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  • Larry Alton 6:56 pm on September 8, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    6 Social Media Policies Your Employees Should Follow 

    Social media is an amazing marketing tool, but it can be somewhat of a loose cannon if businesses aren’t careful. When people post to social media, the words, photographs, and videos there are immortalized. This can be devastating to businesses looking to maintain a professional attitude.

    Many businesses feel that what their employees post on social media is their own business, but that could be a major mistake. Though you don’t have control over your employee’s personal lives, there are some social media policies that are necessary for protecting sensitive information and the company image.

    When you have some carefully planned and worded social media policies in place, you can effectively avoid disaster. Here are some suggestions.

    1. Avoid Discrimination

    Favoring equality in business is extremely important, and social media can damage this endeavor. Employees have their own opinions, and sometimes those opinions can demean those of certain ethnicities, gender associations, races, and the like. Occasionally, their discriminatory posts can be associated with your business, which will make your company look very bad. Include a non discriminatory clause in your policies to avoid this issue.

    1. Separation of Employee and Company

    Most companies mandate a clear separation of employee and corporate posts on social media. Before an employee publishes something online, they’re required to disclose their affiliation with or without the company. Violation of this agreement can result in termination.

    1. Outline Confidential Information

    Make sure your employees know when they’re dealing with confidential information. Define the type of data employees can share online without legal repercussions. Very clearly spell this out so there are no loopholes and all confidential information remains secure, which is critical since leaked data could mean the end of your business.

    1.  Provide Education

    Have frequent trainings on your social media policies so that no one can claim ignorance when an incident arises. Employees who are well educated on the appropriate use of online media are also less likely to post inappropriate content that can jeopardize your company and their good name.

    1. Overview Contract Agreements

    Remind employees of certain contract agreements that may affect their online activities. If they’ve agreed to withhold affiliation with the company when expressing a personal opinion in the contract, they can be penalized legally for breaking that agreement in their social media presence.

    1. Honesty is the Best Policy

    Remind employees of the importance of being honest and playing nicely while online. Explain how this is important for maintaining professionalism for their personal careers as well the professional image of the company. It seems like this subject goes without saying, but many people simply don’t think before they post. A little reminder can go a long way here.

  • Larry Alton 7:27 pm on September 2, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    10 Health Tips for the Busy Entrepreneur 

    Though most of your focus has been on business-related topics like online marketing and making great first impressions on clients, busy entrepreneurs also need to focus on their health and wellness. According to research, the American population is slowly working itself to death.

    Because of issues such as eye strain, back and neck problems, and emotional health issues, the general health and wellness of the workplace is decreasing. As a result, one million U.S. employees take a day off work each day due to workplace stress, and productivity losses are costing businesses $225.8 billion every year. This is one problem that needs to be fixed, and quickly.

    Obviously, you’re busy taking care of work and trying to balance your home life, but it’s essential to consider your own personal health. Here are some suggestions for squeezing that into your busy schedule.

    1. Get an Online Checkup

    Virtual hospitals are growing in popularity, and it’s easy to ask questions and get a quick checkup without leaving your desk. Most doctors recommend getting a full physical at least once every year, and visiting an online virtual hospital will save you a lot of time.

    1. Set Attainable Health Goals

    It’s much easier to keep up with diet and exercise when you make a goal. For example, hitting the gym every day becomes simpler if you sign up for a 5k race six weeks in advance. You have something to look forward to, and if you’re a successful entrepreneur, being goal driven is in your DNA.

    1. Pack Healthy Snacks

    Forget junk food and the routine vending machine binge. Pack healthy snacks like carrot sticks and hummus, fruit, whole wheat crackers, homemade trail mix, and other snacks that are low in calories and fat.

    1. Fix Your Sleep Routine

    If you’re staying up late and getting up early, it’s time to make a change. You need to hit REM in order to get a solid night’s sleep, and if you’re working (or playing) late and need to get up early, your entire health will suffer.

    1. Eat Breakfast

    A lot of busy people skip breakfast because they’re in a rush, but this habit has been linked with problems like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes risks. You can avoid these serious health issues and lack of productivity by eating a quick, healthy breakfast every morning.

    1. Make Working Out Convenient

    You’ll never hit the gym if it seems too complicated. Make it easy by stopping by on the way home, running on the treadmill while you watch the news, or throwing in mini exercises on your breaks at work.

    1. Drink More Water

    Staying hydrated not only boosts your metabolic function, but it also helps you feel full. When you drink more water, you have fewer cravings and resist the need to overeat during meals.

    1. Try a Healthy Meal Delivery Program

    If you have the means, a healthy meal delivery program is perfect for helping you stay on track for weight loss and heart-healthy diets. These meal delivery programs bring healthy, calorie-controlled food to your door. If you find a good program, the food can taste better than a restaurant without the negative consequences of one.

    1. Choose Business Meals Carefully

    Try to control where and how much you eat for business lunches. It’s easy to convince yourself that binging on unhealthy foods is worth it for the sake of a good deal, but it’s better to choose a place with more low-calorie options. You’ll make a better impression on your clients if you eat less as well.

    1. Bribe Yourself

    Sometimes all you need to be a little healthier is the right motivation. Bribe yourself with things you love if you complete a workout routine or maintain your calorie goals. Instead of motivating with food, try to motivate with things like a vacation or a night out with friends.

  • Larry Alton 6:18 pm on July 28, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    10 Work-from-Home Jobs Almost Anyone Can Do 

    Need something to keep you busy and bring in money? It might be time to consider some work from home jobs that pay a decent amount. Whether you’re looking for a full-time gig or something to supplement your current income, here are some of the best work-from-home jobs currently out there: (More …)

  • Larry Alton 8:04 pm on July 25, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Under A Spell: Using Romance In Your Social Media Strategy 

    When it comes to social media marketing, there are dozens of different strategies, but one that may be overlooked too often is the romantic angle. While as a business, you may not think that digital wining and dining is a good approach, you might be surprised what warming up relations can do for your company.

    Not sure how to proceed with the romantic angle? Here are a few ideas to add a little love to your social media presence. (More …)

  • Larry Alton 4:23 pm on July 21, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Blog Content 

    Blogging is one of the best ways to establish brand expertise, while also increasing traffic from other areas of the web. But if you’re relying solely on search engines to direct users to your blog, then you’re missing out. Social media is an excellent platform for sharing the content you’ve made for your website.

    Let’s talk about how to integrate your blog content into social media. (More …)

  • Larry Alton 1:55 pm on July 14, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    7 Key Performance Indicators You Should Measure on Social Media 

    Key performance indicators — or KPIs, as the industry refers to them — are extremely useful for measuring the performance and progress of your business, whatever it is. Every department can benefit from monitoring and recording the success of your marketing efforts, and this can lead to increased followers and engagement in every facet of your operation.

    Social media is a great place to gauge progress because it’s an excellent indicator of brand awareness and customer engagement. You can also tell a lot about your business by the way social followers interact with it online.

    (More …)

  • Larry Alton 3:37 pm on July 12, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    How to Establish Privacy on Social Media: 7 Tips from the Experts 

    When social media first came out, people were concerned that the information they were posting online would be available for everyone to see. People started being more careful about what they posted and who could see their profiles.

    But there’s a new generation on social media today, and not everyone is careful about what they share, leaving many people extremely vulnerable online. Both consumers and businesses should do their best to protect themselves on social media. (More …)

  • Larry Alton 8:49 pm on July 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    Selling Real Estate? Here’s What You Need to Know About Social Media 

    Online real estate sales and social media have held an intimate relationship for years, but unfortunately, a lot of realtors make serious errors in their marketing strategies. There’s a delicate balance between over-promoting (alienating your audience) and under-promoting (failing to garner attention at all).

    Let’s talk about how to bring balance to your comprehensive real estate marketing strategy. (More …)

  • Larry Alton 5:04 pm on June 30, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    6 Essential Social Media Tips for Small Businesses 

    Small businesses often dismiss the power of social media. This is because it can be difficult to get noticed when you only have a few thousand customers. However, one of the best ways to grow your business, generate leads, and create conversions is through social media.

    According to research from Pew Research Center, 90 percent of young adults use social media, and 70 percent of the U.S. population has at least one social profile. By 2018, one third of the world population is expected to be on social media. That’s a lot of potential customers, even if your goals aren’t that big yet.    (More …)

  • Larry Alton 5:51 pm on June 20, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    How Do Social Media Posts Go Viral? 

    For small businesses and large corporations alike, social media virality is sort of the holy grail of internet marketing. If you can make a post go viral, your brand could end up in front of millions of potential customers.

    Unfortunately, social media virality is elusive. There’s no way to guarantee how a post will be received, and it’s even harder to consistently produce content that’s recognized and shared. However, there are some commonalities between successful posts.

    (More …)

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