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  • Carlos del Pozo 9:51 am on March 23, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro Features: addZyngs 

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    What is addZyngs?

    addZyngs is a ZyncroApp that lets you add messages, images, links or even insert web pages in the main menus of your corporate Zyncro interface.

    With addZyngs, you can create your own banners, corporate messages, notifications, offers… that will be visible to all members of your organization.

    addZyngs configuration

    To start to configure addZyngs, the organization’s administrator must go to the Administration Panel > ZyncroApps > addZyngs > Enable, and once the ZyncroApp is enabled, click on Configure. Within the configuration options, you can add content in:

    • Sidebar: Adds a new section on the right panel in Zyncro where you can post pictures, text or links. How would you like to be able to easily access all the main links you use? Or want to add a banner?
    • Header: Adds a messages shown at the top of the Zyncro web page. This can be used to post a corporate message for the whole organization. So everyone will know what’s going on in the company. It can be plain text, an image or you can include links and HTML code.
    • Section: Adds a new clickable section within the Zyncro main menu, beside the Profile section. You can either load an external web page within Zyncro or create your own content. Ideal for integrating the corporate web page or blog!

    How do I add external images?

    If you want the space you added to contain an image, click on the image icon in the addZyngs configuration section.

    In the window that pops up, enter the address (URL) of the external image you want to add and press OK. The image is automatically inserted in the desired location (sidebar, header, or section).

    If you insert an image in the sidebar, there is a maximum width for the size: 250 pixels. If the photo exceeds this size, it will be cropped, so best reduce its size or edit it beforehand so that it appears in the way you want.


    How do I embed a video or HTML code?

    At any time, you can change between the visual editor and the HTML editor directly by clicking the last button in the toolbar in the addZyngs configuration window.

    Once this option is activated, in the textbox for the HTML code, you can enter a section of HTML code to personalize you space.

    One of the great features of this is you can embed a video that is hosted on YouTube, Vimeo or other such services, either in the header or in the new section you add to the main menu.


    Encrust a video with addZyngs


    YouTube or Vimeo gives you a HTML code to embed videos in any web page. The only thing you have to do is copy this code, paste it in the HTML editor window and save the changes.

    You can do this, for example, to post a institutional video or an important message so that the entire organization will see it as soon as possible.

    With addZyngs, you can take the initiative and customize Zyncro, adding contents that let you personalize your enterprise social network as far as possible.

    Discover the many other ZyncroApps and get the most out of your Enterprise Social Network!


  • Jaume Jané 11:00 am on April 29, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro adapts itself to you 

    Hi everyone.  Let me introduce myself – although Agustin Bosso did earlier in the Zyncro App post.  My name is Jaume and I started to work with Zyncro a couple of weeks ago to develop the integration of new features in Zyncro among other things.

    My first application fresh out of the oven is: addZyngs.

    This App allows messages, images, and links to be added or even web pages to be inserted into the main menus of your corporate Zyncro interface.  With addZyngs you will be able to create your own banners, corporate messages, notifications, offers… that will be visible to all of the members within your organization.

    In order to configure addZyngs you just need to go to the Administration Panel in Zyncro and Activate the application.

    Once activated, you will be able to configure the content in its three sections:








    • Side Toolbar: Add a new section to the right-hand panel on Zyncro where you can publish images, text or links.  What would you say to having a direct link to your most visited websites or be able to add a banner?  Now you can…
    • Header: Add a message in the top part of the Zyncro web page where informative messages can be published for the whole organisation to see.  This way nobody will miss out on any news within the company.
    • Section:  Add a new clickable section within the Zyncro main menu next to the Profile. Section.  You may choose to load a new webpage outside Zyncro or create your own content.

    The time has come to roll your sleeves up and get to work on adding content to your Zyncro intranet.  Did you think only we were the only ones that could modify Zyncro? Now it’s your turn.

    Jaume Jané is responsible for ZyncroApps and integration at Zyncro. He is an expert in analysis and development for integration possibilities in Online Social Networks, enterprise software and productivity cloud applications. He coordinates interactions between Zyncro and third party technology solutions. Before, he worked with distinct companies as a web programmer and a functional analyst.

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