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    SoMoClo, your company and its entire ecosystem always connected 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes SoMoClo, your company and its entire ecosystem always connected A couple of years ago, people were already talking about SoMoClo as a potent, exuberant and explosive trend, above all in the fields of digital marketing and innovation, allowing companies to reach a greater audience with a more precisely-defined target and even better results (i.e. using geolocation services to send catalogues, discounts, payment methods and calls to action to smartphones). However, in this article I’m NOT going to talk about SoMoClo in terms of marketing. I want to dedicate this space to looking at how this trend can be used to help your company or business, to help your organization. So…

    What is SoMoClo?

    Let’s start with the following premise — nowadays EVERYTHING is Social, EVERYTHING is Mobile and (almost) EVERYTHING is on the Cloud. SoMoClo is an acronym for Social Mobile Cloud. Given that the previous premise holds true (and I’m not the only one who says so), why not align your company with Social, Mobile and Cloud principles?

    In the strictly business sphere, the objective of SoMoClo can be summed up in a single phrase: “Your company and its entire ecosystem: available anytime, anywhere.”

    Imagine the impact on your company or organization by having all the relevant information available, NOT just on your team’s PCs, but in a secure, private repository where all you need is an internet connection to start working. Response times are reduced, information is expanded, feedback becomes a positive tool (that, after all, is why we talk about Social) and work teams are fully capable of acting and reacting via the Cloud. (More …)

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    everis and Zyncro to develop professional apps for sharing electronic medical records 

    Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

    • The agreement will make it possible to connect ehCOS suite business community users worldwide
    • Late this year collaborative clinical apps linking the expertise and products of both companies are to be launched

    everis, the multinational consultancy firm, and Zyncro, the largest Enterprise SoZyncro&everiscial Network in Mexico and Spain, have reached an agreement to build communications solutions 2.0 in the health industry. The partnership will generate tools that integrate electronic medical records onto a digital platform where doctors and hospitals can share information and medical opinions in real time irrespective of where they are physically.

    That means the solutions developed by everis and Zyncro will speed up clinical diagnosis using a system similar to that employed in social networks, but equipped with all the latest security and privacy technologies which define Zyncro as an enterprise social network.

    Likewise, doctors will be able to communicate securely and privately with their patients. In addition to reducing the time taken to choose appropriate treatment, this will significantly improve patient engagement.

    Under this agreement everis and Zyncro have synergized their knowledge to harness the power of enterprise social networks and thus improve the way health organisations operate. Using marketing tools, health providers will be able to inform, listen and converse with patients while engaging them and increasing their commitment to looking after their own health.

    The industry is at a key stage in adopting Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and is seeking to take advantage of the impact enterprise social networks and innovation 2.0 are now having on companies and organisations.

    Against this backdrop everis has created its ehCOS strategy, a raft of solutions meeting the challenges of the health industry particularly in terms of electronic medical records. In Zyncro it has found the enterprise social network platform which dovetails with its strategy.

    (More …)

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    “Digital Innovation for Enterprises in Mexico” accolade awarded to Zyncro 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    Within six months of its foundation, the recently established “Mexico City Marketing and Technology Association” held its first official presentation of awards for strategies, solutions, tools and applications that drive the development of companies and businesses in Mexico.

    The association honoured us with the “Digital Innovation for Enterprises in Mexico” award, a solid recognition for our entire team’s constant effort and commitment and this is something which we are very proud of. This award encourages us to continue to pour all our energy into supporting the development and promotion of companies in Mexico, both to enhance their communication (internal and external) and to increase their production and document management capabilities through our social, technology and innovation tool.

    The work of our entire team and our brand, ranging from cutting-edge technology to our marketing and business strategies, are translated into a digital product and a handy all-inclusive solution for companies to keep their social layer active, step up their productivity and deliver transactional information processes securely, privately, transparently and with 100% mobility.

    (More …)

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    Talent Drain- Why Do Businesses Experience Staff Turnover? 

    Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes

    talentoWhy can entrepreneurial talent make the decision to leave a work team? It is not an easy decision for the employee. However, despite how difficult it could become to find a new position, some businesses suffer from constant employee turnover. Let’s analyze concretely possible reasons and solutions to this problem.

    Main reasons staff turnover can happen in a business

    There are two principle reasons why talent is in constant rotation:

    • Selection: Remember that not all who quit are proportional to a lack of motivation or inability to retain a satisfied work team; on many occasions, the problem is in the selection of staff, in the recruitment policies and the definition of the profiles from Human Resources.
    • Retention: Is the most common reason, in short, it is the lack of internal communication and largely results in the inability to convey specific messages and quality to our team.

    But then, what should you do? Working on the basis “little actions generate big changes”, is only a question of adjusting strategies and of obtaining the correct tools to initiate an efficient and productive communication.

    (More …)

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    5 Mandatory Books Every Director, Manager and CEO Must Read 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

    No one person knows everything! Not even a manager, director or CEO of a big company. Are you a director, CEO or leader of an organization? The following titles are must read books for your body of information.

    Getting to YES: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In – by Roger Fisher and William L. Ury

    Roger Fisher (pseudonym), former director of the negotiation and innovation project at Harvard, specializes in conflict management and negotiation. In his book “Getting To Yes”, he demonstrates the structure of interpersonal negotiation, by underlying a reference to the labor and teamwork delegation.

    This book gives us improved practices to address problems, interests and conflicts, exhibits the power of mutual agreement, business collaboration and the unspoken power of objective thought.

    Survival is Not Enough – by Seth Godin

    Seth Godin is the guru of marketing. In this book he transforms the Darwinian theory of specie evolution in a metaphor arguing how companies need to constantly change in order to adapt to a unstable economic environment. Godin’s original approach, arguing real cases, make this book an imperative read for any great business person.

    Godin’s convincing proposal offers each reader a reflective element about the importance of adaptation to changing realities and technological forces that move today’s businesses, especially culture 2.0.

    (More …)

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    Zyncro Honored at the 2013 AMIPCI Awards 

    Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

    La Asociación Mexicana de Internet (AMIPCI), or the Mexican Internet Association, conducted the 2013 edition of the Reconocimientos AMIPCI” (AMIPCI Awards) on Thursday, December 5th for the best in the Internet industry in Mexico. Their objective is to acknowledge quality, distinction and cutting edge innovation of the best sites in the country, to then reward the labor of the main developers of this great industry in Mexico.

    Zyncro’s blog was the winner of “La Mejor Campaña Publicitaria” (Best Advertising Campaign) of the year at the AMIPCI awards, competing with finalists of the likes of Samsung and Pepe y Toño. Zyncro receives this award by the great efforts its employees and collaborators make on our blog. Thanks to their great value of knowledge and information, they make this space a platform of content about innovation in management, technology to service businesses and tools 2.0, open to the whole world, so that anyone who is interested in this information only has to open our blog, take the information, learn it and use it.

    The best publicity campaign is viral. It is interactive. With Zyncro’s blog we look to create a complete network of digital knowledge, a platform without boundaries, that lives on the internet, that represents a wealth of information for businesses and entrepreneurs, startups and big corporations.

    Our authors bring a world of information, and in the Zyncro blog we try to join minds and people, so that knowledge does not stay with only one person, rather, knowledge is permeable for everyone!

    Knowledge is to be shared, not to be kept for certain individuals. In Zyncro’s blog we make an effort each day to demonstrate that this is one of our maximum priorities. We are grateful to the Asociación Mexicana de Internet (Mexican Internet Association) for this recognition and we congratulate all the winners of the 2013 AMIPCI Awards.

    We’ll see you next year!

    Francisco Eguiza is the Regional Marketing Manager at Zyncro. He has worked for more than 10 years in digital marketing for high level businesses like Kio Networks and SuEmpresa.com, creating with them interactive Lead Generation strategies, Branding and SEM. He is also one of only 20 Google champions in LATAM, an exclusive certificate Google offers experts in their digital marketing platforms.


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    4 Recommendations for Teamwork within an Enterprise Social Network 

    Estimated Reading Time: 5 minutes

    One of the main benefits of Enterprise Social Networks is the act of putting in motion collaborative work that comes from teamwork. However, being a relatively new technology and somewhat avant-garde, some companies that adopt this impulse as a project, don’t know the areas of opportunity very well in the teamwork environment. Below you can find 4 recommendations for working in a team within an enterprise social network.

    1. Grouping and Organization: This can definitely be the main mission on the list. If you will work in a team, it is imperative to group together members in areas, departments, projects, and any other topic that can be useful. What must be present is maintaining all members informed, active and conscious of their tasks.

    2. Use clear and short messages: One of the benefits of implementing an enterprise social network as a social ecosystem in the company or business, is the reduction of emails. And it is really a benefit, as arriving to the office and finding a chain of 20 emails with only one sentence answers takes time and minimizes productivity.

    The enterprise social network is useful for communicating, taking advantage of private messaging to ask questions, to clarify points, ask VoBo’s in a micro-blogging post so those involved can see…it is never necessary to draft an extensive email or copy 7 people in the company, when the message can be clear, concise and direct to the person on the team who is really interested.
    (More …)

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    Welcome to the Zyncro Store 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    Through this article we want to welcome you to the new Zyncro Store, the new way to make you a “fan” of Zyncro. In this platform you will find available shirts and t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and stationery, all with Zyncro’s logo, your Enterprise Social Network, so you can finally wear Zyncro’s colors outside of the digital realm.

    Zyncro Store

    Have you already implemented your Enterprise Social Network and you desire to create engagement and inside branding with your users? Are you a Zyncro partner and want to have products and utilities to drive the solution with your potential customers? Zyncro Store is the solution we have for you. Carefully review our catalog. We are sure you will find exactly what you are looking for and what your users and customers are looking for to reaffirm you as a leader, member and Zyncro supplier.

    You can make your purchase or order directly online. The Zyncro Store runs on the CafePress platform, so the payment gateways, shopping cart, shipping and transactions are made directly into its system. And likewise, prices, handling and printing of items are determined by CafePress. Zyncro does not intend to expand business, we just want to offer you the ability to get a quality product with our logo, while we focus on our core Business, your Enterprise Social Network.

    Visit the Zyncro Store catalog now and give us feedback. We are always available to listen to your suggestions and comments. And when you receive your item at the door, whether at home or at the office, send us a photo! 

    We definitely want to see how Zyncro lights up! 

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    4 recommendations for working in a team 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    It has been demonstrated that working in a team, co-working and corporate collaboration, are three main strategies of success in a company or business. Nevertheless, it is common (and accounting for the talented personalities thereof) that working in a team can convert itself into a complicated situation before a prompt solution. For this reason, we are introducing four recommendations for working in a team in an appropriate and successful way.

    1. Involve yourself

    This should be the number one rule in this topic. Honest participation in the membership of the team, since no talent should be left behind in the process. It is extremely important to ask and offer help, above all when it is concerning a new element in the company. The fixed paradigm should be the constant support, the stimulus of work and the empowerment of each member to provide a mesh of complete machinery of the company or business.

    (More …)

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