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    A new stage for Zyncro 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

    Some of the Zyncro Barcelona team; the beginning of a new start

    Some of the Zyncro Barcelona team; the beginning of a new start

    The facts

    If you are reading this, you probably already know the good news, and if not, here you have the headline: the Mexican group Desarrolladora Rio Parana has acquired 43% of Zyncro’s shares and so it becomes one of the company’s main shareholders as well as joining its board of directors along with Inspirit and others. You can find all of the related information in the leading Spanish newspapers or various sector specialist websites.

    Given that the information has already been published in the media we will focus on the facts and from Zyncro blog today, we would like to go one step further as a company that boosts corporate communication. Our objective is to express what this new stakeholder reality means to us directly.

    The strategy

    The pinnacle of this process supports one of the company’s main strategies, internationalization. The idea of Zyncro was born in Barcelona around 2008 by Didac Lee who has always had an international vocation and mission: to help companies optimize their internal processes by means of a solution that makes this possible and/or boosts social communication within organizations: an Enterprize Social Network. Now we have an even more international essence about us. The process that began a few months back is now made official thanks to our success in Mexico as well as in all of South America and having awakened an interest in our company within the Parana business group.
    Therefore the objective of our new investors is clear:

    To continue to strengthen our position within the market as the most flexible and adaptable social technological solution responding to the real needs of our clients, to grow our current client base, both in terms of user volumes as well as linking to new business processes, especially via channel sales and overall from a mobile perspective.

    The people

    And for all of this, we rely on a team of people that are dedicated, proactive, and keen to continue giving their very best within a great place to work. They will make the technological consolidation and growth process a reality for the business and structure we initiated over 5 years ago. This new stage will be led by the company’s new CEO Carlos Ramon, a director with a wide range of experience in various sectors, an expert in consolidating organizations in the growth stage and who likes to take a process innovation approach as well as placing trust in employees. As Carlos says, “This is a great opportunity for both the Parana group as well as Zyncro itself to continue creating an attractive and innovative project with huge growth potential and together, we are going to turn the opportunity into a success”.

    As in the life of all young companies, we have endured changes at all levels of the organization and have had to adapt ourselves with the times, so this communication serves not only to transmit our version of the facts but also to thank, from the bottom of our hearts, the work and effort of all of those who have made this milestone possible in the life of Zyncro. You know who you are.

    One of our internal mottos is together #wearestronger. This time we have joined forces with Desarrolladora Rio Parana in order to strengthen everything that Zyncro stands for: commitment, passion, innovation, transparency, communication and collaboration, and that is how we’ll do it.

    Will you join us for this new stage?

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    Zyncro and Yanomo: Socializing Project Management 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    PartnershipZyncroYanomoLast week, Dutch Project Management Software Specialist Yanomo and the Social Software Provider Zyncro reached an agreement to offer a combined Cloud Solution for time tracking, invoicing and budget management with the social layer given by an Enterprise Social Network, to boost collaboration in any project management process.

    This new integrated solution is targeted at enterprises aiming to allow easier communication, streamline tasks & project management, facilitate teamwork, provide a transparent view of processes and make their employees more productive and efficient.

    Yanomo offers enterprises industrial-strength operations management with a social, user-friendly interface, belying the software’s power. The software allows users to track time, to-do’s, expenses, budgets and project progress, embedded within Zyncro. Zyncro allows enterprises to communicate within safe and closed environments and help organizations to maximize their potential through the use of Social Technology applied to a business ecosystem, resulting in a direct impact on the final results, all this by participating the employees and including their ideas and proposals in the processes.

    All the project knowledge -formal & informal- in a combined solution

    Through the connection between Zyncro and Yanomo all the information related to time tracking, tasks, phases, progress, people involved or reports of a project can be easily shared and enriched in a private, secure and corporate social environment: Zyncro, your Enterprise Social Network. Both solutions can adapt to all customers’ needs through branding personalization, integrations, and mobile applications. Furthermore, Zyncro can be delivered as an on-premise software and private branded, including mobile apps.

    (More …)

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    Zyncro partners up with Formanchuk & Asociados, a guarantee for success in enterprise socialisation and innovation in Latin America 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    PertnershipFormanchuckZyncroFormanchuck & Asociados, a firm specialising in communication, collaborative culture and organisational transformation, and Zyncro, the leading Enterprise Social Network solution in the Spanish language social software platform market, have just signed a strategic agreement to mentor Latin American companies on their journey towards process socialisation, innovation and streamlining in their organisations.

    Under the agreement, Formanchuk & Asociados gains a powerful tool which rounds off its range of consulting, mentoring and change management services for enterprises. Its extensive experience united with the most flexible and customisable solution on the market makes for a powerful alliance delivering all-inclusive support to companies looking to take the leap into the culture of collaboration and become social enterprises.

    Lluís Font, Zyncro’s CEO, stresses the importance of further progress in the socialisation of companies in Latin America. ”Implementing an enterprise social network is a necessary step in the evolution of businesses, and like any technology that has a transversal impact in an organisation, it needs proper change management to ensure it is successful”, he says. In his view this alliance is crucial since “partnering Formanchuk & Associates is a natural choice for us because of their experience in developing internal corporate communication programmes, culture creation and measures for innovation, training and organisational transformation.”

    An agreement of this kind is an excellent foil for Zyncro’s corporate strategy. As a provider of a private and secure technology platform with an enormous impact on cultural change in organisations, linking up with fellow professionals means ensuring the success of a project that is not restricted solely to the technological realm.

    The agreement with Formanchuk & Asociados helps boost Zyncro’s presence in Latin America, a region where it has been operating since 2011 with Telefónica. It also adds to Zyncro’s powerful ecosystem of partners through which it is continuing to expand its commercial capabilities and product portfolio worldwide.

    (More …)

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    Not sure where to start with implementing your Enterprise Social Network? Find out with “The Zyncro Method”! 

    Estimated reading time: all the time you need to get the most out of your new book  :-)

    Organisations looking to set up an Enterprise Social Network and which need more information to learn where to start can now download our book The Zyncro Method“, the world’s first methodology for building collaborative platforms, and begin to take the first steps in successfully implementing an Enterprise Social Network.



    The aim of this book, which has been written in collaboration with PrideCom -experts in Internal Communication 2.0-, is to help companies make the leap to Social Business. 

    Today, we have the technology to turn our companies into more effective and productive social businesses that are closer to the needs of our consumers by building “friendly” spaces for people who are the driving force in our organisations. However, technology without a change management and communication model 2.0 may not be fruitful.

    (More …)

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    10 things Zyncro can help you improve in 2014 to add a touch of colour to your company 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes filled with warm Christmas greetings 😉

    1. Develop collaboration not competition. Introduce a more transparent and open way to work where each idea is heard and taken into consideration. The group’s power is much bigger when people can gather their ideas, knowledge and experience and transform it into something valuable for the company.
    2. Give as much as you can to your colleagues and start learning from them. As a manager, you have an important role in developing this culture of sharing in order to create a constant learning environment. Make people learn from others in similar roles. Find experts among your employees and make them share their knowledge to improve their performance.
    3. Transform your employees, partners and collaborators into brand ambassadors. If you make them love their work and what they do for the common project, you will gain their trust. Connect the personal and the corporate: that’s the way you make your company more approachable and it gives employees the power to go out in the real world and social networks to be real brand ambassadors. Recognize them publicly; it will enhance their motivation and engagement, and it can only benefit your company.
    4. Work closely with your team but don’t forget you have an entire community at your reach. Not only your close relationships are important, you can develop valuable knowledge by getting closer to your “weak ties”, i.e. the people you are not close to, and open yourself to new social circles.
    5. Develop flexibility and mobility: Use the appropriate tools to enable your team to focus on objectives rather than the time they spend in the office. Mobility is a characteristic of our new century. People are getting used to the flexibility of communicating whenever and wherever they want, and companies can definitely get some great benefits if its members can remain connected to each other outside the office.
    6. Integrate clients, providers or partners to reach your objectives. Not only the members of the organization possess the knowledge and experience that will make the business perform. Clients are the best people to convey the benefits of your brand. Partners may have experience in markets you are interested in, and providers can help you improve products…
    7. Integrate a social factor in any task and process. In a connected organization, collaboration can have a direct impact on efficiency thanks to social processes. Imagine if sales representatives could see past conversations related to a deal, or if your customer service could get direct help to the product team through the activity stream.
    8. Make each person its own manager, empower your team: Your job is not only to command but also to bring out the potential of the people. As Steve Jobs said: “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do”.
    9. Spread the company values in your team: Successful companies have a perfect harmony between advocated values and those transmitted by the employees. Use your enterprise social network to let values go viral within the company.
    10. Don’t only think tasks, tools and processes, but also Challenges, Passion and Dream.

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    New Business Strategy Execution Models in a Changing World- Boston Summit involving Dídac Lee, Founder and President of Zyncro 

    Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes

    The coming 30th and 31st of October, experts in organizational processes from the biggest firms will meet in Boston to reflect on the profound changes that companies are experiencing in the XXI century at the summit “Executing Strategy in a changing world“, organized by the consulting firm PalladiumHarvard Business Review and The Economist The event will take place in Boston.  

    These changes are related to alterations with internal processes such as the transmission of corporate culture, co-creation as a form of innovation arrival, internal strategy execution or the development of human capital; processes that are acquiring more and more relevance in management plans of organizations.

    In this context, the summit will bring together public leaders, executives and members of various governments responsible for directing and executing strategies to drive change and innovation in their organizations.  Together, they will examine what the necessary changes are, what the factors are to promote those changes and share their vision about how to orient leadership in an effective manner and align their organizations for better decision-making.

    Dídac Lee, Founder and President of Zyncro, will be a part of the panel of experts debating “How do organizations execute their strategies and construct organizational alignment?” He will present his vision along with Bruce Harris, Vice President and Director of Risk and Strategy at VW Credit; Michael Novelli, Vice President Global Operations and Engineering Intergen; and Michael Wege, Vice President, Growth and Marketing Director at The Hersey Company.

    Dídac will discuss how Enterprise Social Networks are driving a new way companies function, and how they are becoming networking structures, of which each one of its members forms part of a whole. These members receive, contribute and construct the daily corporate project.  Hierarchical barriers soften, the boundaries between countries become thin, the workplace remains a binding aspect to the performance and strategy of the company that is built from the contributions of all members, including one’s own employees, partners, external partners, investors, customers, analysts … regardless of their contractual relationship with the core of the company.

    Patricia Fernández Carrelo (@pfcarrelo) is a true expert in treatment of digital content, communication and knowledge management generated within the company. She began her career as a researcher and lecturer at various European Universities in the field of digital processing of multilingual information. After working in the world of web location for large companies, she specialized in 2.0 communication flows, performing succesful tasks of a consultant and a trainer for various companies. Currently, Patricia is the International Marketing Director at Zyncro, coordinating the market positioning strategy, branding and distribution, as well as the methodological processes that result from the implementation and use of enterprise social networks.


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    Zyncro, the first company to obtain a Bully Award for the third consecutive year 

    Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

    Yesterday was one of those days where effort and hard work from the entire Zyncro team was rewarded.

    From October 7 to 9, WhiteBull Summits 2013 took place in Barcelona. It is an exclusive event that brings European technology companies together with global investors, development executives of enterprises and professional service entities that help foster the enterprise technology ecosystem in Europe. During the closing ceremony, they announced the winners of the Bully Awards in their three categories (yearly, young y longhorn). These categories recognize the most innovative enterprises and enterprises with the most potential within the aforementioned ecosystem.

    On this occasion, Zyncro found itself among the finalists in the longhorn category, that includes companies in growth phases and expansion. It wasn’t until the end of the gala when they gave the names…and Zyncro’s name appeared as a winner. With this third award, Zyncro becomes the first company to manage to win this award in three consecutive years (2011, 2012 y 2013), each year in a different category.

    This award is a recognition of the relentless work of our entire team in the development of an idea, its’ execution in the form of a product and a useful solution for enterprises, and the market penetration and international expansion.  After our appearance in  Gartner’s Magic Quadrant,  and being awarded the Golden Stevie Award for Best New Product B2B of the year, to win the new Bully Award gives us more drive to continue improving our work, to find new goals and pursue technological innovation daily.

    Thanks, Farley Duvall and thank you to the entire organization and to the Bully jury for trusting in us again. We will not disappoint you 😉


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    We present Zyncro, Your Enterprise Social Network… in our new web page 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes, browsing the web: 10 minutes more

    Today’s post has one aim: to present to you and encourage you to check out the new Zyncro corporate website: http://www.zyncro.com

    On Thursday night/Friday morning, we launched a new version of our web, keeping our style but updating its contents with the following information:

    (More …)

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    Dídac Lee, founder of Zyncro together with Lluís Font, nominated for Best Mentor 2012 by Silicon Valley’s Founder Institute 

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

    On this occasion, international recognition reaches the Zyncro ecosystem for one of its founders Dídac Lee (@DidacLee), who has been nominated as one of the candidates for the award Best Mentor 2012 presented by Silicon Valley’s Founder Institute.

    For those of you who don’t already know, Dídac, together with Lluís Font, created and developed the idea of what today is a world leading solution in the social business industry: the Enterprise Social Network Zyncro. A young company, which started out at the end of 2009 but with a greater impulse at the end of 2010, already present in 28 countries, has quadrupled its number of employees around the world, and has tripled its users and customers in the last twelve months.

    Dídac Lee has been one of the best-valued mentors in Europe, together with Charles Ehredt, Director of New Ventyres and Innovation, and Heiko Rauch, co-founder of Globumbus.

    The Founder Institute’s awards, which will be presented on July 17, recognize the world of entrepreneurs who share their experience to help others in building the next generation of technology companies.

    Dídac is Founder and CEO of Inspirit Labs and from there he drives the creation, development, and consolidation of innovative companies that offer products related to new technologies, and especially, the Internet.

    Zyncro is living proof of Dídac Lee’s success in developing projects, so we fully believe in his nomination and can only add… best of luck, D! 😉

    Dídac Lee at the opening of Zyncro China, November 2012

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    ComunícaTE Madrid: Everything you need to know about Enterprise Social Networks and Integrated Communication with Zyncro, Telefónica and Intel 

    Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

    Zyncro, in collaboration with Telefónica and Intel, organizes in Madrid the 6th edition of the master class for executives ComunícaTE on Monday, May 6. The event will be held at Casa de América from 3.30 pm onwards.

    If you are interested in attending, you can now register. You can invite your professional contacts, but remember to do it soon. There’s a limited number of places!

    What is ComunícaTE?

    This master class organized by Zyncro has already become a key event in the business world. This edition will focus on the concept of Enterprise Social Networks, a new technology and management reality that is taking place in the most innovative companies nowadays.

    Many companies accompanied by Zyncro and Telefónica are already “social organizations” in which knowledge and information are shared efficiently, employees work in collaboration for the benefit of the project, the voices of customers, providers, partners, etc. are heard in decision-making, collective knowledge is encouraged, leaders are managers 2.0 who are not afraid to listen to new opinions or ideas, and systems are unified, enhancing collaboration and people as the new business focus.

    The master class event will round off with a Spanish wine reception, together with a showroom with Windows 8 tablets, provided by Intel, in which you can try social and productivity tools for businesses, such as the App ON from Telefónica, SAP or the Office suite, and multifunction equipment from Konica Minolta, which will enable us to see the integration between documents and Enterprise Social Networks.

    What will be discussed?

    We will talk about business transformation processes towards the cloud, mobility and integration. Zyncro and Telefónica are leading the way and driving projects for transforming organizations from IT models to BT (business technology) models in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Intel is a leading technology partner for adapting platforms in the areas of cloud computing and business mobility.

    From this international experience, we will analyze the models for adapting social strategy to business processes, integration with the main business information systems – ERPs, CRMs, BI systems, advanced document management, and other business technology – and the close relationship between social software and two key technologies: the cloud and mobile technologies.

    Where and when?

    The sixth edition of ComunícaTE will be held in the auditorium of Casa de América (Plaza de la Cibeles, 2) on Monday, May 6, at 3.30 pm.

    Who is it aimed at?

    Top executives in companies from any sector and managers of IT, Communication, HR or Marketing departments with the capacity to improve information and innovation systems related to communication flows in their company.
    Our goal is to bring together top-level professionals with whom to share key aspects that will help any executive to understand the new social scenarios that being experienced in organizations across the world and we will discuss the benefits of social business collaboration, the ROI of enterprise social tools, the latest trends in management 2.0, and real case studies of social companies.


    • 3.30-4.00 pm – Registration and welcome coffee
    • 4.00-4:15 pm – Introduction and welcome, by Lluís Font, CEO, Zyncro
    • 4.15-4.30 pm – Strategic vision of social software and integrated communication in Telefónica, by Carlos Rabazo, Telefónica Key Accounts
    • 4.30-4.45 pm – Integrating systems in companies from a social perspective (tbd)
    • 4.45-5.00 pm – Reinventing the company in consumerization. Mobile technologies in enterprise social networks, by Intel
    • 5.00-5.15 pm – Mobile, social and cloud productivity tools. The success story of Captio
    • 5.15-5.30 pm – From paper to the cloud, document management is now social, by Antonio Ramírez, Product Marketing & Business Development Manager, Konica Minolta
    • 5.30-5.45 pm – Enterprise Social Network implementation methodology: the Zyncro Method, by Sonia Ruiz, CEO, PrideCom
    • 5.45-6.00 pm – Success story: Telefónica Latin America and Project ON
    • 6.00-6.15 pm – Success story: EatOut, by Arantxa Martínez, Organization and Systems Director, The EatOut Group
    • 6.15-6.30 pm – Success story: Venca, by Eva Collado Durán, HR Development Manager, Venca
    • 6.30 pm – Spanish wine reception and showroom with Windows 8 tablets, sponsored by Intel

    With the collaboration of Extended, FHIOS & ZinkApp.

    Are you ready for the next generation Company? We’ll see you at #ComunicaTE.

    Register now!

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