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    Zyncro 4.2, your information better managed, organised and accessible 

    Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

    Editor’s note: Beginning Saturday, April 26, 2014, Zyncro 4.2 is available
    for all users in Europe and America!

    As companies make more use of their Enterprise Social Networks, their shared information multiplies exponentially from one day to the next. This calls for a suitable structure that gives users access to well organised data at all times so they can do their jobs more quickly and efficiently.

    That’s why we’ve been working hard on version 4.2 of our platform, which incorporates significant improvements to accessibility and information flow control.  

    Zyncro 4.2 gives more controlled, manageable and structured access to your organisation’s knowledge.

    For this new version, we’ve developed Group and Subgroup functionality, which allows network members to order the work spaces in which people, messages and documents are categorised so that everyone has access to the knowledge specific to their sphere of work.

    With version 4.2 of Zyncro, you can arrange your collaborators into specific work groups and personalise the access that each member has to certain conversations and documents, assigning them different security clearances in the associated subgroups.

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    Have you tried Zyncro 4.1? 

    Estimated reading time + video: 2 minutes

    Tomorrow it’s been two weeks since we launched Zyncro version 4.1 and we want to make sure you getting the most out of all the new features and improvements we’ve implemented.

    If you have already seen and tried Zyncro 4.1, we’re sure you’ve checked out the new ZyncroApps marketplace , started to use Chat 3.0, and have fiddled around with the improved task management, the new options in your personal activity, or the new personalization and security features available for administrators. We want to know what you think, so we would love to hear your comments below:-)

    If you still haven’t had a chance to check it out, we’ve prepared just the video for you! We show you the new developments we talked about in operation so you can try them out. And remember, if you still haven’t started to use Zyncro, you can open an account free and try it here .

    Like the new Zyncro 4.1? We love to hear your feedback to continue improving future versions. And if you have any doubts, write to us at soporte (@) zyncro.com.


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    Zyncro 4.1: Welcome to Marketplace, improved task management, more options for your personal activity, improved security and the new ZyncroChat 3.0 

    Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

    After several months’ intense work by all our team, today we are proud to present Zyncro version 4.1. In this new version we have introduced major new developments that represent an evolution in our product and enable us to continue offering you the Enterprise Social Network that best adapts to your organization’s needs.

    Among the main changes in Zyncro version 4.1, we’d like to highlight the launch of our ZyncroApps Marketplace, improved task management, more options for your files and personal activity, greater security, greater personalization for administrators of your Enterprise Social Network, the new ZyncroChat 3.0, and two new languages for Zyncro users: Portuguese (Portugal) and Dutch.

    Want to find out more about all the new developments included in Zyncro 4.1? Continue reading and we’ll tell you all about them :)

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    Zyncro Version 4.0: Improved social management of ideas, more personalization options and better security for your Enterprise Social Network 

    Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

    Welcome to Zyncro version 4.0, the result of the hard work from our whole team over the last few months. This new version includes an updated user interface, a message voting option, the source of each post, a new document viewing system, the ability to search tasks, new customization options for your Zyncro sections and a better security definition for accessing your Enterprise Social Network. A considerable evolution of the product, even greater than the version 3.0 update.

    What does version 4.0 of Zyncro include?

    1. Improvements to Usability

    1.1. New design: Zyncro Zen

    In this new version, a new design has been implemented, which is cleaner, with improved usability and which enhances the user experience on your Enterprise Social Network: Zyncro Zen.

    The new design will appear by default for the new organizations that register on Zyncro.

    For existing users, the change to Zyncro Zen is optional. They can continue with an improved version of the previous Zyncro, called Zyncro Classic, or update their organization to the Zyncro Zen design.

    This option can be found on the Administration Panel > Corporate Image.

    Both the Zen and the previous Classic designs include important improvements to the browsing feature; the tabs have been replaced with a single side menu bar. Browsing in Zyncro is now faster and easier, not only thanks to the new interface, but also to various performance improvements that have been implemented, above all on the wall: The core of your Enterprise Social Network.

    The Zyncro Classic design maintains the look and feel of the previous version but also includes the above-mentioned improvements to usability and performance.

    2. Improvements to Social Information Management

    2.1. Message voting

    From now on, messages can be voted for on the different walls: home, groups and departments/companies. This way, Zyncro also positions itself as a strong Ideas Manager, an ally for boosting Open Innovation within companies.

    When a user wants to publish a post to be voted on, he or she can activate the “Allow message voting” option.

    This option means that each message will include the “Agree” / “Disagree” buttons, so that other users can express their agreement or disagreement with the idea shared and evaluate the messages posted.

    The result of the votes appear to the right of the post, showing the total number of positive votes minus the number of negative votes, both displayed below in a smaller font.

    There is also the possibility of this option appearing by default for all the messages of a group. In the group’s configuration tab, the owner can activate the option: “Include message voting for all new group threads by default”. Similarly this option can be activated by department/company.

    This is a good way of creating specific groups oriented towards decision-making.

    2.2. View the source of a message

    Zyncro now includes the source of publications on all walls: home, groups and departments/companies. In other words, members of the organization can see if the user’s activity has been done via the internet, a smartphone, desktop or remote service.

    The source of messages is classified internally by: Smartphone, ZyncroApp, Integration, Core or Other; an additional option for generating information and later analyzing it using Business Intelligence systems.

    2.3. Search in Tasks

    Tasks and their contents are now indexed and recoverable using the general browser. Users will see a new tab when doing a search, called Tasks, where the coinciding content recovered by the browser will be displayed.

    The search results are sorted in chronological order by default. A date filter can be used to highlight tasks that have been created or have a deadline outside the established period.

    2.4. Integration with Crocodoc

    Zyncro now offers the Crocodoc service for viewing documents online. The new viewing system will offer users a better experience with each document and improved compatibility with the original format.

    To view documents, the administrator must first activate the ZyncroApp from the Administration Panel > Zyncroapps. Once enabled, the “View online with Crocodoc” option will appear in the dropdown menu for files. Formats supported include: pdf, doc, xls, ppt, docx, xlsx and pptx. Crocdoc is only available for Buisness accounts.

    3. Improvements to the Administration System

    3.1. Main menu configuration

    The new version of Zyncro aims to also improve the administration and customization of your Enterprise Social Network.

    Administrators can modify the main menu, add new sections, and reorganize and hide existing ones.

    There are two types of links for items created:

    • External: Links to a blog, CRM, etc. which open in a new tab
    • Internal: Links to websites which open in the Zyncro interface

    3.2. Configure home page features

    For private or on-premise environments, it is also possible to configure which items appear on the wall by default when:

    • The administrator includes the organization for the first time
    • Each time a new user joins the organization

    A Welcome to the organization group can be created, which new users are added to by default. It is also possible to configure which files are uploaded and which messages are left out.

    Therefore, the actions currently available by default can be modified:

    • CEO Welcome message to the administrator
    • Welcome message from the administrator to members of the organization
    • Welcome message from the administrator to other users
    • Activity start messages on personal user walls

    3.3. Administrators can delete messages

    As of this version, administrators can delete messages from any group or department/company they can see or access, even if they do not have the necessary permissions (within the group or department/company).

    3.4. IP whitelist

    Administrators of an organization can also define which IPs users will be able to connect to Zyncro from.

    This function makes Zyncro an Enterprise Social Network that can only be accessed from places defined by the administrator and the company.

    3.5. Add users to groups without an invitation

    It is now possible to include users in a group without going through the invitation process. This option is activated by the “Add to group without invitation” checkbox, which appears below the types of permissions that can be assigned to each new participant.

    This feature is available to administrators in the organization, and appears once the user to be included in the group has been selected.

    Note: This option is only possible for adding internal contacts.

    What are you waiting for? Try out the new features of Zyncro! And, of course, if you have any queries or questions, just contact us on support (@) zyncro.com

    Start enjoying an improved social management of ideas, more personalization options and better security for your Enterprise Social Network!

    In short, make the most of your Enterprise Social Network with the new features of Zyncro 4.0.


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    Zyncro 3.5: Participative corporate feed, more personalization and direct support in your Zyncro 

    Estimated reading time: 8 minutes

    Today we have the pleasure of presenting Zyncro version 3.5, which brings major developments like: allow comments on corporate feed; full personalization of your login and password reminder page; centralize information in your Zyncro with new usage for RSS, and get help directly from Zyncro.

    Check out all the great new things Zyncro 3.5 has to offer :)

    More Participative Corporate Feed

    Corporate feed contains those official communications that the company wants all its employees to know and that are highlighted in blue on the wall, visible to all members of the organization. From this version, for those companies with a more open-door approach who want to receive feedback on the news they publish, they can activate an option that enables employees to comment on these posts. This option, activated by default, encourages greater participation in the organization and makes employees feel even closer to the organization.

    Want to know where to change it? As Organization Administrator, go to the Administration Panel > Organization Configuration > User Settings

    Complete Personalization of your Login Page in Zyncro

    Already personalized your company’s login URL with your corporate image and colors? Want the login and forgot your password page to be more corporate too? Or even, want to create your own login page? With version 3.5, all this is possible:

    Personalize your forgot your password page

    Your Organization Administrator need to configure this option from the Administration Panel>Corporate Image>Login and Forgot Your Password? Page. Here they can configure both your login and your password reminder page with your desired look and feel.

    Use a personalized external login page

    The Organization Administrator can select to configure the login page completely in the Administration Panel>Corporate Image>Login and Forgot Your Password? Page. After selecting this option, create your customized login page with a simple design using HTML and CSS. In major projects where you want to fully integrate your corporate image in your Enterprise Social Network, we can create your login page for you with the right look and feel.

    Centralize all information in your Zyncro, even external info (RSS)

    You know, if you find an interesting blog for your Enterprise Social Network work group, you can always add its entries via RSS provided you are the group owner. This means that all members of the group can see the blog feed on the group wall. Until now, a group member could comment on that feed if they had permissions; from this new version, you can also “like” RSS feed updates. What’s more, with the new feed indexing, you can also perform searches on your RSS in the search box, so valuable external RSS information can also be found easily, quickly and in the same platform.

    Need help? Contact support directly from your Zyncro

    Contact your Administrator if you have any problems

    When an error occurs, or when you come across a situation where you need someone with higher permissions in the Enterprise Social Network, you can now contact your administrator easily. With one click, you’ll be directed to a screen where you send a private message to your organization administrator explaining the problem.

    Are you the Administrator? Contact Technical Support from your Administration Panel

    With this new version, Organization Administrators can contact Technical Support when an incident occurs. In Administration Panel>Account Summary>Go to Support Panel, you will be redirected to a page for logging incidents:


    Also in this version we have corrected several minor incidents and bugs, and have improved overall performance.

    What are you waiting for to try the new Zyncro features? Go on! Oh, of course, if you have any trouble, you can contact us at support (@) zyncro.com

    Start to get feedback on your corporate feed, discover the infinity of possibilities in personalizing the look & feel in your Zyncro. Don’t forget to “Like” that RSS feed you find interesting or search for that old post that you read but can’t remember the title of. And finally, get help directly when you need it.

    In short, get the most out of your Enterprise Social Network with the new Zyncro 3.5 features


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    Zyncro 3.4: protected public links, improvements to notifications, permissions and the structure of Groups and Departments 

    Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

    Were proud to present Zyncro version 3.4, which includes improvements to our external links or Zinks, which are now even more private and secure thanks to the new expiry date and password options; a better definition of permissions for each user, improvements to the notifications system and to the organization and classification of departments, as well as new integration options.

    Welcome to Zyncro 3.4, start enjoying it now!

    Public links (Zlinks) are even better protected and more secure: expiry date, password and description

    You will now have complete control of the Zlinks you create and therefore you can even use them to share your most confidential documents. Zyncro 3.4 provides all files and folders with a new option: Public links (Zlinks), where you can view all the Zlinks created, because with Zyncro 3.4, you can:

    • Add an expiry date to the Zlink: if you use a Zlink for a work document on a project, it is likely that once the final document is ready you no longer need the Zlink of the draft to be accessible. Version 3.4 introduces the option of adding an expiry date to your Zlinks, this way they will only be active for the period of time necessary.
    • Create a password: the link to the document is private and only the people who know the password will be able to view it. This way you can share your confidential documents with the utmost security.
    • Create a description that only you can see, to help you identify each one of your Zlinks: why you created it, who for if you have several Zlinks to the same document; this option will also help you identify the recipient or the use you want to give it.

    If you create a Zlink with a password, when you send it to the recipient, they will receive the following message, in which they will have to enter the password you have previously created and which you can always consult under “Public links (Zlinks)” in the File or Folder.


    Better definition of permissions for each user in Groups and Profile

    • New permissions for groups
      Zyncro 3.4 comes a new user category: the Commentator. The owner of the Group or Department can decide which members have permission to comment in the Group and which are read-only members. In this case, they won’t be able to see the comment field or create new message threads. By default, all users are commentators.

    • New user profile visibility options
      Your email address will be visible only to those you think should have access to it. There are three different options: 

      • only you can see it
      • your departments can see it, or
      • all of your contacts can see it
      • By default, the last option is activated.

    Receive the information you need, how you need it: improvements to the notifications system

    Information regarding the interaction of other users with you at your fingertips with just one click: the notifications icon will display the last five actions in chronological order. Unread actions will be highlighted in a lighter color.



    Classification of departments (or businesses) in your organization

    In this new version, the Administrator can classify departments by category and location. To do so, go to Administration Panel>Organization Configuration>Organization Structure, where you will be able to create the necessary categories and locations to better organize the departments and companies that form part of your organization.

    To follow a category or location, and see on your wall all the corresponding messages, there are two possibilities:

    • In the Departments section, directly follow the category by right-clicking on it.


    • Click on Departments>on any Category or Location>Follow this Category/Location

    This option is useful for organizations with a large number of departments or businesses. It is a good way of structuring information: when following departments or companies, you can exclusively follow a category or location. For example, the manager of the head office in Barcelona wants to find out about the communications made by the departments or companies in that location only. With this version, all this is possible. In fact, in the case of new departments being created with this same location, they can be followed automatically.

    New integration options

    Companies that have their own intranets or other services to provide authentication can use the Single Sign-on (SSO) method with Zyncro with a minimum level of development. This means there is no need to log on to Zyncro as another system, but use the login of the other network that the company has and gain time.

    Also in this version, we have corrected several minor incidents and bugs, and have improved overall performance.

    To finish, you can see a summary of the new features in this presentation:

    Check out the new features of Zyncro 3.4 now available, and of course, if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us at soporte (@) zyncro.com

    Start using the improved performance Zlinks, define permissions for your group and department users, decide who can see your email, receive the information you need as you need it, improve the department or business structure and try out the new integration options.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Carlos del Pozo 11:21 am on December 1, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro Features: Version control in Zyncro 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    Why control file versions?

    When we work with documents that need to be reviewed, keeping the last version is not enough as often the last version is not the one we really need. At times, we have to change a file from a previous point which we can’t access using the latest version… With Zyncro, this is no longer a problem thanks to its Version Control option. This feature enables users to easily access a list of all the versions uploaded to Zyncro of each file, meaning that you no longer have to search in your computer to find the right version of the file you want to work on (that is if you still have it).

    How do I recover an older version of a file?

    The process is simple:

    1. Each time you create a file, you should upload it to Zyncro
    2. When you have a new version of the file on your computer, it also needs to be updated on Zyncro. You need to go the corresponding file and from the drop-down options menu on the right, select the Upload new version option.
    3. In this same drop-down menu, you’ll also see the Previous versions option. When you click on it, a window will appear with the following data:
    4. File name
      • Name of the person who uploaded the file first (Created by), with a direct link to their profile
      • Date on which they uploaded the file
      • Current file size
      • A separate list with the versions included as Previous versions and the Last version.

    These versions can be downloaded and you can also recover the previous version of the file.

    Keep and access all the contents of your organization, your documents and all their versions with Zyncro.

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    Zyncro 3.0: Multiple companies or departments in a unique working environment 2.0 

    Estimated reading time: 7 minutes

    Allow us to present Zyncro version 3.0:

    Multiple companies or departments in a unique working environment 2.0

    Here you have the new characteristics of Zyncro version 3.0. A version with enhanced configuration options for your intranet, user permissions, profile information security and other added functionalities.

    Departments and companies

    From now on, in each corporate Zyncro, the administrator can access the “Organization configuration” option directly from the Administration Panel, enabling the definition of a structure made up by “Departments“, “Companies” or “neither“.

    What is a company or a department?

    The Companies section has been created for use within Zyncro as a “Business community“: An inter-corporate Social Network to support information exchange, networking, create business opportunities or spread offers, among other things.

    The Departments have been designed with large companies in mind that need a proper structure by area for its users as well as to transmit corporate information by department.

    SMEs and freelancers will continue to use Zyncro as they have done so up until now without the need to activate any other section within their intranet.

    The “Companies” or “Departments” sections offer the following options:

    • A page for each company or department (with an information profile: name, description, logo, address, telephone, email address, website and a section to edit freely in case there is a need to add further corporate information)
    • Each user is associated with one or more companies or departments (you will be able to view the list of members for each company/department at the same time)
    • You can follow any recent changes within a company or department
    • You can add all of the members of a company or department to a work group by taking just one action

    Furthemore, users that have been given permission by the administrator via “User Management” (create company) section to create companies or departments will be able to:

    1. Add users to the relevant companies/departments
    2. Delete messages and comments from companies/departments
    3. Change the name of relevant companies/departments

    User permissions

    Remember that the section for giving permission to create companies/departments is also  found in the Administration Panel, under “Configure / Customize your organization“. Four new options (permissions) have been added for users in this section (in addition to the permissions needed for publishing corporate news). Specifically, you can:

    1. Delete messages/comments by other users
    2. Create work groups
    3. Create departments/companies
    4. Become an administrator; this means gaining access to the Administration Panel and changing the configuration of the organization

    Profile data privacy

    The privacy options have also increased for each user by using a more complex structure when it comes to the users of your organization.

    Therefore from the “Profile” section, each user will be able to define whether or not their contact information is visible to:

    • All (Zyncro users)
    • My contacts
    • The members of My departments
    • Only myself

    Security and configuration

    In addition to the major structural change to include company and department levels, other security and configuration measures have also been implemented within the platform:

    • Administrators will be able to hide the main menu on the Tasks section, leaving a more concise menu. Remember this option is useful for organizations that do not use the tasks options within Zyncro across the whole company

    • Groups will now be able to have their own icon via the “Change icon” option which is the second last option in the drop down list of each group


    Lastly, we have added a Business Intelligence Audit service (Business Intelligence audit) and we have resolved minor bugs so that Zyncro can work a little better each day.

    Start using the new Zyncro 3.0 functions straight away:

    Configure the structure of your organization, assign new administrators, define the privacy of your profile data or try the Zyncro option without Tasks within the menu.

    If you have any queries, contact us at support ( @ ) zyncro.com

    We’ll be waiting for you!

  • Joe Zyncro 9:00 am on July 26, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro integrated and ready for configuration 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

    During recent months, Zyncro has evolved day by day to become the integrated and configurable solution it is now.

    We would like to present you with a summary of the principle functionalities incorporated into the tool in the last few weeks.  Do review these and start using them right away.  If you have any query about these, remember that we are available via the Help section in the upper part of your Zyncro screen.

    How can I configure my Zyncro account?

    • Receiving notifications:
      • Configure which actions you wish to receive via e-mail or which actions to publish or not on your wall (registrations and cancellation of accounts, messages or actions with files or groups) using the “Configure notifications” (right hand panel within each group).
      • Configure the receipt via e-mail of the following:
        • Invitations to new groups or new contacts
        • Messages published by people you follow
        • Your company’s corporate news
    • Messages and corporate content:
      • Add messages or corporate content to your Zyncro interface using the addZyngs Zyncro App. When your company’s Administrator activates it from the Administration panel, you will be able to configure and publish the following:
        • informative messages in the upper part of your Zyncro screen
        • banners, images or text in right hand panel
        • new sections in the horizontal menu

    What can I integrate Zyncro with?

    Start using ZyncroApps and integrate your Zyncro with:

    • LinkedIn: import your profile automatically
    • Google Analytics: to analyze the usage and behaviour of your corporate Zyncro
    • YouTube: for visualizing videos straight from your Zyncro
    • Evernote: for sending messages or tasks to Evernote, notebook in the cloud

    Mac user?

    If you are a Mac user, you can use our Beta version synchronizer for Mac. Download them now!

    Developer or partner?

    FInally, with the aim of providing you with the possibility to integrate with your corporate applications or with the desired tool, here is the information about the Zyncro’s API, give it a go!

    Follow us

    In order not to miss out on any of our new updates, follow our ZyncroBlog on Twitter or Facebook, where we will be able to keep you up to date with the latest company and product news and much more new Zyncro Ideas.

    Learn how to optimize your Corporate Social Network with Zyncro and turn your company into a company 2.0, discover the ROI that reports on these of social corporate solutions and know the secrets of business management 2.0.


  • Joe Zyncro 1:29 pm on April 29, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Improved Zyncro 

    Our corporate Zyncro is getting wiser bit by bit and learning to do new things.

    During the month of May, all Zyncro users can enjoy new features that improve all actions as well as the user experience within the tool.  At this time some of them are already being developed.  Here you have a brief description so that you can get to know them.

    Switch organisation

    With the new version of Zyncro, switching Organization is possible in just two clicks.  Users with more than one Zyncro account can associate these with one another and switch from one to the other without having to logout of the account and back in again.


    Now it is possible to move and copy documents and folders within a group as well as to other ones.


    It will also be possible to have an improved structure of the content of the group thanks to the sort option added to the list of your workgroups.


    As with the groups, now the files can also be sorted by diverse criteria.


    Visualising contacts in descending or ascending alphabetical order by their name or surname, their company name or their email address is now possible in the new version.


    Lastly, the tasks also have a tool available for advanced sorting.

    Usability improvements

    Aside from these new features, this new version includes usability improvements such as:

    • Direct Access to messages when entering groups
    • Structured menu for profile data management
    • Increase in session duration upto 30 days
    • Performance improvement in the presentation of the comments wall and in the groups creation process.

    Coming up…  More changes in Zyncro! We will keep you informed!


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