has proposed (the person who invited you).  You can also have your own personalised address, always the same one.  In this case, I recommend you save this web access as a favourite or that you assign it a direct link on your desktop.
    4. Create your Profile: The first time you access Zyncro you will need to define your personal profile.  To do this, you must go to the “People” tab, then ”Edit profile” and enter your photograph, professional information, contact details, skills, Skype, etc.  Thanks to this personalisation and to the entire Zyncro search engine, you will find profiles, user experiences and our colleagues’ contacts.  But you will also be found by others within the organisation, be recommended and be well considered within the company when your profile is complete with its skills and experience.
    5. Begin to follow people: It is necessary to have decided which people you are going to follow in order to receive news and comments from other people and share these with your own in the “Messages” tab within “Home” (what we refer to as “Wall”).  I recommend that you prioritise the people you have most contact with (from the same department) in the “People” tab.
    6. Publish personal news on the “Wall” so that it reaches the people that follow you within your organisation.  Start to share all the interesting content that arises with them.  For example, a new client you are working with, anything new, valuable content for your department, etc. This function allows you to reach all the people with a user profile and at the same time, other users like you also share their news with you.
    7. Participate in Groups: In Zyncro you will collaborate in “Work Groups” that you have been invited to where you can share documents, review your tasks, comment upon aspects related to that particular environment,  The invitations to the different groups will reach you via the account administrator  administrator straight to your e-mail.  To accept the invitation you will need to go to the “Notifications” tab.  A project = A group. Within Zyncro and accessible via the web, you will find all the documents generated for the Project or group in a centralised manner.  You will be able to identify people that form part of that project and gain access to anything new, news and comments about the activity of the project.
    8. Create work groups with the people you usually collaborate with and invite them to participate in topics related to those work groups.   You can start to upload files and create folder structures for each group for example, following the organigram for the project.  In each group you will be able to store all the documents you need as well as have easy access to them.
    9. Send any documentation and/or communicate directly via Zyncro.  Bit by bit, you will decrease the need to send a multitude of internal e-mails and having to attach and send heavy documents.  You will definitely save a lot of time.
    10. When Zyncro begins to be fruitful and all its team is collaborating, take your Zyncro stories to the coffee machine, to the bar on the corner…  And when you begin to really enjoy it, we suggest you invite people from the organisation to your network that you do not already know or that are far away.  Gossip within the company is normal but Zyncro allows you to keep up to date with what is important and can be useful to you so it definitely makes work faster and allows you to have a greater connection to your colleagues.


    Zyncro offers you an ideal work environment for knowing your colleagues better and going deeper into the projects you are working on, combining the easy and intuitive manner of use of a social network with the functions to make you day to day work easier. Sin darte cuenta estarás utilizándolo a diario.  See for yourself!

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