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    Zyncro brings together 350 executives at ComunicaTE Madrid to discuss Enterprise Social Networks 

    Estimated reading time + video: 8 minutes

    On Monday, May 6, we gathered at Casa de América for ComunicaTE Madrid 2013, the sixth edition of our Master Class for Executives at which we discussed Enterprise Social Networks and integrated communications.

    During the day, with almost 350 attendees, 10 speakers, and thanks to the support of our 13 partners, we had a chance to reflect and analyze with top-class professionals and speakers the transformation processes in companies that already understand the benefits of being social organizations and that have successfully implemented social strategies to transform their business processes.

    After a brief introduction and welcome by Lluís Font, CEO at Zyncro, and Patricia Fernández, VP Marketing at Zyncro, we started the master class where we discussed the benefits of social business collaboration, the ROI of social business tools, the latest trends in management 2.0, and looked at real case studies of social companies.

    ‘Strategic vision of social software and integrated communication in Telefónica’ with Carlos Rabazo, Telefónica Key Accounts

    Carlos spoke about a change in the communication model in people, where social networks have become the channel preferred by a large part of the population, and how these new communication channels can also be applied to communications within companies. According to Rabazo, it has been shown that social networks are a favorable environment for working and sharing, and now the challenge has been set to export the use of these communication systems to the business environment.

    ‘Integrating Systems in Companies from a Social Perspective’ with Francisco Gracia, Manager at everis

    Francisco gave us some interesting information. 93% of internet users use social networks; 65% of users have contacted a company through social networks, and 25% have interacted with companies through this channel. This data shows that social technologies form part of our daily lives and companies must recognize this fact. This means they need to align these tools with the company’s strategy and there must be greater collaboration between IT and business.

    ‘Reinventing the Company in Consumerization. Mobile Technologies in Enterprise Social Networks’ with Juan Polo, EMEA Enterprise Client Marketing Manager at Intel

    Juan spoke about the growing importance of mobility and its major penetration in almost all sectors. This mobility provides benefits and differentiation for companies in terms of information accessibility, the incorporation of new applications, speed in decision-making, and the optimization of resources. Employees require more mobile devices and this, together with the Bring Your Own Device trends, require organizations to opt for mobile apps. Juan explained how Intel does it with its own architecture and Windows 8, responding to business requirements.

    Success stories with Zyncro

    During the rest of the afternoon, several success stories were presented of companies that have integrated their technology with Zyncro with excellent results. Joaquim Segura, CEO at Captio, presented their tool to attendees as an option to improve productivity with a mobile, social and cloud-based app.

    Antonio Ramírez, Product Marketing & Business Development Manager at Konica Minolta, gave the key ideas to social document management in the cloud thanks to its integration with Enterprise Social Networks.

    Sonia Ruiz Moreno, CEO at PrideCom, advanced some of the main ideas of the ‘Zyncro method’, a method designed to guide companies that want to implement an Enterprise Social Network in their organization and whose first output was the whitepaper ‘How to Convince Your Boss’.

    Finally, three projects developed with Zyncro were presented. Rosa María Martínez, M2M Business Development Manager at Telefónica, explained the development and operation of the APP ON project for Telefónica Latin America, now also available for Windows 8; Arantxa Martínez, Director of Organization and Systems at The EatOut Group, traced their journey from the idea to the roll out of the Enterprise Social Network for their employees; and Eva Collado, HR Development Manager at Venca, closed the session by talking about the benefits achieved with the implementation of an internal network in their organization.

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    ComunícaTE Madrid: Everything you need to know about Enterprise Social Networks and Integrated Communication with Zyncro, Telefónica and Intel 

    Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

    Zyncro, in collaboration with Telefónica and Intel, organizes in Madrid the 6th edition of the master class for executives ComunícaTE on Monday, May 6. The event will be held at Casa de América from 3.30 pm onwards.

    If you are interested in attending, you can now register. You can invite your professional contacts, but remember to do it soon. There’s a limited number of places!

    What is ComunícaTE?

    This master class organized by Zyncro has already become a key event in the business world. This edition will focus on the concept of Enterprise Social Networks, a new technology and management reality that is taking place in the most innovative companies nowadays.

    Many companies accompanied by Zyncro and Telefónica are already “social organizations” in which knowledge and information are shared efficiently, employees work in collaboration for the benefit of the project, the voices of customers, providers, partners, etc. are heard in decision-making, collective knowledge is encouraged, leaders are managers 2.0 who are not afraid to listen to new opinions or ideas, and systems are unified, enhancing collaboration and people as the new business focus.

    The master class event will round off with a Spanish wine reception, together with a showroom with Windows 8 tablets, provided by Intel, in which you can try social and productivity tools for businesses, such as the App ON from Telefónica, SAP or the Office suite, and multifunction equipment from Konica Minolta, which will enable us to see the integration between documents and Enterprise Social Networks.

    What will be discussed?

    We will talk about business transformation processes towards the cloud, mobility and integration. Zyncro and Telefónica are leading the way and driving projects for transforming organizations from IT models to BT (business technology) models in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Intel is a leading technology partner for adapting platforms in the areas of cloud computing and business mobility.

    From this international experience, we will analyze the models for adapting social strategy to business processes, integration with the main business information systems – ERPs, CRMs, BI systems, advanced document management, and other business technology – and the close relationship between social software and two key technologies: the cloud and mobile technologies.

    Where and when?

    The sixth edition of ComunícaTE will be held in the auditorium of Casa de América (Plaza de la Cibeles, 2) on Monday, May 6, at 3.30 pm.

    Who is it aimed at?

    Top executives in companies from any sector and managers of IT, Communication, HR or Marketing departments with the capacity to improve information and innovation systems related to communication flows in their company.
    Our goal is to bring together top-level professionals with whom to share key aspects that will help any executive to understand the new social scenarios that being experienced in organizations across the world and we will discuss the benefits of social business collaboration, the ROI of enterprise social tools, the latest trends in management 2.0, and real case studies of social companies.


    • 3.30-4.00 pm – Registration and welcome coffee
    • 4.00-4:15 pm – Introduction and welcome, by Lluís Font, CEO, Zyncro
    • 4.15-4.30 pm – Strategic vision of social software and integrated communication in Telefónica, by Carlos Rabazo, Telefónica Key Accounts
    • 4.30-4.45 pm – Integrating systems in companies from a social perspective (tbd)
    • 4.45-5.00 pm – Reinventing the company in consumerization. Mobile technologies in enterprise social networks, by Intel
    • 5.00-5.15 pm – Mobile, social and cloud productivity tools. The success story of Captio
    • 5.15-5.30 pm – From paper to the cloud, document management is now social, by Antonio Ramírez, Product Marketing & Business Development Manager, Konica Minolta
    • 5.30-5.45 pm – Enterprise Social Network implementation methodology: the Zyncro Method, by Sonia Ruiz, CEO, PrideCom
    • 5.45-6.00 pm – Success story: Telefónica Latin America and Project ON
    • 6.00-6.15 pm – Success story: EatOut, by Arantxa Martínez, Organization and Systems Director, The EatOut Group
    • 6.15-6.30 pm – Success story: Venca, by Eva Collado Durán, HR Development Manager, Venca
    • 6.30 pm – Spanish wine reception and showroom with Windows 8 tablets, sponsored by Intel

    With the collaboration of Extended, FHIOS & ZinkApp.

    Are you ready for the next generation Company? We’ll see you at #ComunicaTE.

    Register now!

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    ComunicaME Madrid 2012 [VIDEO] 

    Estimated reading time + video: 3 minutes

    As most of you already know, last November 16 the fifth edition of ComunicaME was held in Madrid. Almost three hundred executives attending the event were able to enjoy the master class on the latest trends and practical examples of the implementation of Enterprise Social Networks such as Zyncro.

    We know that there are many of you who, due to various circumstances, were unable to attend. So, for you and for those who still don’t know what goes on at ComunicaME, here is a video, whose only objective is to give you a dose of healthy envy :)


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    New edition of ComunicaMe – Madrid: Everything you need to know about Enterprise Social Networks 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    Zyncro presents the fifth edition of the leading Spanish-language Enterprise Social Networking event for executives of companies in all industries.

    On this occasion, we invite you to join us at ComunícaME on November 16 at the Ayre Gran Hotel Colón, Madrid

    The concept of Enterprise Social Networking is no myth; it’s a tangible reality. Many companies have already become “social organizations” where knowledge and information are shared efficiently, employees work collaboratively for the good of the project, collective knowledge is encouraged, and leaders are 2.0 managers, unafraid of listening to new opinions and ideas.

    What is ComunicaMe?

    ComunicaME is a master class in which we share the key aspects that will help any executive to understand the new social scenarios emerging in organizations across the world. We will discuss the benefits of social enterprise collaboration, the ROI of enterprise social tools, the key trends in 2.0 management, as well as look at real case studies of social companies.

    Zyncro has driven and led business transformation projects in numerous organizations across Europe, the Americas and Asia, guiding companies on their path towards the latest collaborative trends and technologies. Using this international experience, we have touched down in Madrid in order to analyze concepts like the activity stream, business content aggregation, and social integration with the main corporate information systems, such as ERPs, CRMs, BI systems, advanced document management systems, and other enterprise technology.

    Where and when?

    The fifth edition of ComunicaME will take place on November 16 at the Ayre Gran Hotel Colón Madrid.

    Who is it aimed at?

    Executives in companies from any sector and managers of HR, Communication, Marketing or IT departments looking to improve communication flows in their company Registration for the event is free.

    Who are the speakers?

    The speakers have been specially chosen to offer you the best training contents:

    • Zyncro: Creator and driving force behind the solution Zyncro, leader in the Enterprise Social Network market and Enterprise 2.0.
    • Telefónica International: One of the top private telecommunications organizations in the world , expert in incorporating 2.0 tools and strategies as well as mobile technologies, indisputable leader in the multi-national environment.
    • IORConsulting: International head-hunting firm, offering consultancy in organization and human resources. Authors of the study “How can Spanish companies take advantage of Enterprise Social Networks?” and creators of the IOR Cloud, the private social network for Recruitment 2.0 and Head Hunting processes.
    • Konica Minolta: Leading manufacturer of business products, services and solutions associated with digital images: photocopiers, printers, multi-functional printers, pioneers in corporate hardware socialization strategies and document processing.
    • Comasis is a company based in Galicia, specializing in knowledge management, organizational talent generation, mobile app development (iPad, iPhone y Android) and enterprise VoIP technologies.
    • Cetelem: Pioneer bank in successfully implementing 2.0 strategies in the heart of the company for internal communication.
    • Ayre Hoteles: Part of the Fiesta Hotel Group, which has implemented an Enterprise Social Network for more than 1,000 employees located in Europe and the Americas.

    What is the event lineup?

    9.00–9.30: Welcome coffee
    9.30–9.45: 10 New Trends in Enterprise Social Networks – Lluís Font, CEO and founder of Zyncro
    9.45–10.00: Enterprise 2.0 Model (TBD) – Telefónica International
    10.00–10.15: Stimulate Collective Intelligence in your Organization (TBD) – IORConsulting
    10.15–10.30: Integrated Social Document Management: From Paper to the Cloud – Konica Minolta
    10.30–10.45: Innovation, Integration and Mobility in your Corporate Social Ecosystem –Comasis
    10.45–11.00: Case study – Sonia Ruiz, Head of Communication at Cetelem
    11.00–11.15: Case study – Ayre Hoteles
    11.15–11.30: Conclusions and questions
    11.30–12.00: Breakfast

    Invite your Spanish-speaking contacts to attend as soon as possible, and register before Wednesday, November 14.
    Limited places available!

    Prepared for the new generation of company?


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    First edition of the ComunicaME master class in A Coruña! 

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

    ComunicaME A Coruña

    After the success of its three previous editions in Barcelona and Madrid, the ComunicaME Spanish-language master class for executive crosses the Iberian peninsula and travels to Galicia, thanks to the efforts of the A Coruña Business Association (AECO).

    Many thanks to AECO for all their enthusiasm and pro-activeness, and for their collaboration in organizing the event, without which it would not have been possible!


    What is ComunicaME?

    Enterprise social networks are here to stay. Many have seen the benefits they provide in business management translated into business results. But implementing the social software successfully has a lot to do with the people in the organization and it is essential to ensure their involvement.

    In this Spanish-language master class, we will look at the benefits of enterprise social networks from a practical point of view and how to implement them effectively, illustrating their use with a success story.

    Who is it aimed at?

    Executives from small, medium and large enterprises. Managers from HR, Communication, Marketing or IT departments looking to improve the information flow in their companies.

    Where and when is it happening?

    The master class will take place on Friday, April 12 at 10 am, in the Auditorium of the Pedro Barrié de la Maza Foundation (calle Cantón Grande, 9 – 15003 A Coruña).

    What will it cover?

    • 09.45 – 10.00 am — Welcome by Ana Isabel Ulloa Lobeiras, Chairperson of the AECO
    • 10.00 – 10.15 am —Enterprise Social Networks and Private Social Networks. Lluís Font, CEO and founder of Zyncro
    • 10.15 – 10.30 am — Activate collective intelligence in your organization. Xavier Orozco, Founding Partner and Managing Director of IOR Consulting
    • 10.30 – 10.45 am — Social, integrated technology projects. (TBC)
    • 10.45 11.00 am — How business communities are created and managed. Patricia Fernández Carrelo, CMO at Zyncro
    • 11.00 11.15 am — Cetelem: A Success Story. Sonia Ruiz, Corporate Communication at Cetelem
    • 11.15 – 11.30 am — Conclusions and questions. Ana Isabel Ulloa Lobeiras and Lluís Font
    • 11.30 – 12.00 am —Coffee break
    Spread the word about our event among your Spanish-speaking colleagues in A Coruña and register before Tuesday, April 10.

    Limited places! We’re expecting you!

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    ComunícaME II: The Material 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    ComunícaME II

    Following the success of the second edition of the Spanish-language
    event ComunícaME, at which more than 300 executives from around Barcelona came together at Hotel ME to discover more about the concept of Enterprise Social Networks and their benefits, we want to share with all of you the material from the 90’ master class.


    We’ve prepared a Zlink with all the presentations from our speakers. All the master class notes in a click: http://files.zyncro.com/WIaf1_g


    If you were unable to attend or you want to see the recording of the master class once again, you can view a full video of the day thanks to AgoraNews on http://z.ync.ro/9u3PP

    And shortly… there’ll be a new edition in Madrid!

    We’re expecting you there!


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    ComunicaME: Three ways of improving your income statement 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    ComunícaME IIGood morning! Today I would like to present the second edition of the Spanish-language event ComunicaME, which will be held on Friday, March 3 in Hotel ME Barcelona, and at which I will be participating as a speaker. You can check out the full program here. In the current climate, it’s about helping us to improve. That’s the claim and aim of the event.

    Firstly, at the experienced hand of Zyncro, we will look once again at the role that Enterprise Social Networks play in optimizing business management.

    A comprehensive agency with more than 17 years’ experience and countless success stories, Equipo Singular, and their interactive agency Grapa, will show us how externalizing resources in marketing and communication can help to improve the income statement, as well as drive growth.

    Finishing up the lineup of speakers is Everis, a firm that offers business strategy and technology application maintenance and outsourcing solutions, contributing to the social and economic development of businesses and enterprises.

    To give us an idea, here’s some of the aspects that will be covered during ComunicaME, professional tools and strategies that will help you to:

    • Optimize and flexibilize resources
    • Be more competitive
    • Save in costs
    • Encourage growth, seeking out opportunity
    • Internationalize

    Working in areas of the company that can drive the income statement:

    • Internal communication, B2B and B2C
    • Resource management: technology applications and outsourcing
    • Externalizing Communication and Marketing aimed at getting results
    • Digitalization
    • Making the business model more flexible

    Initiative, boldness, and a dose of courage. These are the traits this article in Spanish from the Expansión newspaper calls for in new enterpreneurs or executives.

    Well, I would add that in the case of business management, you also need knowledge, to be tuned into the latest tools that the market offers us. This is what ComunicaME is about: knowledge to improve.

    In his article Transparent or translucent?, Seth Godin presented a transversal vision of the company that needs to show itself, simplify management and make processes more flexible.

    I’d like to illustrate my point with a video, from the point of view of Marketing and Corporate Communication, with this link from Orange UK’s YouTube channel, which perfectly optimizes their sponsorship strategy with their corporate legend. :-)

    Orange UK


    Social networks are implemented non-stop in Spanish Hotel SMEs, while technology companies grow at an astounding rate. The goal is to:

    • Modernize
    • Learn
    • Adapt
    • Become digital

    The 21st century executive is forced to know all the technology resources applicable in business to be able to make the right decisions in this competitive, cut-throat and changing environment.

    No doubt about it! You need to be at ComunicaME!

    See you on March 2 at 8.45 am :-)


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    ComunícaME: second edition of the Spanish-language event for executives on Enterprise Social Networking in Barcelona 

    Zyncro, Everis and EquipoSingular are proud to present the second Free Master Class on Enterprise Social Networking in Barcelona: The event ComunícaME.

    Following the success of its first edition, in which more than 300 executives from Barcelona participated, we have organized another session of this free Spanish-language training event.

    What is ComunícaME?

    A high-calibre training capsule dealing with Enterprise Social Networks from a practical perspective: all the benefits to be gained from intra-enterprise social networks, effective implementation and a clear success story.

    Who is it aimed at?

    Executives from small, medium and large enterprises. Managers from HR, Communication, Marketing or IT departments looking to improve the information flow in their companies.

    What will it cover?

    • 8:45-9:00: Welcome
    • 9:00-9:15: The role of Enterprise Social Networking in corporate management (Lluís Font, Zyncro CEO)
    • 9:15-9:30: Communication focused on getting results (Yolanda Torres and Teresa Copano, Directors of Equipo Singular)
    • 9:30-9:45 Integrated social technology projects (Francisco José Gracia Mayor, everis)
    • 9:45-10:00 How communities are created and managed (Patricia Fernández Carrelo, Director of Marketing at Zyncro)
    • 10:00-10:15 A success story: Quadis (Josep Guasch, Director of Servicios and F&Y Division)
    • 10:15-10:30 Questions
    • 10:30-11:00 Coffee break
    Only limited places are available!

    We’re expecting you!


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