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    Zyncro 3.4: protected public links, improvements to notifications, permissions and the structure of Groups and Departments 

    Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

    Were proud to present Zyncro version 3.4, which includes improvements to our external links or Zinks, which are now even more private and secure thanks to the new expiry date and password options; a better definition of permissions for each user, improvements to the notifications system and to the organization and classification of departments, as well as new integration options.

    Welcome to Zyncro 3.4, start enjoying it now!

    Public links (Zlinks) are even better protected and more secure: expiry date, password and description

    You will now have complete control of the Zlinks you create and therefore you can even use them to share your most confidential documents. Zyncro 3.4 provides all files and folders with a new option: Public links (Zlinks), where you can view all the Zlinks created, because with Zyncro 3.4, you can:

    • Add an expiry date to the Zlink: if you use a Zlink for a work document on a project, it is likely that once the final document is ready you no longer need the Zlink of the draft to be accessible. Version 3.4 introduces the option of adding an expiry date to your Zlinks, this way they will only be active for the period of time necessary.
    • Create a password: the link to the document is private and only the people who know the password will be able to view it. This way you can share your confidential documents with the utmost security.
    • Create a description that only you can see, to help you identify each one of your Zlinks: why you created it, who for if you have several Zlinks to the same document; this option will also help you identify the recipient or the use you want to give it.

    If you create a Zlink with a password, when you send it to the recipient, they will receive the following message, in which they will have to enter the password you have previously created and which you can always consult under “Public links (Zlinks)” in the File or Folder.


    Better definition of permissions for each user in Groups and Profile

    • New permissions for groups
      Zyncro 3.4 comes a new user category: the Commentator. The owner of the Group or Department can decide which members have permission to comment in the Group and which are read-only members. In this case, they won’t be able to see the comment field or create new message threads. By default, all users are commentators.

    • New user profile visibility options
      Your email address will be visible only to those you think should have access to it. There are three different options: 

      • only you can see it
      • your departments can see it, or
      • all of your contacts can see it
      • By default, the last option is activated.

    Receive the information you need, how you need it: improvements to the notifications system

    Information regarding the interaction of other users with you at your fingertips with just one click: the notifications icon will display the last five actions in chronological order. Unread actions will be highlighted in a lighter color.



    Classification of departments (or businesses) in your organization

    In this new version, the Administrator can classify departments by category and location. To do so, go to Administration Panel>Organization Configuration>Organization Structure, where you will be able to create the necessary categories and locations to better organize the departments and companies that form part of your organization.

    To follow a category or location, and see on your wall all the corresponding messages, there are two possibilities:

    • In the Departments section, directly follow the category by right-clicking on it.


    • Click on Departments>on any Category or Location>Follow this Category/Location

    This option is useful for organizations with a large number of departments or businesses. It is a good way of structuring information: when following departments or companies, you can exclusively follow a category or location. For example, the manager of the head office in Barcelona wants to find out about the communications made by the departments or companies in that location only. With this version, all this is possible. In fact, in the case of new departments being created with this same location, they can be followed automatically.

    New integration options

    Companies that have their own intranets or other services to provide authentication can use the Single Sign-on (SSO) method with Zyncro with a minimum level of development. This means there is no need to log on to Zyncro as another system, but use the login of the other network that the company has and gain time.

    Also in this version, we have corrected several minor incidents and bugs, and have improved overall performance.

    To finish, you can see a summary of the new features in this presentation:

    Check out the new features of Zyncro 3.4 now available, and of course, if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us at soporte (@) zyncro.com

    Start using the improved performance Zlinks, define permissions for your group and department users, decide who can see your email, receive the information you need as you need it, improve the department or business structure and try out the new integration options.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

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    Zyncro 3.3: Manage your tasks better, control who follows you, and create rich messages 

    Today we’re proud to present Zyncro version 3.3, with improvements in the Tasks section and more in-depth configuration options for your enterprise social network, also adding new ways to follow users.

    Welcome Zyncro 3.3, check it out!

    Improvements in Managing and Monitoring Tasks

    As you’ve already seen in the sneak peak in the post Zyncro Features: Tasks Section, there are two ways to create tasks: within a group and directly in the Tasks section. From this version on, every time you create, edit or complete a task, a message will appear on the wall and a notification mail will be sent to everyone in the group who has the option activated.

    This new feature is designed to provide better monitoring of the tasks assigned to each member of the organization, and hence, make work management more efficient.

    More Configuration Options for Organizations

    With this new version, organization administrators have new configuration settings:

    Hide Personal Feeds

    Organization administrators can choose to enable or disable personal feeds, allowing members to publish personal news on their wall. To do this, go to the Administration Panel>Organization Configuration>Personal Feed, the option is activated by default. What does disabling personal feed mean? Members can only post messages in groups they belong to or in corporate feeds, if they have the appropriate permissions.

    This improvement is designed for organizations that don’t want their users to be able to post and share personal news. It seeks to adjust the use of microblogging so it is focused around topics or sections in groups, rather than on user’s daily tasks, meaning it becomes a valuable resource in business communities, where users haven’t met or work together, but collaborate on specific topics.

    Hide Members List in Groups or Departments

    Within Administration Panel>Organization Configuration, organization administrators can give permissions to group and department owners to hide the members list. This option is deactivated by default.

    The option to show the participants list is controlled from the Configuration Panel of the group or department. It is activated by default, and if it is unchecked, the participants list is hidden from all users except owners, inviters and task managers.

    Taking an example, a person within a group sends a message and several people in the group “like” their message. Other users can see the number of “likes” for that message but not the people who liked it nor is there a clickable link.

    Greater Control Over Followers For All Users

    Follower Requests for Users

    From now on, you can activate the option to give your approval for followers to follow you, i.e. users cannot follow you automatically without your approval. To activate this option you need to go to Profile>Configure Notifications and approve invitations manually.

    New Way to Follow Users: See What They Are Doing or Saying in Open Departments or Groups.

    Until now, you could only see personal feed and posts made for the groups you share with a user, however from version 3.3, when you follow a person, you’ll see their activity in general, within or outside the groups they share with you.

    Rich messages with contents from external sources

    This new feature lets you post messages with HTML content in any Zyncro wall (personal feed, groups and departments) through the API. It is extremely useful for those organizations that generate content using external sources and content in different formats. Currently we are developing a configurable tool that helps the integration process of this external content.

    Other improvements

    When you access a user’s profile, in the section Departments, in addition to seeing the departments where they belong, you will also see the Departments they follow.

    Finally, in this version we have also corrected several minor incidents and bugs and improved overall performance.

    From now on, you can start to use the new features of Zyncro 3.3:

    Monitor and manage your tasks better, hide or show personal feed according to your company’s needs, hide or show the list of members in a group or department, get greater control over your followers, or create rich texts with content from external sources.

    Of course, if you have any questions, you can contact us at support ( @ ) zyncro.com

    Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

    • Alex 1:42 pm on May 21, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Excellent job, html rich messages are an outsanding feature, appreciate it :)

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    Zyncro 3.2 (II): More new features and improved usability 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

    After having presented the new main features included in Zyncro version 3.2 , today we’re going to look at new features and usability improvements that have been included in this version and that we want you to know about:

    Ethics filter

    Now it is possible to filter out messages that use offensive words. Zyncro offers a consultancy service to include a customized list of banned words that the system will use to prevent any messages containing any of these words, which should never be used in a business context, from being published.

    Reorganized contextual menus

    In order to improve usability, in this version we’ve reorganized contextual menus so that when you right-click on a group, person, folder, or file, the options that appear in the contextual menu are reorganized and grouped by action type. Just by starting to use it, you’ll see how easy it is to find the option you want.

    Reorganized contextual menu

    Personal profile

    Now your personal profile can include information regarding your geographical location (city, province, and country). You can also access your own profile from any screen by clicking on the photo that appears in the header on the right.

    Bigger image thumbnails in Zyncro

    From now on, when you upload images in Zyncro, the size of the thumbnails shown will change in the wall according to the number of images associated with the action, in order to optimize wall usage. For example, if you upload 4 or more images, only 4 thumbnails will be displayed on the wall, so each one will occupy a quarter of the maximum width available.

    Bigger image thumbnails

    Attach files in email replies

    When you reply to email notifications in Zyncro, the files that you attach in the email will be posted in the wall beside the comment.

    Email notifications deactivated by default

    Fromversion 3.2, email notifications will be deactivated by default for new users, so users will only receive those notifications that they have explicitly activated.

    Notifications deactivated


    Other improvements

    Finally, in this version we have also corrected a few minor incidents and bugs and improved overall performance.


    From now on, more customization and greater usability in Zyncro.
    Inquire here and try it out!





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    Zyncro 3.2: Open groups, customizable appearance and contents, and… willkommen Zyncro! 

    Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

    Today we’d like present Zyncro version 3.2, with new features that are essential for managing information and involving all members of the community.

    Open and private groups

    From now on, the owner of a group in Zyncro can choose whether the group is private or open. A private group is a limited work group in which maximum privacy and control is required. On the other hand, an open group aims to involve everyone in a department or the company… or even beyond that.

    At operational level, these new group categories work as follows:

    • Private group: Only visible to its members and accessed by invitation only. Until now, all groups in Zyncro were private.
    • Open group: When a user creates an open group, it will appear by default as visible to all members of the organization in the section Files and Groups. In order for those users in the same organization to join this group, they just need to click on “Join”. Other users outside the organization must still be invited in order to be able to access the group. The group owner will decide what permissions each member will have (if they can upload and change files, create tasks, change group configurations, etc.).

    Open Groups


    At any stage, any of the group’s owners can change its configuration from open to private or vice-versa using the Configuration tab in the group.


    Fully customizable appearance and contents

    Once the decision to use an enterprise social network has been made and the goals sought have been communicated, one of the most important aspects in encouraging members of the community to participate is for them to identify it, so that they perceive it as something approachable. For this reason, customization is a major factor in many cases.

    To do this, the appearance of Zyncro and its contents can now be completely customized:

    • Appearance: Now you can change the “look & feel” of Zyncro. Colors, size, and font, shape of the buttons…as far as your imagination can go! From the same interface in Adminstrator Panel > Corporate Image > Customize CSS, using CSS language (Zyncro can provide consultancy services on this aspect if required), you can customize the user interface with everything that can be done with cascading styles.

    Customize CSS

    Customize CSS

    • The Platform’s own contents: In order to adapt the platform as far as possible to the reality of each organization, you can now change the names of the sections, texts in the platform, help, welcome messages, etc. Zyncro offers this option as a consultancy service. For example, perhaps the term “Files and Groups” doesn’t have any meaning in your organization, but on the other hand, you prefer to sort contents by “Forums”, “Topics”, “Projects”… or any other description you like to give it.


    Zyncro is now in German too!

    From version 3.2, Zyncro is now available in German, as well as English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese and Catalan, as the interface languages that users can select in the top bar:

    Zyncro Deutsch


    More customization and greater usability in Zyncro.
    Inquire here and try it out!


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    Zyncro 3.1.1: Centralized user management (LDAP), advanced searches and Google Maps 

    Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

    We’re proud to present the new version 3.1.1 of Zyncro with three new features we’re sure you’ll use: centralized user management with LDAP, advanced searches and integration with Google Maps


    For many SMEs and enterprises, the LDAP system, (Active Directory in the Microsoft environment), is essential for centralized management of all the network users, email and systems like SharePoint.

    The LDAP standard enables you to create a central user profile (with first name, last name, email address, password, etc.) for all corporate tools. When any changes are made in the data stored, it is automatically updated on the whole network. This is called Single Sign-On.

    Now Zyncro is a solution integrated with LDAP, meaning the access data for corporate users in a Zyncro organization can be managed (stored, queried, edited) by LDAP.

    The Zyncro data integrated with LDAP are:

    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email address

    To integrate with LDAP, the organization’s administrator needs to go to the User Management section in the Administration Panel, where the new function “Connect with LDAP” will appear.

    In this section, the LDAP administrator of the organization needs to complete all the mandatory fields with data for their LDAP system to complete the integration, click “Save” and integration will be complete.

    Advanced Search

    Zyncro has just taken its first step towards advanced searches (as well as segmented searches) enabling you to use symbols to refine the desired term.

    From now on in the Zyncro search, you can perform:

    • Exact searches for terms by entering them between quotation marks “ ”
    • Combined searches for terms using the + connector: term1 + term2 (it will only return messages, files, groups or profiles that contain both terms)

    Google Maps in Zyncro

    Finally, you can now insert and view Google Maps in the Company or Departament profile, in the More about us section.

    To do this, you first need to get the HTML code generated by Google Maps for an address by following these steps:

    • Search for the address in Google Maps
    • Click the button to get the HTML code

    • Select the code that starts with <iframe…

    • Paste it in the More about us section, after enabling HTML edition and… your map will appear in Zyncro!

    More Zyncro integrations to add to the collection!!!


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    Zyncro 3.1: All important information for your company, all within one single platform 

    Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

    Version 3.1 has arrived with new integrations and new functions that can enable you to control and improve access to company-related information.

    Viewing the Home Section

    Messages making up the “newsfeed” section of an organization expand exponentially depending on the number of users and integration with other solutions or platforms.  For this reason, we have optimized and made message viewing in the home section more professional:

    Wall Content Filter

    Buttons for activating or deactivating the view for:

    • Messages (from people you follow or from your groups)
    • Actions with documents
    • Actions with people

    Labeling Unread Messages

    Now, every time you access your Zyncro, all of your published messages since your last login will appear so that you don’t miss out on even a single thing going on in your company.

    Options for Organizing Messages

    • By main message date: The conversation will be organized by the date of the first message, despite receiving later messages
    • By comment date: If a message receives a comment, the conversation takes a new position in first place within the newsfeed (default option)
    • By date, with no conversations: This means that all of the messages will appear in date order, without considering whether or not the message is a comment or reply to another message (Twitter model)

    The New Zyncro Wall

    Integration with Email

    Another of the new and best functions of Zyncro version 3.1 is integration with email.  This integration will allow you to directly and automatically post messages in any group via email.

    The email address you need to send the message to will appear in the right hand column, a univocal address for each user and group so that once you have it stored in your address book, you will be able to use whenever you like in order to post messages from your email.

    This integration will also enable your corporate systems to release information, figures or inform work groups directly.  We will soon provide you with a more detailed explanation about this!

    “Like” Button

    A button that speaks for itself…

    At last, the “Like” button has arrived for messages and comments in the microblogging system: to encourage participation and to evaluate corporate contributions without the need to add new information.  Do you like it?

    Integration with RSS and Facebook

    Zyncro had already been integrated with Twitter, LinkedIn… but as we hinted on in our post Which social networks should a enterprise RSS be integrated with?, a technological solution that manages the entire company’s knowledge also needs to be integrated with other 2.0 tools that allow all corporate information to be reviewed, whether it is the company’s own, from the competition or from the sector…

    For this reason, Zyncro’s Business version allows for automatic message publication within work groups for versions 3.1 when messages have been generated from RSS or Facebook fan pages.

    • RSS: A standard reading and exchange format for updates on blogs and websites.  Web updates can be published automatically within any work group with this integration.
    • Facebook pages (fan pages): For companies that have a page like this within the Facebook RSS and use it as a corporate communication and digital marketing channel can automatically post (without having to intervene manually) updates sent to fans, clients or followers in an internal work group.  What’s more, from this very same group, Zyncro updates can be sent to Facebook directly.

    Facebook page message published from Zyncro

    File Links

    Lastly, you can now add links to internal (direct access) documents in other Zyncro groups as well as external ones (links) instead of sending a usual document.

    So, in the list if documents for each work group, you’ll have:

    • Folders
    • Documents
    • Links to documents


    Links to files in groups Zyncro




    Lastly, we have also resolved minor bugs, making your Zyncro work even better.

    Zyncro improves on a daily basis in order to offer you the best information management tool for your company’s RSS. Try the Business version out now and make the most of its advantages.

    You wont be disappointed!


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    Zyncro 3.0: Multiple companies or departments in a unique working environment 2.0 

    Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

    Allow us to present Zyncro version 3.0:

    Multiple companies or departments in a unique working environment 2.0

    Here you have the new characteristics of Zyncro version 3.0. A version with enhanced configuration options for your intranet, user permissions, profile information security and other added functionalities.

    Departments and companies

    From now on, in each corporate Zyncro, the administrator can access the “Organization configuration” option directly from the Administration Panel, enabling the definition of a structure made up by “Departments“, “Companies” or “neither“.

    What is a company or a department?

    The Companies section has been created for use within Zyncro as a “Business community“: An inter-corporate Social Network to support information exchange, networking, create business opportunities or spread offers, among other things.

    The Departments have been designed with large companies in mind that need a proper structure by area for its users as well as to transmit corporate information by department.

    SMEs and freelancers will continue to use Zyncro as they have done so up until now without the need to activate any other section within their intranet.

    The “Companies” or “Departments” sections offer the following options:

    • A page for each company or department (with an information profile: name, description, logo, address, telephone, email address, website and a section to edit freely in case there is a need to add further corporate information)
    • Each user is associated with one or more companies or departments (you will be able to view the list of members for each company/department at the same time)
    • You can follow any recent changes within a company or department
    • You can add all of the members of a company or department to a work group by taking just one action

    Furthemore, users that have been given permission by the administrator via “User Management” (create company) section to create companies or departments will be able to:

    1. Add users to the relevant companies/departments
    2. Delete messages and comments from companies/departments
    3. Change the name of relevant companies/departments

    User permissions

    Remember that the section for giving permission to create companies/departments is also  found in the Administration Panel, under “Configure / Customize your organization“. Four new options (permissions) have been added for users in this section (in addition to the permissions needed for publishing corporate news). Specifically, you can:

    1. Delete messages/comments by other users
    2. Create work groups
    3. Create departments/companies
    4. Become an administrator; this means gaining access to the Administration Panel and changing the configuration of the organization

    Profile data privacy

    The privacy options have also increased for each user by using a more complex structure when it comes to the users of your organization.

    Therefore from the “Profile” section, each user will be able to define whether or not their contact information is visible to:

    • All (Zyncro users)
    • My contacts
    • The members of My departments
    • Only myself

    Security and configuration

    In addition to the major structural change to include company and department levels, other security and configuration measures have also been implemented within the platform:

    • Administrators will be able to hide the main menu on the Tasks section, leaving a more concise menu. Remember this option is useful for organizations that do not use the tasks options within Zyncro across the whole company

    • Groups will now be able to have their own icon via the “Change icon” option which is the second last option in the drop down list of each group


    Lastly, we have added a Business Intelligence Audit service (Business Intelligence audit) and we have resolved minor bugs so that Zyncro can work a little better each day.

    Start using the new Zyncro 3.0 functions straight away:

    Configure the structure of your organization, assign new administrators, define the privacy of your profile data or try the Zyncro option without Tasks within the menu.

    If you have any queries, contact us at support ( @ ) zyncro.com

    We’ll be waiting for you!

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    Zyncro V2.3 in depth 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

    1.- New Zyncronizer. We have made the application simpler and clearer by installing a small programme (available for Windows for the time being) that allows the synchronization of files in Zyncrowith your computer.

    • You will now find two tabs, one called “Groups” where you will be able to select the groups (with their folders and files) you want to synchronise with your PC and the other called “Zync” to see the synchronization status.

    • The “Force synchronisation” button allows you the application to start synchronizing immediately, no need to wait.

    • With “Allow P2P transfers”, within the configuration panel (the cogwheel icon in the top right), we can indicate to the synchronizer whether or not we want to make use of the function to synchronize directly within the group members (via the P2P protocol).  In offices or local networks, this function greatly speeds up the synchronisation task and it is no longer necessary to stay online to download files.  This way the files move directly from one PC to another.

    1.- Automatic updating of the wall.  New corporate news updates, personal news or private messages will automatically appear on the wall each time they are produced.  In the top right part, you will see an indicator showing the number of updates.  In this way, it will not be necessary to keep refreshing the page to learn about any new events within your company.

    2.- Automatic registration in the domain. In order to easily create users within organisations and only for Business accounts, all users should sign up with an email domain that already exists on Zyncro and they will automatically become part of said organisation.   However, the initial validation of a domain will be done manually to verify that the client does actually have rights to that domain.

    The organisation administrator will then receive an email informing them that the users are signing up with that domain and will be able to decide whether to keep or remove them.

    3.- Recovering deleted files. If you have deleted a file or folder by mistake, you can now recover it by clicking on the link within that element on the wall.  This action can only be taken by the person that has deleted the item.

    4.- Integration with Twitter. To use this function, you should configure Twitter access beforehand from Profile > Edit my Profile > Integration with Twitter and click on “Connect to Twitter“. From there onwards, you should follow the instructions from Twitter itself to give Zyncro access permission.  Having finalized the configuration, you will be able to send Twitter updates and Zlinks from Zyncro when publishing on the wall (Personal News) or also within a group using the “Send to Twitter“option.

    In addition, with this native integration, you will be able to publish personal news on Zyncro from Twitter by adding the hashtag “#zyn” in the tweet.

    We have also improved some parts of the application visually and we have also resolved a few minor bugs.

    Sign up for your free account and try it for yourself!

  • Albert Sampietro 10:30 am on March 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro V2.3 

    Reading time: 2 minutes

    What is new in version V2.3 of Zyncro?

    I would like to consider the most interesting points:

    • New synchroniser. We have completely redesigned this function which is installed into the user’s computer and allows the synchronisation of data with the server.  The interface is now simpler and clearer.
    • Selective synchronisation. Users will be able to configure groups and files they wish to synchronise locally on each computer independently.  This new function allows you to have available for example, a new global repository for the organization with 500 GB of space and in a local terminal have synchronised only the 2 most used GB.
    • Automatic updating of the comments wall.  Automatically and with no need for refreshing the screen, on the top part of the wall an indicator will appear showing the new notifications.
    • Automatic registration on the domain. To make the creation of users easier within organisations, all the users that register using a domain of a company already using Zyncro will become members of the same account of that organisation automatically.
    • Recovery of deleted files. File and folder deletion in version 2.3 will be reversible.  A user having deleted an item will be able to recover it by clicking on a link of that item on the wall.  .
    • Integration with Twitter. Activating this new option beforehand, users will be able to share updates and Zlinks from the wall (“Personal News”) in their Twitter accounts and vice versa, publishing from Twitter on the Zyncro wall using the hashtag “#zyn”.

    As with other versions, we have also improved a few things visually within the application and we have resolved a few minor bugs.

    Keep a look out as we foresee the launch of version 2.3 during next week.

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