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    New Webinar: How can I manage my receipts and expenses on an Enterprise Social Network? 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    Zyncro, your Enterprise Social Network, and Captio, the smartphone application that captures your receipts and processes them so that they can be managed and analyzed, and expenses reports created, partner up to offer a complete productivity solution within Social Business.

    Find out all about this partnership and the benefits that this integration could provide for your company at the Spanish webinar we’ve prepared for you!

    What’s it all about?

    Zyncro’s mission is to socialize the management of all corporate information, and with the integration with Captio includes the socialization of approval, management and storage processes for expenses, enabled by the Captio smartphone application. The technology provided by Captio for the automatic recognition of data extracted from digitalizing expenses can be made the most of and can be incorporated in Zyncro social work flows.

    We’ve prepared a webinar to explain the details of this partnership agreement, necessary for the current international business reality, which is increasingly embracing innovative projects that provide real, quality solutions to improve organizational processes.

    When is it happening?

    The Spanish webinar will be held on two days, you can choose which best suits you, and lasts approximately 30 minutes:

    • Tuesday, February 5, 2013, at 17:30h CET
    • Thursday, February 7, 2013, at 17:30h CET

    Who is giving it?

    The seminar will be given by Patricia Fernández Carrelo, head of Marketing at Zyncro, and Joaquim Segura Cañada, CEO of Captio.

    Who is it aimed at?

    This webinar is aimed at all those businesses that are interested and want to promote productivity in their organizations through a complete solution for Social Business.


    To participate in our Spanish webinar, you just need to register using this form.

    To find out more about the benefits that this integration could provide your company and to join the social revolution of enterprise 2.0, click on the following link: I want to attend the webinar!

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    Best Practices in Enterprise Social Networking 

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

    Zyncro and Socialmedia Network present Best Practices in Enterprise Social Networking.

    Based on our experience of implementing Enterprise Social Networks at the heart of businesses and the development of Zyncro, we have created the first whitepaper about Best Practices in Enterprise Social Networking.  A complete document through which you will learn the following:

    1. What are the basic guidelines for using Enterprise Social Networks
    2. How and when to use Enterprise Social Networks
    3. What are and how to manage work groups in a social intranet
    4. How to interact with members and departments within the network
    5. Internal information on an Enterprise Social Network: how to manage it and share it
    6. What is and how to optimize a corporate profile 2.0

    You can download the Best Practices in Enterprise Social Networking manual free. Just register on the form below.

    Share this manual with everyone in your organization!

    Download our manual now and begin to share it!


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    Share and explain the concept of Enterprise Social Networks 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    As part of Zyncro’s participation at SIMO on 6th October during the IT Forum, Zyncro presented the talk: “Corporate Social Networks: your company’s knowledge in the cloud“.

    Whether you were able to attend or not, you can access our presentation here in case you have any query or would like to be able to explain the following:

    • What is a Corporate Social Network?
    • What advantages can they bring to your business?
    • What does ‘having your company’s knowledge in the cloud’ actually mean?

    Feel free to share this presentation with your contacts!


    Master the cloud, introduce Zyncro into your business and reap the benefits of Corporate Social Networks


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    Zyncro for corporate events. Success case: Cetelem 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    Yesterday a company called Cetelem held its event #despegamos (‘lift off’) in Zaragoza.  It was an internal event with more than 250 participants attending in order to review strategy, new updates, corporate guidelines and involve the company managers.

    At this type of event, organisations aim towards the following objectives:

    • Transmit corporate information
    • Create a community
    • Involve executive and middle management in decision making
    • Receive feedback

    Nowadays we are all familiar with sharing, commenting upon and conveying so at an event with these characteristics, having a tool available for the interaction between speakers and attendees as well as for generating opinions in real time in a private manner, guarantees the success of the meeting.

    Cetelem, in a pioneering and completely innovative way decided to use Zyncro as a tool to channel the conversation between speakers and attendees and the result was one of total enrichment.

    The following was shared on the Zyncro screen that was projected on the stage for the duration:

    • Queries, questions, concerns…
    • Comments regarding content
    • Observations relating to the organisation and event infrastructure
    • Phrases causing the greatest impact
    • Attendees’ opinions

    More than 300 messages converted the event into a REAL FORUM for the exchange of enriching and productive ideas about the company.

    In this new communication era, Zyncro provides companies with the tools needed to channel and maximise its internal communication processes in a completely personalised, lively, private and secure manner.

    Pioneering organisations like Cetelem are already using it.

    Why not implement Zyncro in your company?


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    Enterprise Social Networks: the importance of coordination, motivation and training people 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    Having had various training experiences on the use of social tools from a business perspective one learns a natural way of distinguishing the key points when implementing these types of solutions.  Direct contact with the users (the so called UX discipline or “User Experience“), client training on the use of Zyncro and the documentation of methodology in the form of reports, necessary for the implementation of a Corporate Social Network that allows the role of fundamental aspects to be discovered to include:

    • The Coordination of the team to be carried out by the manager or community administrator.
    • The Motivation of its members in order to use the solution
    • Training people on the use of these types of tools
    • Without these three points, the implementation of internal social solutions would be considerably exposed to the possibility of failure, at least in organisations with classic model structures with a more traditional style where its employees are unlikely to be reading this post.  Let us take a look at what I mean by this point by point.


    The coordination and involvement of the community “administrator” or “dynamizer” is a must for the correct usage and rollout of the solution.  This is in addition to training about the possibilities it offers (which I will speak about in the third point of this article).
    The manager must be an involved person (within both the company and the project), who believes in the tool’s real virtues and above all, have the capability to coordinate and manage their team to achieve the set objectives which is vital for those more “classic” employees so that they may modify their communication methods and evolve towards more social or “2.0” models.

    I have always considered management within a company as a task requiring the most skills and professional capabilities and management in terms of 2.0, an even more complex management whilst being valuable at the same time within large organisations, both for its strong technological component as well as the novelty of its style.


    In the same way that the administrator or dynamizer should coordinate, they should also ensure the motivation of their colleagues to use the network.  They must understand all of the benefits on offer and that it becomes a form of help rather than an obligation and that they may discover how the tool can facilitate their work is essential.

    Without motivation and especially without training (motivation is closely linked with knowledge about the environment, whilst a lack of knowledge or lack of experience results in the complete opposite), the solution will remain unused.


    Last but not least, knowledge about the environment, its methodology or processes (sharing, communicating, expressing, collaborating, categorizing…), such as the technological side (the storage or basic document management concept, interface interaction for web content publishing or of other 2.0 applications).

    Therefore training employees is not just about explaining what a Corporate Social Network is about but also explaining the meaning of professional development from a 2.0 perspective and all of the tools that currently make up the spectrum of social digital applications.

    We will discuss these concepts further down the line.  But in the meantime, does your company value coordination, motivation and training?   Do you think there is any other aspect missing?  If so, don’t hesitate to share it.


  • Pep Cura 9:15 am on July 20, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Knowing the implementation process of your Enterprise Social Network: proposals and techniques 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    As previously outlined in the the article Enterprise Social Networks: Fact or Fiction? incorporating a working and virtual communication environment within a company can be a difficult decision for management and can almost result in a leap of of faith.

    When the decision to incorporate a collaborative tool in a virtual environment has been made, many leave it to the gods to ensure that their work group accepts and adapts towards the new way of working.

    Everybody shares these same fears and we all share the risks but…

    • how can we know if the application is sinking in amongst our company’s employees?
    • how can we know if they are discovering the full potential offered by the tool?
    • and one of the most important points: how can we rectify an implementation process that is not going exactly as we had hoped?

    We could consider two areas of focus when evaluating these aspects: technological and human.

    I won’t concentrate on the first area, technology.  It will suffice to say that tools such as Google Analytics can produce figures and illustrative information about the use and behavior of your tool.  On the other hand, I would like to mention the perspective of human behavior.

    The basic premise that in order for one to know the implementation process of the Enterprise Social Network is to know your employees and overall, know their attitudes, practices and attitudes when faced with a collaborative tool such as Zyncro.

    Psycho-social consultancies like Spora Sinergies are developing innovative qualitative and quantitative research methodologies that allow answers to be obtained both in the online as well as the offline business world.

    By applying techniques such as semi-structured interviews in a virtual environment or analyzing speeches and the meaning given by users with regards to their cultural organization, you can come to know how the collaborative tool is being used or identify common difficulties among employees in order to channel the implementation process.

    Good social research could mean the difference between a leap of faith and a leap with a safety net!  Are you prepared to run the risk?


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    How to organize your time using an Enterprise Social Network 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    This post has been motivation to read the article “Allocating Your Time As The Online Community Grows”  (thank you yo @marcribo for sharing it!).

    When it comes to organising your time during your working day, the GTD method is ideal: All tasks should be…

    • Compiled
    • Processed
    • Organised
    • Reviewed
    • Executed

    It is a good method for organising our daily to dos as well as our time.

    Within an organisation, this process should not only consider the time needed for completing each task but also the time spent writing up and sharing the acquired knowledge on our corporate network.

    (Let us remember that although it may seem like an unnecessary time spent, later on it may become time saved. And if not, see: The ROI on Corporate Social Networksk).

    When to communicate

    The best moment to make the generated knowledge official is upon completion of it. Or if it is a task that requires interaction from third parties, during the execution of the activity itself.

    Of course for information relating to timings, calendar or meetings, communication should take place prior to the activity.

    Time required to communicate

    On the other hand, the time required by some information management activities do not solely depend on the type of content but also on the number of members making up the community that the information is being shared with.

    The time set for formalising, writing up and sharing the tasks, activities or knowledge (content) is not directly related with the number of members. This task will require the same amount of time from each individual whether there are 5 members or 5,000 in the organisation.

    Nevertheless, the time employed in the reading of information, interaction or human relationships with the rest of the community, or complete structural knowledge (technological, human…) of the company amongst others, will increase as the number of employees in the company increases.

    How to organise oneself

    For all of the above, it is important to structure the work groups well in terms of the distribution of “followers” and “followed” within each organisation and also employ clear criteria about relevant information when it comes to sharing and receiving.

    At Zyncro we have always believed that the key to success lies within the correct dynamization of the community and even edition of good practice manuals so that the right criteria is always considered and with this as the objective, technology is put to the method’s service.

    We will continue to analyze case studies and make ourselves participants within them so that we can learn something new and become slightly more organised everyday.

    Zyncro and well organised time and tasks are key to the improvement of productivity.

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    How to manage happy news stories with Zyncro 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    Just recently, I was fortunate to meet Grupo Intercom and its internal communications manager.

    One of the things that most stood out as soon as I walked in was the amount of awards on display at reception in recognition of ranking placement (first, second, third, …) for the 50 best companies to work in in Spain – in the 250 to 500 employee category – according to the most recent study carried out by the Great Place to Work institute.

    Upon seeing those achievements, my first thought was that Zyncro could also get many companies to achieve better working environments.

    Just yesterday at Zyncro Tech and thanks to our own corporate Zyncro, we were able to share a happy news story that made it possible for distances to cease to exist between employees, communication flowed amoungst ourselves (beginning with the personal items, we make way for improving the professional side of things) and our screens were transformed into a more motivating environment to work in.

    I will leave you with the conversation we had amoungst ourselves (in Spanish).  We consider it a little communication treasure in which… we congratulate our colleague Alejandro Scott for becoming a dad to a lovely daughter! :-)

    Congratulations again Ale on the birth of your baby girl! :-)

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