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  • Joe Zyncro 9:00 am on September 9, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Use of Enterprise Social Networks: centralized access to corporate knowledge 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    Editor’s note: Today we continue expanding on the posts in which we ask members of the team what uses they see when it comes to Enterprise Social Networks. We have heard from Joan Villalta, VP of Product Management at Zyncro, and from Agustin Bosso, Product Manager, and today we will be speaking to Ana Fernandez, VP of Sales for Spain and Latin America.

    Do you remember that saying, “the king is dead, long live the king,”? It was a ritual exclamation made to the townspeople to announce the coming of a new successor to the monarchy. I would use it to describe what is currently happening with communication and collaboration tools in the business world. The traditional intranet is dead because its static content is no longer of use and doesn’t contribute towards collaboration or the exchange of information at the heart of the organisation. Nonetheless, companies still need this type of tool that allow its employees have a space in which they can easily create and share fast and accessible ideas and information.

    (More …)

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    Use of Enterprise Social Networks: Going from speech to conversation in companies 

    Editor’s note: We continue by sharing some of the ideas from members of our team about what use they see for Enterprise Social Networks in companies in this series of the blog. After asking Joan Villalta, VP Product Zyncro, today we asked Agustín Bosso, Project Manager at Zyncro. This is what he replied.

    In 1999 four authors from different companies took advantage of the “new” internetwork of networks and wrote the Cluetrain Manifesto, which established the bases for what would become social networks. The authors wrote that network technology, used until then only for displaying information, could enable dialog, without any change in technology but rather a change in mindset. Information could flow quickly in all directions.

    This conversation that has been happening at a private and personal level in social networks for many years is now starting to be transferred to the business world. For me, the question isn’t “What are social networks in the company for?” rather “How did we survive until without this?” We are faced with a change of a similar magnitude as the appearance of the telephone.

    Today companies have the capacity to document and manage all the information they generate, without losing anything in the process. And more importantly, not just documental information but the information people create, innovate and discover by working in the company. The facts? I can say that in a screen showing 5 minutes of corporate feed I learn a lot more about what’s happening in the company than I do after reading 3 hours of email. I don’t need to do any complex ROI calculations to realize that!

    Agustín Bosso is Product Manager at Zyncro. His relationship with the company dates back to its origins. He worked as a developer in several projects of the Inspirit group, but specifically asked for a transfer to Zyncro when it started to develop his line of passion: social networks and their practical uses. His personal goal in Zyncro is to be the nexus between technical culture that aids information and the business world. His motto is that we should never lose sight of what IT is: automated information.

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    Uses of Enterprise Social Networks: Socializing knowledge 

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

    Editor’s note: At Zyncro we always talk about the need to share knowledge in organizations and for that reason, we’ve been driven to start this series of posts on the blog. With it, we will share with you some of the ideas from the members of team on what use they see for Enterprise Social Networks in companies. We’ve started by asking Joan Villalta and this is what he has responded. We hope you find it interesting! 😉

    Concern about managing how knowledge is spread among a group of people is nothing new. Town criers at the medieval courts and in towns, public announcements, notes, newspapers, radios, televisions, emails, distribution lists, internet.

    And what about companies? Organizations 1.0 resign themselves to posting information and hoping employees will find it. They manage, to a greater or lesser degree, to transfer some knowledge. But that transfer is limited, and often subject to purely individual skills, motivations, and interests.

    Enterprise Social Networks socialize knowledge. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you search for information actively or not. Mostly the people themselves with whom you work push that information towards you . Who better than your department co-workers, colleagues in your project, group or water-cooler buddies to let you know about whatever might have escaped your ‘radar’?

    Joan Villalta is Vice-President of Producto at Zyncro. His career is linked with IT since 1988, where he has participated intensively both in commercializing product design in innovative companies like NTRglobal, Panda Software or more recently, Addfleet.

  • Matthieu Pinauldt 9:00 am on October 24, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Wednesday’s Use Case: Collaboration between sales reps outside the office 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    A pharmaceutical laboratory has a sales team divided into regions, with each sales rep working a particular zone. They spend each day meeting customers, going from pharmacy to pharmacy, from doctor to doctor, meaning that they only come together on sporadic occasions. Under these circumstances, it is not easy to share sales methods and develop a team dynamic.

    For this reason, the lab has decided to adopt Zyncro as a business tool to help build the collaborative spirit among different departments and improve the generation of shared ideas.

    Christina is responsible for the west zone of the region and shares it with Peter, who specializes in generic drug sales. Her day always starts by connecting to Zyncro using her tablet. A shortcut on her wall to the “Sales Team” group enables her to see her targets for the day that her zone manager has created for her. Before her first visit, and for each one during the day, Christina can access full, up-to-date documentation on the product through her Zyncro, meaning she doesn’t run the risk of giving misleading or out-of-date information.

    Basically, being able to communicate with the rest of the company and the sales team despite not passing by the office is extremely beneficial in their work:

    • Information exchange: Each sales rep has access to all product groups in their portfolio. Through the activities on the wall of each group, members can share their experiences and learn as a group. The company even encourages them to do so, as the best contributions and tips are rewarded.
    • Team coordination: Peter and Christina can communicate in the group for their zone, so they can organize joint appointments using the calendar. Unlike email, with their Enterprise Social Network, information is centralized and can be accessed by new team members.
    • Communication with other employees: Peter can communicate with the regional team, but also with other teams. Before, at times he felt like a solo member of the company, since they have implemented the Enterprise Social Network in his organization, he feels part of the overall strategy. Beyond the range of the sales departments, important communications from other departments also appear on his wall and enable him to, for example, stay up to date with the latest developments and strategies of the marketing team, with whom he now works closely online.
    • Knowledge exchange: Whether it is through groups or activities and communications on her wall, Christina comment her successes, make inquiries, or ask for advice. Other members can respond to her questions or praise her achievements, making the company a united workplace despite the physical distances.
    • Experience: It is also a great way for sharing the situations that Christina has come across in her search for prospects and explaining to her colleagues how to implement them. What’s more, when she needs help on a specific problem, Christina uses a search engine with keywords for the problem to see if anyone else in the organization can help her.

    Is your company 2.0? Discover the strength of collaboration by trying Zyncro free


  • Patricia Fernandez Carrelo 9:00 am on October 2, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    The Zyncro Learning Institute is here! 

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    After completing the arduous task involved in defining the right methodology, the best courses and suitable learning contents, today we’re proud to present the new:

    Zyncro Learning Institute

    Zyncro’s Comprehensive Learning Environment

    At the Zyncro Learning Institute, we wanted to offer our customers and partners a set of training courses on concepts associated with Enterprise Social Networks, teaching students about Zyncro features, both as users and administrators, aspects in technical development, and even Zyncro sales distribution strategies. Furthermore, we will gradually add new courses and contents as we go along, to offer you the best comprehensive learning system on the different areas related to Enterprise Social Networking.

    We’ll leave you with the video presentation of this new initiative, presented by the Zyncro Learning Institute director, Josep Baijet. We hope you find this Zyncro continuous learning system to be extremely useful.

    Enroll in the Zyncro Learning Institute and… learn about Zyncro!


  • Daniel Albert 10:00 am on May 2, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Let us know your ideas for Zyncro… we’re listening! 

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

    Like other major enterprises have been doing for sometime, at Zyncro we offer our users and brand followers a new tool for voting ideas: http://zyncro.ideascale.com/

    This tool is the evolution of our Zyncrommunity, an internal community of Zyncro users in which we exchange ideas and opinions on the Enterprise 2.0, social commuication strategies, we talk about how to use our solutions and gather together any improvement suggestions. The idea is to organizse all your comments and ideas on Zyncro visually.

    So, with this, we’d like to invite all Zyncro users to send us their ideas with the “Submit new idea” button and from here we can vote on them, analyze them according to classifications and labels, see which ones are in progress, in review or complete:-)

    We hope you find the tool useful and that it gives you an outlet for expressing everything that comes to mind (or to computer) when you are using Zyncro. From now on, we will keep you informed of the development of your proposals through this application.

    Welcome to the world of Zyncro Ideas!

    Zyncro Ideas Scale


  • Isabel Vázquez 10:00 am on September 30, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    “You can do it: new ideas to help you reach your potential” 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

    As this is the first time collaborating with Zyncro blog, I will introduce myself.  My name is Isabel Vazquez.  I live in Figueres and I have been at Inspirit since 2003 as communications manager, especially on new projects that arise from our technology incubator.  Recently I have also helped Didac Lee prepare his speeches.

    For my first post I would like to share the main conclusions of Joaquin Llorente’s talk which I attended recently.

    Gerona, 21st September 2011. Listening to a talk by Joaquin Llorente does not leave you feeling indifferent.  Today I have had the opportunity of listening to the great communications master at his conference at Tribuna de Girona, called “You can do it: new ideas to help you reach your potential“.  You get the feeling he is speaking from experience, he is a great communicator and statements he makes give you something to think about.  I would like to share the following with you:

    • We may only allow ourselves to be pessimistic during good times, not in times like these.  Only a positive attitude will help us overcome a crisis.
    • Pessimism creates a shadow in our minds.  Let us look after our minds as much as, or even more than our bodies.  At the end of the day, we are our minds.
    • We must understand the concept of “evolution” as part of our lives and of society.  We have always evolved (despite not knowing in which direction).  The difference now is that evolution is a lot faster (but we continue not to know in which direction we are headed).
    • We have a limited time and energy.  Let us not waste it.  Let us not waste time trying to answer questions that will take us nowhere.
    • The common denominator among people that triumph is PASSION.  Knowledge is a still motor.  Attitude is what sets it in motion.
    • The coming generations possess a knowledge base like never before and in addition, a level of freedom and ease to move around the world that was unthinkable some years back.
    • Young people are creating their own paradigm and adult generations do not deserve credibility as we are demonstrating that we have not done things correctly.
    • Marketing is back to front.  We do not consider the marketing using the product as the base.   Let us come up with a product to which the client can say “wow” and create marketing efforts from that point onwards.
    • What is this new paradigm based upon?  Young people tend to want to be rather than to have and in addition, they possess a great deal of humanity.
    • This way of life that the young have, their aspiring to be rather than to have, implies there are opportunities for businesses in areas such as housing (it is no longer an ambition to own housing space), food (ecologic, variety…), textiles (comfort vs fashion)…
    • Let us ask ourselves, why should others believe in me? (clients, our partners, friends…)  We should provide a reason for to think of us rather than of someone else.
    • The ‘sale’ is a miracle because the client commits an act of faith.  It is up to us to demonstrate that we are offering something better than that offered by the competition.
    • Goodwill is something we do not want to lose.  Goodwill should be a part of our products and services, satisfying the needs of our clients.  We should offer clients such a product that it would be missed if they were to stop using it.
    • The ego is is a strong hold hair gel that penetrates the skull resulting in a useless brain.  (Good one 😀 )
    • Following success, there are many punches thrown.
    • A company’s main asset is its people. Get closer to them, ask their opinions, ask them how they would do things.  You will be surprised at how much knowledge and ideas they have!
    • The same with clients.  A businessman/woman must roll their sleeves up at the street level. There should be less marketing research ordered from consultancies and more walking the streets for answers.  The truth is out there.  The best way of gaining knowledge is by speaking to people.
    • ¿Do you need a challenge?  Everything can be improved! Don’t make a Sunday roast, make the best Sunday roast you possibly can!
    • When you want to bounce off some ideas, compress them beforehand.  It is the only way for them to be grasped.
    • Large or small companies?  The size does not matter, it is only important for them to work!
    • A business does not exist if somebody does not take it with them each night to sleep on.  Do things well and make decisions that require effort, always have the project in mind.
    • The triangle of success: An idea, a good deal of instinct and a lot of courage.
    • The triangle for failure: Lots of ideas, a bit of instinct and zero courage.
    • When faced with a problem, find support, inspiration, help and resources in others, but the solution lies within yourself.
    • The greatest workout for the mind is to ask oneself questions and draw out our own answers, leaving behind the restricted answers thought of by others.


  • Jaume Jané 9:18 am on July 18, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro… and action! New integration with YouTube 

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes (7 with video)

    Jumping from web to web to access your organisation’s corporate material generates more clicks and therefore results in more time spent accessing information.  For this reason and in line with Zyncro‘s integration with cloud applications via ZyncroApps, we present you with a new integration: YouTube.

    Now you will be able to see YouTube videos directly from your Zyncro wall!

    Firstly your organisation’s administrator should activate the ZyncroApp from the Administration panel and then…

    • Copy the video URL you wish to link: long URL (http://youtube.com) or shortened (http://youtu.be).
    • Paste it onto your Zyncro wall, publish your message and you will see a small miniature video image appear.
    • Click on the “play” button and enjoy watching your video without having to abandon Zyncro.

    As simple as that… aren’t you just longing to try it out? Well here is video for you, a paradigmatic one in the 2.0 world in case you wish to paste it directly onto your wall and motivate your employees as to the use of social tools.

    YouTube is now zyncronized!  Are you? 😀


    Jaume Jané is responsible for ZyncroApps and integration at Zyncro. He is an expert in analysis and development for integration possibilities in Online Social Networks, enterprise software and productivity cloud applications. He coordinates interactions between Zyncro and third party technology solutions. Before, he worked with distinct companies as a web programmer and a functional analyst.

  • Tatiana Nascimendo 10:56 am on June 21, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    When email becomes a contaminating nuisance 

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

    Collaboration from Tatiana Nascimendo from ZyncroBlog Brasil!

    In the same way businesses take measures in order to reduce environmental pollution by means of recycling waste or rationalizing production until the company becomes sustainable, why don’t we propose to reduce contamination from the information piling into our inboxes?

    Studies carried out by the agency MT Criativa show that 59,61% of directors within the technological sector receive more than 50 e-mails per day and 90,38% get upto 50 emails per day. In addition amongst them, 77% of them send less than 10 personal e-mails per day.

    E-mail has become the main form of business communication but the volume of traffic generated by the exchange of this type of message is a huge amount of work ordeal as well as being detrimental and can lead to the loss of information.

    Many businesses have recognised this reality and are trying to develop new and more effective ways of communicating and on many occasions have implemented costly and time consuming solutions that do not always meet the initial expectations.  Instead of giving way for the development of a system, why not try using one that meets business needs?  Intranet 2.0 is an innovative solution that:

    • eliminates unnecessary e-mail from our inboxes,
    • optimizes communication,
    • promotes collaboration,
    • encourages participation.

    In order to recycle ideas and fight against the contamination of corporate communications… try Zyncro!


  • Joe Zyncro 11:30 am on May 30, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    The power of a zynchronized team 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    Park 2.011 at the La Salle University took place on Wednesday 25th May where part of the Zyncro Barcelona attended.  It was a trial event for entrepreneurial projects with a number of exhibitors distributed around a large hall, conference and networking space.

    Zyncro took part at the event but in its very own style, set up a stand in the cloud.

    Handing out marshmellows, packs of stickers and corporate Zyncro t-shirts, members of the marketingsales, customer service and product team formed a tight-knit group to demonstrate not only our solution but also our style.  We inundated the event with explanations and carrying out product demos whilst zyncronizing as much as possible.

    Soon you will have news of our raid at #park2011 and you will understand what we mean.  But in the meantime… don’t miss the photo album we have published on Facebook! :)


    @lluisfont Trend Topic in Spain

    @lluisfont Trend Topic in Spain

    On the other hand, last Thursday 26th May, the first WebCongress Valencia session took place at which our CEO, Luis Font, presented his speech “It has all gone social now“.

    Keeping tabs from here in Barcelona, we followed the event as a group via Twitter: his presentation, the reactions from the attendees, the most controversial phrases as well as the most popular…  And imagine our surprise when we discovered… that our director has become a Trend Topic in Spain!

    Both Zyncro as a product and as a company, tries to be a team in which the exchange of information, customer service, innovation, teamwork and the 2.0 philosophy can be found at the heart of our day to day.

    As I mentioned, this is what we aim for, to be able to demonstrate a success case with our own company.  We hope that this will be the first of many other cases including yours.



    If you would like to share it with us… Don’t hesitate to involve us in your experience and we will publish it in our ZyncroBlog!


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