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    [Whitepaper] Keys to convincing your director to implement an enterprise social network 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    You know all the benefits of implementing an Enterprise Social Network in your company…

    but you’re not sure how to convince your boss?

    Well, you’re in luck! Because today we are delighted to present the collaborative whitepaper by PrideCom and Zyncro with the key arguments for convincing management to incorporate an enterprise social network.

    This methodology is the first in a full series of reports that we will present over the coming months from Zyncro, your Enterprise Social Network, and PrideCom, the first Internal Communication 2.0 agency in Spain and one of the pioneers worldwide.

    In this whitepaper, you will find:

    1. Tips for approaching the internal sale phase of the project, with a special focus on how to argument the strategic objectives and benefits that it will bring the organization
    2. An exhaustive TO-DO list so nothing is left out
    3. A list of the myths that you will have to face, as well as their counter-arguments so that you leave no room for doubt.

    If you follow the steps we give you, we’re sure your boss will end up saying: When do we start?

    Download the whitepaper and become one of the first to get the best tool for selling a social project internally: Zyncro & PrideCom Thinking about implementing an enterprise social network, but not sure how to convince your boss?

    If after reading it you think you need some support in building arguments adapted to your organization, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help you to make your internal sale a success. Write to us at: fans (@) pridecom.es and we will look at your case in more detail.

    Thanks to Zyncro’s experience with its customers and PrideCom’s expertise in cultural transformation, we will publish the essential methodological guidelines to make implementation of your Enterprise Social Network a complete success.

    Start by downloading the whitepaper and continue by putting your ideas into practice. You’ll soon see the results :-)

    “Social attitude has an impact on your income statement”. So we need to present the impact that a digitalization project can have on business to management if we want them to buy in. This way, if you are thinking about embarking on a digital transformation initiative in your company, this whitepaper is perfect for you. It contains practical advice to approach the influence phase with management, an exhaustive TO-DO list so that nothing is left out, and a list of myths that we usually find in companies that will help you to structure your own arguments for internal sale.

    With this document, you will save the first stage in adopting a social project… and in a second stage you’ll have the challenge of converting your boss into a SuperCo leader, but more about that in another episode.

    What are you waiting for? Click here to download the whitepaper: Thinking about implementing an enterprise social network, but not sure how to convince your boss?

    Sonia Ruiz Moreno (@soniaruizmoreno) has more than 12 years’ experience in Corporate Communication in multinational environments. She is founder of PrideCom, the first Internal Communication 2.0 agency. Master’s in Corporate Communication from the Université de Lille III in France, degree in Journalism from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and member of the Internal Communication Board of DIRCOM. Speaker and lecturer at several business schools on Internal Communication 2.0


  • Sonia Ruiz 9:00 am on June 12, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    10 tips for successfully launching an Enterprise Social Network 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

    Editor’s note: Today we would like to share with all our readers the experience of setting up and the first few months during the implementation of the Enterprise Social Network at CETELEM Spain, whose head of corporate communication, Sonia Ruiz Moreno, has given us a summary of an article you can find in full on the the Celetem group’s blog. Thanks, Sonia, for sharing your experience in using Zyncro on your blog and ours 😉

    Implementing an Enterprise Social Network is not a technology issue, it’s a cultural change that you need to manage, in which the whole company needs to be involved, especially top management, who must operate as a motor for change towards the enterprise 2.0. Want to find out more? Here I give you 10 tips for successfully launching an Enterprise Social Network:

    1. There’s no one better than top management to launch and promote the use of the network. If you want to encourage open communication, top management needs to show transparency and involvement, set the example for others to use it without reservations.

    2. Find a sponsor who supports the project and can help to leverage it… the HR department generally is the ideal candidate and has greater credibility with people. But don’t forget to involve your IT department… just because it’s not a technology project doesn’t mean you shouldn’t involve IT technicians who will be delighted to discover the project in its initial stages and will help and guide you throughout the process!

    3. Set and post the rules of use for your network… they don’t need to be complicated, but they do need to be precise, so that everyone knows what is and what is not freedom of expression. Want to see ours?

    4. Give the network a proper launch… use at least 3 different channels to present the new community for employees and collaborators. A tease stage, an informative flash linked to a video where users from different levels tell their own experience and give tips for using the network (Want to see ours?) and a folder with guidelines on the network itself are the least that you should do to make most people access it… at least the first time.

    5. Now they’ve logged on, make them yours! Create a network of facilitators who are able to give the network interesting content and encourage netiquette. This leadership is what will make others share information and generate authentic conversations.

    6. Integrate features that make employees’ daily tasks easier: booking rooms, calling meetings, watching videos, online surveys, workflows… anything that makes logging on to the network useful and helps work will help to break obstacles and opposition.

    7. Break up isolated groups and encourage open spaces… the first requests that you receive will be focused on creating closed discussion spaces… it’s our protectionist spirit, but does this actually help innovation and collaboration? I’m sure you’ve already got the answer to that 😉

    8. Value the talent of your colleagues, don’t waste their knowledge: encourage innovation groups, answer comments regarding suggestions and improvements, etc.

    9. Reward those involved. “Gaming” tools will help you to create good healthy competition. What’s more, as well as serving as a thermometer of the social atmosphere within the network, you’ll be able to see its degree of penetration… and discover leaders!

    10. Have fun and make it yours!

    We’re already doing it… two months after the birth of the network, we have open transversal work groups, and every day new departments are joining in with their own proposals for social learning, innovation groups, change management…

    What about you? Are you thinking about implementing an Enterprise Social Network? Join the business culture change and socialize your company with tools like Zyncro!


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