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  • Sara Jurado 9:00 am on January 31, 2014 Permalink | Reply
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    If You Spend Much More Time at Work Than With Your Partner, Why Not Measure Your Job Compatibility? 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

    These holidays have given me two good discoveries that have something in common. While the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty winks at the search for love through an online dating website, in the journal Vueling one can find an employment portal that provides information about compatibility with companies and coworkers.

    The tendency to study happiness

    What seemed to me to be the most curious is not the simple self-knowledge test that is based on this website, rather the premise about what turns around its functionalities: an employee will be more happy when they fit in more with the culture at work, something that they already spoke of, among others, Dawis&Lofquist in 1984 with their theory of labor force adjustment.

    HR specialists and vocational counseling take into account not only the requirements of a job when it comes to finding the perfect job or employee, but also the values and work preferences. Here is the bottom line of the question from Good.co: analyze those more relational aspects and those questions that are not asked more deeply in a job interview. It’s something strange when work ends up being an important pillar in our lives, don’t you think? Well, either by narcissism, or getting distracted for a while or real interest for your professional career, from April 2013- 60,000 people have registered on this platform. (More …)

  • Oscar Berg 9:00 am on October 10, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    The 6 Pillars of The Digital Workplace 

    Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

    Editor’s note: Oscar Berg (@oscarberg) has let us republish this article from his blog where he talks about the 6 main pillars of The Digital Workplace. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it :-) If you want to read more about the future of knowledge work, we encourage you to read his blog ‘The content Economy‘.

    The business environment that knowledge-intense businesses operate in is anything but static – it’s changing faster and faster, and in new ways. It’s becoming more and more unpredictable. This means that businesses can’t do long-term planning the way they used to. Instead they have to be prepared for change, becoming agile enough to quickly adapt to new conditions and situations.

    At the same time knowledge work and the contributions of knowledge workers are becoming increasingly important for businesses. There is also a big potential in improving the productivity of knowledge work that they have to address. Yet there is a tension, and often conflict, between agility and productivity. How do we as knowledge workers remain productive, or even increase productivity, when we need to adapt to new conditions all the time? We often find ourselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. Workload and complexity at work is increasing, while we at the same time are expected to be more productive. Add to this that we need to adapt to new conditions. Not only that, we are expected to be creative and innovative as well.

    The greatest enemy here spells c-o-m-p-l-e-x-i-t-y. Not only does it hamper knowledge worker productivity, but it is also causing exceptions to happen more frequently; exceptions that are both costly and hard to deal with. No manual or procedure can help us deal with these as each exception is different from the other and needs to be treated in its own special way. To deal with it we have to improvise.  Collaborate. Think outside of the box. The problem is that our organizations haven’t been designed for this reality. Most organizations have been designed for efficiency and economies of scale, not for enabling collaboration, creativity and personal responsibility. Too often, we are just cogs in a big machinery.  Even if we know what is wrong, and what can be done about it, there simply isn’t any support from the organization to help us act.

    (More …)

  • Nuno Bernardes 9:00 am on June 5, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro seeks Presales Technician 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes (maybe more if you’re interested ;-))

    Updated Tuesday, June 12 at 6.30pm Central European Time

    The period for sending us your applications is now over!

    Many thanks to all of you who have showed interest in this offer and sent us your details and your profiles! Thanks also to everyone who has spread the word on the social networks. We’ve alredy got our Presales Technician 😀

    Zyncro continues to grow… and in a technology company like ours, our sales team is expanding and needs new people. In this case, we’re looking for a presales technician.

    If you want to work in an energetic, flexible, leading, international and multicultural company with a young and modern, dynamic but also intense atmosphere, then you’re the person we’ve been looking for.

    Who are we?

    Zyncro Tech is one of the main start-ups on today’s international technology panorama. We started in Barcelona a little over two years ago and now we have offices in Argentina, Mexico, France, Germany, Brazil, Japan, the United States, and soon we’ll open in the Netherlands, Italy and China.

    Working at Zyncro Tech, you’ll be part of:

    • An attractive project in which you can learn, grow both professionally and personally, develop your expertise as an expert in the technology sector and experience the passionate world of business software and the social web.
    • A fun, multicultural and motivated team looking to take on the world and which is 100% dedicated to the project.
    • An innovative environment where you learn something new every day, discover what inspires you and where the path is built on new ideas.
    • A truly international venture, meaning that you’ll discover performance at a global level, learn and participate in the different ways of doing things across different cultures.

    What are we looking for?

    We’re looking for someone for presales who will be responsible for defining functional requirements, analyzing the needs of each customer and/or providing training in the tool Zyncro.

    To do this, you need to have:

    • Suitable level of training for performing your job, with knowledge of business software and business consulting
    • High level of professionalism
    • Dynamic attitude, with lots of initiative
    • Be used to working intensely under pressure
    • Be results-oriented
    • Minimum experience of 2 years in similar positions in constantly changing environments under major growth.
    • Excellent level of English; knowledge of other languages will be highly valued.

    What do we offer?

    • International career: Zyncro’s eight (soon to be eleven) offices will let you discover the commercial reality of multiple countries and experience the thrill of multiculturalism from day one.
    • Training: At Zyncro, we hate monotony. Our leitmotif is to learn new things every day, incorporating the best technology in our daily tasks and always being keyed in on the latest happenings around us.
    • Fun: From day one, you’ll discover the touch of madness of our team members… that esssential touch needed to make everything run like clockwork!
    • remuneration in line with the responsibilities and demands of the job.

    You’ll find the job offer on Infojobs. However, if you want to contact us by another means on the Internet… We’ll take that seriously into account 😉

    If you’re unsure whether you’re a good consultant and trainer, if you’re not creative, if you’re not a geek, if you can’t speak English, if you haven’t travelled, if you feel unable to commit yourself 100% to the project, please don’t send us your application

  • Albert Sampietro 9:00 am on July 27, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    8 keys points for being happy at work 

    Estimated reading time: 6 minutes

    We spend a third of our lives in the workplace, so being happy is a must for us to ensure a healthy lifestyle.  Here are a few keys points to help you achieve this:

    1. Have a list of goals.  We all know that working in vain leads to a lack of fulfillment. So it’s essential to establish clear and concise goals for the short to medium term.  These goals should be achievable, measurable and you must be determined to meet them.  In fact, you should have a list of weekly, monthly and yearly work goals: to reach a number of sales, to achieve or learn something, to obtain a promotion, finish a tedious task…

    2. Control the outcome.  Everything that takes place depends on you, so don’t blame your boss or your colleagues or partners.  You must be in control and aware of all of the variables within your work. Plan tasks, have key documents at hand and know what is going to happen tomorrow before anybody else does.  Prepare meetings and avoid surprises: don’t make excuses and try to make sure you are not taken by surprise. One of the most common factors that leads to unhappiness at work is probably that feeling being out of control when many tasks and responsibilities have been handed to you, leading to feelings of being overworked and that you are not controlling the situation.

    3. Build a team and have fun.  Surround yourself with a great team, a great manager, great colleagues. Be loyal, provide help to all, be generous and all of this will be reflected in your work.  Feel like part of the bigger picture and live by it: the feeling of belonging to a group united by one objective is priceless. Communicate in an open manner: don’t keep information to yourself, be transparent, have a coffee or lunch with people.  Everything you give will come back to you.

    4. Learn something new every day.  Make an effort to learn something new every day, soak up the daily experiences, watch clients, read the newspaper, analyze the reasons behind your manager’s decisions (as well as those of the politicians in the newspapers).  If you don’t evolve and continue doing the same work day after day for the rest of your life, you will never get a raise.  The day you stop learning, leave the company.  Do it in a quiet and peaceful manner.

    5. Make decisions, take action.  Avoid thinking too hard while going over things constantly in your head.  Forget the research studies and take action: don’t be afraid to make decisions or mistakes. Don’t stop when faced with complicated situations, just make a decision and act quickly but don’t be complacent that you are always choosing the best solution; though it will certainly be better than not doing anything.  What could happen is that you make a mistake. Could it really be that bad?

    6. Dont complain.  Stop complaining.  If you don’t like your boss, leave the company.  If you think your salary is poor, make an effort to improve and learn.  Deal with your issues discreetly; don’t defend your extra efforts whether you work nights or weekends. Deal with it or enjoy it by yourself; don’t send emails at night or at weekends to demonstrate that you work during all hours.  Complaining about what happens to you is a weakness of the soul.  If you aren’t happy with your salary and you have made an effort to improve and learn and have not received any recognition, leave your job but please, don’t spend a lifetime wining at the watercooler about how unfair it all is.

    7. Practice sports.  If you work hard, you will need to carry out some sporting activity in order to handle pressure and clear your thoughts.  You can do this at lunchtime or in the evenings, but remember that you need to work up a sweat and reach exhaustion.  If you also do long-distance (running, swimming or cycling), you will be training a number of skills that you can use at work: endurance, perseverance, the warm up prior to challenging situations…

    8. Earn.  If you are over 28 years old, the honeymoon period is over and it’s time to focus on earnings.  If you do not earn, you will not be happy.  If you do not feel compensated, you will not be happy.  If you cannot go out for dinner or go away for the weekend, you will not be happy.  If you follow these points carefully, you will be likely to be more efficient at work, be more valuable and your value (your salary) will increase.

    … ok then, now we know the 8 key points but how can we put them into practice?  Zyncro can help you plan objectives, organize information and have greater control over activities and decisions.  You will also see your team united and working in harmony like a band sharing experiences, decisions and discussions that you can make use of time and time again while you create a unique and recoverable knowledge base that you will be able to use for more effective decision-making at any given time.


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