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    Is Yammer the solution for large and medium enterprises? 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

    Essential reading for CEOs & CIOs.

    I know this post is going to be somewhat controversial, but I just want to highlight some of the truths that the media just aren’t picking up on.

    Despite Microsoft’s much talked-about acquisition of Yammer, there still remains many unanswered questions regarding the model for adoption and implementation of the tool in large and medium enterprises.

    Let’s look at the most controversial areas of Yammer’s business model:



    Any company employee can use Yammer and create a corporate account by simply using their company email address. In other words, a social network parallel to the company’s own social network or intranet can be easily created. But what happens when the company wants to regain control of this network for obvious reasons, like the value of the information contained therein, or remove access from that employee because they’ve gone to the competition? Well, simply the company has to pay Yammer to regain control of the network’s Administration. Honestly, for me that borders on the limits of ethics.


    For the moment, Yammer only operates on the cloud, meaning it’s great for SMEs that have little or no problems in terms of competition or security, and that don’t have to comply with strict personal data protection measures required in Europe. What’s more, as a US company, Yammer must comply with the Patriot Act, meaning the government of the United States of America can access company data found on Yammer. These two points are extremely critical for European companies. In fact, the legal departments of many major corporations require that data be hosted in Europe on servers maintained by European companies to comply with data protection laws and avoid the Patriot Act.


    Despite Yammer’s marketing message that the product offers a personalized experience, in fact, it does not. The Yammer brand name will always appear somewhere. It doesn’t let you change the look & feel either, or change menus, claiming it would impair user experience.


    My data is not really mine! This is one of the worst aspects for me. In pilot experiences we carried out to migrate Yammer data in order to replicate their information in another environment, the results have been disastrous. First, you can’t back up your data unless you pay; second, in many cases you can’t migrate files attached to conversations; and third, it is extremely difficult to recover the structure of groups and conversations because the backup pointer system is poorly programmed.

    In short, easy to join (because often the company doesn’t get involved under its own initiative) and difficult to leave, even paying. The current trend is that Enterprise Social Networks are becoming powerful knowledge repositories for companies. This knowledge is one of the most valuable intangible assets in 21st century organizations, so we cannot leave it in the hands of others without ensuring even the most basic security measures.


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    Thoughts from Zyncro on the acquisition of Yammer by Microsoft 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    By Yammer joining the Office division, Microsoft’s intentions are significantly revealed: to give its Office applications a social layer in order to compete with Google Docs… and this ‘unsocial’ vision will initially make Yammer less of a competitor for other Enterprise Social Networks such as Zyncro at a product level, although at a marketing level and with regard to Microsoft corporate accounts it will be more competitive.

    In my opinion, something similar to what happened with Chatter when it was bought by SalesForce could occur; it switched from being a strong competitor to being simply the social layer of SalesForce, therefore practically ceasing to be one of our competitors.

    Will Yammer follow a similar path and be swallowed up by the ‘Microsoft Office culture’? We’ll watch and see how events unravel…

    José Vicente Ruiz, VP of Zyncro Mexico

    The reality is that Zyncro offers the ability to customize and integrate any type of corporate system, desktop or cloud, in record time and cost, that is much more superior to the merger of Yammer + Microsoft.

    If we add the capacity of Zyncro as a White Label to this; our willingness to work in SaaS, Private and Licensed Cloud; and our incredible flexibility for access via mobile devices (something that is extremely remote for MSF), we are in a position to cause a lot of trouble for Yammer + MSF.

    This merger further revalidates our integration with Microsoft (Sharepoint & Office) strategy, despite the fact that it has now become the competition, and above all with regard to Google, where we are about to launch a highly complete integration with its suite. Our objectives are clear: if we have a good integration with both the added value for our current and future customers is enormous! And let’s not forget the incredible connection capacity we have with any corporate system or software on the cloud. Our customers decide which software they want to use, the philosophy at Zyncro is to adapt to and integrate with the solutions chosen by our customers.

    Lastly, we recommend the analysis by the author of Los lunes al sol de Genbeta about the acquisition of Yammer by Microsoft. They give the following equation SharePoint + Yammer = Zyncro.

    Keep on working fast!

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    We’ve had another crazy idea! Today we’re proud to present… Zyncro TV 


    We’ve had another crazy idea at Zyncro and we’re going to create ZyncroTV! Want to submit your video? You can send it to us at marketing @ zyncro.com, We’re looking forward to seeing your ideas! 😉


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    Laura Urquizu joins the Inspirit Board of Directors 

    Estimated reading time: 1 minute

    Laura UrquizuThis week Laura Urquizu has joined the Board of Directors of Inspirit, where she will perform the duties of Director of Corporate Development.

    Laura holds a degree in Economics and has extensive experience in corporate management in the technology sector and in startups.

    During her career, she has previously held positions such as her role in Corporación Caja Navarra where she led the area of emerging business investments and seed capital.

    She is director in more than 10 companies in the technology sector, including the internet-project business incubator DaD, Start Up Capital Navarra, Abiquo or CEIN (Navarran European Business Innovation Centre).

    Laura joins the Inspirit group with the goal of helping us to implement development and strategic plans in the companies in which Inspirit has a stake (Spamina, Conzentra and Zyncro).
    We would like to welcome Laura to the team and wish her much success in her new position!



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    Zyncro closes a second financing round 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    Once again, we’re pleased to be able to share with you some good news for Zyncro that accompanies the start of this new year. On this occasion, we’re happy to announce that Zyncro closed a second round of financing for the sum of 1.6 million euro.

    This figure, as well as enabling us to continue developing Zyncro as an enterprise social network, also holds a special value for us as it symbolizes our investors’ growing confidence. In particular, I’m referring to Active Venture Partners, which has incorporated as a Zyncro shareholder for the first time in this second round.

    Active Venture Partners, one of the main international venture capital firms in Spain, joins current shareholders “La Caixa”, through the fund Caixa Capital TiC; Cabiedes & Partners; Perennius (Spanish); Aniol and XMS; as well as the Dutch firm Nordhold.

    For Zyncro and its parent group Inspirit, the backing of our investors is a guarantee and recognition of the company’s positive progress, whose growth has been unstoppable since its outset in 2008.

    What’s more, we’re delighted to hear the words of the co-founder and managing partner of Active Venture Partners, Ricard Söderberg, who on assessing this investment has referred to Zyncro as the new trend in social networking for companies following on after Facebook. “Zyncro is a leader in the concept of Enterprise 2.0, since its role as an Enterprise Social Network improves internal collaboration and knowledge management in companies”, says Ricard.

    A vision we’re committed to 100%!

    As we mentioned, this new financing will be used to boost the company’s two priorities: developing the product and continuing its expansion process.

    In 2012, we want to be even more zyncronized than ever and offer you the best in your Enterprise Social Network!

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    Thanks for 2011! 

    Estimated reading time: This is the longest post of 2011

    Zyncro has undergone a radical change in just one year that would not have been possible without all of you!

    We’ve gone:

    • From a file sharing and microblogging system to an Enterprise Social Network for organizations and communities
    • From a local company to being present in 6 countries (more surprises to follow!)
    • From 0 to more than 30 ZyncroApps and integrations
    • From 3 to 8 languages and there’s more still to come
    • From version 1.3 to version 3.1
    • From a simple product to a social platform and architecture for enterprises

    Thanks, Lluís, for not thinking we’re crazy!

    To Adrià, for encouraging us and supporting us at all times

    To Dídac, for his vision and “off-road” support with a service level of 99.9999% (sometimes, he actually does sleep, but only sometimes! 😉

    To Roque, for dealing with those major glitches along the way

    To Luis, Manuel, Bernat, Alejando, José and Paloma for all their advice and common sense (which is worth its weight!)

    To the Tandil team which has given their ALL: to Guillermo for providing support any hour of the day; to Nicolás, Paola, Javier, Juan Ignacio, Alejandro, Julio and Gastón for always developing against the clock; to Anahí for believing in usability as much as I do; to Mauro, Facundo and Fernando, for being firmly committed to Quality; to Sergio, for designing with globalized criteria; and to Nahuel, for his sleepless nights.

    In Tandil also, to Nacho, for his peace of mind (it rubs off on us all) and “anything is possible” nature and to Santiago, for believing in Zyncro

    To Jordi, for being so pragmatic

    To Oriol, for being so versatile

    To Ana, for struggling and struggling and struggling…. and still continuing to struggle on…

    To Nuno, for his intellectual and social contributions

    To María, for her optimism

    To Jaume, for his great sense of humor and great work

    To Sali, for being the most sociable and deal-closing person in the world with clients

    To Agustín, for learning so quickly and working so hard, always with a smile on his face

    To Franco, for integrating us with everything and for being so Zyncronized

    To Susana, for achieving the unachievable and the impossible and even a bit more

    To Patricia, for being the best (by a long shot) in online, offline, social and traditional organization

    To Silvia and Mila, for contributing so much value in so little time

    To Carlos, for writing, tweeting, Facebooking, LinkedIning, Hootsuiting…

    To Lurdes, Rafa, Belén, Isabel and Jordi, for controlling us, financing us, informing us, organizing us, promoting us and paying us, always done with a smile and a kind word

    To Carles, for cueing us in with the Valley

    To Sampi, for making the trek across the desert and beyond possible (this will always be your home; if you get bored, you can always come back)

    To Dolors, Diana, Albert, Ana and Jose, the stress and speed of startups means they don’t always have a place for excellent people like you

    To Zyncro Mexico, for their major success almost right off the plane. With Juan and Jose at the head, we’re unbeatable.

    To Nori, Teru and Daisuke, for believing in, for committing to and fighting for Zyncro in the Land of the Rising Sun

    To Juliana and Marcelo, for Zyncronizing Brazil

    To Robert and Jean-Michel, for pronouncing Zyncro in France, I think it’s “Syncrò”!

    To Yolanda at Grupo Singular, for her know-how and believing in us

    To Xavier at IOR Consulting, for teaching us to be 2.0 (with some of more than 50). Boy, has he taught us things…

    To Xavier at OmegaPharma, for being the CIO with a business vision par excellence

    To our blog contributors who in a selfless and altruistic way provide an amazing intellectual value, not only to us, but to the Internet community in general: Oscar, Ignasi, Joan, Juliana, Josep, Oriol, Nuno, Agustin, Albert, Pep, Susana, Javier, Ana, Patricia, Pablo, Xavier, Francesc, Jaume, Alexander, Dídac, Sílvia, Marty, Sílvia, Diana, Tatiana, Bartolomé, Mertxe, María, Pedro, José, juan, Albert, Franco, Yolanda, Isabel, Joe, Jose and Carlos

    To Silvia “La Saladeta”, for her brilliant designs in record time

    To Barto, Toni, Jordi and Daniel at Sys&Apps, for bring us into the mobile world

    To Santiago at Conzentra, for supporting us, for believing in us and for taking us in

    To Sergio at VCS Systems, for bring the scanner to the cloud

    To Juan María and Anna at XMS, for their teamwork

    To Ciro and Rosa at Consultia, for integrating us with SAP

    To Jesús, Alberto and David at Everis, for being visionaries

    To Hotelerum and GooTaxi, for being the best neighbours

    To Joe, for being so versatile and being everywhere

    To those people in that big Bank and that telecommunications operator, who we can’t mention, but who have believed and continue to believe in us

    To all those customers, who with their daily support, comments and product use make us even better

    To all our Zyncro partners and contributors, who help us make the Enterprise 2.0 come true: friendly, kind, approachable and efficient, with quality and global standards. I’m sure I haven’t mentioned a great many who deserve a mention…

    To Adrián, Victor and Ada, for wanting to play, giving much happiness and affection.

    And finally, to Julia, for her support, patience, warmth and love; without you, everything would be impossible for me.


    This post has been written and published without the endless support of the Zyncro marketing team, who usually reviews, corrects, adapts, rewrites, rethinks and touches up everything we publish.

    Any error, omission and/or nonsense is entirely attributable to Lluis Font.

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    Zyncro wins the Young Bully (Bully Awards 2011) 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    Didac Lee & Luis Font with the Young Bully award

    Thursday was a very happy day at the Zyncro office (almost very – R.I.P. Steve Jobs) as on Wednesday we were awarded the Young Bully prize.  The prize was handed to the co-founders of ZyncroDídac Lee (Chairman) and Luis Font (CEO) during the Bully Awards ceremony at the Xalet de Montjuïc restaurant (Barcelona).

    The Bully Awards is a prize of recognition for leading technology and telecommunications firms on a European level and are based on criteria such as excellence, future potential, business ideas, market strategies or technological solutions.  This international recognition places Zyncro among the most important, valuable and promising start-ups on the continent.

    Being nominated as one of the 60 finalist companies was already great cause for satisfaction at the time but to actually take away the Young Bully, one of the Bully Awards categories that prizes businesses that are looking for or have received “Series A” funding (businesses that are in their initial phase), confirms that the steps taken up until this moment have followed the correct path.  It provides us with the right amount of recognition and motivation to continue efforts towards achieving our objectives and pushes us forward to look for new challenges, to keep growing and maturing as we have done so far.


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    Libel that lingers: Online reputation management 

    Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

    I have been saying for a while now, online reputation management will be the next big business opportunity over the coming years.  Today, I’m even more certain of this opinion after having suffered an attack against our reputation here at Zyncro.

    I’ll explain what happened.  A few weeks ago it was decided to analyze the security of a new platform we were going to launch in conjunction with an important client.  The said platform was not yet in production, so it was the ideal time to conduct a thorough security test.

    The test was carried out and a series of vulnerability issues were detected that we had already found and corrected in other platforms.  We proceeded to carefully study what the security company was saying in case anything else should crop up and we had the detected incidents corrected within 48 hours without any major problems. Let me to remind you that the platform was not yet up and running and no client could access it.

    Everything was all right up until this point, but on Friday, we found that the auditing company, Internet Security Auditors, had published the study in a security forum.  It doesn’t say much about that company.  It was a confidential report that they had been requested confidentially, which means that publishing it goes against any code of ethics and can lead to legal repercussions against them.  Nonetheless, the report clearly states that the potential problems have already been corrected.  Here you have a link to the report.

    If it had ended here, there would be little else to tell but then came the libel online.  One of our competitors had created an article in a blog on Tumblr about what had been published in Menéame.  The blog is called Seguridad en la Red (Internet Security) and the article criticizes Zyncro’s architecture, describes all of its weaknesses and doesn’t make any reference to their correction.  The blog article does not allow for any comments to be made, nor is it signed and it is the only article to be found in this spectacular blog.  Objective: to damage Zyncro‘s reputation.

    Of course, later the company and some of its friends decide to retweet it in order to give it maximum coverage.  Take into consideration that most of us who tweet, do so without verifying sources (myself included) and that very few people will verify the original information source, it being very technical and in English*.

    This technique also aims ‘to provide positioning’ when the words “Zyncro Security” are searched for.

    What should be done when faced with this type of defamation?

    In my opinion, a direct response should be made by taking the bull by its horns; indirect and sideline replies are of no use.  The Actimel case comes to mind whereby the product was attacked in an email containing a pack of lies that were supposedly backed by scientific research (without links to their sources).  I think the company took far too long to provide a clear response and even regular customers began to doubt whether what was said was true or not.  This is how strong defamation can be.  They sow doubt about your product or service in the minds of previously peaceful and convinced people.

    As a guide of steps to take, I recommend:

    1. Don’t reply in the heat of the moment, allow a few hours to pass (not days or weeks) in order to think out the response well.
    2. Do it in a calm and serene manner, explaining the facts clearly.
    3. Don’t give a counter-attack response that does not state fact.  For example, publishing a technical article today on Zyncro’s security would probably not be enough; it could even cause further doubt.  But for those of you who would like to know more about our security, here you have a good document (that we have not put together today) 😉 http://my.zyncro.com/files/Sjuixte
    4. Try not to be annoyed, I didn’t manage this one…  It’s a good job I have a sensational team and a master of positive thinking for a business partner who managed to calm me down. :-)

    Let me to conclude by reminding you all that Zyncro’s 2.0 spirit enables us to employ a philosophy of total transparency in all areas.  How many products in the cloud make their availability and service level public?  I can assure you without a doubt that they are few and far between, our technical architecture allows us to have high availability and security. To those of you who are cloud software providers, I recommend status.zyncro.com. It doesn’t take much effort and provides a great deal of transparency.

    *This blog post was originally written in Spanish (Sources of the links have not been verified)


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    Mistakes to avoid when implementing an enterprise social network 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    Let me to present the ten mistakes to avoid when implementing a business social network within your company. If you weren’t able to attend the exhibition at the event ComunicaME or if you would like a refresher on those concepts, read the following points carefully.


    1. Not involving the CEO
    Are you going to leave out the person with the greatest interest in efficient internal communication within the company and who can best manage the network?
    2. Not involving the departmental managers
    They are the key to a fast implementation of the social network and are the true catalysts in spreading the social network across all levels of the organisation.
    3. Leadership: It is NOT an IT project
    Technology is just a tool, it would be the equivalent to a mechanic driving a Formula 1 car.  The comparison is quite relevant to Formula 1, as the mechanics are key to winning the race although they don’t drive the one-seater.
    4. Product chosen by the IT Department
    Modern technology directors verify the security of the product, the platform’s level of service and the adaptability of the product but they don’t choose the products; that is what distribution channels are for.
    5. Paralysis for analysis
    It is not such a difficult decision to make; you only need to evaluate the risks and minimise them.pilot project will provide more information for correct decision-making than 6,000 clever minds in a meeting room.
    6. The great project and the whole world at once
    The best way to put an enterprise social network into practice is by consecutive relay.  First one department, then another… until the whole company has it working.
    7. Want, want, want: “Over-demanding”
    Only 20% of product functions are used.  Don’t let those excessive “I want Y spreadsheet to open up and present my information in a click” type-requests increase the project cost immensly while reducing overall usability.
    8. Super trendy, super cool
    Adding an excess of Flash videos, screens with visual effects and other ornamental features may well be “glamourous” at first, but after a few days everyone will find it annoying and it will take away from effective usage time.
    9. It works on its own: A boost is always necessary
    One of the most serious mistakes that even brilliant and innovative groups make: enterprise social networks don’t work on their own, especially at the beginning when they need a boost and to be fueled with interesting and valuable content.
    10. Not evolving
    It is in practice and in working order.  If you leave it alone, the usage will decrease as will the valuable information. Adding content and new functionalities constantly is key when it comes to maintaining motivation.  That is how we human beings are; we need novelties and change in order to keep motivated.


    You have been advised.  At Zyncro, we will help you achieve this.


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    Never give up… 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    One of the characteristics that best define entrepreneurs is their capacity not to give up when faced with adverse situations.

    Sunday afternoon at 7:50pm I reached Barcelona airport, looking forward to starting my trip to open up the new Zyncro office in Sao Paulo.  My first disappointment began here: Iberia had decided to cancel the 21:45 Barcelona-Madrid flight leaving all of us traveling to the South America stuck on land, seeing as Montevideo, Lima and other destinations had also been affected.

    20:10 After some time waiting at the Iberia customer service centre, a very friendly lady informed me that there was nothing more she could do for me as Spanair do not fly to T4, therefore making the connection impossible.  My question was…  “What about Vueling?”…  “Just one moment, I’ll find out for you”.  When she returned after having consulted the supervisor, they had managed to allocate me a seat on a Vueling flight at 21:45, the same time as Iberia had been.  Perfect!

    20:25 I got to the Vueling check-in with a huge grin on my face.  Next blunder: “We can’t check in your luggage all the way to Sao Paulo, you will need to collect it and check it back in at the same terminal”.  “Why?”. The reply was: I’m not authorized…  Well, I shall make an official complaint to Vueling about this one. I can’t understand how Iberia and Vueling, having the same shareholders and being at the same terminal, cannot check in my luggage and deal with its transfers to reach my final destination.  In any case, God moves in mysterious ways and leads us towards the right path in the most unexpected manner, read on…

    20:45 At the gate.  20 minute delay was advertised.  I think to myself: “I can still make it. The flight leaves at 00:40, arriving at 11:10, I still have time”.

    21:45 We still hadn’t embarked.

    22:10 Embarking began.  Annoyance bubbling under the surface!!!!

    22:45 We took off. I started thinking about how short of time I was.  Suddenly I had an idea!

    23:50 Complicated landing in Madrid with windy thunderstorm.  The pilot had to correct the course of the plane in order to deal the updraft.

    23:55 I texted Julia, my wife (cabin crew member):  “What happens if I turn up to embark at the gate with my suitcase?”  Fast reply back:  “If they have time, they’ll take it down to the cargo otherwise, they will store it in the cabin for you.”

    00:00 The plane stopped after a very long taxi… and… let us all out now!!!  I’m f*****

    00:10 The bus was quicker than I had expected.  Waiting for my suitcase, I only had 30 minutes left.

    00:25 I managed to get my case, clearly I had no time to check it in.  I ran out and saw an Iberia customer service desk: “There are only 15 minutes before my flight leaves, would you mind letting them know that I’m going to run over to get there in time?”  “Yes, I will ring and let them know, but hurry as they are already embarking.  There are only 15 minutes left before takeoff”.

    00:30 I saw a sign, Gate U, 23 minutes and on top of that, I had to take a train.  Let’s not forget about passport security control.:)

    00:35 Passport control.  What I was expecting to hear:  “Does this case need checking in?”  Answer: “No, I’m not carrying any liquids or anything that is not allowed on board and they will take it down to cargo as soon as I get to the gate”.  They allow me to pass.

    00:37 Sh**!  My trousers started slipping, I made use of the time on the moving stairway to put my belt back on again after having removed it for the security control.

    00:40 Police control: “Where are you going?”  “To Brazil”. Nice policeman:  “Well hurry, as there’s not much time” :)

    00:40-00:45 The sprint of my life (running is not my thing): I got to the gate, I was last, but I made it to the plane!!!!

    00:50 There wasn’t enough time to take the case down to the cargo but a kind cabin crew member stored it away for me in a cupboard.  If I had checked in my suitcase, I wouldn’t have made it after going through all the security.

    00:52 I reached my seat, a crew member saw how sweaty and disgruntled I was.  He asked: “Did you run all the way here?”, I answered: “Yes, they canceled my flight from Barcelona and put me on another one that has arrived an hour late”.

    00:53 Super nice Iberia crew member brought me a glass of water!!  :) Wow, I needed that!

    01:45 The plane took off after almost 30 minutes of waiting in first position in the taxi queue.  It wasn’t raining as much but the lightning was non-stop and there was tremendous gusts of wind.

    Help from Pedro Trujillano via Twitter was great, as was the moral support from Dídac, Patricia, Agustin, Ana and Nahuel from Zyncro.  Using the #zyn hashtag, everyone on the Zyncro team could read about my experiences.

    Moral: Never give up! Fight until the end and if necessary, change your plans along the way in order to reach your objectives.


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