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  • Carlos Zapater 9:00 am on October 4, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Do you want your documents to be more social? Use Box with Zyncro 

    Estimated Reading time + video: 3 minutes

    A couple of months ago we launched the integration of Box with Zyncro. With this integration, as we already did with Dropbox and GoogleDrive, we continue working to make your documents more social. We work to convert your Enterprise Social Network into the unique access door of all the knowledge and tools that you need day to day.

    Thanks to this integration, you will be able to access from your Zyncro all the documentation that you have in Box, share information, make comments in the files, create tasks, and much more. Connect your Box account to your Enterprise Social Network and begin to enjoy the best access of your organizations’ knowledge in the cloud.

    Do you want to see how it works? We have prepared this video in which we highlight the main functions for you.

    Discover the details of this integration en our marketplace and recommend it to your Enterprise Social Network administrator. If you need more information, write us at sales (@) zyncro.com or call us at +34 93 187 03 22 and we will inform you.

  • Jaume Jané 9:32 am on August 16, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Join Zyncro! Now online meetings in Zyncro with join.me 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    Online meetings have become all important in the communication processes in any organization.

    Among the several applications that enable these connections, one that is gaining momentum on the business front is join.me, a conferencing tool that is easy, intuitive and secure, letting you share screens, files and voice.

    Now Zyncro integrates with join.me to offer an online meeting system linked to your data in your Enterprise Social Network.

    How are Zyncro and join.me integrated?

    This new ZyncroApp in beta fase*, available for Business accounts, can be found like all the other ZyncroApps in the Administration Panel, where administrators must enable it so that users can start to hold online meetings.

    Once enabled, you can conference call any of your contacts from two spaces:

    1. Where the name of one of the members of your organization appears on the Zyncro microblogging wall, either on the Home or in one of the groups.
    2. From the person’s Profile, on the “Actions for the person” section.

    In both cases, the contact you have invited will receive a private message on their wall to start the conference call, which contains the link that they must click. What’s more, once you send the invitation, you must download and run the Java applet that opens automatically on your computer to hold the online meeting. Remember, without this application you can’t start your online meeting!

    You can hold a web conference in join.me with both your internal contacts and your external contacts.

    No need to leave the office for your meetings! Share your screen with join.me from Zyncro and increase your personal productivity!

    *Currently compatible with Windows OS.

    Jaume Jané is responsible for ZyncroApps and integration at Zyncro. He is an expert in analysis and development for integration possibilities in Online Social Networks, enterprise software and productivity cloud applications. He coordinates interactions between Zyncro and third party technology solutions. Before, he worked with distinct companies as a web programmer and a functional analyst.

  • Agustín Bosso 10:00 am on February 29, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    How to integrate Zyncro with just about anything 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

    ZyncroToday I’d like to explain how to integrate the Business microblogging account of Zyncro… with just about anything. Yes, and I mean anything!!!

    Anything that is capable of generating RSS or sending an email can be integrated with Zyncro. So in other words, that means almost all the services that there has been or will be on the Internet, even perhaps the tools you use each day in your company.

    Of course, with Zyncro by using the API, you can develop integrations that go to another level, enabling you to create users, manage groups, send invitations, etc.

    But integration via RSS and email is much easier to integrate with any system quickly.

    Let’s look at some examples of integrations:


    See your LinkedIn feed in Zyncro

    • Select the group in Zyncro which you want to post this information. It can be a group you already share or you can create a new one, just for you, or invite other people. It all depends on who you want to see this LinkedIn information you’ll integrate.
    • Go to http://www.linkedin.com/rssAdmin?display= and generate the RSS of all the updates in your network of contacts.
    • In the Zyncro group, on the sidebar, there’s an option to “Add a feed subscription.” Copy the URL of the RSS you want to integrate there.

    emailSend information by email to Zyncro

    • Create a new user in Zyncro. Give that user the name of the tool you want to integrate and use the logo as the profile photo.
    • Create a group in Zyncro and invite your usual user (and whoever else you want too) to that group.
    • Using the new user you have created, in the group you’ll see an email address on the sidebar to which you can send microblogging messages. The attachments you send will also be uploaded to Zyncro!

    Follow a user in Twitter


    Follow a topic or a hash tag in Twitter

    RSSRead news about a topic from Zyncro

    • In Google News http://news.google.com you can search for news, filter it, configure it by language and many other options to refine the search. When you have finished refining the search and what you see on screen is what you want to see in Zyncro, go to the bottom of the page and you’ll find a button there to generate the RSS.

    Follow what is being said about a topic on the web

    • First in your Google account settings, https://accounts.google.com/b/0/EditUserInfo add the email address of the group, as I explained before. You’ll receive a confirmation email that you’ll see directly on the Zyncro wall, with a link. Click on it to confirm the account.
    • Then in http://www.google.com/alerts generate alerts for the topics you want and configure them so news is sent to the email you have added.


    Financial Information

    Follow the status of your servers

    • Using Pingdom you can monitor the status of any system in your company and see its availability. You can configure it so that you are sent an email any time the service is down. Use the email account of your group to see it in Zyncro. What’s more you can post the graphs generated in AddZyngs.

    SharePointView SharePoint notifications in Zyncro


    Thought of any more examples? There are thousands! Have you seen how easy it is?

    Tell us how you integrate Zyncro in your daily work!


  • Carlos del Pozo 10:48 am on January 31, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro Features: Profile section 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

    What is the Profile in Zyncro?

    This section lets you edit your personal and professional information, view your messages, departments and followers, and make changes in the configuration of your integrations, ZyncroApps and notifications from Zyncro.

    What appears in the Profile section?

    • Your personal and professional information
    • Messages posted in your Personal Newsfeed
    • Departments you belong to
    • Followers: The people you are following and those following you
    • Configuration of your Integrations, ZyncroApps and notifications

    Elements of the Zyncro Profile

    Tabs in the Profile section
    • Messages: This tab shows all the messages you’ve posted in your Personal Newsfeed from when you started to use Zyncro. You can post messages in your Personal Newsfeed directly from this tab and even sort the messages shown.
    • Experience and skills: You can fill out this tab with professional information using the Skills, Experience and Education fields. Where you have integrated the social network LinkedIn with your profile, the information shown is the same as that given in your LinkedIn profile. That way, if you want to change any data, you need to do it in LinkedIn.
    • Departments: A list appears of all the departments you belong to.
    • Followers: This tab shows the people you follow in your organization and the people that follow you. From here, you can see the name, photo, email address, status, organization and department of each of your followers and the people you are following.
    “Edit my profile” side column
    • Basic information: This gives your profile information that you can edit: full name, photo, area, position, date of birth, time zone and date format. There’s also an option to limit visibility of all this information (All, My contacts, My departments or Just me). Where your account is linked with LinkedIn, a link appears that lets you change your user photo and date of birth in your profile in LinkedIn.
    • Password: This page gives you an option to change the password you use to access Zyncro to another one. Just enter the new password twice.
    • Contact details: Here you can add information that enables other users to contact you: cell number, postal address, email address, web page, Skype, Twitter, MSN, etc. Like the basic information section, you can also limit the visibility of all this information to other Zyncro users (All, My contacts, My departments and Just me).
    • ZyncroApps: This gives a list of the ZyncroApps available. You can enable and disable them. You can decide whether you want to see all the applications available or only those you have activated (“My applications”).
    • Integration with Google Calendar: Connect/Disconnect Zyncro with your Google Calendar account.
    • Twitter Integration: Connect/Disconnect Zyncro with your Twitter account.
    • LinkedIn Integration: Connect/Disconnect Zyncro with your LinkedIn account.
    • Experience and skills: This displays your skills, experience and education/training. You can make changes in these fields from LinkedIn if you have integrated your account with that social network.
    • Configure notifications: You can configure which notifications you want to receive by email and/or that are posted on your wall by selecting the checkboxes on this page.

    Give information about you, configure your Integrations, ZyncroApps and notifications, check out who’s following you… All from your Zyncro profile!


  • Josep Baijet 9:51 am on November 28, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro is now the social layer in SharePoint 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    We at ZyncSocial (a Zyncro implementation partner) are pleased to announce the launch of our Zyncro and SharePoint integration, which has been carried out by Pasiona, our technology parent company.

    Pasiona has developed native integration between two products, enabling you to benefit from the full Zyncro environment within your usual SharePoint interface.

    We’ll give you more details below, but if you want more information, dont hesitate to call us on +34 93 187 03 22 or write to us at sales @ zyncro.com and well be happy to provide you with more details.

    With SSO (single sign-on) development—a new feature available in Zyncro from next week—users with a Zyncro and a SharePoint account will only have to enter their Zyncro login data once. From that moment, their SharePoint login data is not needed to access both environments at the same time.

    In SharePoint, employees will see their Zyncro environment (wall, groups, folders, files, corporate newsfeed, contacts…) without having to switch screens and can perform all their usual tasks in Zyncro (post comments and feed, upload documents, etc.) with full integration.

    What does Zyncro bring to SharePoint?

    Integrating Zyncro in SharePoints provides a number of benefits for those companies that want to socialize their technology without abandoning the strengths of their previous tool and the investment made, advantages like:

    1. Incorporates microblogging (social collaboration environment) in SharePoint
    2. Includes corporate, departament and personal newsfeeds in the company’s workflow
    3. Connect with users’ news through a following system (Twitter model)
    4. Integrates improved usability functions in work group management
    5. Makes it easy to add members to groups
    6. Provides a collaboration space for external providers (extranet 2.0) without having to add new users to SharePoint
    7. Facilitates administration of users and contacts
    8. Offers mobile access to the platform

    At present, Zyncro and Pasiona are working on commercializing this new integration, already available in beta version, and plan to launch new versions with functions that leverage the strengths of both applications to provide superior business features.

    How do I integrate Zyncro in my SharePoint?

    If you believe in the advantages of a social environment in your company, if you don’t want to give up all of the features and the investment made with your SharePoint, if you want to try out this new work methodology that doesn’t involve major investment efforts or lengthly implementation times, remember…

    Call us on +34 93 187 03 22 or write to us at sales @ zyncro.com and we’ll give you all the details!!!

  • Agustín Bosso 10:10 am on September 12, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Which social networks should an enterprise social network be integrated with? 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    Zyncro‘s evolution as a product involves a definition phase of requirements for the new functions that will be included in each new version of the application.  Customer and user requests,  the established roadmap for product development, the network and 2.0 environment reality applied to the business environment are all taken into account during the process.

    Bearing these three factors in mind, the next Zyncro evolution, version 3.1, is aimed towards better integration with other social networks from a corporate perspective, among other features.

    The preview of version 3.0, in which the company and departments sections have been developed within the social intranet, will be in line with the connection with the world 2.0 found outside those corporate systems but that still form a part of the complete structure of an organization.

    Given the number of integrations already developed:

    and thanks to the flourish of social networks as a corporate communication channel, here at R&D in Zyncro we feel it is necessary to integrate our platform with new 2.0 channels.  The new integrations in Zyncro version 3.1 will include:

    • Like” button on the microblogging system messages and comments: To maximize participation in the system and evaluate corporate contribution without needing to add new information.
    • Integration with RSS: A standard blog and webpage reading and news exchange format. With this integration, web updates using this system can be published automatically on any work group.
    • Integration with Facebook pages (fan pages): For companies that have this type of page on Facebook and use it as a corporate communication channel as well as a digital marketing tool, they will also be able to publish automatically (without the need for manual intervention) including updates sent to their fans, customers or followers, in an internal work group.

    All of this is largely thanks to the use of ZyncroApps, which allow organization administrators to decide which integrations they want to activate within their internal social network and those that they do not.

    In your opinion, which social networks should be integrated into a corporate social network?  What do you think about our choice of new integrations?  How do you feel about the integration of these environments within a professional and corporate one?

    In a few weeks we will be able to enjoy the new version 3.1, which is more 2.0 than ever…

    Are you ready to be even more interconnected?


  • Joe Zyncro 9:00 am on July 26, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro integrated and ready for configuration 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

    During recent months, Zyncro has evolved day by day to become the integrated and configurable solution it is now.

    We would like to present you with a summary of the principle functionalities incorporated into the tool in the last few weeks.  Do review these and start using them right away.  If you have any query about these, remember that we are available via the Help section in the upper part of your Zyncro screen.

    How can I configure my Zyncro account?

    • Receiving notifications:
      • Configure which actions you wish to receive via e-mail or which actions to publish or not on your wall (registrations and cancellation of accounts, messages or actions with files or groups) using the “Configure notifications” (right hand panel within each group).
      • Configure the receipt via e-mail of the following:
        • Invitations to new groups or new contacts
        • Messages published by people you follow
        • Your company’s corporate news
    • Messages and corporate content:
      • Add messages or corporate content to your Zyncro interface using the addZyngs Zyncro App. When your company’s Administrator activates it from the Administration panel, you will be able to configure and publish the following:
        • informative messages in the upper part of your Zyncro screen
        • banners, images or text in right hand panel
        • new sections in the horizontal menu

    What can I integrate Zyncro with?

    Start using ZyncroApps and integrate your Zyncro with:

    • LinkedIn: import your profile automatically
    • Google Analytics: to analyze the usage and behaviour of your corporate Zyncro
    • YouTube: for visualizing videos straight from your Zyncro
    • Evernote: for sending messages or tasks to Evernote, notebook in the cloud

    Mac user?

    If you are a Mac user, you can use our Beta version synchronizer for Mac. Download them now!

    Developer or partner?

    FInally, with the aim of providing you with the possibility to integrate with your corporate applications or with the desired tool, here is the information about the Zyncro’s API, give it a go!

    Follow us

    In order not to miss out on any of our new updates, follow our ZyncroBlog on Twitter or Facebook, where we will be able to keep you up to date with the latest company and product news and much more new Zyncro Ideas.

    Learn how to optimize your Corporate Social Network with Zyncro and turn your company into a company 2.0, discover the ROI that reports on these of social corporate solutions and know the secrets of business management 2.0.


  • Agustín Bosso 11:30 am on June 14, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro and LinkedIn 

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

    As you will have seen in the What is Zyncro information graphic, one of the basic functions in our intranet 2.0is the , the People directory.

    In the 2.0 world as well as in the professional environment when talking about a people’s directory, the social network of excellence (or at least one of them) that stands out is LinkedIn, Therefore in order to continue in line with the integration of our product in other applications that can add value and enrich the whole solution, we decided to connect both applications.

    Most of us professionals who regularly use LinkedIn to manage our contacts, gather information about topics of interest or even manage talent within our organisations, initially carry out a good amount of effort in configuring all of the details in our profiles so our reflection upon this was: Why not import our LinkedIn Profile to Zyncro?

    In order to do this, the only thing necessary is for the organisation Administrator to activate the new LinkedIn ZyncroApp and for each user to access the Integration with Linkedin section from their Profile to activate the connection.

    With this simple action, data such as the photograph, the date of birth or the professional experience will transfer over to your Zyncro profile automatically.

    A new relationship between Zyncro and the outside world within business 2.0.

    And much more to come.

  • Didac Lee 12:30 pm on March 14, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Customize your Zyncro with ZyncroApps 

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

    Zyncro V2.3 launches a first phase which stands out due to integration. This means that you will be able to enrich Zyncro with the best software on the market in line with your company requirements.

    One of the new elements in this integration phase is ZyncroApps, applications made in JavaScript and HTML that you can encrust within your Zyncro account.  Another new attribute (which we will delve into further on another occassion) is the Zyncro API.

    ZyncroApps are based on one simple mechanism for the publication of mini programs integrated directly within Zyncro.

    ZyncroApps will allow you to:

    • Modify the user interface.
    • Integrate external application data.
    • Obtain information about your Zyncro user account and send it to the corporate systems within your organization while always ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.

    Therefore, from Zyncro and by means of SSL (in a totally secure way), you will be able to:

    • Get external application APIs that use the same public domain (like SalesForceZenDeskGoogleAppsBaseCampSurveyMonkey, etc) and incrust them within your Zyncro.  From then on and if you are a Zyncro “Account Administrator“, you will be able to configure the ZyncroApp SurveyMonkey Beta in order to carry out questionnaires amongst users within your organisation by going to the “Administration panel” / “ZyncroApps” / “Activate” / “Configure” and copy the questionnaire URL that you will have designed previously in SurveyMonkey.

    • It is also possible to include custom-made applications developed by your company (travel management and expense policy, ERPsCRMs, attendance register, etc) and integrate this information with the Zyncro interface.

    In order to speed up the development of ZyncroApps, we have created the Zyncro Development Partner Programme.  If you are a developer or if you like being in contact with software, this programme could be of interest to you.

    As from now, Zyncro becomes a Custom Software as a Service.  This means it is an application integration platform that is useful for the organisation. Surveymonkey is one of the first ZyncroApps amoung many to come.  If you would like to be first to know about forthcoming ZyncroApps… you will have to pay very close attention to our blog!

  • Xavi Gracia 10:30 am on March 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Can new technologies improve the company’s Profit & Loss? 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

    We are dealing with a highly competitive business environment, transformed and globalised which compels us to do more with less.  In this scenario, Information Systems and  Information and Communication Technologies (IS / ICT) have gone from being a support function to being a decisive factor when it comes to strategy, development and the growth of a business.

    In order to maintain an optimum competitive advantage as well as to make the optimum use of IS / ICT, it is vital that we align these with the business strategy.  This becomes necessary by establishing a Systems Plan that meets the business’ needs on a short and long term basis.

    Process orientation and the technological component of any business project of a business makes it fundamental that both the CEO as well as the operational directors understand the IS / ITC that form the current company.  In the same way, it is key for the CIO to manage the Information and Communication Technologies and ensures Communications use business criteria as well as being able to anticipate the needs of the business.

    The role of the CIO as the facilitating as well as transforming element of the business becomes one of taking the initiative and proposing innovative ideas that will allow the company to improve its results, increase its income, reduce costs and shorten the time to market until the product, good or service is launched.

    If we consider the ICT value model the four dimensions that are income, innovation, service and costs, we will find that Zyncro meets the model requirements to perfection, offering ICTs the desired value:

    There are various reasons why Zyncro is aligned with this model in its four dimensions:


    • Improves productivity.
    • Improves the serviced offered to internal and external clients.
    • Improves processes.
    • Having Zyncro available allows us to open up new business possibilities and reach places that were unthinkable prior to the introduction of this social technology.  A new division, a new business, a new line, a new process…  With Zyncro we can try everything!


    • Taking on this new technology can generate competitive advantages with the rapid implementation of new projects and initiatives in a very fast, secure and efficient manner.  In this way, ICTs will not slow things down but will be an innovative boost for the company.
    • The company can consider new products and services based on this collaborative environment that opens up unlimited possibilities.
    • Collective intelligenceZyncro allows for the sharing of the organisation’s knowledge, it captures and stores it whilst it circulates around the company (among collaborators, providers, clients, etc) and organises the “unstructured” information (that which is in “someone in a departmental database’s e-mail, local files…”), because Zyncro implies the integration of people, processes and knowledge.


    • Always-On: Always connected and available from any location, moment and device (today the world is already like this).
    • High integration capacityZyncro will integrate all the “satellite” applications that exist within the company (office automation files, *.pdf, e-mail, calendar, agenda…).  And during the coming days, it will also be possible to integrate APIs with operational applications (ERP, CRM, BI….).
    • Plug & play: This software is easy to implement and has no installation or license costs.  .


    • With Zyncro we move from having CAPEX to OPEX (But a very acceptable OPEX!)
    • ROI: The return on investment is extremely fast and easy to quantify.
    • Cost of adaptation is almost nonexistent, due to the fact that it is based on the usability of the most popular social networks.
    • What does it normally cost to create a new user on an IT level? This refers to activating all the tools and applications needed for that particular position on a hardware and software level?  A lot! Licenses of all sorts, servers that can run applications and other applications so that with each newcomer, running costs rise from year to year due to high maintenance costs.  With Zyncro, the cost of each new user is reduced dramatically.
    • Easy alignment with the Systems Plan (high integration).

    For sure, CIOs are obliged to ensure that the ICTs contribute towards a better Profit & Loss.  We should be brave and take decisions that allow the transformation of a traditional company into a 2.0 company, take advantage of the competitive advantages offered by new technologies and align these with business strategy and tactics and above all, make a contribution to growth.

    We should also orientate ourselves towards ROI and obtain a fast return on investment, convince the financial area on models such as SaaS or the cloud and convert CAPEX into OPEX.

    In a business world where we are compelled to do more with less, we are obliged to keep an open mind and be results orientated.

    I am convinced that the adaptation to Zyncro technology within a company is a very good value proposal that can generate income, allow innovation, provide an excellent quality of service and in addition, reduce costs.

    “Can new technologies improve the company Profit & Loss? In answer to the question posed by the article: The answer is simply: YES.  And they not only can, but should contribute to improving it.

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