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    2012, a year of awards for Zyncro 

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    Hard work and effort from the whole team has meant that 2012 has been a fantastic year for Zyncro, full of recognitions and awards, in addition to its international growth which includes several countries, the most recent being China, and a ten-fold increase in our multinational workforce. For this reason, we wanted to post a brief summary of the most important awards we have received in one of the last articles for 2012.

    First of all however, thanks to everyone who, one way or another, has played a part in winning these awards for Zyncro in 2012! Zyncro is made up of an incredible team of people and a fantastic range of collaborators.

    Best Workplaces

    Just a couple of weeks ago, Zyncro was chosen as one of the best companies to work for, in the Great Place to Work awards. This recognition is of the Zyncro team, which promotes values such as motivation and involvement in the project, always with a spark of fun.


    European Business Awards

    At the beginning of November, the jury of the European Business Awards, international awards that recognize excellence, innovation and best practices in the European business sector, announced that Zyncro had been selected as one of the 14 winning companies for Spain in the innovation category of the 2012/13 edition. We are lucky to share the winner’s lineup with companies such as everis, Bankinter, Iberdrola and Sage Spain, among others.

    As we have already mentioned, this year for the first time, participants in the European awards had to present a candidate video. We’d like to take the opportunity to once again thank everyone who voted for us.

    Would you like to see the video again? 😉

    Eurocloud Awards

    Zyncro consolidates itself as one of the best startups of the year at international level, having last October received the award for best European startup from EuroCloud. We are particularly proud of this award because we have been chosen from among the best European leaders in cloud solutions for 2012.

    At the beginning of this month, we also collected the award for best startup of the year according to EuroCloud Spain, thanks to Eurocloud for this dual recognition.


    Bully Awards

    For the second year running, Zyncro has been given the Young Bully award, which recognizes companies that seek or have received “Series A” funding (startup companies).

    Once again we would like to thank the organization and jury of the Bully Awards for continuing to believe in us.

    Awards for Business Excellence from COETTC

    Zyncro also collected this incredible recognition for its daily innovation in technology development, designed to improve business management. COETTC (Colegio de Ingenieros Técnicos y Peritos de Telecomunicaciones de Cataluña) awarded us with the ex aequo award for Technology Innovation as a result of the crucial role that innovation has taken in making business activities of today more dynamic, and in which Zyncro plays a part.



    La Caixa EmprendedorXXI Awards

    The La Caixa and ENISA Emprendedor XXI Award supports entrepreneurial spirit and is widely recognised at a national level as well as being an important award in both economic terms and in the monitoring and support of the winner.

    On this occasion, Zyncro was selected as finalist in the crecesXXI category, which recognizes companies over 2 years old, with the most significant results, an ambitious growth plan, and a highly driven team capable of applying and carrying out that plan; requirements that Zyncro fulfills, given its ongoing goal to grow and expand its market.

    Would you like to know more about us? Would you like an award-winning solution to improve your company’s way of working? Don’t wait until next year: Try Zyncro for free! 😉


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    Vote for us as Best International Startup in the 2012 Crunchies! 

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

    2012 is proving to be an excellent year with regard to recognitions for Zyncro. Awards such as Best European Startup at an international level, received from Eurocloud, encourage us to continue giving our all to the socializing of companies in order to improve organizational performance and, more importantly, make the people working for them much happier. Let’s go for the next award!!

    We are now up for another award which is particularly important because each one of you is on the jury, and anyone interested can nominate Zyncro as Best International Startup at the 2012 Crunchies.

    How to vote

    To make the task easier for you, here’s the link, so that with just one click you can vote: http://bit.ly/ZyncroCrunchies :)

    What are the Crunchies?

    The Crunchies, now in their sixth edition, recognize the most important startups and technological innovations of the year. They are organized by GigaOm, VentureBeat and TechCrunch, and have a prestigious panel of judges: you! You can vote for Zyncro as the Best International Startup 2012, until Thursday, December 6. Once the voting has closed the Crunchies Committee will select the five best companies nominated in each prize category according to the quantity, quality and extent of the proposals received. Could you help us be among the five? 😉

    When will we know if we’re one of the lucky ones?

    The award ceremony will be held on January 31, 2013 in the Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco, a venue where some of the best musicals in history have been performed; the ideal place to hold the ceremony for the most important technology awards of 2012.

    Join Zyncro to celebrate the best of technology for 2012 and vote for us so that we can share this new award with all of you.


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    Zyncro, Best European Startup of the Year 

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

    After collecting Best Spanish Startup of the Year award from EuroCloud Spain on October 4, we are extremely proud to announce that we have been chosen from among the leading European cloud-based solutions as the Best European Startup of the Year at the EuroCloud Awards 2012 held last night in Luxembourg as part of the EuroCloud Congress 2012.

    Zyncro consolidates itself as one of the best startups of the year at an international level, having received numerous awards and being nominated as finalist in a great many others such as European Business Award. The only thing left for us to do is to continue expanding in the cloud thanks to all the great efforts of the entire team! 😉

    If you want to benefit from all the advantages of this year’s award-winning Enterprise Social Network, try it now free.

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    An entrepreneur needs much enthusiasm, passion and many hours work to succeed 

    Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

    Editor’s note: This article is part of an interview that the team of Eureka-Startups, a platform specialized in communicating internet startups, projects and businesses from entrepreneurs, held with Dídac Lee, president and founder of Zyncro. The Eureka-Startups platform has a section called #Arquímedes, where it interviews different entrepreneurs who recount their entrepreneurial background and experiences. Today we thought we’d include this interview in our ZyncroBlog so all our readers can discover a little bit more about Dídac’s experience as an entrepreneur and the first steps of Zyncro. From all of us at Zyncro, congratulations to those in charge at Eureka-Startups for supporting and spreading the word about entrepreneurs!

    Dear Dídac, first of all, thank you for agreeing to this interview in order to help other entrepreneurs out on some basic issues when developing and launching a startup. You have been and continue to operate as an entrepreneur, which you combine with your role as investor. Let’s look at your background:

    What is your educational background?

    To date, I hold studies in IT Engineering, a post-graduate degree in Business Management and a PDG from the IESE. But when I started out as a entrepreneur, I was studying IT Engineering, which I left after the third year.

    Where did you work before starting out on your own?

    In my parent’s restaurant in Figueres. I started my first project as an entrepreneur at 21 and until then, I had been studying. I also did an internship in a management IT company in Figueres.

    What encouraged or drove you to becoming an entrepreneur?

    The desire to do something interesting, something that motivated me. I dreamed about creating innovative products that would sell around the world. And so it was!

    A few days ago we posted about Zyncro as #Eureka. Let’s look a bit more about this:

    How did the idea arise and how did you detect the business opportunity?

    For many years I had seen that collaborative work wasn’t efficient. Intranets, designed to solve this problem, apart from being expensive and difficult to implement, had a low usage, yet even my mother uses Facebook.

    What was the evolution of the idea? Have there been many changes?

    A lot. We made various attempts and many changes over the last 8 years to get to where Zyncro is today. Always basing myself on the vision of creating an intranet that is easy to use and rollout, I started out in 2003 with a solution that leveraged email and web. It was a total failure. Then we tried to create a file manager (like Dropbox, but a corporate version) with online backup, a synchronizer and several other functionalities, until finally creating the social layer on which the file and group manager of the current Zyncro 3.4 is based today.

    Who are your partners and who makes up the founding team? What are their roles?

    For me, an innovative startup requires two major parts: the product and sales. I developed the product with my team that has been with me since the start. And Lluís Font developed the sales, creating an extraordinary team.

    A few months ago you launched an excellent initiative within Zyncro: the “Zyncro Developers’ Challenge”, which we are sure will help many entrepreneurs. Can you tell us a bit about it?

    Zyncro is a company with a strong entrepreneurial DNA. Our vision is that Zyncro is a development platform on which vertical solutions can be created, and that is what we hope to achieve with the Zyncro Developers’ Challenge.

    In all our interviews, we ask a round of questions on what looking for investment has been like. In your case, as an investor:

    What homework do entrepreneurs need to have done when they come to see you?

    I don’t see myself as an investor, more as an entrepreneur. When an entrepreneur visits an investor, I think it is essential that they are capable of explaining clearly and simply what the market problem is, what the size of the market is, their product/solution, what differences them from the competition, what their 12-month plan is, and most importantly, they need to be capable of getting a winning team. Although there may be risk, investors want evidence in form of experience and the team’s commitment, sales, pre-sales, etc.

    What errors do they comment most?

    I can’t answer you that in general, but I can tell you the most common errors I’ve made. The first one is going to the investor without having prepared. Then, not being able to listen with humility to what they are saying to you in order to take it in and apply corrective measures, and third, being able to attract top-level talent to the team. If you can’t incorporate people who think outside the box in your project, you are going to having difficulties in convincing an investor.

    What are the aspects you value most about a project?

    The team. For their ability to work, their humility, their enthusiasm and great comradery, in other words, good people good, as a friend of mine says.

    In your time as entrepreneur:

    What are the main obstacles you have had to overcome?

    Loneliness and the lack of understanding. Especially at the start, when there were no support initiatives for entrepreneurs, and socially it wasn’t as fashionable as it is today. Everyone who innovates finds themselves in unknown territory, and if they start from zero, they probably don’t have any contacts, any money or experience. I needed much enthusiasm, passion and hours of work to succeed.

    We’re sure that along your way you’ve made some mistakes. If so, can you tell us about one of them that may be a lesson to other entrepreneurs?

    First, I should say that making mistakes is inevitable, and it’s the best university. From every mistake, I’ve learnt a lesson, and that’s important for me. I’d say that one of the main errors was 5 years down the road with the first project. We had customers, created several projects that we operating quite well, and became too settled. We started to develop in the lab and we forgot that “truth is out there”, as Fox Mulder says. The Dotcom crisis hit and we had to get out and sell. Since then, I’ve never forgotten that the most important thing is to listen to the market, to the customers. If you don’t know what they think or what they need, you can invent but you can’t innovate.

    What tips would you give an entrepreneur that is starting out?

    The truth is I don’t like giving advice, I prefer to talk about the lessons I’ve learned over the years creating startups. If I had to give one, it would be to go to YouTube and enter “entrepreneur” and you’ll find an endless wealth of tips for startups in any area you want.

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    Zyncro, finalist in the La Caixa EmprendedorXXI awards 

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

    Last Tuesday, July 10, they released the names of the entrepreneurial companies throughout Spain selected as finalists from the 800 participants in the 21st edition of the EmprendedorXXI awards, presented by La Caixa and ENISA… and Zyncro is one of them!

    Photo from the La Caixa EmprendedorXXI - http://www.emprendedorxxi.com

    Zyncro has been selected as finalist in the crecesXXI category, which recognizes startups over 2 years old, with the award going to the company with the most significant results, an ambitious growth plan, and a highly driven team capable of applying and carrying out that plan; requirements that Zyncro fulfills, given its ongoing goal to grow and extend its market.

    In just three years, we already have headquarters in Barcelona and offices Argentina, Mexico, France, Germany, the Benelux, Brazil, Japan, the United States, and soon in China, Italy and Scandinavia. With more than 100,000 users, 500 corporate customers, 50 partners across the world, Zyncro is already available in 9 languages, has 25 ZyncroApps, and develops 8 new release each year. Furthermore, we also have native applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry, a developers portal with two APIs, all designed to fully adapt and personalize the platform to our customers’ needs.

    The announcement of the winners of EmprendedorXXI awards will be made in October 2012. This award encourages us to continue growing, to find new markets, to seek out new goals and to continue innovating day by day. Winning it would be a recognition of the values and work we all share at Zyncro.

    We’ll keep you informed of developments, and in October we hope to be able to bring you the good news 😉


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    Zyncro encourages you to get enterprising: Startup Weekend Barcelona 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    At Zyncro, we continue to support business initiatives, innovation and the infectious energy given off by new entrepreneurs. For that reason, we urge you to participate in the upcoming Startup Weekend Barcelona.

    This event will give a chance to create new startups easily and quickly: During the weekend of June 29 to July 1 in Barcelona, you can develop web and mobile apps that will act as a starting ground for a viable future startup. The event is focused on learning at a hectic rate, developing quickly and creatively, as you’ll only have 54 hours to create your app.

    As the saying goes, “no talk, all action”.

    So if you’re a developer, a designer, or have training in marketing and business development, and of course, have that entrepreneurial spirit, don’t miss this training weekend that we at Zyncro highly recommend and support. What’s more, three finalist projects will be awarded a Zyncro Business plan with 50 Gb of storage space available for 6 months during the entire company incubation process.

    So, “how do I participate?” Here’s the steps you need to follow during Startup Weekend Barcelona:

    1. Each participant has to present their idea in a minute. The ideas with the most votes will go on to the next phase.
    2. The creators of these ideas need to find their ideal team from among all the attendees, without forgetting those essential profiles for the essential development of their future startup.
    3. The teams will work together during two intense days, guided by mentors, who include leading entrepreneurs, innovation and social media experts.
    4. Finally the developed ideas are presented and the jury will select the winners. These finalists will win a Business plan subscription for Zyncro for six months.

    Got that entrepreneurial spirit? Got a great idea but don’t know where to start? Explain your idea, build your team and… launch your startup! Sign up and participate in the Startup Weekend Barcelona!


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    Join Zyncro for a beer at the Barcelona Startup Fair and you could become part of our team! 

    Despite the abysmal news you hear these days about Spain, the Barcelona Startup Scene is powering on. In fact, many great things are happening on the Barcelona tech front at the moment. The scene has an unparalleled lifestyle compared to any other major tech cluster in Europe and a group of local tech entrepreneurs, such as Dídac Lee or Lluís Font, are working together to find top new recruits. That is why next Tuesday, June 12,is a must-be-there date for your diary: come along and meet the top gurus of the Barcelona startup scene. Join us at the Barcelona Startup Fair 😉

    What is the Barcelona Startup Fair?

    It is a joint recruitment event, formed by a group of 25 companies that have come together to organize this great event. Between all the companies, there are around 80 new jobs in internet-based companies on offer, some of them in Zyncro. The majority of the companies were founded in Barcelona, others like Zyncro were not, but all of them have a major development presence in the city of Barcelona.

    Where and when it is happening?

    The Barcelona Startup Fair is taking place on Tuesday, June 12, from 19:00 (CET) to 23:00 (CET) at the old Estrella Damm beer factory.

    Who it is aimed at?

    This event is open to 350 participants, so, if you love new technology, startups, enterprise 2.0, are motivated and passionate about what you do, and are looking for an energeticflexibleinternational and multicultural company, like Zyncro, this is your event! But don’t forget that you need have a technical, design or marketing-relevant background with online companies or experience in the sector. Remember, registration is free.

    What will be happening?

    The event is primarily about new talent meeting great startups in Barcelona, however it will have a very brief program at the earlier stages.

    1. Welcome
    2. The Tuenti journey by Tomasz Matuszczyk (Barcelona Engineering Manager @Tuenti)
    3. The European Pirate Summit, talking about how to be a startup pirate
    4. Then lots of catching up between talent and companies (Where Zyncro will be)

    And don’t miss out on the afters, so you can get a chance to talk with startups like Zyncro over a few drinks. There won’t be sangria, but the best Spanish beer! Register now and join us at Barcelona Starup Fair 😉


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    On the hunt for the best technology companies in Barcelona! 

    Barcelona-Tech-Demo-Day-ZyncroToday, Tuesday, April 24, Barcelona Tech Demo Day will take place, an event organized by La Salle Technova, Barcelona Activa, Inlea Foundation and Enginova in Barcelona.

    La Salle Technova, which will host the event, is the technological and business innovation park of La Salle, where ideas are promoted like creating an environment in which knowledge acquires value through innovation and the new vision of technology-based companies.

    What is Barcelona Tech Demo Day?

    It is an event that seeks to bring together the top 100 technology companies with a growth potential to showcase their technologies. Companies that, like Zyncro, seek to achieve international expansion and position themselves as new up-and-coming talent on the current technology front.

    Where and when is it happening?

    Barcelona Tech Demo Day will take place today, Tuesday, April 24, 2012 in La Salle Technova, from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm.

    Who is it aimed at?

    This event is open to press, students, innovation managers of large corporations and will be a business angel investment forum, with the new feature that investors can meet the projects in person from the outset. What’s more, it will include a cycle of conferences on business activities.

    What will be discussed?

    This space contains different areas, so there will be a range of ways of approaching the event. Barcelona Tech Demo Day will have:

    • A exhibition hall, where you can meet all the companies holding demos on the day.
    • A series of lectures, divided into discussions accompanied later by workshops, and where some enterprising projects will be presented.
    • A press pass, to discover more about the projects present.
    • An investment forum focused on business angels or investors looking at start-ups.

    From Zyncro, we encourage you to attend and discover other start-ups that, like ourselves, are working hard to become a business success.

    Barcelona Tech Demo Day is free and tickets are limited. To attend you need to register here.


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    Laura Urquizu joins the Inspirit Board of Directors 

    Estimated reading time: 1 minute

    Laura UrquizuThis week Laura Urquizu has joined the Board of Directors of Inspirit, where she will perform the duties of Director of Corporate Development.

    Laura holds a degree in Economics and has extensive experience in corporate management in the technology sector and in startups.

    During her career, she has previously held positions such as her role in Corporación Caja Navarra where she led the area of emerging business investments and seed capital.

    She is director in more than 10 companies in the technology sector, including the internet-project business incubator DaD, Start Up Capital Navarra, Abiquo or CEIN (Navarran European Business Innovation Centre).

    Laura joins the Inspirit group with the goal of helping us to implement development and strategic plans in the companies in which Inspirit has a stake (Spamina, Conzentra and Zyncro).
    We would like to welcome Laura to the team and wish her much success in her new position!



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    Enterprising initiatives: A good resolution for 2012 

    Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

    Editor’s note: At Zyncro, we wanted to mention the concept of entrepreneurship in our ZyncroBlog because, as you already know, we’re an enterprising, young and dynamic company… that is motivated by “enterprising initiatives” and by a desire to learn and grow day by day. We also want to take this opportunity to share with you the article “5 Spanish start-ups to look out for in 2012”, which mentions us as one of the 5 most promising Spanish start-ups for 2012. Thanks to everyone for making this possible!

    Coinciding with my first post on this space, I’d like to propose a good resolution for this upcoming year. Before that, a few words about me for those that don’t already know me: as an economist and entrepreneur, my career is linked with company startup and consolidation processes, especially within the area of business strategies and assessment, and improving professional and entrepreneurial skills. So obviously, my resolution is linked with this experience!!

    My “positive resolution” is for enterprising initiative, and although for many it is synonym of “setting up a company”, I can assure you that it is a much wider, constructive and interesting notion. It can represent any initiative that you want to develop within any given field, without its size, resource or scope of action being directly proportional to the value provided.

    With this positive resolution, what’s more, I hope to contribute by providing you with renewed ideas, given the infinity of attempts that we make during this period, year after year, to stop smoking, to go to the gym or to improve our language skills, among others.

    Endeavor and change

    I say “positive resolution”, because apart from the benefits that we undoubtedly will achieve on a individual level, enterprising initiative is also a way—if not the only way—to overcome this widespread recession (economic, political, cultural, etc.) in which we as a society find ourselves. I hope that you’ll agree with me that entrepreneurship is also a great way to enable the change involved in any situation of this nature, to face the future with renewed optimism and energy.

    In a wider sense, having enterprising initiative becomes a need both for society and companies as a whole and for our own life projects (personal, professional and business). Why?

    Firstly, because it enables us to renew old structures, models, beliefs, etc. something which is extremely necessary in order to undertake any change process with a clear vision of the future. We’d be very shortsighted if we thought that change comes from the institutions and those that own or sit on the board of directors of the company.

    We need everyone, regardless of the role or function they perform, to take responsibility for their part and take the initiative in diverse areas as part of the shared project (concept widely used by Koldo Saratxaga), be it from within the organizations, society as a whole or within our own personal environment.

    Secondly, the entrepreneurial process involves a path of constant learning for the person involved, which requires going through several phases:

    1. Generating ideas
    2. Analyzing them
    3. Putting them into action
    4. Consolidating them
    5. Growing with new creative and innovative challenges.

    Finally, in all these phases, we need to invest time to investigate, experiment, learn, train our skills, abilities and attitudes, etc.

    So it can be both a motivating and exciting path!

    Just like Snakes and Ladders , we each have our own dice to roll in the way we believe right. From one or more initiatives, we move around the board, searching for our mission and vision, bound by our own values.

    At first sight, the game appears to be easy, but we mustn’t forget that if we don’t spend enough time on each of their stages and activities, we may have to go back several squares or simply start again. Although, it could be worse: we could remain as prisoners in our “reality” that gives us our desired stability; in other words, we won’t developing our ability to take the initiative, find our independence, creativity and innovation, among other skills.

    I’ll finish up this post with two wishes:

    The first, that we see our passing through this world as a process of constant learning, becoming entrepreneurs who carry out all the initiatives that enable us to develop better and new skills.

    The second, to have the opportunity to participate in this space in order to develop some ideas that I’ve only hinted at here.

    Happy journey, enterpreneur!!!



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