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  • Daniel Albert 9:00 am on March 18, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    Use Zyncro on your Windows Phone! 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes.

    At Zyncro, we are constantly improving in order to offer our users native applications for all mobile devices. If you’re a Windows Phone user, try our app now and access your Corporate Social Network information from your mobile phone, while remaining connected to your work teams in real time.

    For this application we have designed a fast, stable interface, with clear, and very usable intuitive browsing. With the goal of adapting the user experience to the habits of Windows Phone users, the interface has been designed in Metro style, a new visual style that is gradually being integrated into all Microsoft applications and whose main feature is simplicity of interaction with the screen.

    When accessing Zyncro from your Windows phone, you will see a main screen which will provide quick access to your most important Corporate Social Network sections: messages, files, people, groups, departments and your user profile, which will be personalised with your picture. Once inside each section, you’ll be able to smoothly browse through all the content, easily returning to the main menu whenever you want to.

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  • Jaume Jané 9:00 am on April 16, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro enhances your productivity. Access Zyncro from Outlook and your Windows desktop 

    Estimated reading time: 8 minutes.

    At Zyncro, we’re always looking to be zyncronized with the leading corporate software and offer access to our platform from anywhere, at any time. So we have developed a plugin (Beta version) that creates an access to Zyncro from the leading email application in companies, and a widget to access Zyncro directly from the leading OS.

    How do I start?

    1. You can download the widget for Windows or the Outlook plugin (Beta version) directly from the Zyncro web plugin&widget section. Once downloaded, they are easy and quick to install.
    2. The first time you run the widget or plugin, you need to enter your user name and password. If you haven’t got a Zyncro account, go directly to the web to register as a new user with a free account.
    3. Once logged on, you’ll see 3 main tabs: Main Wall, Groups and Notifications.
      • In Main Wall, you can perform actions like Send messages with attached files, Comment, Like, etc. The links and videos you share or shared with you can be viewed through the widget/plugin, and you can filter messages by Corporate Messages, Private Messages, etc. On the top right, you’ll see an icon to refresh the wall if there is new content.
      • In Groups, you can access the files or messages of your work groups. Every time you access files or messages in a group, a new tab will be created that will enable you to browse them directly. You can also generate Zlinks to share or download documents.
      • Notifications: In this tab, you will see the latest notifications, load previous notifications and decide the frequency with which they are updated.
    4. If there is a new activity when the widget or plugin is updated (according to the timespan defined in the notifications section), you will be notified of this in the bottom right corner of your desktop.

    Zyncro for Windows (widget)

    The widget is a tool developed to access Zyncro from Microsoft Windows desktops (Windows XP or higher) The application lets you read, “Like” and post messages on your Corporate Activity Stream, in groups or departments, and even download or upload files, generate Zlinks, etc.

    Features of the widget:

      • SSO (Single Sign On). Users with accounts both in Zyncro and Windows only have to provide their Zyncro connection data once and can access it at any time.
      • Microblogging / Activity stream. Direct interaction with the activity stream: read, “like”, post and comment.
      • Download files. Users can download files attached to posts in the activity stream.
      • Upload files. The widget lets you upload files to groups, specific folders or attach files to a post.
      • Groups and files. Access groups, browse files, download documents and create Zlinks.
      • Notifications: The widget notifies you if there are any recent activities in your Zyncro user profile. Notifications appear frequently on the desktop, enabling you to decide how often you receive them.

    Zyncro for Outlook (plugin)

    Outlook is Microsoft’s personal information manager. It is one of the top email applications in companies, as well as including other features like task manager, calendar, and contact manager. The plugin lets you access Zyncro from Outlook (Office 2007 or higher) so that you can see what is happening in your Enterprise Social Network without leaving your Outlook window.

    What does the plugin for Outlook offer?

    • SSO. Users with accounts both in Zyncro and Outlook only have to enter their connection data once and have instant access.
    • Microblogging / Activity stream. Direct interaction with the company’s activity stream: read, “like”, post and comment.
    • Download files. Users can download files attached to posts in the activity stream.
    • Upload files. Upload files to groups, specific folders or attach files to a post.
    • Groups and Files: Access groups, browse files, downloads, create Zlinks and share links via email.
    • Notifications: The plugin notifies you if there are any recent activities in your Zyncro user profile.
    • Posts via email. This feature lets you publish posts in a group via email.


    1. Enhance your productivity. The widget and the plugin have one thing in common: both provide access to Zyncro from other environments, meaning you no longer have to leave what you are doing to access and work in your Enterprise Social Network.

    2. Greater usability. User experience is enhanced thanks to the incorporation of the plugin for Outlook, as managing emails becomes more social and users can interact with their network contacts while writing a mail, be it commenting on their content, replying, etc.

    3. Simplicity. Users can connect easily to exchange ideas and information, also when away from the office thanks to Zyncro’s mobile apps. Communication with external collaborators also becomes easier.

    4. Fast implementation. Implementing a plugin or a widget is an easy process that only takes a few minutes and doesn’t require any specialized knowledge for installation and operation.

    In the video below, we show you these two new products from Zyncro:

    Download the new widget and plugin and access Zyncro from Windows and Outlook!
    If you are a Windows and/or Outlook user, you can download the new tools from our web: widget & plugin section. Remember you need a Zyncro account to use them, you can create one free.

    Jaume Jané is responsible for ZyncroApps and integration at Zyncro. He is an expert in analysis and development for integration possibilities in Online Social Networks, enterprise software and productivity cloud applications. He coordinates interactions between Zyncro and third party technology solutions. Before, he worked with distinct companies as a web programmer and a functional analyst.

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