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  • Agustín Bosso 10:00 am on February 29, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    How to integrate Zyncro with just about anything 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

    ZyncroToday I’d like to explain how to integrate the Business microblogging account of Zyncro… with just about anything. Yes, and I mean anything!!!

    Anything that is capable of generating RSS or sending an email can be integrated with Zyncro. So in other words, that means almost all the services that there has been or will be on the Internet, even perhaps the tools you use each day in your company.

    Of course, with Zyncro by using the API, you can develop integrations that go to another level, enabling you to create users, manage groups, send invitations, etc.

    But integration via RSS and email is much easier to integrate with any system quickly.

    Let’s look at some examples of integrations:


    See your LinkedIn feed in Zyncro

    • Select the group in Zyncro which you want to post this information. It can be a group you already share or you can create a new one, just for you, or invite other people. It all depends on who you want to see this LinkedIn information you’ll integrate.
    • Go to http://www.linkedin.com/rssAdmin?display= and generate the RSS of all the updates in your network of contacts.
    • In the Zyncro group, on the sidebar, there’s an option to “Add a feed subscription.” Copy the URL of the RSS you want to integrate there.

    emailSend information by email to Zyncro

    • Create a new user in Zyncro. Give that user the name of the tool you want to integrate and use the logo as the profile photo.
    • Create a group in Zyncro and invite your usual user (and whoever else you want too) to that group.
    • Using the new user you have created, in the group you’ll see an email address on the sidebar to which you can send microblogging messages. The attachments you send will also be uploaded to Zyncro!

    Follow a user in Twitter


    Follow a topic or a hash tag in Twitter

    RSSRead news about a topic from Zyncro

    • In Google News http://news.google.com you can search for news, filter it, configure it by language and many other options to refine the search. When you have finished refining the search and what you see on screen is what you want to see in Zyncro, go to the bottom of the page and you’ll find a button there to generate the RSS.

    Follow what is being said about a topic on the web

    • First in your Google account settings, https://accounts.google.com/b/0/EditUserInfo add the email address of the group, as I explained before. You’ll receive a confirmation email that you’ll see directly on the Zyncro wall, with a link. Click on it to confirm the account.
    • Then in http://www.google.com/alerts generate alerts for the topics you want and configure them so news is sent to the email you have added.


    Financial Information

    Follow the status of your servers

    • Using Pingdom you can monitor the status of any system in your company and see its availability. You can configure it so that you are sent an email any time the service is down. Use the email account of your group to see it in Zyncro. What’s more you can post the graphs generated in AddZyngs.

    SharePointView SharePoint notifications in Zyncro


    Thought of any more examples? There are thousands! Have you seen how easy it is?

    Tell us how you integrate Zyncro in your daily work!


  • Lluis Font 11:13 am on March 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    New Zyncro V2.3 is here! 

    A new phase is beginning for Zyncro. What started as file management, added the social part with micro blogging, later became a 2.0 intranet with management functions, task management functions, is now on its way to becoming an applications integration platform for business management. We begin the era of integration with Twitter but the best is still to come. Do you dare try our first integration?

  • Albert Sampietro 12:28 pm on March 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro V2.3 in depth 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

    1.- New Zyncronizer. We have made the application simpler and clearer by installing a small programme (available for Windows for the time being) that allows the synchronization of files in Zyncrowith your computer.

    • You will now find two tabs, one called “Groups” where you will be able to select the groups (with their folders and files) you want to synchronise with your PC and the other called “Zync” to see the synchronization status.

    • The “Force synchronisation” button allows you the application to start synchronizing immediately, no need to wait.

    • With “Allow P2P transfers”, within the configuration panel (the cogwheel icon in the top right), we can indicate to the synchronizer whether or not we want to make use of the function to synchronize directly within the group members (via the P2P protocol).  In offices or local networks, this function greatly speeds up the synchronisation task and it is no longer necessary to stay online to download files.  This way the files move directly from one PC to another.

    1.- Automatic updating of the wall.  New corporate news updates, personal news or private messages will automatically appear on the wall each time they are produced.  In the top right part, you will see an indicator showing the number of updates.  In this way, it will not be necessary to keep refreshing the page to learn about any new events within your company.

    2.- Automatic registration in the domain. In order to easily create users within organisations and only for Business accounts, all users should sign up with an email domain that already exists on Zyncro and they will automatically become part of said organisation.   However, the initial validation of a domain will be done manually to verify that the client does actually have rights to that domain.

    The organisation administrator will then receive an email informing them that the users are signing up with that domain and will be able to decide whether to keep or remove them.

    3.- Recovering deleted files. If you have deleted a file or folder by mistake, you can now recover it by clicking on the link within that element on the wall.  This action can only be taken by the person that has deleted the item.

    4.- Integration with Twitter. To use this function, you should configure Twitter access beforehand from Profile > Edit my Profile > Integration with Twitter and click on “Connect to Twitter“. From there onwards, you should follow the instructions from Twitter itself to give Zyncro access permission.  Having finalized the configuration, you will be able to send Twitter updates and Zlinks from Zyncro when publishing on the wall (Personal News) or also within a group using the “Send to Twitter“option.

    In addition, with this native integration, you will be able to publish personal news on Zyncro from Twitter by adding the hashtag “#zyn” in the tweet.

    We have also improved some parts of the application visually and we have also resolved a few minor bugs.

    Sign up for your free account and try it for yourself!

  • Albert Sampietro 10:30 am on March 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro V2.3 

    Reading time: 2 minutes

    What is new in version V2.3 of Zyncro?

    I would like to consider the most interesting points:

    • New synchroniser. We have completely redesigned this function which is installed into the user’s computer and allows the synchronisation of data with the server.  The interface is now simpler and clearer.
    • Selective synchronisation. Users will be able to configure groups and files they wish to synchronise locally on each computer independently.  This new function allows you to have available for example, a new global repository for the organization with 500 GB of space and in a local terminal have synchronised only the 2 most used GB.
    • Automatic updating of the comments wall.  Automatically and with no need for refreshing the screen, on the top part of the wall an indicator will appear showing the new notifications.
    • Automatic registration on the domain. To make the creation of users easier within organisations, all the users that register using a domain of a company already using Zyncro will become members of the same account of that organisation automatically.
    • Recovery of deleted files. File and folder deletion in version 2.3 will be reversible.  A user having deleted an item will be able to recover it by clicking on a link of that item on the wall.  .
    • Integration with Twitter. Activating this new option beforehand, users will be able to share updates and Zlinks from the wall (“Personal News”) in their Twitter accounts and vice versa, publishing from Twitter on the Zyncro wall using the hashtag “#zyn”.

    As with other versions, we have also improved a few things visually within the application and we have resolved a few minor bugs.

    Keep a look out as we foresee the launch of version 2.3 during next week.

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