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  • Yolanda Torres 9:00 am on June 10, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Mobility 2.0 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    Today we’re going to talk about mobility, about connected and intelligent devices:

    Our daily objects adapt to new technologies and MOBILE MOMENTS become moments where consumers want to continue experimenting.

    The consumer wants to continue connected in multitasking: when playing sports, checking the time, in the subway, or lying on a beach… Maximum connectivity and maximum digitalization:

    • Connected
    • Delocalized
    • Mobile
    • Hyperinformed
    • Linked

    This trend is already a reality in the employment market. Employees from all sectors are acquiring flexible and delocalized work habits. We are evolving towards a way of working which will dillute hierarchies in the office and fixed positions; where presence will be “virtual” in preference to face-to-face contact; and in which a new set of communication and collaboration tools will make creativity and practical knowledge move torwards a new productive model.

    In this environment, mobile devices are a fundamental element for our activity…like social media and enterprise social media are.

    • Savings
    • Efficiency
    • Agility
    • Wellbeing
    • Collaboration

    These are some of the advantages of this new environment that simplify the productive model, enabling exponential growth without a higher cost in infrastructure.

    The world is SOCIAL and MOBILE, our professional environment too :-)

    Let’s finish with

    • socialmonics
    • content providers
    • SEO experts
    • SEM planners

    They have substituted traditional advertising. Microexperiences, connectivity, digital socialization are the consumer realities that we need to take into account. AsSeth Godin says, we have to lead the change in our lead up professional environment. Are you prepared?

    Yolanda Torres (@yolandaibz) is expert in Communication and has a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing Management with special mention 2011. She combines digital marketing managment at Turismo Ibiza with Atzaró Natural Life Hotel. She is co-founder of Equipo Singular in 1996. English and French Translator.

    At Zyncro we know the world is mobile and we help companies to become that with enterprise social networks accessible from any device. Do you want your company to be mobile too? Try Zyncro.


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    Transparency and honesty, digital values 

    2013 has brought us face to face with cases of political and business corruption. We are stunned by the numerous accounts of embezzlement, capital flight, comissions and a countless number of financial crimes that are as immoral as criminal.

    The internet, a democratic, universal channel, has helped to unveil many of these cases, and platforms have been created such as change.org that drive initiatives that can help change the reality, but… there is always a but, it is also the ideal channel for scams. Behind the net, there are people and its anonymity allows for a multitude of crimes :-(

    That’s what we are going to talk about: digital honesty, how we can help ethical values on the internet:

    • Democracy
    • Solidarity
    • Exchange of experiences
    • Search for the common good
    • Sustainability
    • Open information
    • Fair transactions

    These values can be extended to our business and, while we grow as professionals, we can do so with a clear ethic, which will bring us immense personal and financial satisfaction. Something as simple as he who gives receives becomes a highly tangible reality seen in the growth of the most important corporations on the net who withhold the code to give free service: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Zyncro… all have based their business strategy on offering many of their services free. Give to receive on the Internet works and can be the basis for business growth.

    I’ll leave you with a marketing video (or is it?)

    Give, exchange, read, support, protect, criticize… in short, share. Any company or professional that wants to undertake a business on the internet must know what the keys to success are. The more generous, honest and transparent a corporation is, the easier it will be. One of the trends of 2013 will be that of demanding brands:

    • Sincere
    • Innovative
    • Transparent
    • Humble and generous
    • Sustainable

    If they had told us this many years ago, we wouldn’t have believed it. At the fierce peak of the start of the century, where the law of strongest ruled, here the law of the most sincere dominates.

    • A path: generosity, long tail theory
    • A vision: share and innovate
    • A challenge: grow without losing sight of the goal
    • An ending : success.

    Have a great day!! :)


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    Digital Wishes 

    Estimated reading time + video: 5 minutes

    Morning! The Christmas season is upon us and I wanted to write a Christmas post; a sort of summary of wishes that on a multitude of occasions coincide with technological advances that could improve our lives.

    2012 has, without a doubt, been the mobile year; a few years ago we never could have imagined the penetration and impact that smartphones would have on our lives. I wish for a real relocation of work that allows us to improve our personal lives: connected 24 hours but free!! 2013 will be even more mobile; you either exist on a smartphone or you don’t exist at all! :-)

    This has already begun, but it will grow and grow over the next few years – new life inside or recycle. In technological terms we will see the peak of products with a large capacity to improve software and programming, and update services, without needing to continuously change terminals. Zyncro has known this for a while, and it is a tool that hasn’t stopped evolving, maintaining its pricing. I wish for updates that don’t cost more

    We’ve heard a lot of talk about Big Data, often without knowing, or at least for me, what it means on a practical level for the consumer; however we outline what we call Data Mining or Useful Data for 2013. We only want what is useful, “don’t bother me, just give me the information I need”, we are moving towards the semantic web, my wish: to be more precise and save time

    Sharing, coworking, crowdfunding… are terms I’ve used often in my last few posts. Share, maximize, focus are verbs I like to use, the reality of the recession has made us search for innovative formulas for creating, working and sharing, by using technology. I wish that we could all show more solidarity and respect to both the material and the human environment.

    Here’s a video about coworking.

    Another trend will be MedicalApps, looking after and curing ourselves, being more self-sufficient in monitoring our health, with the corresponding savings in time and money. My wish is for these Apps to be useful, so that millions of people can access a health system.

    We will see a trend towards what is local, made here, which will become extremely important, from an energy saving point of view, and because in a world that is increasingly more global and interconnected we need to be aware of what we are and where we are. My wish is for us each to find our identity in the coexistence with others :-)

    This is a list of technological trends and human tendencies and some of my wishes with regard to growth.

    Happy Holidays to everyone!

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    Estimated reading time + video: 8 minutes

    Good morning! It’s Fall already, how time goes by. I wanted to share with you some thoughts that fall within communication trends, but I came to the conclusion that “marketing” is nothing more than reviewing our behaviorial habits: the digital age is changing us and changing marketing. Or to be more precise, changing values and the way of understanding the world.

    I’m not just talking about business and corporate changes: the success of Zyncro and its swift growth consolidates the organizational change towards social business, social sales, social communication, social partners… in short, social networking. :-)

    When I say “Social”, I mean using Social Media, combined at times with the concept of Social thinking or Social commitment.

    • Collaboration
    • Commitment
    • Decision
    • Exponential development
    • Help

    At Social Media Week held some weeks ago, I attended some talks such as that given by the organization Change.org, where thousands of anonymous citizens support common causes. A signature, thousands of signatures can change reality :-)

    The digital society is LOCAL, SOCIAL, and MOBILE. At other times, Social is combined with “collaboration.” More and more we are thinking in environments where we can achieve our shared goals.

    Undoubtedly, the word “share” will replace “possess” on an infinity of occasions.

    And now, a sonata by Beethoven, Moonlight, that more than 6M of us internet users have listened to, while you finish reading this post, I want to share what I’m feeling with you: social attachment

    Eager to win us and aware of our power, brands have no other alternative than to give us service. It is the age of the so-called Servile Brands, fruit of the power of the internet, of the community where sales habits have changed radically:

    • Flexibility
    • Service
    • Choice/trial
    • Satisfaction
    • Ease

    The Social Community has changed the rules of the game. It is changing the world and our way of relating to one another. Now our voice can be heard loud and clear and we are demanding. As Steve Jobs said, “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” :-)

    • Hyper-connected
    • Hyper-informed
    • Demanding
    • Brave
    • Socially relevent
    • United

    We internet users have recovered the strength brought by union. Social media have multiplied our capacity to relate expontentially. The world is ours and we can make it whatever we want. Dare to try?


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    Community Benefits. The 2.0 Philosophy 

    Estimated reading time + video: 5 minutes

    Every month I’ve a date with you, a date that helps me to understand what is happening… So I investigate, I find out, and I select what I think may help you in your businesses/lives; when it comes down to it, everything is related :-)

    The crisis has heightened the need for the community as a unit that helps one another, that supports one another, that looks after its members. Within this idea, there are several options to improve our finances and way of living:

    These are just some of the alternatives for using services/products better, which until now each of us used individually. Once again, the digital environment, the digitalization of society, has brought about the creation of these spaces for sharing.

    Enterprise social networks are an internal tool for companies to share knowledge and optimize the company’s internal know-how.

    A quote illustrates exactly what I’m talking about: “be global, adapt local. Let’s take advantage of knowledge and global media to adapt locally. In the past, we talked about bartering, now exchange. Society needs to exchange, feed itself from other’s deja-vu… in short, share with everyone else :-)

    • Knowledge
    • Work
    • Material goods
    • Digital media
    • Projects
    • Life

    Unmeasured individualism, which has brought us to a consumer society without limit, has created anxiety, unhappiness, and above all, crisis, major crisis; now we are returning to the concepts that will make us progress, seeking interaction. As always, if we want to know what is happening in marketing and lifestyle trends, there is always a leading brand:

    It’s easy… it’s simple… We just need to know what we need, how to get that with fewer resources and remember that sharing with others what we know :-)

    The 2.0 philosophy is the sharing philosophy… if you are digital

    • Share
    • Interact
    • Exchange
    • Adapt

    The end of individualism is here. The era of exchange has arrived. Get excited about what you know and share it; become human, feel part of that community called Society.

    Happy summer, everyone!


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    GLOBAL. My place: the world!! 

    Estimated reading time + video: 5 minutes

    Good morning! I’m delighted to see how many of you have visited my posts; truly, I write them with much pleasure, trying to give you in each paragraph ideas applicable to your businesses, working environment, and even life :-)

    GLOBAL, what does it mean? The trend to finding a place within the world. When we think about global, we do it without setting limits or borders, GLOBAL is

    • cross-sectorial approach
    • flexibility
    • adaptability
    • openness
    • innovation
    • creativity
    • quality

    These terms are going to be repeated in each of the posts I write about consumer and communication trends. Check out this organization KHAN ACADEMY, where we can find thousands of videos on any topic and of course, all the latest: the language, English, theglobal language of universal knowledge.

    China and India, two of the most powerful emerging markets of exterior tourism and consumption in the world, our clients.

    Global is a trend that extends with the digitalization of the world, this blog represents a clear example of a Zyncro global idea: a thinking that spreads further each day to more countries; adapting to the idiosyncrasies and needs of the local market, but with pymesa global thinking base.

    Frontiers? Consumer trend gurus already tell us to go global: reinvent yourself, go global, we live in a world without frontiers; growth is found here.

    Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter represent this new global business concept:

    • think
    • find out
    • travel
    • experiment
    • become human
    • find diversity

    Many of you think I’m talking about abstract things, but there are many SME initiatives that have embarked on success thanks to the global thinking of its founders. I’ll leave you with an interesting article on global words:

    • empathy
    • intellectuality
    • spirituality

    Three attributes that require global conversation. We’re talking with everyone and for everyone :)

    After what Lipovetsky called “the second individualist revolution”, there’s the advance in techno-sciences, the development of democracy, human rights and the market.

    The world is one, the individual is hyper-connected, we live immersed in the techno-market; we are faced with the second revolution of the individual which goes hand in hand with the development of the human rights and the elimination of physical frontiers. Are you ready for the global world?

    Delve into the global culture, don’t be afraid of making mistakes, open your mind and think…. we all are global.

    Happy Monday!


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    DIGITAL INFLUENCERS, I recommend, you follow me!! 

    Estimated reading time + video: 5 minutes

    Good morning, a few years ago while in full swing of the master’s in Digital Marketing Management, a person like me, raised on traditional PR, questioned What would digital influencers be like? The article by Wired magazine explained how some algorithms started to single out who was socially important and who was not. Are we subject to algorithms? The truth is automatic scores have appeared that determine our digital influence:

    Brands have started to use these scores to promote their products, targeting digital influencers. If the Google search algorithms position information on the Internet, what’s so weird about positioning user influence?

    In internet democracy, we are faced with a concept closely linked to “digital status” “statusphere” or consumption status: often associated with “rational consumption”, to “recycling”; in other words, new influencers are not necessarily rich, shopping addicts, there are also ecos who recycle everything, smart consumers and a whole list of more rational and eco-friendly opinion leaders.

    And here is where we find the difference: influence has gone global and covers all sectors, it doesn’t follow classic cannons and has been freed from traditionalism; we need to generate empathy and encourage others to follow us and share us on the internet :-)

    I’ll leave you with the ad from San Miguel for Primavera Sound 2012, which illustrates this anonymous, digital influence.

    Ford is already promoting a new model using Social Score, and this is only the start.. I ask myself, if we use word of mouth in an offline world, why not extend it to the net?

    • Publish
    • Give opinions
    • Comment
    • Socialize
    • Participate
    • Create

    The internet isn’t something to be feared; we need to become digital influencers like Didac Lee and Lluis Font at Zyncro, and think of these influencers when designing your social media strategies:

    • Identify your target public and their influencers
    • Divide the target, the messages and the social channels suitably.
    • Use creativity, find a “attractive claim” and give away innovation.
    • Track everything that is happening, correct, direct, participate.
    • Be empathetic with your target, get to know them and give them the right conversation.
    • Don’t fall into the trap of closing your mind to other viewpoints, there are many anonymous influencers with major opinion-leading power.

    The world is flat, influence horizontal; globalization and digitalization have managed to change the parameters. A new register: human marketing, which is being adopted to demonstrate what I have been saying for some time: we’re people and we like to be treated as such.

    Happy Tuesday!


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    The world is going mobile: consumer trends for 2012 

    Estimated reading time + video: 7 minutes

    What’s new? Miss me? Let me tell you something…

    In my last post I spoke about consumer trends, and since I think it’s important to see where those trends are going nowadays, I think I’m going to continue down that path: I’m going to give you some tips on new consumer habits, and with them, the new marketing tools.

    The world is going mobile and our consumer habits are following that movement, that “Point-know-buy” or buy and prescription through our smartphones: I point at the object I want, I communicate with it and start to get information:

    • QR codes
    • Product labeling
    • Augmented reality, like for example using Wikitude
    • Searching for information by taking photographs with Google Goggles

    These tools are mobile apps that bring us to the desired object/product: Point, get the information and buy; it’s that simple. Our universe moves and the products/services need to move with us. Have you seen the app Zyncro Translator?

    • Mobilitystrong>
    • Agility
    • Usability
    • Universality
    • Constant innovation

    Adjectives that we ask of our mobile apps, that lead us to what we want. Mention should also be made to Shazam, a tool capable of recognizing all the tunes you listen to randomly :-)

    Against this backdrop, I’ll leave you with Crystalline by Björk, from her album Biophilia: first album in App format.

    In short, we need to have the product on us at all times: the channel for this is undoubtedly the smartphone. There are days that I’ve spent the whole morning working with mine without realizing, without even opening my computer or tablet: consumers move and the products need to move with them.

    Converting desire into need, as Seth Godin says, and that need goes with us. It’s an amazing way of generating an emotional attachment.

    The resolution is called Etail; it’s e-commerce, it’s mobile. For example, Zara captivated its customers with an extraordinary App and constant promotion of its online stores through Zara People.

    • Offer
    • Interest
    • Motivate
    • Create
    • Promote
    • Build rapport

    As Mike Lewitz says “marketing is the art of understanding how humans move.” It’s that simple.

    Watch, analyze, understand, move… Happy May 1st :-)


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    Humanizing your brand is the key to success 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    Brand, talk to me, love me, make me feel important!

    Good morning, everyone! Those that have been reading my posts for a while now already know some of my concerns: trying to illustrate in one way or another the trends and the transparent lines of the brand/corporate reality nowadays, always from a digital and innovative viewpoint.

    I read everything I come across on business trends and try to explain it from an approachable perspective, applicable to your work or business.

    Today, I’m going to talk about humanization. Against a difficult backdrop of recession like this, as consumers, we want brands/products to show their human side. Seth Godin defines the new marketing as “extending the narrative”, bringing us closer to the consumer/customer/supplier/employee from a human side.

    We delve into the concept of “sociality”, in other words, hyper-communication through the digital media, with special importance given to enterprise or private social networks, fantastic tools for this task of humanization.

    • Chat
    • Share
    • Connect
    • Reflect
    • Create
    • Spread
    • Express

    Rigid environments in enterprises are disappearing, leaving way for environments that are open to dialog and crowdsourcing. We demand to be allowed to participate, we want to share, this is the new reality. :-)

    Jorge Rodriguez-Guerada and Kognitif show what I’m talking about in images: a thousand faces of the brand, a thousand faces of the company. We cannot forget people!


    • Become social
    • Become digital
    • Create participative environments
    • Dare to show your flaws
    • Let others give their opinion
    • Let others help to build your brand/company
    • Show your human side

    Combined with this reality, we find the concept of “dealer chic” or “smart shopping”. Our customer and our channel must perceive a return in satisfaction that is much greater than that paid. We don’t want to pay more than what we consider right, and we want always the best treatment.

    • Blogs
    • Social networks
    • Customer service digital channels
    • Social branding
    • Transparency
    • Leadership
    • Proximity

    … these are the tools that will help us achieve this goal, which, when it comes down to it, shows what the digital world has managed to achieve: democratize prescription. We are all important! :-)


    The present is human, the future is human and now more than ever, we want to see how the brand/company is interested in us.

    The race of “lovemarks” has started. Are you prepared for the challenge? :-)



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    ComunicaME: Three ways of improving your income statement 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    ComunícaME IIGood morning! Today I would like to present the second edition of the Spanish-language event ComunicaME, which will be held on Friday, March 3 in Hotel ME Barcelona, and at which I will be participating as a speaker. You can check out the full program here. In the current climate, it’s about helping us to improve. That’s the claim and aim of the event.

    Firstly, at the experienced hand of Zyncro, we will look once again at the role that Enterprise Social Networks play in optimizing business management.

    A comprehensive agency with more than 17 years’ experience and countless success stories, Equipo Singular, and their interactive agency Grapa, will show us how externalizing resources in marketing and communication can help to improve the income statement, as well as drive growth.

    Finishing up the lineup of speakers is Everis, a firm that offers business strategy and technology application maintenance and outsourcing solutions, contributing to the social and economic development of businesses and enterprises.

    To give us an idea, here’s some of the aspects that will be covered during ComunicaME, professional tools and strategies that will help you to:

    • Optimize and flexibilize resources
    • Be more competitive
    • Save in costs
    • Encourage growth, seeking out opportunity
    • Internationalize

    Working in areas of the company that can drive the income statement:

    • Internal communication, B2B and B2C
    • Resource management: technology applications and outsourcing
    • Externalizing Communication and Marketing aimed at getting results
    • Digitalization
    • Making the business model more flexible

    Initiative, boldness, and a dose of courage. These are the traits this article in Spanish from the Expansión newspaper calls for in new enterpreneurs or executives.

    Well, I would add that in the case of business management, you also need knowledge, to be tuned into the latest tools that the market offers us. This is what ComunicaME is about: knowledge to improve.

    In his article Transparent or translucent?, Seth Godin presented a transversal vision of the company that needs to show itself, simplify management and make processes more flexible.

    I’d like to illustrate my point with a video, from the point of view of Marketing and Corporate Communication, with this link from Orange UK’s YouTube channel, which perfectly optimizes their sponsorship strategy with their corporate legend. :-)

    Orange UK


    Social networks are implemented non-stop in Spanish Hotel SMEs, while technology companies grow at an astounding rate. The goal is to:

    • Modernize
    • Learn
    • Adapt
    • Become digital

    The 21st century executive is forced to know all the technology resources applicable in business to be able to make the right decisions in this competitive, cut-throat and changing environment.

    No doubt about it! You need to be at ComunicaME!

    See you on March 2 at 8.45 am :-)


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