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    Jesús Cepa, Director of Emite1TV: ‘We couldn’t work without an Enterprise Social Network. It’s like asking me if we could work without the Internet’ 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    Editor’s note: Jesús Cepa is Director of Emite1TV, an online television platform. They work with their own team located in several countries and with external contributors, which means task coordination and shared access to materials must be simple, practical and instant.

    How did the need that brought you to thinking about using an Enterprise Social Network arise?

    The Emite1 platform takes place in a digital environment and with a scattered team. We needed a comprehensive communication and coordination solution for the entire company, a tool that would fit in with the digital environment of our people and their equipment.

    What Zyncro function do you find the most useful for your organization? Why?

    Our work required major synchronization and communication among everyone. The work of some is dependent on finishing the previous tasks on time.

    It is also very useful for the exchange of large files among us. We work with video and we need an integrated medium to transport and store files in the cloud of considerable dimensions

    What impact has implementing an Enterprise Social Network had on the day-to-day in your organization?

    I think that without the enterprise social network we wouldn’t have made progress. The problems experienced initially in the project were sufficient to know our total dependence on this tool.

    Two weeks of chaos with emails and files circulating computers across the world was sufficient to make the leap.

    Imagine that you stopped using Zyncro tomorrow. What do you do now that you couldn’t do if this happened?

    We couldn’t work without an enterprise social network. It’s like asking me if we could work without the Internet. Simply Emite1 wouldn’t exist.

    And you, have you thought about how you can improve processes in your company using an Enterprise Social Network? Try Zyncro and discover the benefits of being a social business.

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    ‘VCSsystem, from paper to the Cloud with Zyncro’ 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes
    Sergio Escobar, CEO of VCSsystem, shares his experience with Zyncro and his vision regarding the need to implement an Enterprise Social Network in any sector.

    He encourages all businesses to try out their benefits, both in terms of communication and document management, and to be creative in finding ways to cover their business needs with Zyncro.

    How did a company whose business model is based on selling hardware realize that it needed to move towards the Enterprise 2.0?

    VCSsystem is a company dedicated to the distribution of Konica Minolta multi-function equipment, among other activities, but it has always opted for innovation and leadership in its sector. Just because we are a company associated with hardware, it doesn’t mean we need to forget the need to use innovative or pioneering technologies…

    Once the decision was made, why did you choose Zyncro?

    Zyncro is the Enterprise Social Network par excellence. Not just because of the quality of its product, but also because of its team’s excellent approach. Working with a company like Zyncro offers you the security that the project’s outcome will be positive. Very few providers can offer you that. Besides, it includes all the features a company needs: from a tool for knowledge exchange (microblogging) to a cloud-based document management system, a full contact directory, employee resumes… But I think Zyncro’s greatest potential lies in its integration with other tools or the possibility to develop new functionalities based on its core.

    In fact, this was a decisive factor for us in deciding to implement Zyncro, as from the outset we saw the capacity offered by Zyncro to connect with Konica Minolta multi-function systems, and hence we created the “From Paper to the Cloud” concept. All paper corporate documentation is now social and properly organized, and stored in a secure repository that can be accessed from any device.

    What value has using an Enterprise Social Network brought you?

    As I said before, its value lies in managing knowledge and documentation from a social, collaborative and “anywhere” perspective. We are experts in document processing. Zyncro, as an Enterprise Social Network that manages corporate documentation processes natively, was the perfect complement for an organization like ours, which controls paper-based documentation. For this reason, digital processing with this shared, social approach (at VCSsystem, we actively encourage teamwork) provides us with the added value necessary for working, innovating and evolving in line with the times, while still staying true to our style of innovation and collaboration.

    In fact, we not only use it internally, but we have also created “VCS Social”, a space for communicating, sharing and collaborating with VCSsystem employees, providers, partners and clients.

    Would you recommend using tools like Zyncro to other companies in your sector?

    Without a doubt! In fact, I would encourage all companies, not just in our sector, in any sector, to try out its benefits in terms of communication and documentation management, and to be creative in finding ways to cover their business needs with Zyncro. We have developed plug-ins with other business management platforms and we have several ideas for new developments, so we can help you out with whatever you need. We work hand in hand with Misiona (www.misiona.com), expert cloud technology and Zyncro integrator, so we can address the needs of any company, both in paper and in the cloud 😉

    And what about you? Have you tried Zyncro? Did you know you can start to use it free and work collaboratively in your company? Try it free here!

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    ‘We want to implement Zyncro for our more than 4,500 partners (employees) at Starbucks’ 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    Diana González StarbucksToday we have the pleasure of presenting our interview section where we speak with companies that have already implemented an Enterprise Social Network successfully. Here we have our interview with Diana González, Organizational Development Manager at Starbucks Mexico. Diana is responsible for personnel development processes, working environment, and the Starbucks enterprise social network communication project called “PARTNET”.

    How did the need to implement an enterprise social network arise?

    It emerged from the need to have an interactive communication medium that could reach across the entire organization uniformly, migrating unidirectional communication media to bidirectional media for more than 4,500 partners (employees).

    How did use of Zyncro start at Starbucks? What projection do you see for it in the organization?

    We started with a pilot group of directors and middle managers totaling approximately 50 people, communicating formal and informal information about their daily activities between them. Today we have almost 600 users: directors, executives and middle managers. Our aim for 2013 is to reach more than 4,500 partners (employees) in the organization within 6 months.


    Of all the functionalities in Zyncro, which one would you highlight?

    The versatility to generate formal and information communication: “Corporate news”, “personal news”, “groups”

    What benefits did Zyncro bring Starbucks? In what way are you encouraging the use of the Enterprise Social Network?

    We are encouraging employees by:

    • Providing a calendar of cultural activities where they can share their experiences and facts about their work spaces.
    • Creating groups with formal information – Organizational communications.
    • Creating groups with informal information – Bidirectional communications to share experiences and best practices.

    What has Zyncro meant for managing internal communication at Starbucks?

    It has resulted in a change in the communication method in the company. Now we have a bidirectional communication channel, currently targeting middle management in the operation.

    “The goal of implementing an Enterprise Social Network at Starbucks is to establish a dynamic bidirectional communication channel that reaches the entire organization, including operational positions.”

    And what about you? Have you tried Zyncro? Did you know you can start to use it free and work collaboratively in your company?

    Try it free here!


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    How does the sales force of Telefónica Latin America use Zyncro? 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    Today we’re proud to present the Zyncro app for tablets that the sale force in 14 countries and 3,800 users in Telefónica Latin America use in their sales processes to be connected, transform the sales model, unify styles, and improve processes and results.

    This mobile sales community offers all users access to the latest version of sales documentation, to other Telefónica applications for preparing offers and the sales force’s global knowledge, generated by a mobilized, motivated, connected and integrated community of sales representatives.

    Check it out!


    Telefónica’s APP ON project is a new way of using Zyncro, but there are a great many more uses. If you would like more information on this or other case studies in order to apply them in your organization, don’t hesitate to contact us at sales@zyncro.com. We’ll be happy to explain it to you!


    What about your company… How do you use Zyncro? 😉


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    Tweets wrapped in gift paper 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    Last week the online fruit & vegetable store Comefruta.es organized a simple and effective contest on Twitter to promote its products and services. In just 140 characters, @comefruta_es asked its followers to RT the contest and be in with a chance to win a box of vegetables from Aranjuez. I thought the idea to be fun and efficient in promoting its products, so I decided to share it with my followers.

    The result was, without wanting or trying to, I ended up getting the healthy prize!

    We have the winner for the DRAW for a BOX OF VEGETABLES FROM ARANJUEZ @lauradieguez was the lucky one. Thanks to everyone for participating.

    As a result of this experience, I started to think about the role that this type of action plays in social networks. It’s nothing new to affirm that tools of the Web 2.0 are the ideal ecosystem for holding promotional contests at an extremely low cost. In particular, Twitter, given its immediacy.

    Contests and other similiar activities not only encourage participation of the followers of an account, but they also provide interesting results for companies.

    Below I list some of the goals we can achieve by organizing a contest in Twitter.

    • Increase in the number of followers
    • Contests in which individuals have to follow a Twitter account to opt for the prize are the most suitable for winning followers. Nonetheless, it will depend on how tempting the prize is and the information type we provide our followers if we don’t want to win several unfollows once the contest is over.

      An expert in organizing and creating contests on social networks is the airline Iberia, which managed to achieve some magnificent results with#TweetIberia

    • Generate trafffic towards a web
    • The structure of the message to retweet is very important. According to the information we include, we can achieve more participants and traffic towards our web. To do this, we mustn’t forget to provide a link to our page, where the terms and conditions of the contest can be found.

      A good example is the interesting and original iniciative iniciativa organized by the publishing house Grup 62 for International Book Day. The contest asked participants to create an end in 140 characters for one of the unfinished stories of the Catalan short-story writer Pere Calders. Participants could check out the terms and conditions of the contest and see the proposals put forward by others in the page created for the occasion.

    • Promote a brand or product
    • One of the best options for achieving notoriety with this type of action, is invite the mention of a hashtag to enter into the draw.

      Gijón has been promoting its brand through #gijóngastronómico over the last few weeks. The city’s Tourism office held a draw for a weekend on the Costa Verde. The winner, which was announced on May 23 via Twitter, will be responsible for broadcasting their stay live, meaning that the brand will continue to be promoted. We’ll be watching its repercussion on the net.

    What do you think of this type of action? Do you think they are effective in achieving and creating loyal customers? Have you experienced any of them?

    P.D. When I receive my prize, I promise to share it with you all :)


    Laura Diéguez, journalist specialized in business communication, currently, director of eHealth contents at Signature Pharma


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