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    Zyncro, Your Enterprise Social Network, launches on the Interoute CloudStore 

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    A leading social software solution now available with Interoute’s pan-European Network and Virtual Data Centre built in.

    Zyncro Tech, a leading global provider of social software, has announced the launch of its Enterprise Social Network on the Interoute CloudStore. With this solution available from the Interoute CloudStore appliance marketplace, organisations have access to a secure, easy to deploy, European cloud-hosted solution, which improves internal communication, collaboration, innovation and management processes.

    The Interoute CloudStore is an application and appliance marketplace built on a converged compute and network infrastructure platform. The CloudStore offers scale, security and performance superior to traditional physical platforms, but with the flexibility of the public cloud. The CloudStore delivers through the Interoute Virtual Data Centre, which gives enterprises the ability to provision and control virtualized data centre, computing and storage infrastructure, on demand, online, using a pay as you go model. Uniquely users can select the data centre and city they want their data to be hosted and stored in (ensuring compliance with stringent European data protection regulations) and can even transfer data and appliances between Virtual Data Centres in five different countries for free using Interoute’s network. The CloudStore Knowledge Centre supports users with tutorials, industry updates and an extensive product library.

    Lluís Font, CEO of Zyncro commented:  “Zyncro’s mission is to improve turnover in companies by offering an integrated, customisable and mobile social technology; an Enterprise Social Network that adapts perfectly to the needs of each company. For this reason, making Zyncro available through the Interoute CloudStore represents a key step forward in bringing Zyncro to a much larger audience of enterprises.”

    Matthew Finnie, CTO of Interoute, added: “Zyncro offers enterprises an advanced social networking solution that improves communication for enterprise employees, customers, suppliers and business partners. Like all the products available on the Interoute CloudStore Zyncro comes with Interoute’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service Virtual Data Centre. Giving customers everything they need to deploy the solution available from one online store.”

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    Zyncro is already a leader in Japan 

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    We started out in Japan only about 9 months ago. Alongside the whole team’s excitement about our new venture in the country, there were great expectations about our new internationalization process.

    At that time, journalists, bloggers and many others gave us their support and positive feedback about their first experiences with Zyncro. All this in Japan, where there was an added challenge: having to live up to the standards of their own technology developments!!!

    Now we can happily say that Zyncro Japan is making good process and the number of companies that trust our technology is on the increase.

    Today we’re also delighted to tell you that the magazine Nikkei Computer has mentioned us among the top Enterprise Social Network solutions. The magazine, which has been around for more than 30 years, is available throughout the country and is one of the points of reference in the IT sector.

    To see the article, you need to be subscribed, however Ocean Bridge has made a summary of it in its blog, in Japanese, of course 😉

    More specifically, Nikkei Computer dedicated January’s issue to the leading solutions for improving internal communication and knowledge management, optimizing and reducing email use and reducing the costs spent on this area. It talks about the main features of Zyncro and how in Japan, like most countries, SMEs and large organizations are looking to improve on this front. This trend is confirmed by various studies and surveys, including a recent one from Prescient Digital Media, which we include here in case you want to check it out!!!


    Meanwhile, we continue to take leaps forward in Japan, in Mexico, in France and as we always say, in the world!!!


    2012 will be filled with news of new markets, which we will let you know as they go live!!!!


  • José Vicente Ruiz 10:52 am on December 13, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro Mexico is here! 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    Continuing Zyncro’s international expansion, we’re proud to announce our new Zyncro office in Latin America: Zyncro Mexico!

    On a sunny December 2 at 9.30 in the morning, the Mexican branch of Zyncro was incorporated before the public notary in Cancun (the Caribbean, Riviera Maya).

    Our physical office will be set up at the start of January, at Torre Reforma, Paseo de la Reforma, 115, Mexico DF 11000, an emblematic area of Mexico City where the main international technology companies that operate in Mexico are located.

    Marketing, communication and trading actions are already well underway for the sales and distribution office of Zyncro. In fact, why not check out Zyncro Mexico on the main social networks, where we will be keeping you up-to-date with latest news on Zyncro in Central America:

    The Zyncro business ecosystem now reaches half of the American continent.

    Mexico is already zynchronized… What about you?

    Editor’s note: Jose Vicente Ruiz is architect of the opening of the physical branch of Zyncro in Mexico.
    Follow his hectic activity on Twitter: @josevicenteruiz


  • Carlos del Pozo 10:51 am on November 17, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro Administration Panel (II): User types in Zyncro 

    Basically, members of an organization in Zyncro can be either:

    • Corporate users, or
    • Administrators

    When you register for the first time in Zyncro through the web, you are generally created as a administrator.

    When administrators add other people to their organization, they do it as users, although they can give them administrator permissions at a later stage.

    Corporate users

    According to their permissions, users can be also:

    • Company feeders: Users that can post in the Corporate Feed. The corporate feed contains microblogging messages that are sent to the whole organization (regardless of how they are followed) and appear in blue on the corporate wall.
    • Group creators: Users that can create work groups for sharing messages and files (enabled by default).
    • Department creators: Users that can create companies or departments within the organization. From these departments, they can add or delete users, post messages, etc. In order to do this, the option Companies or Departments must be enabled in the “Organization Configuration” section.


    The main difference between an administrator and a corporate user is the administrator can access the Administration Panel and has all the permissions possible for a user. From there, they can:

    • configure the organization settings
    • set or manage user permissions
    • configure the corporate image in Zyncro
    • change security options
    • export content from a corporate Zyncro, among other options.

    Where do I change user permissions?

    From the Administration Panel > User Management. Go to the user whose permissions you want to change. All the possible options should appear there.


  • Patricia Fernandez Carrelo 1:01 am on November 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro in France… and in French! 

    Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

    This year Zyncro was lucky to participate in the 7th edition of MeetInnov, held yesterday, November 8, in the French capital. This event, which brought together international speakers, provides a European perspective on the concept of innovation.

    Lluis Font, CEO at Zyncro, participated yesterday afternoon in a section entitled Succeed through innovation or disappear (Réussir par l’innovation ou disparaître) together with:

    Lluis discussed the importance of innovation in the technology sector and presented the case of Zyncro.

    For more information, check out the MeetInnov website: http://www.meetinnov.com/

    Coinciding with Zyncro’s participation in this event and continuing our company’s line of international growth, we are delighted to announce that our product zyncro.com has been translated into French.

    With this new addition, Zyncro is now available in 7 different languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian and now also French.

    Zyncro, the Enterprise Social Network, takes another step forward in its internationalization and has started its journey on French soil.

    Dont forget to tell your French colleagues so that they can start using Zyncro in their own language!

    Zyncro parle français!

  • Carlos del Pozo 10:23 am on November 7, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro at the ISM Forum  

    Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

    The ISM Forum (“The Internal Social Media Forum”) took place on November 3-4 at the Gran Hotel Colon in Madrid, an event organised by a company called Forward Networking.  The event aims to provide a meeting point for HR executives, community managers, Social Media and intranet managers from o¡all over the world.

    This forum is bound to unite executives with a certain responsibility when it comes to the social network strategies implemented for internal communication and HR management.

    Forward Networking is a company that focussed on conference organization, congresses, events and workshops on an international basis.  They define themselves as a conglomeration of talent that aims to improve business operations for multinationals.

    Expected objectives and results

    The ISM Forum is composed of experts within the sector who aim to debate the strategic role of Social Media at an internal level and analyze its recent as well as future evolution.  It deals with social media work related topics such as employee commitment, training, awareness, motivation, positivity culture, recruitment and branding; changes within internal communication, income channels, effective communication strategies, business intelligence, community creation, integration, change management… and concepts such as social platforms and intranet 2.0.

    This conference aims to provide a basis for sharing, analyzing and discussing tendencies and the current enterprise social networking strategies on an internal level and the ways in which social media can create value within organizations.

    Zyncro took part

    Lluis Font took part at the ISM Forum yesterday with a talk on Enterprise Social Networks and the benefits that this type of solution can bring to organizations with their internal communications.

    The following topics were looked at during the talk:

    • Corporate microblogging: information flow within a company 2.0
    • The work groups system and corporate file management
    • Task management and meeting minutes
    • Corporate contacts directory
    • Integration with external applications: social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook), other cloud services (Google, Evernote, SurveyMonkey …) with your corporate systems
    • The ROI on Enterprise Social Networks
    • Best practices – the use of platforms 2.0 within the business

    In addition, November 4 saw a Q&A session on one of the most frequently asked questions in this area:  How can I persuade my CEO to get into Social Media?

    For more information about this event, check out full website: http://ism2011madrid.forwardnetworking.com where you will be able to find the event conclusions.


  • Albert Sampietro 11:53 am on June 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    The problems (and solutions) of internationalising 

    Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

    Nowadays, internationalising is top on the agenda; if we want to makes sales abroad or if we need to outsource and manufacturing processes due to production or if we are simply looking for the best professionals, we will probably end up with a multinationalmultilingualmulticultural and “multi-casuistic“…

    Despite the technological advances in existence today, (be it reading e-mail, videoconferencing, intranets…) communication continues to be the main concern above any others.  At Zyncro we have worked with scattered teams for over 4 years with teams across the world in different countries (since a while back in USAArgentinaSpain and Andorra and from more recently in JapanPeru and Brazil) and these are the main issues we have had to face and how we have resolved them.

    • Corporate Identity.  People must feel they are part of the company and in order for this to be apparent, it is very important to reinforce the corporate identity of the teams that work from a distance.  We have achieved this by using specific logos and signage for the different teams even if they are not commercial offices, unifying e-mail signatures, sending items bearing the logo (t-shirts…) and by periodically sending formal written communications.
    • Feeling “I have no say and nor would it count”.  This is one of the main problems when the head office is in your country and that is where most of the decisions are made for later execution in each of the other offices.   That feeling that “we don’t understand this decision”, “they are not thinking about our opinions” and “nothing gets decided here” are at the top of the agenda and arise mainly from a lack of involvement in the decision making process.  In order to resolve this, we have implemented diverse measures: weekly communication meeting and discussion on corporate decisions (via telephone conference), the creation of various work groups on Zyncro for putting together the feedback, relaying important decisions via Corporate News (also on Zyncro) with an explanation as to the reasoning, ideas competitions and a possible improvements session every trimester followed by a follow up.
    • Unknown people.  Mobility between countries is a key factor.  It is not the same discussing issues 8 thousand miles away whether you know the person you are speaking with personally or not.  Team managers fly over to our head office at least once or twice a year and in the same way from Barcelona, we go to work bases outside Spain in order to get to know all of the people that make up the company.   Another important factor is to be able to see the “faces” by means of the Zyncro people directory and whenever possible, the participation in videoconferences via Skype (also integrated into Zyncro).
    • Lack of control.  Not being able to physically see the people you work with, not knowing whether or not working hours are being adhered to, not knowing if the team is stressed out and not having first hand information about advances or diversions from set objectives gives us a feeling that things are “out of control”.  in order to minimize the impact of this, we have implemented a series of tools: SalesForce as an integrated CRM at all levels of the group, SpiraTeam for the entire management of the development cycle and of course Zyncro for keeping in touch, reporting advances, storing documentation in a centralised manner and for hearing news in each one of our offices.
    • Time difference.  We have a 5 hour difference with Argentina and Brazil, 7 with Japan, 8 with the U.S and there is a 12 hour difference between Argentina and Japan.  This is a small example of how complicated it can be sometimes to organise a meeting with all of the teams.  The solution is not easy because in Argentina’s case, the country with which we have the closest relationship, we only share 4 hours in common during the working day; despite this, we have managed to have a fairly good communication flow thanks to delaying the start time in Spain and bringing it forward a little in Argentina.  We have also installed a good VoIP telephony system on our mobiles so that we can speak directly at zero cost even when we are thousands of miles away, just by dialing four digits.  Zyncro also helps us in this area as we are able to carry out a themed follow up directly via the wall instead of resorting to dozens of e-mails that just build up in our in-boxes.

    These are just a few of the things we have done in order to continue to internationalise our company.  We have done many more things such as dealing with the language in some cases (even in Argentina and Peru, the Spanish is different to that of Spain), the cultural differences (an e-mail cannot be written in the same manner when requesting something in Brazil and Japan for example), etc.  Good faith on everyone’s behalf and the variety of viewpoints are necessary in order for an organisation  of these characteristics to function but it is not entirely sufficient: to have normalised processes and common tools that support these processes are the key to differentiating the efficiency of an international organisation and that is where tools such as Zyncro or SalesForce with a fast and uniform implementation become indispensable.


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    From Japan to Brazil: new Zyncro office! 

    Monday has kicked off the week with a new beginning for Zyncro.  After the successful opening of Zyncro Japan, we are lucky enough to be able to communicate a new international opening, Luis Font went to São Paulo yesterday for the opening of our new office in… Brazil!!!

    During the week various public events will take place in this Latin American country which we will be informing you about on our social networks.  For now though, here you have our first “Brazilian” sample, our website translated into Portuguese!


    Just as with our opening in Japan, you can follow our Brazilian movements via:

    1. Our Facebook page
    2. Our Twitter, following the hashtag #zbrazil (with a Z for Zyncro in front!)
    3. A wall with all of the published messages about it: http://zyncrobrasil.tweetwally.com/

    We’ll be looking out for you! 😀


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    Zyncro for business initiatives 

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

    Tuesday Lluís Font, CEO at Zyncro, was lucky enough to take part in the third edition of the ElcheBreakfast. Thank you ElcheBreakfast for having sent us the original press release which we have adapted for publication on the website.

    Tuesday the third edition of ElcheBreakfast (Platform for spreading business knowledge) took place with an interesting, enjoyable talk focussing on business needs and following the usual format of these events:

    Elche Parque Empresarial is an opportune ecosystem for an initiative such as ElcheBreakfast to thrive as it unites both exceptional surroundings (the Industrial Park and the Holiday Inn Elche hotel lobby) and people (executives, directors and people interested in learning about new business opportunities in the area).

    The guest at the 3rd ElcheBreakfast Luis Font, CEO at Zyncro, spoke about Corporate Social Networks and how they improve a company’s business: more information is obtained, there is increased collaboration, an increase in productivity, a decrease in unwanted e-mail, better knowledge management, a better sense of belonging within the company, new management models are developed and there is an increase in motivation.

    ElcheBreakfast would like to thank Luis Font for being present as well as many other people present and also the collaboration from AddereRyokan ConsultingESTICElche CouncilElxInnova and the Holiday Inn Elche hotel.

    You can see the event photos here.


    Zyncro supports all business initiatives that promote intercompany collaboration, innovation, progress and internationalisation… If you need us, you know where to find us.

    Zyncro alongside and for your business!


  • Patricia Fernandez Carrelo 11:00 am on April 8, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Zyncro: Barcelona, Argentina, Japan… the World 

    Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

    Broad and Alien is the World…

    as Ciro Alegria said around the mid 20th century.  But now, the world for Zyncro is a little narrower and a little more our own.

    It's official... Zyncro created in Japan :-)

    Yesterday Dídac Lee could not resist any longer and first thing in the morning, he published a tweet announcing that Zyncro was opening its office in Japan.  In fact, he had wanted to publish it the night before when he found out the contract had been signed… but here in the marketing department, we had to ask him to leave it for the next day…

    Following the happy news about Japan yesterday, Zyncro has participated in the @22Update Breakfast today, together with BesTV and Groupalia.  Three companies born in Catalonia but with a completely international profile from the day they began.  In fact, currently 99.99% of BesTV billing is outside Spain and Groupalia who have been running for just one year, (May 2010) has already opened in 8 countries. .

    If you are interested in what has been discussed today at the @22Update Breakfast, you can follow all the comments about this event with the Twitter hashtag #22Breakfast, as  Zyncro_es has been broadcasting the speakers’ comments live (only in Spanish).

    As you can see, the world is a little less broad and alien everyday for  Zyncro, but the best part is that all of you are accompanying us every step of the way whilst we grow together hand in hand….as well as growing social software

    Thank you all for the congratulating messages we received after announcing the new phase that Zyncro is embarking in Japan.  We hope to relay many much more good news soon.

    Zyncro, Barcelona, Argentina, Japan… the World, here we come!

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