Cristina Aced

Cristina Aced (@blogocorp) is a journalist and communication and public relations consultant. She has specialized in the digital area and has published several books on the topic. Her most recent one is Relaciones públicas 2.0. Cómo gestionar la comunicación corporativa en el entorno digital (Editorial UOC). She collaborates as a lecturer at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, the Open University of Catalonia, and at the Universitat Abat Oliba, among others. Since 2006 she has been writing at Blog-o-corp.

Latest Post: Internet Privacy: When Boundaries Are No Longer Clear

Daniel Albert

Daniel Albert (@DaniAlbertS) is a Computing Engineer, with a degree from the “Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya”. He’s the current Mobile Product Manager at Zyncro Tech. His passion for smartphones began with the release of the first iPhone. Before the device was being marketed in Spain, he was already a first gen iPhone owner (imported from the US). Since then, he collects mobile devices.

Latest Post: Access Zyncro from your Blackberry 10

Ignasi Alcalde

Ignasi Alcalde (@ignasialcalde) graduated from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya in Spain with a degree in Multimedia. He also hold a Master’s degree from UOC in Information and Knowledge of Society. He is a consultant at IA and consulting lecturer at UOC. He shares his reflections about collaborative work on his blog and his twitter feed.

Latest Post: E-Skills: Competencies and Learning in the 21st Century

Manel Alcalde

Manel Alcalde (@manelalcalde) is a creative writer and audiovisual communicator. On his personal blog, Nionnioff, he writes about the world of creativity and communication.

Latest Post: Collaborative Environments and Brand Management: All in one

Larry Alton

Larry Alton (@LarryAlton3) is an independent business consultant specializing in social media trends, business, and entrepreneurship. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Latest Post: 4 Reasons Every Real Estate Pro Should Consider Launching a Blog

Joan Alvares

Joan Alvares is founding partner of Poko and lecturer at the Istituto Europeo di Design

Latest Post: Liquid teams for liquid times

Pedro Amador

Pedro Amador (@PetteLov) is considered, in Spain and Latin America, a pioneer in communication, and personal and professional growth. He is a professional speaker, who has appeared numerous times on TV, radio and in the press. He has developed the innovative happiness application miGPSVital, based on the Self-coaching Methodology which improves the productivity of people. He is the author of three books on personal growth and dozens of articles which give great value to his workshops and conferences. He lives in Uruguay but frequently travels to Europe

Latest Post: 10 tips for treating an employee well

Ana Asuero

Ana Asuero (@aasuero) works as Social Media Manager at Zyncro. She is an expert in corporate digital communication, social media and social media marketing. She has previously worked on institutional communication, media planning, advertising campaign strategy and market analysis projects.

Latest Post: How do you store your information in the cloud?

Jorge Ávila

Jorge Ávila (@jorgeavilam) is founder and CEO of @tresensocial, a company dedicated to promoting the professional use of social media in organizations. He is a trainer and keynote speaker in social networks and technology. An Activist’s soul, with a Businessman’s mind and a good Samaritan’s heart.

Latest Post: Social Communication: The new communication standard in businesses

Josep Baijet

Josep Baijet (@jbaijet) is the Director of Zyncro Learning Institute. An expert in training and change management in human resources, organization, training technologies and environments 2.0.

Latest Post: Training in Business Using Enterprise Social Networks

Juan Ignacio Barenys

Juan Ignacio Barenys de Lacha is Director at Odati and Eskpe Consulting. Member of AEDIPE, creator of the Odati Method for training executives and managers, ex-CEO of Olivetti Information Systems Spain and of Sligos Systems and chairman of the World Forum Congress in Washington in 1990.

Latest Post: Enterprise Social Network: combined showcase and monitoring centre

Oscar Berg

Oscar Berg (@oscarberg) is Digital Strategist and Business Analust. He works as a Senior Consultant at Avega Group in Sweden. He is passionate about simplicity and outside-in thinking and is an expert in Collaboration, Enterprise 2.0, ECM and Knowledge Management.

Latest Post: The State and Future of Enterprise Collaboration

Jose Miguel Bolívar

Jose Miguel Bolivar (@jmbolivar) is Artisan Consultant, ICF coach, lecturer, researcher, speaker and author of the blog Óptima Infinito, in which he has been writing about Innovation in Productivity and GTD methodology since 2008. With a degree in Social Psychology and Political Analysis from the UCM, a master’s in HR from the Centro de Estudios Garrigues, José Miguel has extensive experience as an executive in highly competitive environments such as HP or Life Technologies. Currently, as Artisan Consultant and Coach, he works to increase competitiveness in organizations, improving individual and collective productivity of its employees.

Latest Post: 10 Indispensable Professional Qualities in the 21st Century

Agustín Bosso

Agustín is the Product Manager at Zyncro. His relationship with the company goes back to its origins. He worked as a developer on several projects in the group, but he openly requested his direct transfer to Zyncro as soon as the company began to take shape in the line of his passion: social networks and its practical uses. His personal goal inside Zyncro is to be a link between the tech culture that’s streaming information and the business and commercial world. His motto is that one must never lose sight of what computing is about: Automatic information.

Latest Post: Zyncro 4.3.1: One step further towards accessing the knowledge in your Enterprise Social Network

Sandra Bravo Ivorra

Sandra Bravo (@Sandra_BI) is founding partner of BraveSpinDoctors, a strategic communication and political marketing consultancy.

Latest Post: Are Companies Afraid of Discovering Their Internal Talent?

Denisse Caballero

Denisse Caballero (@dee_caballero) is Publisher Director at Soicos LATAM, managing campaigns for Telefónica MoviStar, Ford, Bayer and Adidas. With 10 years’ experience in Team Management and Planning, she constantly evolves finding new practices and actions for brands, customers, and teams.

Latest Post: Team Management vs. Leadership

Edna Campos

Edna Campos (@RiolanVirtualBS) is Expert in Internet y Social Media Marketing based in Mexico and offers support to independent professionals and small businesses around the world.

Latest Post: 5 Main Things You Need to Stop Doing on LinkedIn

Marta Carrió

Marta Carrió is Doctor in Corporate Reputation (UPF). She is also partner of Plan, consultancy specialized in corporate reputation measurement, analysis and management.

Latest Post: The Social and Empathetic CEO

Oliver Chaudhuri

Oliver Chaudhuri (@ochaudhuri) is the Deputy Director of Agencia JP KOM. His areas of expertise include online strategy and management problems.

Latest Post: Survival of the Smartest: new business models, new demands in communication

Bill Cushard

Bill Cushard (@billcush) is an author, blogger, and learning experience (LX) designer with extensive, in-the-trenches experience building learning programs that leverage blended and social learning methods. You can follow him on Twitter or on Google+.

Latest Post: Overcoming Three Roadblocks to High Performance with Enterprise Social Networks

Jose Luis del Campo Villares

Jose Luis del Campo Villares (@JoseLdelCampo) is a facilitator, trainer and coach. He cares about people and their lives within organizations; for that reason, he is a social media consultant and CEO of Socialmedia Network.

Latest Post: Internal Communication 2.0 for Enterprise Social Networks

Luis Miguel Díaz

Luis Miguel Díaz-Meco (@lmdiazmeco) has amassed more than 15 years of experience in communication, in which he has directed and coordinated diverse mediums and taken on different responsibilities in the public organization where he currently works. He holds a degree in Journalism and a Master in Communicaiton Management, he is also a teacher, consultant, and blogger (

Latest Post: Some Things You Might Not Know About Internal Communication

Laura Diéguez

Laura Diéguez (@lauradieguezr) is a journalist who specializes in business, digital and health 2.0 communication, she is also an assistant lecturer at Escola Universitaria Creu Roja

Latest Post: Hospitals 2.0: digital communication in hospitals

Gloria Diez

Gloria Díez (@globadoo) leads the team at Wamba in London, where she supports the global marketing strategy and international business development of the company. She has lived in many cities across the world, speaks 6 languages, and has an MBA in Business Internationalization.

Latest Post: The mobile future of enterprise social networks: 10 keys

Francisco Eguiza

Francisco Eguiza is the Regional Marketing Manager at Zyncro Mexico. He has worked for over 10 years in Digital Marketing for high level companies such as Kio Networks and, creating with and for them interactive strategies of Lead Generation, Branding and SEM. He is also one of the 20 Google Champions in LATAM, exclusive Google certification offered only to experts in digital marketing platforms.

Latest Post: SoMoClo, your company and its entire ecosystem always connected

Fernando Errazquin

Fernando Errazquin (@ferrazquin) is Talent Manager at Zyncro Tech. He has a degree in psychology, by the “Universidad de Valencia” and a Masters degree in Psychology from ISEP. He has worked as a human resources consultant at Hays and as Headhunter for Bao to Managers and Euromanager. He specializes in 2.0 selection and in the development of human resources.

Latest Post: Zyncro with International Women’s Day

Rodrigo Escobedo

Rodrigo Escobedo (@TuActionCOACH ) is a Business Coach certified by ActionCOACH, the International Business Coaching Institute and the Asociación Mexicana de Coaches de Negocios. His studies include Civil Engineering at ITESM Monterrey Campus, and an MBA from HEC Montréal. He has over 11 years of work experience in Mexico and Canada. He is a certified trainer for PDA Institute to enable the SAP channels in Latin America. He is a specialist in SME’s, Entrepreneur Development, Finance and Human Resources. Among his achievements he has coached over 200 companies directly focused on increasing business profits, for owners to work less hours and the team of collaborators of these companies are more aligned with the vision and philosophy of the owner.

Latest Post: 4 principles to achieve motivated teams

María Teresa Farfán

Ma. Teresa Farfán (@MomBita) is a psychologist graduate from UNAM, with experience in practising psychology both publically and privately in which she seeks an ethical practice and in favor of improving the quality of life and ensuring an integral experience of those with whom she works, be it individuals or companies, looking for teamwork, professionalization, and standardization She has experience in the area of culture, organizational communication, consumer and sales psychology. She participates actively in social undertakings such as Átomo Educativo and is co-founder of khÜn Psicología, a company that seeks to bring psychology to companies and individuals with a multi-disciplinary approach.

Latest Post: 7 types of workers in the company

Ana Fernández

Ana Fernandez (@anafernandez78) is the VP of Sales at Zyncro Spain and Latam. She began her professional career as a commercial member in SIPEC, a company in which she worked as a product manager and as the Delegation Director. In 2009 she joined “Informática el Corte Inglés” with the aim of launching a new department in the northeast zone of Spain, to market solutions and outsourcing services to retail accounts. While there, she managed to triple the billing numbers in less than two years.

Latest Post: Networked society: the power lies with whoever knows how to share and locate knowledge

Patricia Fernandez Carrelo

Patricia Fernández Carrelo (@pfcarrelo) is a true expert in treatment of digital content, communication and knowledge management generated within the company. She began her career as a researcher and lecturer at various European Universities in the field of digital processing of multilingual information. After working in the world of web location for large companies, she specialized in 2.0 communication flows, performing succesful tasks as a consultant and trainer for various companies. Currently, Patricia is the International Marketing Director at Zyncro, coordinating the market positioning strategy, branding and distribution. As well as the methodological processes that result from the implementation and use of enterprise social networks.

Latest Post: A new stage for Zyncro

Lluis Font

Lluis Font (@lluisfont) is the Founder and CEO of Zyncro Tech. A serial entrepreneur with great experience in international business consulting. After 10 succesful years as a manager and senior consultant at PwC in several countries, Lluís was named CEO of the company AGM in 1999. In 2002, after the first equity investment in NTRglobal, he was named the CEO, the company then grew from zero to 25 M € in five years and then expanded to 14 countries.

Latest Post: Is Yammer the solution for large and medium enterprises?

Alejandro Formanchuk

Alejandro Formanchuk (@formanchuck) is the president of the “Asociación Argentina de Comunicación Interna”. He is also the CEO of “Formanchuk & Asoc”, a Corporate Communications Specialist and a Professor at the “Universidad de Buenos Aires”.

Latest Post: The 7 Areas of Value in Internal Communication

Pablo Fuentes

Pablo Fuentes (@pablofuentes72) is internal communication manager at Telefónica Latin America. On his blog, you’ll find the best strategies and ideas for implementing communication 2.0 systems, as well as the latest trends in corporate communication.

Latest Post: Four keys for managing corporate culture

Virginio Gallardo

Virginio Gallardo (@virginiog) is Director of Humannova, a HR consultancy specialized in helping lead innovation in companies and manage the organizational transformation. He is author of the book “Liderazgo transformacional” and coordinator of Liderazgo e Innovación 2.0. This post was published originally on his blog “Supervivencia Directiva”, where you can follow his thoughts.

Latest Post: 12 Behaviors of a Transformational Leader

Rafael Garcia-Parrado

Rafael García (@rafagparrado) works as a consultant at Índize and has his own blog, which at Zyncro we highly recommend: La Factoría Humana.

Latest Post: Moving Toward Organizational Transparency

Raúl González García

Raúl González (@Conektio) is a certified coach (ICF) and holds a Master in Work and Organizational Psychology from Mälardalen University (Sweden), specialized in participation, organizational sociology, and coaching-based leadership. He has collaborated as a coach and trainer in organizations around the world, and is author of the blog, a space continuously investigating the way in which coaching and other trends are transforming learning and collaboration in all types of organizations.

Latest Post: Change Management for Implementing an Enterprise Social Network in Your Organization

Carlos Gonzalez Jardon

Carlos González Jardón (@cgjardon) is Consultant and Trainer in Project Management with more than 18 years’ experience in the IT sector. y Formador en Dirección de Proyectos con más de 18 años de experiencia en el sector TI. He holds a computer engineering degree from the Universidad de Vigo, an Executive Master’s from ICAI/ICADE and PMP certification from the Project Management Institute. He is currently consultant in Project Management at Tecnocom.

Latest Post: The Skill Set of a Project Manager (Part 2)

Jaume Jané

Jaume Jané is responsible for ZyncroApps and integration at Zyncro. He is an expert in analysis and development for integration possibilities in Online Social Networks, enterprise software and productivity cloud applications. He coordinates interactions between Zyncro and third party technology solutions. Before, he worked with distinct companies as a web programmer and a functional analyst.

Latest Post: Zyncro Mail: add an email manager to your corporate Zyncro

Sara Jurado

Sara Jurado (@sarajuradoBCN) is psychologist specialized in career counseling and social media for professional development, and currently works as counselor in the professional development team at Barcelona Activa.

Latest Post: If You Spend Much More Time at Work Than With Your Partner, Why Not Measure Your Job Compatibility?

Didac Lee

Dídac Lee (@didaclee) is, along with Lluís Font, one of the founders of Zyncro. He is a Delegated Counselor at Inspirit, a holding company composed by technological and innovative companies operating in different sectors, such as: SPAMINA, Fhios, The Etailers, Hotelerum, Zyncro Leadzer, and Intercomgi Argentina.

Latest Post: The role of a CIO from a 2.0 executive’s perspective

Billie Lou Sastre

Billie Lou Sastre (@billiesastre) is a freelance digital strategies consultant, lecturer and social evangelist. She previously worked as Marketing Manager for Zyncro Mexico. She specializes in the design and implementation of brand strategies in social networks. She also manages to transform the entire business departments into 2.0 environments, thanks to the transversal management and editorial planning with specialists in each individual area. Her experience in creating 2.0 customer support departments and in creating social marketing campaigns, allows her to deploy succesful social business strategies.

Latest Post: Tips for improving your email productivity

Mari Carmen Martin

Mari Carmen Martín (@maricarmenmar) is a trained Industrial Psychologist and an expert in HR. Currently she works for Cloudtalent, a company of the Humannova group, where she is responsible for creating personal branding programs for executives and professionals.

Latest Post: It’s time to speed up the implementation of social technology in organizations

Gustavo Martínez

Gustavo Martínez (@_doko) is a pioneer and recognized figure in alternative media and communication, with 8 years of experience in podcasting and videocasting. He has fought to generate content in Mexico for large audiences.

Latest Post: Keys to Success in Video Blogging for Your Company

Hugo Moreno

Hugo Moreno (@hugomorenomv3) is a consultant and international speaker in Ecosystem Communication (Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations, Social Communication). Dedicated to the development of cutting-edge communication models. He is the creator of Media Virus 3.0 that describes how the media operates analog and digital to generate social virality and the only study to date on the 1000 world social networks.

Latest Post: The Strategic Route of DirCom

Carlos Muñoz García

Carlos Muñoz García is a Communications expert and Public Relations specialist who has served as a leader in the areas of communication and public relations at the Asociación Mexicana de Comunicadores AMCO, and as Senior Consultant of Social Enterprise Responsibility at Promotora ACCSE (Acción Social Empresarial). He is the author of diverse articles and a writer by hobby. He is a Collaborator on the program Porque Soy Mujer, on channel 34, of Mexiquense TV where they tackle topics related to human communication, enterprise communication, executive image, public relations, social responisibility and language in online networks.

Latest Post: Gossip in the Enterprise 2.0

Dioni Nespral

Dioni Nespral (@dioninespral) is Social Business and Digital Innovation Manager at everis. Dioni is an expert in business innovation and sociodigital strategy. With a degree in Business Administration and Management from the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija, he also holds an Executive MBA from the Instituto de Empresa and a Master’s degree in Marketing and Sales Management from the ESIC.

Latest Post: The Business Revolution is called Social Business

Ana Neves

Ana Neves (@ananeves) specializes in knowledge management, organizational learning, social networks and social tools for the organization. She is the founder of Knowman and the mind behind Cidadania 2.0 and Social Now.

Latest Post: What are organizations doing regarding Knowledge Management?

Paulina Olivares

Paulina Olivares (@pauapoi) es comunicadora y publirrelacionista con especialidad en comunicación corporativa. Ha colaborado en instituciones públicas, iniciativa privada y en organizaciones de emprendurismo social, gestionando proyectos de comunicación. Actualmente encabeza la coordinación de comunicación e imagen en una de las librerías más importantes de México.

Latest Post: Communicating is Sharing in an Enterprise Social Network

Andrés Ortega

Andrés Ortega (@Ander73) is expert in People Management. He is currently the HR Director for Spain, and responsible for Engagement for Europe at DAMCO, which is part of the Danish group AP Moller Maersk. We at Zyncro strongly recommend you read his personal blog.

Latest Post: 8 traits in the DNA of a Social Networker

Mertxe Pasamontes

Mertxe Pasamontes (@mertxe) is psychologist 2.0, Humanist, PsychoCoach and Trainer. She also defines herself as Writer, Blogger, and amateur Photographer. She likes to present herself as Change Manager (generative and transformational) and professionally coaches companies and people on transformational and evolutionary change processes.

Latest Post: What is and how to give good feedback?

Jose Manuel Perez Marzabal

Jose Manuel Pérez Marzabal (@jmperezmarzabal) is a lawyer who specializes in Internet and e-commerce at MTNProjects. Furthermore, he is a visiting professor at BES La Salle and a teaching consultant at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). He has a Master’s degree in International Law (LL.M) from WWU Münster and a Diploma in Advanced Studies in International Law and Economics from the University of Barcelona.

Latest Post: Steps to Take to Embed Content on Social Networks

Chris Preston

Chris Preston (@Trimprop) is a Psychology graduate and specializes in internal communication and team development. He currently is Director at The Culture Builders.

Latest Post: Our Pride and Delight in ‘I Made This’

Matthieu Pinauldt

Matthieu Pinauldt (@mattpinauldt) is the Marketing Manager at Zyncro France. After various experiences in big companies and converting into a businessman, he joined Zyncro’s team in order to help develope Zyncro at an international level. He has a Master in Innovation Management from la Universidad París Dauphine, ENS Cachan y Mines Paritech. He is an expert in Social Networks and issues related to innovation.

Latest Post: The Differences between Facebook and a Private Social Network

Doroteo Quiroz

Doroteo Quiroz (@dquirozo) is a Mexican living in Barcelona for almost 7 years. A loyal believer that the correct implementation of technology can help to change the way people collaborate and work in companies. Currently he directly collaborates in the design and definition of IT solutions at MRW. My philosophy: Live like you are going to die tomorrow, learn like you are going to live forever (M. Gandhi).

Latest Post: The importance of Enterprise Social Networks in Knowledge Management

Sonia R Muriel

Sonia Rodríguez Muriel (@sonia_rmuriel) is passionate about Human Resources. She is HR and Media Director at the Andalusian Agency for Innovation and Development IDEA.

Latest Post: Types of toxic bosses (II)

Eirene Ramos

Eirene Ramos (@EireneRN) is responsible for communication and events at the NGO “Pallapupas”. She also teaches the course "Community Management" at UNED Foundation, and she is the founding partner of Broadway Barcelona, the 2.0 community which references to musical theater in the city. She worked as a Social Media Manager for Zyncro. She specializes in 2.0 communication, social media and she is a lover of scenic arts. She has made several 2.0 strategies for culture related projects.

Latest Post: 2nd Edition of “Y se hizo la Luz…”, a business event for businesses

Mireia Ranera

Mireia Ranera (@mranera) is partner and Employee Head Director at Íncipy. She has more than 6 years of experience leading innovation and digital strategy projects for companies. She is also Academic Innovation Director at INESDI, Digital Business School.

Latest Post: 20 tips for a successful Social Network for Employees

Sergio Ríos

Sergio Ríos (@Sergio_Biable) is a consultant, trainer and Director at Biable, a consultancy specialized in management innovation, currently developing strategic and operational consulting advanced in 1.0 and 2.0 environments. Currently, he is a professor at universities, business schools and chambers of commerce, specializing in: management, integral 1.0/2.0 strategy, business 2.0, tools 2.0 and benchmarking. He also has extensive experience as a consultant and licensee of the EFQM Model, Innovation, Business Strategy and Social Media applications.

Latest Post: What do you need in order to begin to be an Enterprise 2.0?

Maria Ripoll Cera

María Ripoll Cera (@idelfonsa) is a digital communicator and promoter, as well as being a writer. You can find out more about this author on her Spanish website, which we at Zyncro highly recommend.

Latest Post: To digitalize a brand is to transform it

Pedro Rojas

Pedro Rojas (@SeniorManager) is the Academic Director at Inesdi Digital Business School and a consultant at, where he specializes in Social Media Marketing Strategies for enterprises. He is a graduate in Administration and Business Management and also has a degree in Public Accountancy and finance, and postgraduate studies in Community Management.

Latest Post: Six principles for Social Media reporting for Community Managers

Sonia Ruiz

Sonia Ruiz Moreno (@soniaruizmoreno) has more than 12 years’ experience in Corporate Communication in multinational environments. She is founder of PrideCom, the first Internal Communication 2.0 agency. Master’s in Corporate Communication from the Université de Lille III in France, degree in Journalism from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and member of the Internal Communication Board of DIRCOM. Speaker and lecturer at several business schools on Internal Communication 2.0

Latest Post: [Whitepaper] Keys to convincing your director to implement an enterprise social network

Jeroen Sangers

Jeroen Sangers (@JeroenSangers) is personal productivity consultant and author of the blog El Canasto. He specializes in modern techniues to manage time, actions and attention, and provides training, consulting and keynotes on a more intelligent way to work and live.

Latest Post: Working out loud

Eduardo Sanz

Eduardo Sanz (@esanzm) is entrepreneur, coach and founder of Directivos en Acción.

Latest Post: The Coach Leader is the leader of the 2.0 world (II)

Yolanda Torres

Yolanda Torres (@yolandaibz) is expert in Communication and has a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing Management with special mention 2011. She combines digital marketing managment at Turismo Ibiza with Atzaró Natural Life Hotel. She is co-founder of Equipo Singular in 1996. English and French Translator.

Latest Post: Mobility 2.0

Javier Velilla

Javier Velilla (@javiervelilla) is founding partner and director of the strategic communication consultancy company Comuniza. He is an expert in brand management, planning and social networks. He is also a professor at higher education centers, businesses and institutions, as well as an academic researcher and author of a book on branding.

Latest Post: The role of the brand in organizations in the cloud

José Vicente Ruiz

José Vicente Ruiz (@josevicenteruiz) has over 20 years of experience in IT. He has developed an intense activity in business management, consulting, leading multicultural and multidisciplinary teams, and in the creation and development of many enterprises, both large multinational corporations and also successful tech start-ups. He helped in the creation, promotion and development of platforms such as e-banking, e-insurance, inforbiz and of course Zyncro Mexico, where he is currently the CEO.

Latest Post: Zyncro news from Mexico: increase your competiveness and eliminate downtimes

Joan Villalta

Joan Villalta (@joan_villalta) is the Product VP at Zyncro. He specializes in requirements capture, analysis and the design of tech solutions. His main purpose is to make the most difficult things look very easy for the final user. He has worked on numerous startups and also in renowned international companies such as Panda Security or NTRglobal. To his already impressive technological knowledge, he adds a long career in the field of Business Management, allowing him to place himself comfortably on the confluence between sales, product management and UX.

Latest Post: Zyncro Organization Chart -Discover “who is who” in your company

Eduardo Zamora

Eduardo Zamora (@amudiel) is Strategic Director in the Mexican integrated communication agency ifahto.He has participated for more than 12 years in the creative and strategic concept of integrated marketing for mass consumer companies. His main achievements with his clients are: meet sales goals, brand recollection, increase in market participation, create brand awareness in digital and traditional media, etc.

Latest Post: Enterprise Social Networks and E-learning: The Combination of Success to Improve Company Performance

Lelia Zapata

Lelia Zapata (@leliafabi) is a teacher and researcher. She is an expert in Internal Communication and a founding partner at Talentos Reunidos. Welcome! You can follow her on her blog.

Latest Post: Investing in internal communication: Will it be profitable?

Carlos Zapater

Carlos Zapater (@zaparl) is Audiovisual Contents Manager at Zyncro. He has a Diploma in Education and a degree in Audiovisual Communication from UPF. He has worked in European producers such as Filmtel-DVDreams and Infinia.

Latest Post: News in Zyncro Groups

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