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  • Franco Scavuzzo 9:00 am on October 16, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Winners of the Zyncro Developers’ Challenge 

    Today we have the pleasure of announcing the winners of the Zyncro Developers’ Challenge, our first international developers’ contest in which we give developers around the world the chance to build new ZyncroApps and integrations that enhance Zyncro use for users of our enterprise social network worldwide.

    It has been a tough decision as both the Zyncro integrations and the apps received really enhanced our tool. Finally, evaluating the criteria according to Zyncro’s philosophy in developing the application or integration, there are three apps that exemplify the values we believe in: participation, collaboration, learning, professional ethics, business productivity, teamwork, and communication. What’s more, they are intuitive, combining functionality and design, originality and innovation. They are:

    First prize: SharePoint ZApp

    SharePoint ZApp makes your collaborative work much easier: It offers enhanced productivity, reduces work times in a unified infrastructure, and responds quickly to your business needs.

    Share information, manage documents, and publish SharePoint reports without leaving your Enterprise Social Network.

    Provider: Comasis

    Comasis is a company based in Galicia formed of a team of experts specializing in knowledge management, organizational talent generation, mobile app development (iPad, iPhone y Android) and enterprise VoIP technologies.


    Second prize: ForceZync

    All the strength of your Enterprise Social Network and Salesforce, the number one CRM cloud computing system in the world with Zyncro and Salesforce integration provided by ForceZync.

    Stay up to date with everything happening in your CRM system from Zyncro: Accounts, contacts and prospects on your personal wall in your Enterprise Social Network.

    Provider: William Cheung

    William Cheung has been working as a developer in Toronto since 1990. Over the past 22 years, he has worked for 10 different software companies. He currently works for iRise, where he leads data analysis and API development.


    Third prize: Virtual Room Meeting App

    Virtual Room Meeting App is your video conferencing system for Zyncro: real-time, text and now face-to-face communication directly in your Enterprise Social Network.

    Teleworking or having company employees scattered across the globe is no longer a disadvantage for productivity or participation in your organization when you have a work system like Zyncro if you add an app to hold video conferences in the tool. Collaboration among team members is guaranteed.
    Provider: Daniel García

    Daniel Garcia is CTO at We&Others in Mallorca, after several years as Partner-Technology Director at Gizer in Bilbao where he led IT projects. With a background in IT engineering from the Universidad de Deusto and an MBA from Esden, he won the Microsoft Imagine Cup in 2005, representing Spain in the international final in Tokyo.

    Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to all the participants. The standard has been extremely high and you all made the decision extremely difficult for us. We will have new proposals for developers soon. Stay tuned! 😉


  • ZyncroBlog 9:00 am on June 4, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Think like an entrepreneur? Act like Dídac Lee! 

    Collaboration, innovation, teamwork, funcionality, originality… Participate in the Zyncro Developers’ Challenge and win one of our prizes. There’s almost €10,000 up for grabs!

    Be passionate, be social, be Zyncro, my friend 😉

    We’d like to thank for @LaBobila this awesome video :)


  • Laura Diéguez 9:00 am on June 1, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Tweets wrapped in gift paper 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    Last week the online fruit & vegetable store Comefruta.es organized a simple and effective contest on Twitter to promote its products and services. In just 140 characters, @comefruta_es asked its followers to RT the contest and be in with a chance to win a box of vegetables from Aranjuez. I thought the idea to be fun and efficient in promoting its products, so I decided to share it with my followers.

    The result was, without wanting or trying to, I ended up getting the healthy prize!

    We have the winner for the DRAW for a BOX OF VEGETABLES FROM ARANJUEZ @lauradieguez was the lucky one. Thanks to everyone for participating.

    As a result of this experience, I started to think about the role that this type of action plays in social networks. It’s nothing new to affirm that tools of the Web 2.0 are the ideal ecosystem for holding promotional contests at an extremely low cost. In particular, Twitter, given its immediacy.

    Contests and other similiar activities not only encourage participation of the followers of an account, but they also provide interesting results for companies.

    Below I list some of the goals we can achieve by organizing a contest in Twitter.

    • Increase in the number of followers
    • Contests in which individuals have to follow a Twitter account to opt for the prize are the most suitable for winning followers. Nonetheless, it will depend on how tempting the prize is and the information type we provide our followers if we don’t want to win several unfollows once the contest is over.

      An expert in organizing and creating contests on social networks is the airline Iberia, which managed to achieve some magnificent results with#TweetIberia

    • Generate trafffic towards a web
    • The structure of the message to retweet is very important. According to the information we include, we can achieve more participants and traffic towards our web. To do this, we mustn’t forget to provide a link to our page, where the terms and conditions of the contest can be found.

      A good example is the interesting and original iniciative iniciativa organized by the publishing house Grup 62 for International Book Day. The contest asked participants to create an end in 140 characters for one of the unfinished stories of the Catalan short-story writer Pere Calders. Participants could check out the terms and conditions of the contest and see the proposals put forward by others in the page created for the occasion.

    • Promote a brand or product
    • One of the best options for achieving notoriety with this type of action, is invite the mention of a hashtag to enter into the draw.

      Gijón has been promoting its brand through #gijóngastronómico over the last few weeks. The city’s Tourism office held a draw for a weekend on the Costa Verde. The winner, which was announced on May 23 via Twitter, will be responsible for broadcasting their stay live, meaning that the brand will continue to be promoted. We’ll be watching its repercussion on the net.

    What do you think of this type of action? Do you think they are effective in achieving and creating loyal customers? Have you experienced any of them?

    P.D. When I receive my prize, I promise to share it with you all :)


    Laura Diéguez, journalist specialized in business communication, currently, director of eHealth contents at Signature Pharma


  • Franco Scavuzzo 9:00 am on May 24, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Portal for Developers: Start to integrate with Zyncro! 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

    Today at Zyncro, we have the pleasure of sharing with you our Zyncro Developers Portal, where you can find all the information you need for developing your integration with Zyncro.

    A week ago we launched our first contest for developers: Zyncro Developers’ Challenge, in which we invite you to build a new generation of business apps with us, developing your app for Zyncro, with which you can win fantastic prizes and choose to be part of the Zyncro Market.

    We also mentioned that you wouldn’t be on your own and that we would give you the necessary tools for developing your app, according to the contest terms and conditions. For that reason, today we’d like to present the Zyncro Developers Portal, the starting point where you can learn how to increase the strengths of Zyncro directly in your app or integrate your app with Zyncro.

    The sections making up the Developers Portal are designed to respond to all your needs:

    • REST API: You can use the REST API to create applications and webpages that integrate in Zyncro natively. The REST API is a set of web services, meaning it can be used to create apps for Zyncro from any modern programming language and operating system, from any computer connected to the Internet. The API is divided into different areas, which contain a subset of services grouped by functionality. These include:
    • JavaScript API: Integrate your App or new features directly in the Zyncro platform.
    • Manuals & Best Practices: A set of guides, guidelines and best practices that describe the application development and integration policies of Zyncro.
    • Code samples: Here you’ll find several code samples in programming languages that show you how our APIs work.

    Finally, you can also access the development environment, Zyncro Sandbox, where you can test your Apps and integrations with Zyncro.

    With our APIs, you can extend basic functionalities in Zyncro, enrich the user experience or acelerate user adoption. Already got an idea? Want to create a new mobile app that uses Zyncro services? Or maybe you want to give your current ERP or CRM a social layer? Or even integrate your application directly in Zyncro? The sky’s the limit!

    Start to develop your integration with and in Zyncro and win one of our fantastic prizes in the Zyncro Developers’ Challenge!

    • Abhishek 2:59 pm on May 26, 2015 Permalink | Reply

      Kindly provide the sample code for uploading the document on zyncro group wall.
      As provided sample code in C# is used to publish the message on personal feed which i got successfully but for uploading document parameters needs to be passed which i didn’t understand how to get over to it.
      please help….

  • Franco Scavuzzo 9:00 am on May 17, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro Developers’ Challenge: The first Zyncro international contest for developers! 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    A new deadline for the Zyncro Developers Challenge! Now you can submit your proposals until August 31!!

    Build a new generation of business apps with Zyncro: develop your app and join the Zyncro Market. Sell your solution to Zyncro customers and be in with a chance to win great prizes!

    Today we’re proud to present our first contest for developers, the Zyncro Developers’ Challenge, in which we give developers around the world the chance to develop new ZyncroApps and integrations that enhance Zyncro use for all users of our enterprise social network across the world.

    Love the idea but unsure of where to start? Don’t worry, we’ll try to give you some inspiration :)

    To start off, why not check out the integrations that have been done in Zyncro and see which ideas we have already developed? Just check out the section in our web, ZyncroApps Integrations, and on our Zyncro Blog, you’ll also find related articles. It’s that easy! However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be one of these… the sky’s the limit! In fact, as you can already see in the terms and conditions of our contest, one of the aspects we value most is creativity. In other words, we’re looking for apps that ooze the Zyncro philosophy, promoting values like participation, collaboration, learning, professional ethics, business productivity, teamwork and communication. What’s more, they should be intuitive, like the Zyncro interface, and combine functionality with design, originality and innovation.

    Want some examples? These are some of the apps we have already developed:

    • SharePoint: Zyncro has developed a connector to add a social layer to SharePoint, letting users see and interact with the Zyncro activity stream without having to leave the SharePoint platform.
    • Google Calendar (personal and corporate): Integration to zyncronize” your Google Calendar, within your corporate Zyncro.
    During development you’re not on your own, as throughout the contest, there will be a number of international webinars where we will explain more details about the Zyncro API and ZyncroApps and their integration. In these webinars, you’ll be able to clarify any doubts you may have regarding the viability of your idea and learn more about Zyncro. We’ll be happy to answer your questions!

    And is there a prize at the end of it? Of course! We will be giving out a total of almost €10,000 cash in prizes:.

    • First prize: €5,000
    • Second prize: €3,000
    • Third prize: €1,500

    What’s more, all apps, whether they win or not, that the jury consider to be original and innovative will be released, together with the award-winning entries, on the Zyncro Market, establishing a commercial agreement with the developers beforehand. A contest always means that there are winners and others who don’t win, but at Zyncro, we don’t want any innovative app to go unnoticed, so so don’t miss out this chance to develop your own app for Zyncro!

    What are the key dates for the Zyncro Developers’ Challenge?

    • May 16: Registration for the Zyncro Developers’ Challenge starts
    • May 23: Access to the Zyncro development environment (Sandbox)
    • May 30: First Technical Webinar: More about Zyncro API, ZyncroApps and integrations (questions)
    • June 20: Second Technical Webinar: More about Zyncro API, ZyncroApps and integrations (questions)
    • August 31: The Zyncro Developers’ Challenge ends
    • October 13: Announcement of the winners of the Zyncro Developers’ Challenge
    • October 25: Release of the ZyncroApps on the Zyncro Market

    Oh, and don’t forget to read the terms and conditions before participating; it’s an important part. What’s more, you must follows the development rules defined on the Zyncro Developers Portal :)

    Develop new characteristics, integrate Zyncro with classic software tools or create new accesses from other platforms and your app could become part of the Zyncro Market. Send us your proposals!

    May the force be with you, my friend! 😉


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