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  • Daniel Albert 9:00 am on April 8, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Access Zyncro from your Blackberry 10 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    At Zyncro we’re constantly improving our native mobile applications so you can access all your Enterprise Social Network content from any device. Today we’re introducing our Zyncro application for Blackberry 10, specially developed for those companies and regions in which the use of this device is widespread, especially on a corporate level. This means you’ll be able to help your clients, collaborate with your partners, manage your company’s documentation and projects, all while keeping up-to-date with your organisation’s activity from anywhere and at any time.

    Adapting to this new completely tactile Blackberry device, continuing with our highly intuitive design and prioritising the simplicity of touch-screen interaction, we present a fast, stable interface based on simple and agile browsing that delivers the best in user experience.   

    Quickly access the most important sections of your Enterprise Social Network via our browsing sidebar: messages, files, people, groups, departments and your user profile. Once inside each section, you’ll be able to smoothly browse through all the content, easily returning to the main menu whenever you want to.

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  • Daniel Albert 9:00 am on March 18, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Use Zyncro on your Windows Phone! 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes.

    At Zyncro, we are constantly improving in order to offer our users native applications for all mobile devices. If you’re a Windows Phone user, try our app now and access your Corporate Social Network information from your mobile phone, while remaining connected to your work teams in real time.

    For this application we have designed a fast, stable interface, with clear, and very usable intuitive browsing. With the goal of adapting the user experience to the habits of Windows Phone users, the interface has been designed in Metro style, a new visual style that is gradually being integrated into all Microsoft applications and whose main feature is simplicity of interaction with the screen.

    When accessing Zyncro from your Windows phone, you will see a main screen which will provide quick access to your most important Corporate Social Network sections: messages, files, people, groups, departments and your user profile, which will be personalised with your picture. Once inside each section, you’ll be able to smoothly browse through all the content, easily returning to the main menu whenever you want to.

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  • Daniel Albert 12:00 pm on July 10, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    New Zyncro App for Android. Download it and discover the next mobile generation for your company! 

    Estimated reading time + video: 4 minutes

    At Zyncro we continue working so that you can have your office on your mobile and access all your company’s information using our native apps. So, when you’re traveling, on route, or working from the beach, you can still continue to access and share everything that is happening in your organization with your mobile Enterprise Social Network from anywhere, at any time. Because your company doesn’t disappear when you leave the office.

    Today we’ve launched version 2.0 of our app for Android, with a completely redesigned interface: simpler navigation, better user experience, and improvements in speed, operation, and stability.

    Of all the new features, the highlight is the introduction of side navigation bar, which does away with the previous design and helps us give you the same experience using your Enterprise Social Network on your mobile as on the web.

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  • Daniel Albert 9:00 am on June 26, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Update 2.0 of the Zyncro app for iPad: New features 

    Estimated reading time + video: 3 minutes

    At Zyncro, we continue working to meet our goal to offer companies the best native apps for mobile devices that enable them to access all the information in their Enterprise Social Network from anywhere, at any time. So today we’re proud to present a new update of the Zyncro app for iPad that enhances the previous version.

    In this update, we have worked on the improving the app’s operation and usability, making navigation in the device easier for users.

    For version 2.0 of Zyncro app for iPad, we have redesigned the interface, taking the suggestions for improvement from our users, making it more intuitive and optimizing its speed and stability for a better user experience.

    Thanks to this new version of Zyncro for iPad, you can:

    • See improvements made when searching for files, interacting with members of your organization, or when accessing your groups and departments
    • Use Zyncro either vertically or horizontally, so navigation adapts better to the tasks you are doing at the time
    • Directly acccess the last files you have downloaded, so you can easily continue the tasks you are working on
    • Create groups from your iPad, so that collaborating effectively is no longer just for the desktop version of your Enterprise Social Network

    So that you discover all the new features in this version, we’ve prepared a video where you can see the improvements we’ve made.

    If you use Zyncro on your iPad, why wait any longer? Download the latest version available now in the App Store! If you still haven’t got a Zyncro account, register now and start to see the benefits of a mobile Enterprise Social Network.


  • Yolanda Torres 9:00 am on June 10, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Mobility 2.0 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    Today we’re going to talk about mobility, about connected and intelligent devices:

    Our daily objects adapt to new technologies and MOBILE MOMENTS become moments where consumers want to continue experimenting.

    The consumer wants to continue connected in multitasking: when playing sports, checking the time, in the subway, or lying on a beach… Maximum connectivity and maximum digitalization:

    • Connected
    • Delocalized
    • Mobile
    • Hyperinformed
    • Linked

    This trend is already a reality in the employment market. Employees from all sectors are acquiring flexible and delocalized work habits. We are evolving towards a way of working which will dillute hierarchies in the office and fixed positions; where presence will be “virtual” in preference to face-to-face contact; and in which a new set of communication and collaboration tools will make creativity and practical knowledge move torwards a new productive model.

    In this environment, mobile devices are a fundamental element for our activity…like social media and enterprise social media are.

    • Savings
    • Efficiency
    • Agility
    • Wellbeing
    • Collaboration

    These are some of the advantages of this new environment that simplify the productive model, enabling exponential growth without a higher cost in infrastructure.

    The world is SOCIAL and MOBILE, our professional environment too :-)

    Let’s finish with

    • socialmonics
    • content providers
    • SEO experts
    • SEM planners

    They have substituted traditional advertising. Microexperiences, connectivity, digital socialization are the consumer realities that we need to take into account. AsSeth Godin says, we have to lead the change in our lead up professional environment. Are you prepared?

    Yolanda Torres (@yolandaibz) is expert in Communication and has a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing Management with special mention 2011. She combines digital marketing managment at Turismo Ibiza with Atzaró Natural Life Hotel. She is co-founder of Equipo Singular in 1996. English and French Translator.

    At Zyncro we know the world is mobile and we help companies to become that with enterprise social networks accessible from any device. Do you want your company to be mobile too? Try Zyncro.


  • Ana Asuero 9:00 am on April 29, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    The future for companies is to become social, mobile, and cloud: the keys from Zyncro 

    Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

    Editor’s note: Today we bring you this post that we wrote in Spanish for Eurocloud, the Spanish Association of SaaS and Cloud Computing Providers. We though it would be interesting to look at how the future for companies will be social, mobile and in the cloud.

    Companies are experiencing a transformation process marked by technology platforms and defined by the convergence in everything social, mobile, and cloud-based. The buzz word SoMoClo is a concept that provides companies with a new opportunity to transform their business processes using technology solutions.

    The SoMoClo trend is another symptom of how technology consumerism has evolved. We use applications that are designed for synchronizing with the cloud, sharing content on social networks, and of course, to work from mobile devices.

    This also adapts to the business world. Many of you have been using your personal devices at work for some time; you access social networks to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in your sector to see what your competitors are doing, you use online storage to save and access your corporate documents from home without having to use a virtual private network. And all this in a scenario where the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend is growing, mobile devices improve each day and the cloud is becoming something easier to adopt.

    There are experts who consider that soon employees won’t just ask for better smartphones. They’ll go beyond that and will ask to have contents available through their cells and easy access it through the tools they normally use. Employees will want simply to be able to use their favorite tools that they use in their private lives in the work environment.

    With the explosion of Big Data (according to IBM, we generate more than 2.5 quintillion bytes per day), organizations need to convert that consumer trend into a strategy for transforming their business processes. SoMoClo is here to stay. The world is already social, mobile, and cloud-based; companies shouldn’t wait to do it too, seeing the cloud as the means of delivery, the social side as the shared service, and the mobile side as an omnipresent access. The leaders of organizations will need to rethink their processes because SoMoClo needs to be integrated in the company and will represent the next chapter in the Internet transformation, expanding collaboration to new levels of productivity.

    The figures already point to a positive change. According to data from the IDC, 2012 represented a turning point in the implementation of the cloud model in Spanish business, duplicating its penetration rate on the previous year, reaching 29%.

    The benefits of working in the cloud for businesses

    The benefits of working the cloud for businesses are easy to identify. Among others, it helps to reduce costs and increases service levels and productivity. In fact, it is estimated that the budgets for cloud computing will grow by 25% by 2015. Cloud technology is cheaper, more usable, more accessible, faster and easier to implement. What’s more, it makes applications more mobile and collaborative.

    Zyncro helps organizations to reap the benefits from working in the cloud

    At Zyncro we understand the business benefits of the cloud and we help organizations that are transforming their business model to make it more social, mobile and in the cloud thanks to our platform.

    For that reason, we integrate with a wide number of serivces in that line, on our continuous search to become the first social software platform capable of offering integrated access to organizations’ entire documental contents.

    Zyncro started its journey to centralize and socialize corporate documentation with its integration with the renown SharePoint from Microsoft (November 2011), becoming the social, collaborative, mobile, and user-friendly layer of major enterprise systems. This integration trend continued with Zyncro’s association with the Google Apps suite, more specifically with Google Calendar, Gmail (July 2012) and notably Google Drive (September 2012), and the technology unification process Zyncro has sought from its outset was reinforced with its integration with other social networks, cloud-based productivity apps, ERPs, or even business intelligence systems. A few weeks ago we announced our integration with Dropbox, the leading cloud file management system, and shortly we will launch our integration with box.

    Our goal is to continue helping organizations to reap their maximum potential by using social technology applied to the business world. With this vision, we continue our strategy to add sources that host business knowledge in a continuous search to improve the functionality and capacity of our platform, and become one of the Enterprise Social Networks with the greatest capacity to adapt to the most popular services on the social web and enterprise software.

    Ana Asuero (@aasuero) works as Social Media Manager at Zyncro. She is an expert in corporate digital communication, social media and social media marketing. She has previously worked on institutional communication, media planning, advertising campaign strategy and market analysis projects.

  • Daniel Albert 9:00 am on March 14, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Version 2.0.1. of the Zyncro for iPhone App: New features 

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

    At the end of January, we presented the new Zyncro app for iPhone. It included many new features: improvements in speed, better operation and greater stability. At Zyncro, we are constantly evolving… our products too. Today we’d like to present Version 2.0.1 of the Zyncro for iPhone app, an update with more functionalities that make interaction with the App easier, both inside and out.

    Three key new features

    1. Search: We’ve added a indexed search tool like the one found on the web version. On the App sidebar, you’ll find a new global search section where you can search using keywords within messages, files, contacts, groups and departments.

    2. File Management: The new version lets you upload files from external applications outside Zyncro. From your browser or any file reading app, you can send these files to the Activity Stream, to a Group, to your Personal Files, or to a Zyncro Department.

    3. Images: In this new version, we’ve improved the quality of the profile images so that the viewing experience in retina display screens is even better.

    With this set of new features, Zyncro Mobile is becoming the tool for using with your Enterprise Social Network. Download the new version now!


  • Daniel Albert 9:00 am on January 22, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    The new version of Zyncro for iPhone is here! 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    This isn’t simply an update. At Zyncro we understand that mobiles are one of the main devices that our customers use to connect to their Enterprise Social Network. So, we decided to completely renew the operation and design of the application, with an optimized performance for iOS6 and iPhone 5, to promote a new tool which has features that are practically the same as those on the website, assuring that our customers can use their iPhone or web access interchangeably.

    Among the new features, the most significant is the user interface which has been redesigned and is more intuitive, breaking with the previous design. It is also better adapted to the needs of Zyncro users, with a side navigation bar, providing an updated image and a new and better user experience.

    But that’s not all… The new iPhone application includes improvements to the speed of the application, its operation and stability.

    Thanks to the design and operation changes, you will find new features in the application which we have added to provide the same iPhone experience as on the website. You can now:

    • Follow or stop following members of your Enterprise Social Network
    • Select your featured groups, for quicker access to them
    • View photos and links in rich display
    • Accept or Reject invitations to groups
    • Join open groups, and search and access them from the application
    • Create folders, upload files and generate Zlinks

    We’ve prepared the following video where you can discover the improvements we’ve made to this new version.

    What are you waiting for?! Download the latest version of the application from the App Store!

    If you still haven’t got a Zyncro account, register here and start enjoying the benefits of an Enterprise Social Network… from the internet, or your iPhone!

  • Yolanda Torres 9:20 am on December 21, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Digital Wishes 

    Estimated reading time + video: 5 minutes

    Morning! The Christmas season is upon us and I wanted to write a Christmas post; a sort of summary of wishes that on a multitude of occasions coincide with technological advances that could improve our lives.

    2012 has, without a doubt, been the mobile year; a few years ago we never could have imagined the penetration and impact that smartphones would have on our lives. I wish for a real relocation of work that allows us to improve our personal lives: connected 24 hours but free!! 2013 will be even more mobile; you either exist on a smartphone or you don’t exist at all! :-)

    This has already begun, but it will grow and grow over the next few years – new life inside or recycle. In technological terms we will see the peak of products with a large capacity to improve software and programming, and update services, without needing to continuously change terminals. Zyncro has known this for a while, and it is a tool that hasn’t stopped evolving, maintaining its pricing. I wish for updates that don’t cost more

    We’ve heard a lot of talk about Big Data, often without knowing, or at least for me, what it means on a practical level for the consumer; however we outline what we call Data Mining or Useful Data for 2013. We only want what is useful, “don’t bother me, just give me the information I need”, we are moving towards the semantic web, my wish: to be more precise and save time

    Sharing, coworking, crowdfunding… are terms I’ve used often in my last few posts. Share, maximize, focus are verbs I like to use, the reality of the recession has made us search for innovative formulas for creating, working and sharing, by using technology. I wish that we could all show more solidarity and respect to both the material and the human environment.

    Here’s a video about coworking.

    Another trend will be MedicalApps, looking after and curing ourselves, being more self-sufficient in monitoring our health, with the corresponding savings in time and money. My wish is for these Apps to be useful, so that millions of people can access a health system.

    We will see a trend towards what is local, made here, which will become extremely important, from an energy saving point of view, and because in a world that is increasingly more global and interconnected we need to be aware of what we are and where we are. My wish is for us each to find our identity in the coexistence with others :-)

    This is a list of technological trends and human tendencies and some of my wishes with regard to growth.

    Happy Holidays to everyone!

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