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  • Matthieu Pinauldt 9:00 am on June 11, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    [Whitepaper] Why implement an Enterprise Social Network? 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    Do you think that your company is fine as is and doesn’t need a change in communications and employee collaboration yet? You’ve heard of Enterprise Social Networks, but still haven’t got a clear idea of the benefits they could bring to your company?

    We’d like to present this whitepaper in which we unveil 10 reasons why you should implement an Enterprise Social Network to encourage collaboration, communication and productivity and performance in your company.

    When you finish reading it, your only question will be how do I start to roll out an Enterprise Social Network in my organization. Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered! We have another whitepaper in which we explain how to convince top management in your company and take those first important steps.

    Download the manual and discover 10 great reasons why you should implement an Enterprise Social Network.

    Enterprise Social Networks are now part of the leading tools integrated by businesses. Deloitte predicts that by the end of 2013 90% of the Fortune 500 companies will have implemented and Enterprise Social Network.

    We know that the road towards the Enterprise 2.0 involves a change both in culture and processes, and that’s not always easy. Our mission is to help organizations take that step and achieve their maximum potential through the use of social technology applied in business environments.

    In this document you’ll find 10 great reasons why to implement an Enterprise Social Network in your organization.

    1. It will help you align your company’s culture
    2. It improves your processes
    3. It favors the exchange of knowledge and skills
    4. It optimizes knowledge management
    5. It motivates teams
    6. It encourages innovation
    7. It brings you closer to your employees
    8. It enhances mobility
    9. It can be connected to the other tools used in your company and can structure the flow of information in a single activity feed
    10. It increases profitability

    Download the whitepaper and discover the benefits of becoming a social enterprise.

    After reading it, if you need help in implementing your project, contact us and we will help you ensure that it is a complete success. Write to us at sales (@) zyncro.com.

    Matthieu Pinauldt (@mattpinauldt) is Regional Marketing Manager at Zyncro. After several experiences in major enterprises and becoming a business owner, he joined the Zyncro team to help develop the brand internationally. He specializes in innovation and holds a Master’s degree in Technology and Innovation Management from the Université Paris Dauphine, in conjunction with ENS Cachan and Mines Paritech.

  • Carlos Zapater 9:00 am on September 24, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro in 5 steps 

    We’re proud to present our latest video “Zyncro in 5 steps”. It’s a bird’s eye view of the main steps in starting to use the features offered by Zyncro. Joe Zyncro and his sister Zoe will show you where the options are for completing data in your profile, changing the password, activating ZyncroApps, creating groups and interacting with your co-workers, among other things

    It is just a tiny part of what Zyncro is, as if we had to cover all its features, we would have to organize an “extra” ComunícaMe just to show the video! We hope you like it and it encourages you to check Zyncro out. You’ll see that it is really very simple, and the benefits that it provides you both in terms of costs and productivity exceeds the investment required.

    Simple, right? You’ve got no more excuses to not start using Zyncro… Get started with your Enterprise Social Network!


  • Patricia Fernandez Carrelo 1:04 pm on November 4, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Corporate Activity Stream by Zyncro 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

    The new version 3.1 of Zyncro is the management solution for your corporate information in one single platform.

    With new functionalities:

    • Increased professionalism in corporate microblogging
    • Integration with Facebook and other social networks
    • “Like” button
    • Integration with email
    • New methods for linking to files…

    All of your organization’s knowledge is now gathered in a single newsfeed.  Both the information generated within your company, as well as the varied content now spread over the Internet 2.0, need to be managed within a single environment.

    For this reason, we’re proud to present the Corporate Activity Stream with Zyncro 3.1.

    Infographic on information flow in a company 2.0.

    Corporate Activity Stream by Zyncro

    Corporate Activity Stream by Zyncro

    As always, we’d love you to spread our infographics.

    Apart from this post, you can also find it at  the following Zlink: http://files.zyncro.com/Yfilsnr


  • Patricia Fernandez Carrelo 10:22 am on September 29, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Learning about Enterprise Social Networks 

    Yesterday the ComunicaMAD event took place at the Hotel Auditorium in Madrid.  A master class about corporate social networks for executives carried our by the Zyncro team.

    200 participants both in attendance as well as attending virtually via streaming, received training on the concept of social networks within organisations, business management using these types of tools, their integration with corporate systems (using Sharepoint and SAP cases as examples), the relationship between multi-functional devices and mobiles, virtual community management and the AON success case that relies upon Zyncro in its Spanish office for internal communication management.

    A success in terms of attendance and content that was enriched by the awarding of the first best practice manual for the use of Corporate Social Networks (also in English soon).

    Zyncro aims to increase productivity, efficiency, employee motivation, engagement, corporate document management… with its social intranet solution in the cloud.

    Do not let this opportunity slip away and ensure to take full advantage of its benefits by creating an account for yourself at zyncro.com.  The world of business 2.0 awaits you.  Expand your learning in our blog.  We’ll read you there!


  • Patricia Fernandez Carrelo 10:45 am on March 8, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Mari, queen of 2.0 sauce 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    When it comes to creating a community or sharing content in our private social networks, we can come across diverse problems that prevent the triumph of 2.0 communication strategies, in the professional field above all.

    Among the main enemies of these kinds of strategies (based on the understanding that the concept has already been taken into account by company management and that channels to allow the flow of intra-corporate information have been authorised from a 2.0 perspective) we find those who do not share the information who only do things halfway, that cannot differentiate what is appropriate, that do not know how to summarise or straight to the point… those who just do not want to.

    But if we were to look at the positive side of things rather than the negative; who is a good 2.0 or digital communicator?

    Dealing with real Zyncro client experiences, we can confirm that a good communicator (not on a professional level, we will leave that to the journalists and other professionals in that sector! ), on a corporate level is…

    He who is already accustomed to sharing information in their day to day life.

    • He who has interesting things or ideas to covey, or discovers them.
    • He who knows the channels, their protocols and syntaxes.
    • He who openly accepts new channels, new methods, new experiences to share.
    • But overall… who has no fear to do it, because they believe that to collaborate is better than to compete.

    But let us fine tune this a little more.

    Luis Font spoke to us last Tuesday during the Web Congress in Barcelona about the case of the cook, ”Mari”.  Success story on the social network of a Zyncro client and the queen of 2.0 sauces.  But … why the triumph of Mari?  What does she do or have that is not apparent in the rest of her colleagues?  Let us take point by point:

    • Mari is a cream communicator, she loves speaking, commenting upon, conveying and sharing…
    • What she shares EVERY DAY on the company social network is… the daily menu! What is more interesting than information about a basic human need as daily nutrition?
    • Mari has become accustomed to Zyncro because it is a very simple tool to use.  She knows exactly how to spread out each dish and how to add her final touch of humour at the end of the menu.
    • Mari is not afraid of new technologies.  Her children have taught her how to use the computer and she knows that each day she must learn something new so… why not get onto Zyncro? It is so easy anyway!
    • Mari is not afraid of her virtual community. She does not fear that someone will “steal” her position, nor does she think that the information she shares will benefit others whilst having a negative effect on her…  Quite the opposite, she is convinced that the result of being well informed is beneficial for everyone.

    Today, March 8, I give you “Mari”, 2.0 chef and one of the lead roles to follow in Zyncro (and a woman… seeing as it could not be any other way!  ).  But I am sure that there are hundreds… thousands… of success cases in our neighbouring virtual communities.  What is yours?

    We would love to hear about it!

  • Albert Climent 10:12 am on March 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    How can I personalize Zyncro with my branding? 

    Let us suppose that you are introducing Zyncro into the company.  Whether it is because you are an expert in the Social Media department or because you are a fan of productivity applications, you want your corporate image incorporated into this new internal Social Network without the need for any extra effort, development or costs.

    The speed of implementation is one of Zyncro’s obsessions, which is why its adaptation to your work environment is so fast and easy that you can do it yourself.

    Customizing your Zyncro account with your company logo, colors and fonts will take you less than 3 minutes, freeing you from having to enter into programming or html.

    The only absolutely necessary requirement to adapt the corporate interface (the one that other collaborators will see) is that you must be the account administrator.

    Just after logging in via http://www.zyncro.com, you will see the Zyncro logo in the extreme left of the front page by defect.


    1) Go to the “Administration Panel” in your account.

    2) Select “Corporate Image” from the panel options.

    3) Prepare an image of your logo at the recommended size (it should be an acceptable quality in TIFF orJPG format).

    4) Select the file and upload the logo.  It will not appear until you have saved changes via “Save.”

    5) To personalize the Zyncro front page with your company colors, there is an editor that allows you to choose from a palette of colors.  If you know the exact Pantone in RGB, you can enter it directly.  It is also possible to change the text color in Zyncro.

    6) Once these changes have been made, go to the option “Save.”

    7) If you go into the tab called “My Zyncro account“, the logo and the Zyncro appearance will appear how other users will see it.

    8 ) If you are not sure about it, you can always change it.

    Now you can invite fellow collaborators to an environment with your company’s identity.  Zyncro will be a social network intranet with a friendly and recognizable appearance that work teams will take to easily .

    In later articles, we will explain how to personalize the account domain of your Zyncro account to your company name when you are not the administrator.

    As always, it has never been that easy! Right?

  • Albert Climent 11:15 am on February 23, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    I have been invited to use Zyncro. How do I start? 

    Estimated reading time : 5 minutes

    Zyncro is a new 2.0 company, experience, a professional social network that brings 2.0 communications to the workplace.

    At Zyncro we have managed to verify that user experience helps us improve more every day, as a result, improves the experience of any company.  In other posts, we have spoken of how to start using Zyncro from the administrator profile.  This time, we will outline in 10 simple steps how you can start using Zyncro as an invited user.

    Bear in mind that Zyncro is a private web-based social company network, specifically designed for businesses.  Zyncro combines the power of social communication with information sharing, sharing of documents and work groups in a 2.0 environment.

    Its appearance may remind you of a personal social network you use every day.  But Zyncro and its different functions are thought of to benefit both the company and the work groups or the external contacts.

    These are my basic recommendations to start walking with Zyncro as an invited user:

    1. When you receive an invitation: Your company Zyncro account administrator will have sent you an invitation via e-mail.  You can access Zyncro directly from the link contained in this e-mail.
    2. Homepage: When you go to the link that you have received, the Zyncro homepage will automatically open and will ask you to enter your e-mail address as the login and will prompt you to choose a password.
    3. Accessing your Zyncro: Once you have entered your access information, you may begin to use Zyncro, either via the website http://www.zyncro.com, or via the personalised address (for example http://www.YOURCOMPANY.zyncro.com) that the Zyncro administrator has proposed (the person who invited you).  You can also have your own personalised address, always the same one.  In this case, I recommend you save this web access as a favourite or that you assign it a direct link on your desktop.
    4. Create your Profile: The first time you access Zyncro you will need to define your personal profile.  To do this, you must go to the “People” tab, then ”Edit profile” and enter your photograph, professional information, contact details, skills, Skype, etc.  Thanks to this personalisation and to the entire Zyncro search engine, you will find profiles, user experiences and our colleagues’ contacts.  But you will also be found by others within the organisation, be recommended and be well considered within the company when your profile is complete with its skills and experience.
    5. Begin to follow people: It is necessary to have decided which people you are going to follow in order to receive news and comments from other people and share these with your own in the “Messages” tab within “Home” (what we refer to as “Wall”).  I recommend that you prioritise the people you have most contact with (from the same department) in the “People” tab.
    6. Publish personal news on the “Wall” so that it reaches the people that follow you within your organisation.  Start to share all the interesting content that arises with them.  For example, a new client you are working with, anything new, valuable content for your department, etc. This function allows you to reach all the people with a user profile and at the same time, other users like you also share their news with you.
    7. Participate in Groups: In Zyncro you will collaborate in “Work Groups” that you have been invited to where you can share documents, review your tasks, comment upon aspects related to that particular environment,  The invitations to the different groups will reach you via the account administrator  administrator straight to your e-mail.  To accept the invitation you will need to go to the “Notifications” tab.  A project = A group. Within Zyncro and accessible via the web, you will find all the documents generated for the Project or group in a centralised manner.  You will be able to identify people that form part of that project and gain access to anything new, news and comments about the activity of the project.
    8. Create work groups with the people you usually collaborate with and invite them to participate in topics related to those work groups.   You can start to upload files and create folder structures for each group for example, following the organigram for the project.  In each group you will be able to store all the documents you need as well as have easy access to them.
    9. Send any documentation and/or communicate directly via Zyncro.  Bit by bit, you will decrease the need to send a multitude of internal e-mails and having to attach and send heavy documents.  You will definitely save a lot of time.
    10. When Zyncro begins to be fruitful and all its team is collaborating, take your Zyncro stories to the coffee machine, to the bar on the corner…  And when you begin to really enjoy it, we suggest you invite people from the organisation to your network that you do not already know or that are far away.  Gossip within the company is normal but Zyncro allows you to keep up to date with what is important and can be useful to you so it definitely makes work faster and allows you to have a greater connection to your colleagues.


    Zyncro offers you an ideal work environment for knowing your colleagues better and going deeper into the projects you are working on, combining the easy and intuitive manner of use of a social network with the functions to make you day to day work easier. Sin darte cuenta estarás utilizándolo a diario.  See for yourself!

  • Patricia Fernandez Carrelo 11:03 am on February 8, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    And what will I write in an enterprise social network? 

    Red social de empresa

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

    Another voice has joined the Zyncro blog.  Here you have me, contributing reflections loud and clear about the 2.0 company, enterprise social networks, the types of virtual communities, the tools that sustain this world and overall, the content!  I hope that from now on, we will share many good times together

    I wanted to start this collaboration by talking about one of the most relevant subjects on the Internet that on occasion, is confined to second place when it comes to online communication strategies… What am I going to talk about?  What will it be about?  About the content!

    Following the post from RocaSalvatella about The advancement of enterprise social networks spoken about in this very blog, my first reaction was: So what do the users on these internal social networks write about?  What is the message they are giving?  In what tone?  With what objective?

    It is well known that any 2.0 communication strategy should be accompanied by well defined objectives and in order to act accordingly, we must define the editorial content well, the subject and style in which we wish to publish content so that it supports the strategy.

    At intra-corporate level, it is necessary to properly define the work groups, the types of publications, who they are aimed at, what can be of interest to the whole company or only to one collective, what can make the information more accessible or simply generate noise and overall, what content will enrich communication within the company.

    Here are some examples of content companies publish in their Intranet 2.0, such as in Zyncro:

    General corporate information (Management <-> Team)

    • Company news
    • General Economic-finance information
    • Media impact of the company (together with marketing)

    Marketing/Commerce (Marketing + Sales <-> Team)

    • Communication strategies to involve employees
    • Sales strategies, online with the development team
    • Advertising proposals so that the employees may act as testers

    HR Information (HR Department<-> Team)

    • Welcome and introduction of new team members
    • Happy news about the team (especially when they become mums and dads)
    • Public holidays
    • Changes to the working hours
    • Activities outside work
    • Training and courses options
    • New positions required

    Project Information (Project managers <-> Employees)

    • People involved
    • Deadlines
    • Phase status
    • Development status of new product or service
    • Conversations with clients
    • Generated documentation
    • Learned know-how

    All of this in a tone that fits the style of the company: more serious for larger more traditional companies, upbeat and more dynamic for young, smaller sized companies.

    What about you? What do you publish on your enterprise social network?

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