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    Would you like to know the history of Zyncro? 

    Estimated reading time + video: 2 minutes

    Zyncro’s history, though short-lived, is marked by several milestones that have been turning points in the company growth. There is still much to be done and this is nothing compared to what awaits us beyond 2014, because we will keep on working to reach our goal of offering the Enterprise Social Network that best suits the needs of businesses.

    Discover the history of our company with this video!

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    Keys to Success in Video Blogging for Your Company 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

    In previous occasions, in this same space, I spoke about the advantages and usefulness of having an internal video blog for your company and specifically for your product. Including a video blog on your website, additionally getting you closer to your target audience, will generate more traffic that will later generate more sales for your business.

    A video blog is one of the most direct forms of communication on the internet. It allows your public to feel closer to you and makes the experience more dynamic for the visitor on your website, so it is recommended that you take into account five important points if you want to succeed with this tool.

    1. Avoid monotony

    Video blogs, even though their production involves processes similar to television production, are very different in the background and form.  Managing a friendly, clear and understandable language will capture the attention of your audience. Do not improvise. Give yourself the time to prepare the content of your capsule. Research done beforehand about the subject and a script can help you out a lot. (More …)

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    Willing to try out the benefits of Enterprise Social Networks? 

    Estimated reading time + video: 3 minutos

    At Zyncro we know that one of the key aspects for a company in deciding to implement an Enterprise Social Network is ROI of the tool. If you want to convince your boss to implement one in your organization, don’t abstractly talk about the cultural transformation needed, or try to scaremonger them into what will happen if they miss the boat that many other companies are climbing onboard successfully. Start by talking to them about the benefits and the return on investment. That’s what they’ll be interested about achieving and measuring.

    The need to explain to companies the ROI of Enterprise Social Networks is what made us create this infographic. Now we’ve animated it in a video. The data speak for themselves: the return is clear to see and easy to quantify. Are you ready to measure it?

    Carlos Zapater (@zaparl) is Audiovisual Content Manager at Zyncro. With a diploma in Teaching and a degree in Audiovisual Communication from UPF, he has worked for several European producers such as Filmtel-DVDreams and Infinia.


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    Have you tried Zyncro 4.1? 

    Estimated reading time + video: 2 minutes

    Tomorrow it’s been two weeks since we launched Zyncro version 4.1 and we want to make sure you getting the most out of all the new features and improvements we’ve implemented.

    If you have already seen and tried Zyncro 4.1, we’re sure you’ve checked out the new ZyncroApps marketplace , started to use Chat 3.0, and have fiddled around with the improved task management, the new options in your personal activity, or the new personalization and security features available for administrators. We want to know what you think, so we would love to hear your comments below:-)

    If you still haven’t had a chance to check it out, we’ve prepared just the video for you! We show you the new developments we talked about in operation so you can try them out. And remember, if you still haven’t started to use Zyncro, you can open an account free and try it here .

    Like the new Zyncro 4.1? We love to hear your feedback to continue improving future versions. And if you have any doubts, write to us at soporte (@) zyncro.com.


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    Video is the star content 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

    Recently I saw on Ticbeat an infographic on video predictions for 2013 as a communication element by Avaya. After looking at it, I gazed into the horizon, trying to figure out how these predictions will unfurl before us.

    Video is everywhere… and will continue to be

    First it was an attraction, then it came into our homes, then it jumped into the digital world and now it accompanies us 24-7. It is the star content in mobile devices. With the implementing of high-speed mobile networks (4G, LTE), sending a HD video to a mobile device won’t be a pipe dream.  Video will continue to accompany us everywhere and all companies need to be in the front line.

    2013: The year of  Convergence

    Although some have been championing this concept for several years, now is when we are seeing it really come to light. Having to wait for a day and time to consume for a restricted offering is already a Jurassic concept. Now it is the recipient who decides when and what they want to watch. Or even they are the ones to produce the content.

    Manufacturers are incorporating features to facilitate this convergence between the two worlds. TV is becoming more like a computer with a tuner. Companies will have their Internet content available in a new platform and this will represent a new way of repaying the cost.

    Video will be present in all communication aspects of the company

    The business world is where much progress has to be made. In 2013 not only does the leap to internal and social communication have to be made, but businesses will need to learn to fill contents. For a company, this is essential when communicating with potential customers, training employees, advertising, or viralizing contents.

    Let me leave you with a viral video from Microsoft Portugal. How do you communicate that your product is so easy to use that a 6 year old could do it? Well, this way…

    Carlos Zapater (@zaparl) is Audiovisual Contents Manager at Zyncro. He has a Diploma in Education and a degree in Audiovisual Communication from UPF. He has worked in European producers such as  Filmtel-DVDreams and Infinia.


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    Once upon a time… there were social networks 

    Estimated reading time + video: 4 minutes

    Humans are social beings. Communication is a need to relate to others that we carry in our DNA. That need for communication applied to the business world is what has made us evolve from closed, boring and unparticipative ways to the new Social Networks that have emerged thanks to the Internet.

    But how did we make that journey from the birth of the Internet to current collaboration, management and shared knowledge tools of the social web? Discover with Zyncro the history of the Social Networks and their evolution up to the present day. We tell you all about it in this video.

    The new communication tools have transformed our way of working and have demonstrated that being social works! Want to start to work socially in your company? Try Zyncro and tell us about your experience.

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    Use HootSuite? Add Zyncro 

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

    Just a week ago we launched the Zyncro app in the HootSuite App Directory. Thanks to collaboration with this market-leading social media management system for businesses and organizations, you can now use your Internal Social Network in the same platform as you use to manage your external social networks.

    If you haven’t done so already, add the Zyncro app for HootSuite and make it even more social! We show you how you can do it in this video.

    If you’re already a HootSuite user, it’s quick and easy to set up. If you don’t currently have a HootSuite account, sign up and start to enjoy yet another way to work with Zyncro. What are you waiting for?

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    4 weeks with Zyncro 4.0 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    Today it’s been 4 weeks since the launch of the version Zyncro 4.0. We want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Enterprise Social Network thanks to all the improvements we’ve implemented.

    As we already explained, Zyncro 4.0 has new features that provide you with better social management of ideas, better security, and even more personalization options. With Zyncro Zen, we have evolved towards a clearer, more user-friendly design. What’s more, we’ve included improvements in the definition of security for accessing your network, a new file viewer, and extended the customization capacity of the sections in your Zyncro.

    If you have already had time to test run the new version completely, you’ll probably know everything I am going to tell you. But if you have been unable to try all the new features I’m talking about, we hope that this video, in which we show you the main changes, will help you get the most out of your Enterprise Social Network.

    Like the new Zyncro 4.0? We’d love to hear your feedback. If you any queries, write to us at soporte (@) zyncro.com and we’ll help you out.


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    Real Case Study. How to manage tantrums on your social network 

    Estimated reading time + videos: 10 minutes

    Today we’re going to take a temporary break in our series on corporate video production, but we are not going to leave the topic of video aside completely. Some weeks ago, I came across a major piece. It was one of those viral videos that involved a customer’s tantrum on a social network that had gone viral due to the original way in which it was published. However, the affected company reacted brilliantly, taking advantage of the viral effect of the complaint to use it in its favor, even multiplying the effect. Let’s look at it in more detail.

    First, the background. At this stage, we’re all sick of seeing those typical commercials on TV for feminine products in which each time a women gets her period, it’s like she’s won the sweepstakes, has a body that makes Jolie or Johansson bite dust, and has got her boss’s space in the parking lot without him realizing. I’m sure you’ve all seen those Kotex commercials, so you know what I mean. A typical brand in the UK market would be Bodyform:

    And then the harsh reality of the collateral effects of menstruation kicks in…
    So it seemed a cloud of resignation floated eternally over the sufferers/consumers who had to support these commercials day in, day out. Until one guy decided to post a comment on Bodyform’s Facebook page, explaining with a very British sense of humor, what he thought of those adverts compared to his personal experience.

    The result? To date, there are more than 100,000 likes, as can be seen on the Bodyform Facebook page

    Obviously, the company didn’t let the effect of that particular comment slide. Having reached that point, the options were to ignore what’s happening on the social networks (in Spain, we’re experts on that, unfortunately), respond in a conventional manner, or respond… like Bodyform did.

    Throwing caution to the wind, and in just a week, it posted a response video as can be seen in the previous link. In this video, a fictitious Bodyform CEO explains the reasons why nowadays we still think of those dance classes, horse-riding and water-skiing… Check it out for yourselves, as you can’t miss this one:

    And the number of hits? In 24 hours, 175,000, and in a week… nothing less than almost three million. To that impact, you need to add the number of positive opinions on the handling of the affair with originality, freshness and a great sense of humor.

    The Bodyform case is a clear example of how to take advantage of a rebound effect by combining Video + Social Networks.

    Those in charge of the decision-making took advantage of the “kick” of the initial tantrum to drive their video into the stratosphere (Baumgartner’s jump was nothing compared to this) and with it, its brand image. Had any of you heard of the Bodyform brand before reading this article?

    Think how you can extrapolate this case to an Enterprise Social Network like Zyncro. Imagine a motivating video for your employees? Can’t you see a great management system for virals before they hit the social networks? Aren’t you seduced by the three million hits for a few cents? Because if a brand that tells everyone that having your period is fabulous can do it, you tell me why the rest of us can’t do it…

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    The 3 Commandments for Creating a Corporate Video 

    Estimated reading time + videos: 8 minutes

    You’re already clear on the importance of video in your communication strategy (if not, check out this article) and you have decided to create one. Well… Where do you start? The answer is: what do you want to communicate? Here you have three pointers that will help you as a starting point.

    1. What do you want to do?

    It seems patently obvious but the most frequent error made by many people is to dive head first into the task without having the faintest idea what you want to do. Advertise a product? Show some feature? Get leads? Create hype? It is “oh so important” to determine this point with absolute precision, as you’ll save loads of time and headaches for the people creating the video for you. Believe me, there is nothing worse for a producer than a client who works on trial and error. These tales usually end up with a client thinking they have a great masterpiece, when really it’s complete garbage, and a producer who is more burnt-out than the exhaust pipe of Apollo 13.

    2. Where am I going to show it?

    This point has gone from being really important to simply being “important.” Before much time and attention was given to the recording format and post-editing, as it wasn’t the same creating for web as for TV or for cinema. Nowadays, with modern equipment and digital systems, creating a video in HD is no longer a problem, and lower quality copies can be taken from the same project, if necessary. In any case, you’re limited to the equipment and budget available. Best always to start with HD 1080 and share it via Zyncro so your group or department can approve it. Your bosses can see it without any loss in quality and in real time, without needing to download it first. With an OK under your belt, you’ll have a free reign to broadcast it publically in any mass media channel.

    3. What kind of video had I in mind?

    Getting to the crux of the matter… We could create a series of articles on different kinds of videos, but let’s shrink that list down and briefly summarize some of the main ones and their use.

    • Logotype animation: Great for putting at the start of all your videos. Ok, you may not be Paramount, but people will identify your product and in the process, you’ll be building branding.
    • Product animation: If you want to explain the ins and outs of your product, this is the best option. It’s also the one that needs more care and attention and depending on how it is, it can be expensive. You need to have an excellent conceptual and graphic designer and have all the graphic material needed for your product and company in good quality resolution. That’s the basis.

    • Presentation: If you opt for this option, better to combine it with animated infographics, unless you want the end result to be as exciting as a brain scan of a gnat… Forget PowerPoint-type presentations. And don’t get the company’s geek as a presenter, who may know a lot but doesn’t look too hot. Better to use an actor, or even a amateur who learns the script written by the geek. I know, the geek deserves to appear in the video because he’s worked hours on it, but unless you want it to go viral with that purpose, we’re here to sell, folks!
    • Fiction: These are bigger words. We’re talking about a sizable budget, and without a doubt, a cinema producer will come into play. Normally these producers usually have their own script department and they will do most of the work. This option is viable for presentations at major events, advertising in mass media, etc.
    • Viral: And getting to my favourite type, as it’s the best for combining with Social Networks. Get the cheapest camera you find, get your brother-in-law to hold it straight (yeah, the guy who thinks he’s Spielberg) and take that brilliant idea that you thought of three weeks ago and jotted down in Evernote. Above all, MAKE IT SEEM REAL. Here, everything goes. The craziest ideas have their place. Things can be taken to an extreme depending on your budget, as you can see in this example.

    • Interview: Is your favorite influencer or opinion leader available? Don’t think twice! Invite them for a coffee at the latest “in” coffee house or take them out for lunch and make the most of the occasion to ask them a few questions. I’ve even seen some people do it with a smartphone, microtripod and a connected mic. Don’t forget to announce to all and sundry that you have been out with such-and-such, so that people come flocking in their droves to find out what they said about your product. Oh, and send them a basket of candy for Christmas… The more great opinions they give, the larger the basket of candy.

    And on that great note, let me say goodbye until the next delivery, which will focus on the issue of production itself.


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