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  • Patricia Fernandez Carrelo 9:25 am on March 26, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro seeks Community Manager… 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minute (maybe more if you’re interested ;-))

    Updated Monday, March 26 at 6.30pm Central European Time

    The period for sending us your applications is now over!

    Many thanks to all of you who have showed interest in this offer and sent us your details and your profiles! Thanks also to everyone who has spread the word on the social networks.

    Zyncro has received numerous applications for the position and we’re sure we’ve got the cream of the crop. Now we’re just left with the difficult task of deciding!

    Once again… thanks, everyone!

    Yes, the time has come to extend our team after an intense year of creating and managing our community on the social networks, with our presence on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest… and on ZyncroBlog

    At Zyncro, we’re looking for someone to help us answer our community’s needs, to engage and transmit everything we do and offer, as well as recreate our Spanish strategy in other countries.

    Who are we?

    Zyncro Tech is one of the main start-ups on todays international technology front. We started in Barcelona a little over two years ago and now we have offices in Argentina, Mexico, France, Germany, Brazil, Japan, the United States, and soon we’ll open in the Netherlands, Italy and China.

    Working at Zyncro Tech, you’ll be part of:

    • An attractive project in which you can learn, grow professionally and personally, develop your expertise as an expert in the technology sector and experience the passionate world of social networking.
    • A fun and motivated multicultural team looking to take on the world and 100% dedicated to the project.
    • An innovative environment where you learn something new every day, discover what inspires you and where the path is built on new ideas.
    • A truly international venture, meaning that you’ll discover performance at a global level, learn and participate in new ways of doing things across different cultures…

    Who are we looking for?

    We’re looking for an all-round “off-road” community manager:

    • An expert in 2.0 channels with proven experience in managing online communities—even it’s just your own! Someone who gets what #FF, infographics, hashtag, branding or APIs is.
    • A technology geek: someone who loves exploring new tools, reads Genbeta and/or Techcrunch, and who is completely enamored with GoogleApps, smartphones and other gadgets.
    • creative individual who constantly seeks out innovation, who is not afraid of doing things differently and at pace.
    • Someone with knowledge of HTML, graphic design (Photoshop or Illustrator) and video editing (if not at a technical level, at least at a conceptual level).
    • Someone who wants to discuss digital and business issues in an interesting way. It’s extremely important to be a good writer, to able to detect and/or generate interesting contents related to different aspects of business management 2.0.
    • With an excellent capacity for teamwork: able to interpret and participate in IT technicians’ geek talk and sales reps’ madness.
    • With a great level of English as well as excellent Spanish, capable of reproducing our current 2.0 strategy in other languages.
    • Passionate about corporate communication, both internal and external.
    • Empathetic, friendly and proactive…
    • And who wants to learn, share and share in the excitement of working in a team like Zyncro, just like the rest of us feel… 😉

    What are we offering?

    • An international career: Zyncro’s eight (soon to be eleven) offices will let you discover the commercial reality of multiple countries and experience the thrill of multiculturalism from day one.
    • Training: At Zyncro, we hate monotony. Our leitmotif is to learn new things every day, incorporating the best technology in our daily tasks and always being keyed in on the latest happenings around us.
    • Fun: From day one, you’ll share that touch of madness of our team members… that essential touch of “locura” needed to make everything run like clockwork!
    • Earn money: And of course… a promising base salary with wage review every 4 months.

    How can I apply?

    Find us on the social networks and show us what you know. If you do it right, you’ll be your own best advert! 😉


  • Xavi Gracia 10:30 am on July 19, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Aligning “Social Media” with the business. A CIO’s view 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    We find ourselves at a time in which selling is difficult. Conventional advertising is not enticing enough, TV campaigns are very costly, TV spots are very long and on occasions don’t achieve the desired business objectives.

    On the other hand, we have the Social Media Marketing explosion, which appears to be the answer to everything.

    Social Media has come to stay. For this reason, we need to incorporate it on all levels of the business. However in all cases, it must be carried out correctly and in line with the business plan, rather than as an independent initiative from the marketing or on-line department.

    If we as a company decide to introduce Social Media Marketing, we should interiorize it in the same way as implementing a CRM system, so that all areas and departments work in a customer-oriented manner.

    Today, conversations take place on the Internet and we need to listen to them, though this is pointless unless we are capable of processing this information and able to make decisions.

    In short, if we introduce Social Media, we should do it considering all the consequences.

    • Alignment: Integrating it within the marketing, sales plan… and not as an isolated action that “someone” from marketing leads (generally the junior PM, because he or she is the youngest and has “Facebook” skills).
    • TV+Internet: If the strategy is TV+Internet, the potential impact is significant (if done correctly).
    • ICT: Have all of the IT systems (ICT) prepared for the possible outcomes and for the virility generated by social networks during the TV spot (I repeat, the combination of TV+Internet is very powerful!)
    • Sharing information: Everybody should know of the existence of the campaign (customer services, sales networks, call centers, etc), even if this is via “Facebook”. It will have an impact on all areas of the company (including finance!).
    • Actions: Conversations are on the Internet and it must be listened to, but there is no point if we don’t analyze the information obtained and take consequential measures.
    • Community manager: We need to take on the role of “community manager”… we know our brands best. :-)


  • Pedro Rojas 8:38 am on July 8, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Six principles for Social Media reporting for Community Managers 

    Note from the editor: Pedro Rojas has been so kind as to let us have this article from his blog (in Spanish) which mentions amongst other things, how to use Zyncro for the management of information found in Social Media analysis.  At Zyncro we believe this case study to be perfectly adaptable to other information “reports” generated within the different departments of a company and for this reason have decided to share it. Thanks @SeniorManager.

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    I must confess that I like writing about these topics because they really demonstrate that Community Management is a profession with objectives, strategies, tactics and results; seeing as a social networks fan probably does not need to register their activity as opposed to a Community Manager.

    The client needs to know “what” they have invested in and reporting is the best way to show this.  To begin with, here are two reflections…

    • A Social Media strategy is of no use to us if it cannot be measured.
    • It is pointless to establish objectives if they are not monitored afterwards.

    There are hundreds of follow up reports and templates in existence that can be created from the use of KPIs that have been established at the start of the Social Media Plan, but they must all meet the following six principles, based on the well known: “What, who, when, how, where and why”, but in this case applied to Social Media… as follows:

    1. What information should be included?:

    The information should be balanced in terms of quantitative and qualitative and in a coherent proportion to the company, with the networks used and with the number of professionals involved: but always geared towards goals and objectives.

    They should reflect numerical data that points towards implementation of the strategy, using date and KPI order in such a way that they can later be added or subtracted (as needed) but always recording developments.

    It is also convenient to include competitor information depending on the strategy and the business model of the type of brand.

    2. Who should reports be aimed at?:

    Regardless of the type of strategy or organizational complexity of the company, reports should be created as the client need requires; this refers to the tone, the vocabulary, semantics, syntax and editing style with a focus towards the complete comprehension of all of the information by somebody who has never been exposed to the 2.0 world or its culture.

    In general, one person from the client company is assigned to receive them and forwards a copy to the strategy manager.

    3. When is information recorded and when are the reports handed in?:
 Daily record and follow up templates must be designed in order to have “sentiment” (positive, negative and neutral).  Nonetheless, sensitive content and/or information reports or criticism should be handed in on a weekly basis. 
Monthly and trimestrial reports may be a summary of the weekly including the parallels of the least crucial representative information for decision making.

    4. How to report: 
Reports should be simple in structure but powerful in terms of information that demonstrate a result oriented focus as well as the most determining factors.  It is of no use to know that twitter followers have decreased if there is no indication as to the possible causes; the aim is not “reporting for reporting’s sake”.  There is a need to complement the report with analysis and commentary of results as well as possible deviations or corrective suggestions.

    What the Community Manager does on a daily basis is not at question, moreover we are concerned with what is actually “happening” in each network based on analysis carried out on the variables involved and the facts obtained.  This is the value of the information that will allow us to make decisions if necessary.

    5. Where should reports be handed in?: 
Daily follow up reports should be accessible to the people involved via tools such as DropBox, Zyncro or BaseCamp.   The content of weekly, monthly and other reports can be “captured” with some type of graphic and be “accompanied” by commentary to later be presented in person or be made available for their review and analysis in spaces where they can be most visible; this also includes virtual applications as well as allowing for a printed version to be attached to the typical notice board.

    6. Why do we need reports?:
 To be clear, a Social Media Plan constantly evolves and is where we can outline a path towards the achievement of objectives, a path full potholes and “dangers” (literally), and for which we need a guide in order to determine what works and what does not.  Applying Social Media as a method is simple trial and error and there is no time to lose.  For this reason it is necessary to know what is happening right now as and when things take place and not next week.  The value of numbers in Social Media is incalculable and measuring strategy in order to know the results of what we are doing is fundamental.


    Appropriately designed reports are like a type of map that allows us to move forward with our social media plan.

    They allow us to learn a lot about the current and future strategy which is why its design must include graphics, analysis and overall relevant anecdotal components in order to continue to evolve.


  • Patricia Fernandez Carrelo 12:07 pm on April 20, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Strategist, community, curator… which one do we have at Zyncro? 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    Over the last few days there has been much spoken about communication 2.0 in the Zyncro blog, about the new ways to narrate events, about the values that define this type of communication and even about the integration between on and off marketing.

    But at Zyncro we like to talk about the theory as well as the practice, right down to what would be of interest to our readers as a practical case study from which to learn, to discuss not only “what” but also “how“.

    So, after publishing A story about how we use Zyncro, at Zyncro slightly more descriptive than How Twitter Employees Send Their Tweets… ;-))  we would like to explain how we manage the best part of our digital content.

    The strategy we follow at Zyncro basically consists of being present and contributing, and our efforts are distributed as follows:

    To make all of this happen, Zyncro has a team of professionals coordinated ultimately by Lluís Font himself of course :) – that are responsible for these tasks as well as generating high quality content every day, each with their own additional responsibilities.   As Julius Caesar used to say: divide and govern.

    So, in the Zyncrommunity (community created within Zyncro for the exchange of knowledge and experience about the meaning of the 2.0 company), when the question who is the Zyncro “community manager” was asked, it became complicated to answer.  It is difficult to name each of the people that manage these issues.  From our point of view the job titles only provide a face-value and what is important is a person’s performance: their methods, their objectives, their achievements… not so much their job title.

    • At Zyncro we try to talk to our followers, respond to our clients and suggest ideas to them via the social networks and blogs (we are community managers).
    • At Zyncro we aim to keep up to date with new digital marketing strategies and we redirect our own ones in relation to the results (we are social media strategists)
    • At Zyncro we generate and compile knowledge about the 2.0 company: we monitor key terminology, we read and extract knowledge from blogs and LinkedIn groups, select favourites on Twitter… (we are content curators)

    But as a team :).  And I am not saying that we are perfect because I do not think anyone is…  but this is our way of doing it .  What do you think?  Calling Social Media Experts… we await your comments! :)

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