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    Zyncro included in the 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace* for the second year in a row 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    Zyncro is pleased to announce that for the second year in a row its Enterprise Social Network solution has been evaluated by Gartner and placed in the Niche Players quadrant.

    Zyncro is again positioned on this Magic Quadrant as a Niche Player with a social networking product used both for internal collaboration and for external (mainly customer) communities. This solution is used for companies with the objective to boost internal collaboration, information sharing and interactions among their employees using information management systems and business applications.

    We believe that by being included in this report again, Zyncro consolidates its position as one of the most reliable and innovative solutions on the Enterprise Social Technology market.

    Luis Font, Zyncro CEO and co-founder of the company alongside Didac Lee, emphasises that at Zyncro “We are very satisfied to again be positioned as a niche player in the industry. Being included for the second time it is big news for the company and we feel it is a great recognition of our team’s efforts”.

    Font also explains that “We also believe this consecutive placement shows that we have a good product that matches the needs of our clients and that we are in the right direction to keep building a mature and solid solution. All of this will help us a lot to continue our market growth“.

    In the last few years, the advancement of social technology in the corporate sphere has bolstered Zyncro’s commitment to developing communication and collaboration tools for employees.

    Zyncro, a company founded in Barcelona just over 3 years ago and which has already established a presence in 28 countries, is convinced of the enormous opportunities offered by social software tools to help companies transform their work methods, making them more efficient and productive.

    According to its vision, a new corporate reality exists in which people organize themselves through interconnected networks. In this scenario, the socialization of activities within businesses can deliver huge benefits by encouraging the collaboration, mobility and commitment of employees. That’s why Zyncro works constantly to stay on the cutting edge of technology and continue to offer one of the most reliable, secure, and attractive solutions on the market.

    About the Magic Quadrant

    Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings or other designation. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner’s research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

    *Gartner Research Document
    Gartner Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace. Analysts: Nikos Drakos, Jeffrey Man, Mike Gotta. Publication date: 3 September 2014.


  • Patricia Fernandez Carrelo 9:00 am on July 24, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro and Yanomo: Socializing Project Management 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    PartnershipZyncroYanomoLast week, Dutch Project Management Software Specialist Yanomo and the Social Software Provider Zyncro reached an agreement to offer a combined Cloud Solution for time tracking, invoicing and budget management with the social layer given by an Enterprise Social Network, to boost collaboration in any project management process.

    This new integrated solution is targeted at enterprises aiming to allow easier communication, streamline tasks & project management, facilitate teamwork, provide a transparent view of processes and make their employees more productive and efficient.

    Yanomo offers enterprises industrial-strength operations management with a social, user-friendly interface, belying the software’s power. The software allows users to track time, to-do’s, expenses, budgets and project progress, embedded within Zyncro. Zyncro allows enterprises to communicate within safe and closed environments and help organizations to maximize their potential through the use of Social Technology applied to a business ecosystem, resulting in a direct impact on the final results, all this by participating the employees and including their ideas and proposals in the processes.

    All the project knowledge -formal & informal- in a combined solution

    Through the connection between Zyncro and Yanomo all the information related to time tracking, tasks, phases, progress, people involved or reports of a project can be easily shared and enriched in a private, secure and corporate social environment: Zyncro, your Enterprise Social Network. Both solutions can adapt to all customers’ needs through branding personalization, integrations, and mobile applications. Furthermore, Zyncro can be delivered as an on-premise software and private branded, including mobile apps.

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  • Patricia Fernandez Carrelo 8:07 am on June 20, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro partners up with Formanchuk & Asociados, a guarantee for success in enterprise socialisation and innovation in Latin America 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    PertnershipFormanchuckZyncroFormanchuck & Asociados, a firm specialising in communication, collaborative culture and organisational transformation, and Zyncro, the leading Enterprise Social Network solution in the Spanish language social software platform market, have just signed a strategic agreement to mentor Latin American companies on their journey towards process socialisation, innovation and streamlining in their organisations.

    Under the agreement, Formanchuk & Asociados gains a powerful tool which rounds off its range of consulting, mentoring and change management services for enterprises. Its extensive experience united with the most flexible and customisable solution on the market makes for a powerful alliance delivering all-inclusive support to companies looking to take the leap into the culture of collaboration and become social enterprises.

    Lluís Font, Zyncro’s CEO, stresses the importance of further progress in the socialisation of companies in Latin America. ”Implementing an enterprise social network is a necessary step in the evolution of businesses, and like any technology that has a transversal impact in an organisation, it needs proper change management to ensure it is successful”, he says. In his view this alliance is crucial since “partnering Formanchuk & Associates is a natural choice for us because of their experience in developing internal corporate communication programmes, culture creation and measures for innovation, training and organisational transformation.”

    An agreement of this kind is an excellent foil for Zyncro’s corporate strategy. As a provider of a private and secure technology platform with an enormous impact on cultural change in organisations, linking up with fellow professionals means ensuring the success of a project that is not restricted solely to the technological realm.

    The agreement with Formanchuk & Asociados helps boost Zyncro’s presence in Latin America, a region where it has been operating since 2011 with Telefónica. It also adds to Zyncro’s powerful ecosystem of partners through which it is continuing to expand its commercial capabilities and product portfolio worldwide.

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  • Francisco Eguiza 9:00 am on June 5, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    everis and Zyncro to develop professional apps for sharing electronic medical records 

    Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

    • The agreement will make it possible to connect ehCOS suite business community users worldwide
    • Late this year collaborative clinical apps linking the expertise and products of both companies are to be launched

    everis, the multinational consultancy firm, and Zyncro, the largest Enterprise SoZyncro&everiscial Network in Mexico and Spain, have reached an agreement to build communications solutions 2.0 in the health industry. The partnership will generate tools that integrate electronic medical records onto a digital platform where doctors and hospitals can share information and medical opinions in real time irrespective of where they are physically.

    That means the solutions developed by everis and Zyncro will speed up clinical diagnosis using a system similar to that employed in social networks, but equipped with all the latest security and privacy technologies which define Zyncro as an enterprise social network.

    Likewise, doctors will be able to communicate securely and privately with their patients. In addition to reducing the time taken to choose appropriate treatment, this will significantly improve patient engagement.

    Under this agreement everis and Zyncro have synergized their knowledge to harness the power of enterprise social networks and thus improve the way health organisations operate. Using marketing tools, health providers will be able to inform, listen and converse with patients while engaging them and increasing their commitment to looking after their own health.

    The industry is at a key stage in adopting Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and is seeking to take advantage of the impact enterprise social networks and innovation 2.0 are now having on companies and organisations.

    Against this backdrop everis has created its ehCOS strategy, a raft of solutions meeting the challenges of the health industry particularly in terms of electronic medical records. In Zyncro it has found the enterprise social network platform which dovetails with its strategy.

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  • Francisco Eguiza 9:00 am on May 21, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    “Digital Innovation for Enterprises in Mexico” accolade awarded to Zyncro 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    Within six months of its foundation, the recently established “Mexico City Marketing and Technology Association” held its first official presentation of awards for strategies, solutions, tools and applications that drive the development of companies and businesses in Mexico.

    The association honoured us with the “Digital Innovation for Enterprises in Mexico” award, a solid recognition for our entire team’s constant effort and commitment and this is something which we are very proud of. This award encourages us to continue to pour all our energy into supporting the development and promotion of companies in Mexico, both to enhance their communication (internal and external) and to increase their production and document management capabilities through our social, technology and innovation tool.

    The work of our entire team and our brand, ranging from cutting-edge technology to our marketing and business strategies, are translated into a digital product and a handy all-inclusive solution for companies to keep their social layer active, step up their productivity and deliver transactional information processes securely, privately, transparently and with 100% mobility.

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    SmartBoys closes an agreement with Zyncro to commercialize the Enterprise Social Network solution among its customer network in Scandinavia and Baltics 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutesSmartBoys closes an agreement with Zyncro

    • Familiar with today’s social business technology market, SmartBoys has chosen Zyncro due to its flexibility, capacity for customization, different installation modes available for cloud infrastructures or in the customer’s own data center and its strict compliance with data protection legislation as required by major corporations.
    • Aware of the multiple devices, tools and systems that exist in the market, through Zyncro SmartBoys plans to offer a smart integrated solution that responds to companies’ communication needs andsocial requirements, in addition to making it available in Scandinavian languages.

    SmartBoys has signed and impressive agreement with Zyncro — a leading provider in Europe, Latin America and Asia—to commercialize its Enterprise Social Network. The solution is aimed at those enterprises that want to facilitate communication, streamline task and workflow management, facilitate teamwork, provide a transparent view of processes and optimize employee productivity and efficiency.

    Zyncro, which has undergone sharp growth and international expansion over the past two years, tripling users and customers and going to five Scandinavian countries thanks to the SmartBoys agreement, seeks to change the way companies work, communicate and collaborate.

    Lluís Font, Zyncro’s CEO said: “Our alliance with this Smart integrator represents a value-added support for Zyncro as a business solution applied effectively and integrated with the communication needs of companies. It consolidates our international presence in Scandinavia and Baltics, where Zyncro provides a more secure and flexible solution when compared to other rigid solutions offered by US-based multinational providers, which are less adaptable to data protection regulations”.

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    Zyncro with PowerFolder at the CeBIT 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

    Today starts a new edition of the CeBIT, one of the largest trade fairs showcasing digital and telecommunication solutions for domestic and work environments. Every year in Hannover, industry professionals and users of leading-edge communication technology solutions are brought together at an international event where the hottest trends and innovation are discussed.

    Zyncro is taking part in it for the second year thanks to its alliance with PowerFolder. Together we are offering a corporate communication system to enhance collaboration among its employees.

    The alliance: an european Business-Cloud Solution for cooperation, filesharing, data synchronization and social business.

    From now on the german IT-Specialist PowerFolder and the Social Software Provider Zyncro are offering a Cloud-Solution, which connects synchronizing and sharing of documents with the benefits of Enterprise and Private Social Networks.

    This new Solution is addressed at those enterprises that want to allow easier communication, streamline tasks & workflows management, facilitate teamwork, provide a transparent view of processes and make their employees more productive and efficient.

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    Would you like to know the history of Zyncro? 

    Estimated reading time + video: 2 minutes

    Zyncro’s history, though short-lived, is marked by several milestones that have been turning points in the company growth. There is still much to be done and this is nothing compared to what awaits us beyond 2014, because we will keep on working to reach our goal of offering the Enterprise Social Network that best suits the needs of businesses.

    Discover the history of our company with this video!

  • Patricia Fernandez Carrelo 9:00 am on December 19, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    10 things Zyncro can help you improve in 2014 to add a touch of colour to your company 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes filled with warm Christmas greetings 😉

    1. Develop collaboration not competition. Introduce a more transparent and open way to work where each idea is heard and taken into consideration. The group’s power is much bigger when people can gather their ideas, knowledge and experience and transform it into something valuable for the company.
    2. Give as much as you can to your colleagues and start learning from them. As a manager, you have an important role in developing this culture of sharing in order to create a constant learning environment. Make people learn from others in similar roles. Find experts among your employees and make them share their knowledge to improve their performance.
    3. Transform your employees, partners and collaborators into brand ambassadors. If you make them love their work and what they do for the common project, you will gain their trust. Connect the personal and the corporate: that’s the way you make your company more approachable and it gives employees the power to go out in the real world and social networks to be real brand ambassadors. Recognize them publicly; it will enhance their motivation and engagement, and it can only benefit your company.
    4. Work closely with your team but don’t forget you have an entire community at your reach. Not only your close relationships are important, you can develop valuable knowledge by getting closer to your “weak ties”, i.e. the people you are not close to, and open yourself to new social circles.
    5. Develop flexibility and mobility: Use the appropriate tools to enable your team to focus on objectives rather than the time they spend in the office. Mobility is a characteristic of our new century. People are getting used to the flexibility of communicating whenever and wherever they want, and companies can definitely get some great benefits if its members can remain connected to each other outside the office.
    6. Integrate clients, providers or partners to reach your objectives. Not only the members of the organization possess the knowledge and experience that will make the business perform. Clients are the best people to convey the benefits of your brand. Partners may have experience in markets you are interested in, and providers can help you improve products…
    7. Integrate a social factor in any task and process. In a connected organization, collaboration can have a direct impact on efficiency thanks to social processes. Imagine if sales representatives could see past conversations related to a deal, or if your customer service could get direct help to the product team through the activity stream.
    8. Make each person its own manager, empower your team: Your job is not only to command but also to bring out the potential of the people. As Steve Jobs said: “It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do”.
    9. Spread the company values in your team: Successful companies have a perfect harmony between advocated values and those transmitted by the employees. Use your enterprise social network to let values go viral within the company.
    10. Don’t only think tasks, tools and processes, but also Challenges, Passion and Dream.

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    Zyncro and redIT ready to offer Enterprise Social Network Services in Mexico 

    • This alliance will allow Mexican businesses, under redIT’s IT infrastructure, to offer Zyncro’s Enterprise Social Network application
    • RedIT has become a global strategic partner with Zyncro to jointly commercialize integral solutions

    redIT, a Mexican company specializing in IT and telecommunication services and infrastructure provision, announced their alliance with Zyncro yesterday, the leading business on a global level of enterprise social networks.

    The objective of this alliance is to combine the attributes and strengths of each partner to benefit the companies and their forms of doing business. 

    Emilio Puente, Director of Sales for redIT channels, indicated that this agreement will allow the company to complement the value proposal that redIT offers today to its clients, through the promotion of solutions oriented to generate value for businesses. Furthermore, he emphasized that by this agreement redIT endorses its commitment of being an innovative business fostering the concept of “Enterprise Social Networks”.

    “In this spirit propping up and increasing the value of the offer and with it strengthening our differentiation factors, redIT decided to partner with a key player, like Zyncro, now that the promotion, diffusion and effective implementation of enterprise social networks allows us to offer our clients a platform capable of transforming the way in which our clients interact with their own ecosystem. Likewise, this alliance will help businesses increase their productivity and efficiency, additionally providing them with a positive and favorable experience for their business that will allow them to take advantage of the information that they themselves will generate”, declared the director of redIT.

    In turn, Alejandro Herrera, Director of Corporate Affairs mentioned: “With this partnership we will put the world of tomorrow at the benefit of our clients, and with it redIT will transform into a company in the era of information to support service to our business partners”.

    (More …)

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