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    Zyncro wins The Golden Stevie Award for Best New Product B2B of the year 

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    Zyncro continues to consolidate itself as one of the principal Startups on an international level. The recognition of work and dedication of our entire team continues to arrive in the form of awards.

    Before the summer, we introduced our candidature to the International Business Awards. And, today we are so happy to be able to announce that Zyncro has been selected for the Golden Stevie Award for Best Product “Business to Business” of the year. The awards will be presented at a dinner that will take place October 14th at the Hotel W in Barcelona. Our CEO Lluís Font will attend to thank the organization for the election and to collect the prize.

    This prize indicates a greater acknowledgment to our solution, joining the awards of 2012, and to push us to continue working with desire in order to persistently build the best Corporate Social Network, with conviction that we are moving in a good direction in the market where we find ourselves. Furthermore, after our inclusion in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, we were placed among the 20 leading providers of this service.


    About the Stevie Awards

    The International Business Awards are the only awards on a global scale that recognize the achievements of businesses. They are presented to diverse categories, some of which include Management, Business of the Year, Client Service, Human Resources, Information Technology, New Products, Online Public Relations, and New Technologies. In each category they also award the three best projects with the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Stevie Award. This year they will additionally present diverse Grand Stevie Awards, the maximum acknowledgement in the competition.

    We are very proud of the product we are building and we promise to continue working hard to carry on growth, so that the acknowledgements and awards don’t stop coming. Thank you to the entire team, partners and Zyncro clients who help us pursue innovation every day! 😉 

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    Use of Enterprise Social Networks: centralized access to corporate knowledge 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    Editor’s note: Today we continue expanding on the posts in which we ask members of the team what uses they see when it comes to Enterprise Social Networks. We have heard from Joan Villalta, VP of Product Management at Zyncro, and from Agustin Bosso, Product Manager, and today we will be speaking to Ana Fernandez, VP of Sales for Spain and Latin America.

    Do you remember that saying, “the king is dead, long live the king,”? It was a ritual exclamation made to the townspeople to announce the coming of a new successor to the monarchy. I would use it to describe what is currently happening with communication and collaboration tools in the business world. The traditional intranet is dead because its static content is no longer of use and doesn’t contribute towards collaboration or the exchange of information at the heart of the organisation. Nonetheless, companies still need this type of tool that allow its employees have a space in which they can easily create and share fast and accessible ideas and information.

    (More …)

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    Use of Enterprise Social Networks: Going from speech to conversation in companies 

    Editor’s note: We continue by sharing some of the ideas from members of our team about what use they see for Enterprise Social Networks in companies in this series of the blog. After asking Joan Villalta, VP Product Zyncro, today we asked Agustín Bosso, Project Manager at Zyncro. This is what he replied.

    In 1999 four authors from different companies took advantage of the “new” internetwork of networks and wrote the Cluetrain Manifesto, which established the bases for what would become social networks. The authors wrote that network technology, used until then only for displaying information, could enable dialog, without any change in technology but rather a change in mindset. Information could flow quickly in all directions.

    This conversation that has been happening at a private and personal level in social networks for many years is now starting to be transferred to the business world. For me, the question isn’t “What are social networks in the company for?” rather “How did we survive until without this?” We are faced with a change of a similar magnitude as the appearance of the telephone.

    Today companies have the capacity to document and manage all the information they generate, without losing anything in the process. And more importantly, not just documental information but the information people create, innovate and discover by working in the company. The facts? I can say that in a screen showing 5 minutes of corporate feed I learn a lot more about what’s happening in the company than I do after reading 3 hours of email. I don’t need to do any complex ROI calculations to realize that!

    Agustín Bosso is Product Manager at Zyncro. His relationship with the company dates back to its origins. He worked as a developer in several projects of the Inspirit group, but specifically asked for a transfer to Zyncro when it started to develop his line of passion: social networks and their practical uses. His personal goal in Zyncro is to be the nexus between technical culture that aids information and the business world. His motto is that we should never lose sight of what IT is: automated information.

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    Uses of Enterprise Social Networks: Socializing knowledge 

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

    Editor’s note: At Zyncro we always talk about the need to share knowledge in organizations and for that reason, we’ve been driven to start this series of posts on the blog. With it, we will share with you some of the ideas from the members of team on what use they see for Enterprise Social Networks in companies. We’ve started by asking Joan Villalta and this is what he has responded. We hope you find it interesting! 😉

    Concern about managing how knowledge is spread among a group of people is nothing new. Town criers at the medieval courts and in towns, public announcements, notes, newspapers, radios, televisions, emails, distribution lists, internet.

    And what about companies? Organizations 1.0 resign themselves to posting information and hoping employees will find it. They manage, to a greater or lesser degree, to transfer some knowledge. But that transfer is limited, and often subject to purely individual skills, motivations, and interests.

    Enterprise Social Networks socialize knowledge. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you search for information actively or not. Mostly the people themselves with whom you work push that information towards you . Who better than your department co-workers, colleagues in your project, group or water-cooler buddies to let you know about whatever might have escaped your ‘radar’?

    Joan Villalta is Vice-President of Producto at Zyncro. His career is linked with IT since 1988, where he has participated intensively both in commercializing product design in innovative companies like NTRglobal, Panda Software or more recently, Addfleet.

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    A look at Zyncro: the first European Enterprise Social Network 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

    Editor’s note: Simply Communicate, a community of internal communication professionals based in London and New York, has shown interest in Zyncro as the leading Enterprise Social Network in Europe. Following an interview with Patricia Fernández, VP Marketing at Zyncro, they have performed a case study in which they examine our tool and analyze some of the features that make Zyncro the most flexible Social Business platform on the market. Check out what they said about us :-)

    Companies like Cetelem and Telefonica Latin America are turning to the Spanish enterprise social solution. One of the reasons is Zyncro’s ‘white labeling’ feature which offers seamless branding and customization.

    Launched in Spain in 2009, Zyncro has already reached 250,000 users in 28 nations across Europe, America and Asia, where China is a growing market. Zyncro is used by a big variety of customers in banking and financial services, insurance, retail, hospitality, IT, HR, Public Administration and Healthcare, Engineering and Automotive, and NGO sectors.

    We caught up with Patricia Fernández (pictured right), VP Marketing at Zyncro, to find out more about this innovative ESN, winner of the 2012 EuroCloud award for the best European startup.

    What is different in Zyncro from other ESNs?

    “We consider Zyncro as the most flexible platform in the market. For us it’s really important to adapt to the real needs of the customers so what we offer is a large range of integrations with our competitors, e.g. SharePoint, ERP systems, and with different corporate software solutions. In fact, we are about to launch an integration with Chatter.”

    Continue reading


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    ‘VCSsystem, from paper to the Cloud with Zyncro’ 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes
    Sergio Escobar, CEO of VCSsystem, shares his experience with Zyncro and his vision regarding the need to implement an Enterprise Social Network in any sector.

    He encourages all businesses to try out their benefits, both in terms of communication and document management, and to be creative in finding ways to cover their business needs with Zyncro.

    How did a company whose business model is based on selling hardware realize that it needed to move towards the Enterprise 2.0?

    VCSsystem is a company dedicated to the distribution of Konica Minolta multi-function equipment, among other activities, but it has always opted for innovation and leadership in its sector. Just because we are a company associated with hardware, it doesn’t mean we need to forget the need to use innovative or pioneering technologies…

    Once the decision was made, why did you choose Zyncro?

    Zyncro is the Enterprise Social Network par excellence. Not just because of the quality of its product, but also because of its team’s excellent approach. Working with a company like Zyncro offers you the security that the project’s outcome will be positive. Very few providers can offer you that. Besides, it includes all the features a company needs: from a tool for knowledge exchange (microblogging) to a cloud-based document management system, a full contact directory, employee resumes… But I think Zyncro’s greatest potential lies in its integration with other tools or the possibility to develop new functionalities based on its core.

    In fact, this was a decisive factor for us in deciding to implement Zyncro, as from the outset we saw the capacity offered by Zyncro to connect with Konica Minolta multi-function systems, and hence we created the “From Paper to the Cloud” concept. All paper corporate documentation is now social and properly organized, and stored in a secure repository that can be accessed from any device.

    What value has using an Enterprise Social Network brought you?

    As I said before, its value lies in managing knowledge and documentation from a social, collaborative and “anywhere” perspective. We are experts in document processing. Zyncro, as an Enterprise Social Network that manages corporate documentation processes natively, was the perfect complement for an organization like ours, which controls paper-based documentation. For this reason, digital processing with this shared, social approach (at VCSsystem, we actively encourage teamwork) provides us with the added value necessary for working, innovating and evolving in line with the times, while still staying true to our style of innovation and collaboration.

    In fact, we not only use it internally, but we have also created “VCS Social”, a space for communicating, sharing and collaborating with VCSsystem employees, providers, partners and clients.

    Would you recommend using tools like Zyncro to other companies in your sector?

    Without a doubt! In fact, I would encourage all companies, not just in our sector, in any sector, to try out its benefits in terms of communication and documentation management, and to be creative in finding ways to cover their business needs with Zyncro. We have developed plug-ins with other business management platforms and we have several ideas for new developments, so we can help you out with whatever you need. We work hand in hand with Misiona (www.misiona.com), expert cloud technology and Zyncro integrator, so we can address the needs of any company, both in paper and in the cloud 😉

    And what about you? Have you tried Zyncro? Did you know you can start to use it free and work collaboratively in your company? Try it free here!

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    Zyncro to speak at the IDC Cloud Leadership Forum about strategies for dynamic companies 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    IDC, one of the premier providers of global market intelligence, advisory services and event organization for the ICT market, organizes next week the Cloud Leadership Forum, which will bring together leading sector companies and professionals to analyze and debate strategies for dynamic companies.

    Zyncro will participate at this event together with other front-line companies in the sector such as HP, Arsys, Intel or Microsoft, providing its expert knowledge on social, mobile and cloud technologies.

    What will be discussed?

    Against the current backdrop for organizations, information technologies (ICT) play a fundamental role in business decision-making. The ICT industry is undergoing transformation marked by a change in technology platform, and the cloud is one of the essential keystones, together with big data, mobility, and social business.

    The fast adoption of the cloud, and everything that it implies, forces IT departments to think strategically in their ascent. IDC Cloud Leadership 2013 will provide a new vision on adopting the Cloud in Spain, offering extensive knowledge with the new challenges that this technology involves. Some of the questions that will be answered include:

    • Security & Cloud
    • Public Cloud & Private Cloud & Hybrid Cloud
    • Mobility & Cloud
    • Bring the Cloud to Big Data
    • Legal risks and threats

    Where and when?

    The Cloud Leadership Forum will be held on Abril 23 at Hotel Palace in Madrid and April 25 at NH Constanza in Barcelona.

    What is Zyncro’s participation?

    Zyncro, as leading company in technology adoption processes in companies, will participate as a keynote speaker at both editions. Ana Fernández (@anafernandez78), CEO Zyncro Spain, will be at the edition in Madrid and Patricia Fernández Carrelo (@pfcarrelo), Chief Marketing Officer, at the one in Barcelona. Both will speak in the Entrepreneur Slot.

    The unstoppable progress of new information technologies has meant innovative initiatives and experiences have appeared that represent a change in paradigm or a drive to greater productivity and value in companies. In this session, Patricia and Ana will recount innovative initiatives and experiences that have been recognized by important entities, such as the case of Zyncro, recognized as the Best European Start-up in 2012 and considered one of the best Enterprise Social Network projects.

    If you would like to attend, you can register through the IDC’s website, both for Madrid and Barcelona. We’ll see you there!


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    An entrepreneur needs much enthusiasm, passion and many hours work to succeed 

    Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

    Editor’s note: This article is part of an interview that the team of Eureka-Startups, a platform specialized in communicating internet startups, projects and businesses from entrepreneurs, held with Dídac Lee, president and founder of Zyncro. The Eureka-Startups platform has a section called #Arquímedes, where it interviews different entrepreneurs who recount their entrepreneurial background and experiences. Today we thought we’d include this interview in our ZyncroBlog so all our readers can discover a little bit more about Dídac’s experience as an entrepreneur and the first steps of Zyncro. From all of us at Zyncro, congratulations to those in charge at Eureka-Startups for supporting and spreading the word about entrepreneurs!

    Dear Dídac, first of all, thank you for agreeing to this interview in order to help other entrepreneurs out on some basic issues when developing and launching a startup. You have been and continue to operate as an entrepreneur, which you combine with your role as investor. Let’s look at your background:

    What is your educational background?

    To date, I hold studies in IT Engineering, a post-graduate degree in Business Management and a PDG from the IESE. But when I started out as a entrepreneur, I was studying IT Engineering, which I left after the third year.

    Where did you work before starting out on your own?

    In my parent’s restaurant in Figueres. I started my first project as an entrepreneur at 21 and until then, I had been studying. I also did an internship in a management IT company in Figueres.

    What encouraged or drove you to becoming an entrepreneur?

    The desire to do something interesting, something that motivated me. I dreamed about creating innovative products that would sell around the world. And so it was!

    A few days ago we posted about Zyncro as #Eureka. Let’s look a bit more about this:

    How did the idea arise and how did you detect the business opportunity?

    For many years I had seen that collaborative work wasn’t efficient. Intranets, designed to solve this problem, apart from being expensive and difficult to implement, had a low usage, yet even my mother uses Facebook.

    What was the evolution of the idea? Have there been many changes?

    A lot. We made various attempts and many changes over the last 8 years to get to where Zyncro is today. Always basing myself on the vision of creating an intranet that is easy to use and rollout, I started out in 2003 with a solution that leveraged email and web. It was a total failure. Then we tried to create a file manager (like Dropbox, but a corporate version) with online backup, a synchronizer and several other functionalities, until finally creating the social layer on which the file and group manager of the current Zyncro 3.4 is based today.

    Who are your partners and who makes up the founding team? What are their roles?

    For me, an innovative startup requires two major parts: the product and sales. I developed the product with my team that has been with me since the start. And Lluís Font developed the sales, creating an extraordinary team.

    A few months ago you launched an excellent initiative within Zyncro: the “Zyncro Developers’ Challenge”, which we are sure will help many entrepreneurs. Can you tell us a bit about it?

    Zyncro is a company with a strong entrepreneurial DNA. Our vision is that Zyncro is a development platform on which vertical solutions can be created, and that is what we hope to achieve with the Zyncro Developers’ Challenge.

    In all our interviews, we ask a round of questions on what looking for investment has been like. In your case, as an investor:

    What homework do entrepreneurs need to have done when they come to see you?

    I don’t see myself as an investor, more as an entrepreneur. When an entrepreneur visits an investor, I think it is essential that they are capable of explaining clearly and simply what the market problem is, what the size of the market is, their product/solution, what differences them from the competition, what their 12-month plan is, and most importantly, they need to be capable of getting a winning team. Although there may be risk, investors want evidence in form of experience and the team’s commitment, sales, pre-sales, etc.

    What errors do they comment most?

    I can’t answer you that in general, but I can tell you the most common errors I’ve made. The first one is going to the investor without having prepared. Then, not being able to listen with humility to what they are saying to you in order to take it in and apply corrective measures, and third, being able to attract top-level talent to the team. If you can’t incorporate people who think outside the box in your project, you are going to having difficulties in convincing an investor.

    What are the aspects you value most about a project?

    The team. For their ability to work, their humility, their enthusiasm and great comradery, in other words, good people good, as a friend of mine says.

    In your time as entrepreneur:

    What are the main obstacles you have had to overcome?

    Loneliness and the lack of understanding. Especially at the start, when there were no support initiatives for entrepreneurs, and socially it wasn’t as fashionable as it is today. Everyone who innovates finds themselves in unknown territory, and if they start from zero, they probably don’t have any contacts, any money or experience. I needed much enthusiasm, passion and hours of work to succeed.

    We’re sure that along your way you’ve made some mistakes. If so, can you tell us about one of them that may be a lesson to other entrepreneurs?

    First, I should say that making mistakes is inevitable, and it’s the best university. From every mistake, I’ve learnt a lesson, and that’s important for me. I’d say that one of the main errors was 5 years down the road with the first project. We had customers, created several projects that we operating quite well, and became too settled. We started to develop in the lab and we forgot that “truth is out there”, as Fox Mulder says. The Dotcom crisis hit and we had to get out and sell. Since then, I’ve never forgotten that the most important thing is to listen to the market, to the customers. If you don’t know what they think or what they need, you can invent but you can’t innovate.

    What tips would you give an entrepreneur that is starting out?

    The truth is I don’t like giving advice, I prefer to talk about the lessons I’ve learned over the years creating startups. If I had to give one, it would be to go to YouTube and enter “entrepreneur” and you’ll find an endless wealth of tips for startups in any area you want.

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    Zyncro encourages you to get enterprising: Startup Weekend Barcelona 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    At Zyncro, we continue to support business initiatives, innovation and the infectious energy given off by new entrepreneurs. For that reason, we urge you to participate in the upcoming Startup Weekend Barcelona.

    This event will give a chance to create new startups easily and quickly: During the weekend of June 29 to July 1 in Barcelona, you can develop web and mobile apps that will act as a starting ground for a viable future startup. The event is focused on learning at a hectic rate, developing quickly and creatively, as you’ll only have 54 hours to create your app.

    As the saying goes, “no talk, all action”.

    So if you’re a developer, a designer, or have training in marketing and business development, and of course, have that entrepreneurial spirit, don’t miss this training weekend that we at Zyncro highly recommend and support. What’s more, three finalist projects will be awarded a Zyncro Business plan with 50 Gb of storage space available for 6 months during the entire company incubation process.

    So, “how do I participate?” Here’s the steps you need to follow during Startup Weekend Barcelona:

    1. Each participant has to present their idea in a minute. The ideas with the most votes will go on to the next phase.
    2. The creators of these ideas need to find their ideal team from among all the attendees, without forgetting those essential profiles for the essential development of their future startup.
    3. The teams will work together during two intense days, guided by mentors, who include leading entrepreneurs, innovation and social media experts.
    4. Finally the developed ideas are presented and the jury will select the winners. These finalists will win a Business plan subscription for Zyncro for six months.

    Got that entrepreneurial spirit? Got a great idea but don’t know where to start? Explain your idea, build your team and… launch your startup! Sign up and participate in the Startup Weekend Barcelona!


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    Zyncro talks to Steve Ellis from Wells Fargo: The future is packed with opportunities 

    Estimated reading time + video: 6 minutes.

    Today we bring you an interview that we conducted a few weeks ago with Steve Ellis from Wells Fargo. Steve is an authority on innovation who has managed to create a single internal culture, looking after that passion for work and the business culture being transmitted to all members and customers of the company, using technology as a catalyst for innovation and defying the limits of collaboration, driving his organization to work together not only internally but with customers.

    Steve explains to us how the world moves very fast: 25 years ago no one knew what an email was, yet nowadays we cannot live without it. However, according to this innovation authority, maybe email’s day has peaked, and it’s time to use other ways of communication like enterprise social networks and do away with internal communication via email. We’ll leave you with his thoughts:

    Thanks, Steve! It was a real pleasure meeting you at intra.NET Reloaded in Berlin and seeing your passion for innovation, which of course we share at Zyncro!


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