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  • Joan Alvares 9:00 am on August 30, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Buy friends 

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    Worried about your company’s image on the social networks? Concerned about your online reputation? Or to the point… Need more fans on Facebook? Don’t worry, that’s no longer a problem. Buy users in bulk, call them friends and enjoy the taste of popularity.

    It seems like a parody of a shopping channel advert, but it’s completely true. Webs like Marketing Heaven offers companies the option to buy packs of users ready to click “Like”, follow or watch a video on YouTube. As many as you can afford. The most crazy thing is that, as a guarantee of quality, they highlight that the users are real. In other words, not generated by some robot. This has got me thinking about the level of barbarity with which the Social Networks has trivialized words as basic as “friend” or “follower”. At the risk of seeming anti-social, I don’t think anyone can cultivate more than five Friends (in uppercase) at the same time. And it seems to me that being someone’s Follower is more than just subscribing to their daily comments or, much less, putting up with advertising in exchange for a few cents.

    The other day I witnessed a discussion between two community managers, after a heated exchange of arguments, that was boiled down to a “I’ve got a bigger one (page).” It seems that within the trade, managing or having managed a page with more fans gives them greater moral authority over their colleagues. At one point in the argument, my curiosity lead me to interrupt them to ask whether it wasn’t that like measuring the level of a chef by the number of people he had served. And suddenly, by magic, both teamed up to shoot down my argument with another that seems to me to be rather clear and revealing: community managers are not hired to cook, rather than to fill the restaurant. And you know that people always go the restaurant where there’s a line. For the same reason, the first thing we do when we check out a wall is look at the number of fans. So, if you’ve got the chance and the money, don’t think about it twice: buy friends

    Joan Alvares is founding partner of Poko and lecturer at Istituto Europeo di Design


    • Mark 10:15 am on August 30, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Yup, buying fans seems like a common practise nowadays.

      As long as you’re using the right company you will not run into trouble.

  • Carlos del Pozo 10:09 am on March 5, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro Features: People section 

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    What is the People section?

    It is a directory of people where you can see:

    • corporate users (in your organization)
    • external users, not directly implicated in your company’s activity

    What appears in the People section?

    It shows a list of all your contacts, both internal and external, that participate or intervene in some way or another in the organization you belong to in Zyncro.

    This section gives you two types of information on these contacts:

    • Contact details (name, email address, personal status and geographical location)
    • Information on their professional activity (groups they participate in within Zyncro, name of the organization and departments they belong to)


    People section

    You can sort existing contacts, from A-Z or Z-A, according to the following fields:

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Organization
    • Email Address

    You can also filter contacts, showing only those whose name starts with a specific letter (from A to Z).


    Add an external contact

    External contactsIn the top left corner of the screen, in the People section, you’ll find a blue button to “Add external contact.”

    If you click this, a window will open where you can search for other users by name and email address.

    The search by name is less restrictive, meaning it’s better to use their email address (if you know it) to get a single result.

    Follow and unfollow

    Apart from the photo and the information that accompanies the contacts appearing in the list in the People section, a button also appears beside each one, with the text “Follow” or “Unfollow”.

    • If Follow appears, it means that you are not yet following the user’s Personal Newsfeed, and hence it won’t appear on your homepage. You will, however, see any posts they make in the groups you both belong to and any comments they make on the posts of other users that you are following.
    • Otherwise, if Unfollow appears, it means that you are already following the user and you can see  all the different posts they make in their Personal Newsfeed.

    Delete an external contact

    Where the user you are following does not belong to your organization, the option Unfollow will not appear. In this case, the word Delete will appear in order for you to make this person disappear from your list of People, if desired.

    All your contacts close to hand in your mobile device!

    As we explained in Zyncro for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch or more recently in Use Zyncro on your Android tablet!, Zyncro is a tool that can be used from either computers or mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).

    If you use Zyncro on a mobile device, the People section lets you:

    • Access a list of all your contacts in your organization, as well as external contacts.
    • If the option is configured, make calls to everyone.
    • Communicate via text messages with users connected to Zyncro, where the Chat ZyncroApp is activated. This is a premium service, so it is only available for Business, Enterprise and Business Community plans.

    Zyncro lets you have an up-to-date and complete directory of all the members of your organization, and acccess it from your smartphone or tablet. Try it free!


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