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    Zyncro 4.3.1: One step further towards accessing the knowledge in your Enterprise Social Network 

    Estimated reading time: 9 minutes

    A new version of Zyncro has arrived with various functionalities that will allow you to go one step further when accessing the user base knowledge of your Enterprise Social Network.

    1. New work group typology

    Until now, Zyncro work groups have been split into two types; open groups and private groups:

    1. Open group: Visible to organisation members at all times in the Files and Groups section.   In order to join this type of group, it is only necessary to click the “Join” button.  By joining the group in this way, the predefined permissions set by the owner are obtained (reader, editor, inviter etc).
    2. Private group: Visible only by its members in the Files and Groups list and accessible via invitation only.

    So, as we are so keen to offer a structure that best suits your access to the information storage and knowledge within your Enterprise Social Network, we have developed a distinction between private groups.  There will now be hidden private groups and visible private groups as well as open groups:

    1. Open group: remains the same
    2. Hidden private group: remains the same as its predecesor, the “private group”
    3. Visible private group: a type of private group that combines characteristics of both groups above.  It will only be possible to become a group member by invitation (a request to join may be sent by the user or owner, or any other user may do so if they have invite permissions.  And at the same time, the group will appear in the list of groups within the Files and Groups section and be available to any user wanting to join and be part of it.  As with hidden private groups, its content will only be accessible to its members and only along with the permission provided to them.

    This new option is available to groups as well as to sub-groups.  In addition, it is also possible to change the existing group typology and configure it to any of the other two available options.

    By introducing these the new work group typologies, Zyncro pushes information management models within the business forward, maintaining data security and privacy, and strengthening the controlled sharing of information.   We hope you will find this extremely useful!

    Groups Zyncro 4.3.1

    2. Broadening the scope of Trusted Relationships

    As well as the changes in groups, Zyncro 4.3.1 increases the “Trusted Relationships between organizations” function possibilities that we explained at the launch of Zyncro version 4.3.

    This option in particular, allows different organizations establish relationships with each other so that they can share any information they feel relevant among themselves in a simple, private, secure and fast manner.   It has evolved in order to offer improved visibility and configuration options for:

    • Members and followers in the Departments or Companies sections that will now be seen by users within other organizations if the administrator so desires
    • File attachments published from the Home section will have the possibility to be attached within any organization where the main message has been posted
    • Members of a group, owners can change the visibility and expel members of the group despite their being from a different organisation as long as the administrator has previously configured permission to do so
    • User profile,  to be able to define more precisely how to modify the visibility of a profile if its configuration has changed

    3. Participants finder in groups

    With Zyncro 4.3.1 we launch a new ZyncroApp available in the Marketplace which will allow you to search and find members of a group quickly and conveniently.

    When you enable this functionality, a search engine will appear in the Participants section of the group, which will display the list of members that matches your search.

    It has been specially designed for groups with a high number of participants, so that you can find specific people who are part of a group quickly and simply.

    4. All the applications you could possibly want for your Zyncro with push notifications

    We have also developed a functionality that will allow any organization to send push notifications to various applications connected to their Zyncro all at the same time.  This means for example, that if you wish to have various mobile applications for each different operating system (various apps for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry…) differing in functionalities or design, each one of them will be able to have its own notification system depending on its established configuration within Zyncro.

    5. Usability improvements in social functionalities, and more…

    We have improved the access to social functionalities for messages posted on the wall. From now on, the posted message will have a cleaner appearance, and only when a mouse is hovered over the message, you will have access to the “Like” or “Commentbuttons and the rest of the functionalities will be accesible in a new drop-down menu that will let you even create a task directly from a message.

    Zyncro 4.3.1: Mejoras de usabilidad en las funcionalidades sociales de los mensajes

    And also in this version, we have fixed various incidents and minor bugs as well as having made various improvements in the general productivity.  

    Zyncro 4.3.1 is one step further towards accessing the knowledge in your Enterprise Social Network. Are you ready for 4.3.1?

    Agustin Bosso, Product Manager at Zyncro. His relationship to the company goes back to its very beginnings. He worked as a developer on several projects for the group, but he specifically asked to be transferred to Zyncro when it started to go in the direction of his personal passion: social networks and how they can be used in practice. His personal objective in Zyncro is to be the link between the technical culture that is speeding up data transfer at a rate of knots and the business and corporate world. His motto is that one must never lose sight of what computing is: Automatic information.

    Want to see how can benefit your business?
    Request a demo and we’ll show you

    Request a demo

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    Zyncro 3.2: Open groups, customizable appearance and contents, and… willkommen Zyncro! 

    Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

    Today we’d like present Zyncro version 3.2, with new features that are essential for managing information and involving all members of the community.

    Open and private groups

    From now on, the owner of a group in Zyncro can choose whether the group is private or open. A private group is a limited work group in which maximum privacy and control is required. On the other hand, an open group aims to involve everyone in a department or the company… or even beyond that.

    At operational level, these new group categories work as follows:

    • Private group: Only visible to its members and accessed by invitation only. Until now, all groups in Zyncro were private.
    • Open group: When a user creates an open group, it will appear by default as visible to all members of the organization in the section Files and Groups. In order for those users in the same organization to join this group, they just need to click on “Join”. Other users outside the organization must still be invited in order to be able to access the group. The group owner will decide what permissions each member will have (if they can upload and change files, create tasks, change group configurations, etc.).

    Open Groups


    At any stage, any of the group’s owners can change its configuration from open to private or vice-versa using the Configuration tab in the group.


    Fully customizable appearance and contents

    Once the decision to use an enterprise social network has been made and the goals sought have been communicated, one of the most important aspects in encouraging members of the community to participate is for them to identify it, so that they perceive it as something approachable. For this reason, customization is a major factor in many cases.

    To do this, the appearance of Zyncro and its contents can now be completely customized:

    • Appearance: Now you can change the “look & feel” of Zyncro. Colors, size, and font, shape of the buttons…as far as your imagination can go! From the same interface in Adminstrator Panel > Corporate Image > Customize CSS, using CSS language (Zyncro can provide consultancy services on this aspect if required), you can customize the user interface with everything that can be done with cascading styles.

    Customize CSS

    Customize CSS

    • The Platform’s own contents: In order to adapt the platform as far as possible to the reality of each organization, you can now change the names of the sections, texts in the platform, help, welcome messages, etc. Zyncro offers this option as a consultancy service. For example, perhaps the term “Files and Groups” doesn’t have any meaning in your organization, but on the other hand, you prefer to sort contents by “Forums”, “Topics”, “Projects”… or any other description you like to give it.


    Zyncro is now in German too!

    From version 3.2, Zyncro is now available in German, as well as English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Japanese and Catalan, as the interface languages that users can select in the top bar:

    Zyncro Deutsch


    More customization and greater usability in Zyncro.
    Inquire here and try it out!


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